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  1. C. Henderson

    Chapter 5

    That night I had another dream. I dreamt that Baritone High School was engulfed in flames, as I stood by watching helplessly. The school was under attack and I couldn’t protect it. I was frozen in my spot, watching it all unfold from outside by the woods, unable to help out in any way. I looked on as Angelo, Laura and Kyle were slowly licked by auburn flames. On the other end of the yard observing everything take place was Vincent. He stood by; the same entranced look on his face as when he watched Maratoni bite into his human blood donor. Then he turned to look at me, raised both of his arms
  2. C. Henderson

    Chapter 7

    Thank you for the feedback.
  3. C. Henderson

    Chapter 7

    Thank you, appreciate the feedback as always! 🙏🏼
  4. C. Henderson

    Chapter 4

    Thank you!
  5. C. Henderson

    Chapter 6

    Your Spidey senses might just be right! 😉
  6. C. Henderson

    Chapter 7

    Thank you!
  7. Dalton “Dear Luke, What a strange thing to be calling you Luke! I’ve known you by Mr. Hearst for three years now, so this feels really weird. But in a good way, so personal and intimate. There’s no formal separation between us anymore. No student and teacher divide holding us apart. There’s just Luke and Noelle. Our names go nicely together, don’t you think? Sort of musical and whimsical and cute. I have a confession, please don’t judge. The other day I wrote my first name with your last name inside the cover of a book. Noelle Hearst. And then my full name inside of my notebook, Noell
  8. Dalton Dalton walked over to Professor Hearst’s study and plopped down on the blue sofa. He had an essay due, his last one before summer break, and he was struggling with it. They played a round of chess while discussing what approach Dalton could take for the essay. "Hold on, I have a book that will be of help." Professor Hearst got up and walked over to the very end of his bookcase, where at the top behind glass he housed his most prized possessions. Vintage, rare editions, autographed copies. "This one is from my private collection, very valuable, so be kind to it," he said handing it t
  9. C. Henderson

    Chapter 5

    He does, doesn't he? Good observation😉 Thank you for continuing to read!
  10. C. Henderson

    Chapter 8

    You're moving the story along in a masterful way. Really enjoying it so far. 👌🏼
  11. C. Henderson

    Chapter 7

    😂 another fantastic chapter!
  12. C. Henderson

    Chapter 6

    Just beautiful 👏🏼
  13. DALTON Two weeks after the accident Dalton overheard a curious exchange between Principal Jones and Professor Hearst, as he was on his way to the man’s office. "I just had a student tell me that he saw you with Noelle the night she died. You told the police you hadn't seen her that day." "I forgot. She came to return a book," Professor Hearst replied, cool and collected as always. "At midnight?" The Professor remained silent. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't call the detectives and fill them in on this." "Whatever it is you're implying, which I take great offense to
  14. Let me know what you think of it if temptation happens to win 😬
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