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  1. The dining hall had ribs today and let me just say they're not good. Shocked this pig could move because that meat was so tough concrete would be jealous. BTW - shiny miney
  2. Idk what people see in that. It's absolutely awful.
  3. Any steak cooked over medium is an abomination for sure.
  4. The gif was just a meat gif picked on a phone. The statement I made was accurate. You lose brownie points for misrepresenting my post and I take the back in compensation.
  5. Having grown up on a hobby cattle farm I love steak almost as much as I love the which belongs to me at all times even if you steal it from me.
  6. Hugs to those that like my hugs and bugs to those that don't!
  7. Where I come from sword fighting might mean something different than want you think it means, but sure I'll sword fight with you my hug lover.
  8. Mom and dad didn't let us play on penis floaties in the lake. They ruined my childhood fun
  9. But she really wants to be in this thread I just know it!
  10. I'll take the 🥓 you can keep the damn because it doesn't taste good
  11. The amount of shiny stealers just keeps increasing and yet it still belongs only on my head.
  12. I'd never pry a book out of someone's hands. Books are sacred to me.
  13. I'll make you sleepy then and take the
  14. You say I have no chance, but I'm not one to give up.
  15. I'm going to zip the up so you have to unzip to get it out.
  16. But I just got a match sooooo you're wrong.
  17. I'm ready to take on you stealers again. Back to me!
  18. It’s exactly 69 days until I graduate and I plan to wear the at graduation.
  19. I will take the back with my pro wrestling moves.
  20. Idk your name so I can’t call you the wrong name.
  21. I’ve noticed that too. I bet he’s up to something. I’m watching you Mr. @wildone
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