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  1. Moving On Moving on is supposed to be good for the soul—healthy. But for David, it seemed unthinkable. He wondered how it was possible for everything surrounding him to continue appearing so normal. Something tragic had happened, yet he was expected to go on. Get over it, like it was just a bad cold. Of course nobody had told him that to his face, but he could feel it—the expectation in his family and friends for their conversations to return to how they used to be—easygoing and fun. T
  2. A Wail of Grief When blunt trauma occurs during a pregnancy, medical professionals follow a simple protocol to asses the situation. First, they stabilize the mother. Then they check on the baby. There are a myriad of ways to proceed if fetal heartbeat is detected. There are none, when the heartbeat is gone. There are no attempts at resuscitation. “Fetal heart tone absent.” That’s the sentence that broke Elisabeth Andrew’s heart. She remembered it now, clear as day. It was never forgott
  3. That's so very beautifully put, wow! It could definitely have been his son's spirit protecting his parents before departing, you're right. Some might argue it could have just been David's wishful thinking or head trauma. It probably boils down to whether you believe in things that might not have an earthly explanation. Thank you for the kind comment 🙏🏼
  4. The Gray Honda Kat Bryce had always been a curious girl, a trait her intelligent father adored and her beautiful mother loathed. When she was ten and her parents were away at dinner, she took apart three of her father’s Rolex watches, just to see what they looked like inside. Her father pretended to be upset in front of his wife Louise, but after she fell asleep he and Kat had a bowl of ice-cream, and they looked at the intricate watch parts together. They marveled at the complexities of wh
  5. Thank you for reading. Maybe you can help the detectives solve the case 😁 More info coming in the next chapter, hopefully it will help to answer some of those questions!
  6. Ahh, interesting assessment. Yes, you do almost feel sorry for her.
  7. Thank you, appreciate you migrating to this other story of mine and giving it your time. And what can I say, Shakespeare still be hittin' 😁
  8. There seems to be something more at play than a typical hit-and-run, you're right.
  9. Sudden indeed. Thank you for reading.
  10. The Perfect Couple A Few Hours Before the Accident David and Elisabeth Andrews were the perfect couple, or so Celia Braier thought to herself on Sunday night as she and her husband Frank hosted a small dinner party for their two favorite friends. It was Celia’s idea: a cozy last double date, before the baby and its diapers would start to take up all of their time. Celia delighted in every second that the glamorous couple was over at their house. It was her favorite way to spend ti
  11. When a brutal hit-and-run accident ends the life of his son, David Andrews is left picking up the shattered pieces of what remains. As his marriage, career, and friendships unravel, he becomes fixated on finding the other driver and taking revenge. Kat Bryce is a rookie detective partnered up with Jack Miller, a veteran officer with his own unique vision of justice. Despite their moral differences they quickly reach the same conclusion—something about the Andrews case is sinister. As they scramble to solve the mystery, David begins his own investigation. This father's love knows no bounds, but how far will he go to uncover the truth?
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