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  1. EMMA “Oh God, I don’t know what to do. What do I do?” Cole stammers out in a panic. “We have to go to the hospital,” I say, but the pain and pressure come so fast that I feel like Dylan is coming out right in that second. I scream in pain then waddle over to the sofa. “Oh God, the contractions…they’re coming strong.” “Let’s go!” He yells. “I can’t, I won’t make it. Ahhhh! Not with the lunch traffic. I’m not having this baby inside of a car. Call an ambulance!” He goes through his pockets until he finds his phone. He pulls it out, relieved, only to find that the battery
  2. C. Henderson

    Chapter 7

    Yes...the real Michael is about to be revealed
  3. C. Henderson

    Chapter 7

    You might be in for a surprise... 😬
  4. COLE When I get back upstairs from the café I’m rattled. Surely none of what this woman said holds any weight. She’s just a stalker, like Michael said. I hope I won’t have to resort to calling the police on her. And the poor child…she needs to get help for the child’s sake. I go into the kitchen and start washing the dishes, hoping to get my mind off of things. But my thoughts continue to race. What if…no, it’s not possible. But what if Michael isn’t the person he says he is. I turn off the water and go into the bedroom. Most of his personal stuff is in boxes inside of the walk-in clo
  5. EMMA I watch the building from across the street, waiting to make sure Michael actually leaves for work. My hands tremble in nervous anticipation. I have to find the right way to explain things, before he gets angry and walks out on me. I need him to believe me. I need someone to believe me. But it’s not going to be easy. He knows Michael. Or at least he thinks he does, so naturally he will be inclined to take his side. Just as I would have, if I were in his shoes. Finally, I spot Michael’s Corvette leaving the parking garage. Five minutes later, Cole walks out of the building, enters
  6. C. Henderson

    Chapter 4

    I buried the book deep in my backpack, feeling as if I was going to get caught red handed at any moment. I couldn’t read it at the library, I needed privacy. So I hurried back to my room, where I locked myself inside and settled at my desk. My hands shook as I unzipped the bag and pulled the book back out. What things would I learn about myself from the manual? Would I be shocked? Surprised? Apprehensively, I began to read. 17 years ago, after the fall of the Carandini family, the newly formed government began to slowly rebuild trust with the humankind. The governing body, made up of ten
  7. C. Henderson

    Chapter 5

    😬 he just might be!
  8. EMMA Another restless morning. I wake up too early then toss and turn in bed, waiting for the alarm to ring. If I have to be up, then so do you. I pick up my cellphone and dial the number. “Hello,” your pretty lover answers. I am sure I hear your sleepy grumble in the background. “Who is this?” His angry voice asks. I don’t blame him, I would be angry too if an unknown number continued to harass me. “Stop calling me, whoever you are,” he says, and leaves me in silence yet again. I fantasize about your warm body wrapped around me. There are no other arms that have ever made me fee
  9. C. Henderson

    Chapter 3

    "I could see her breath, little tufts of transparent cloud rising from her lips. She started moving her limbs in slow arcs to make a snow angel." Your descriptions always paint a vivid picture in my mind. Another great chapter 👌🏼
  10. C. Henderson

    Chapter 10

    Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to read it!
  11. COLE Michael’s hand rests on the lower part of my stomach. The gesture feels possessive somehow, in a way that I can’t quite explain, and that makes me feel uncomfortable and suffocated. I gently remove it, hoping he doesn’t wake up. I slowly untangle myself from the blanket, then tip-toe to the bathroom to relieve my morning bladder. I grab a glass of water, then quietly return back to bed. But as soon as I close my eyes I jump right up again when the sudden blaring ring of my cellphone reverberates throughout the room. ‘Mmm,’ Michael grumbles next to me, awake now. “Hello,” I
  12. C. Henderson

    Chapter 3

    Thank you 🙏 And yep, run as fast as you can Cole! 😄
  13. EMMA The silky black dress is a perfect fit on the tall dark brunette. I help her zip it up, then stand back admiring. I put myself in the shoes of the man who's going to see her tonight. It's their one-year anniversary dinner. If his jaw doesn't drop when she walks in through that door, he must be made out of steel. “It’s not too much is it?” she asks, self-consciously pulling at the material around her stomach area. It’s always the naturally stunning ones that somehow miss their own beauty. “It’s perfect,” I reply truthfully. And I mean it. It hugs her like a dream, accentuatin
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