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  1. Oh gosh a fellow choom. I was fixed on it as well. But the direction they took their romances generally disappointed me so I went and wrote a whole series of my own out of frustration lol. I have so much Cyberpunk merch and zero regrets haha (even got me that chair...) anyways I would be happy to give your other Cyberpunk stories a try!
  2. Wasn't expecting to find a Cyberpunk fan fic in the wild today!! I am ecstatic. Kerry doesn't get enough love. Your dialogue is great. The way you portray Kerry's insecurities in tandem with Johnny's loudmouthed confidence made my skin crawl. Since we mentioned being bi here, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on River. I seriously felt like they had originally planned for him to be bi but decided to scrap it...but anyway, JORRY 4EVAR!!! 😘
  3. Serelec


    Caught up so far! I must echo Jeffrey a little in that the titles and politics are a bit difficult to follow so far. This type of issue tends to be characteristic of fantasies with many characters, especially where heavy politics are involved, so hoping things will become clearer with more chapters. The nature of Michael and Iain's relationship is very alluring...the way they handle blurred lines is entertaining, to say the least xD I hope these two get more screen time soon !
  4. My thoughts on imperialism in fantasy is a bit complicated because like systematic racism, imperialism in its modern form is so evasive as to be nearly invisible, so I'm not sure I can eloquently explain it...I grew up with a very "post-colonial" education and come from an immigrant family with a turbulent political background, so I was taught to look for little nuances in our western society from early on. I'll just cut to an example to help me illustrate, the easiest one I can think of being Indiana Jones. To the mass, the movie is simply about a man trying to save the world...But underneath
  5. Asher’s lover called one summer’s day. He said to meet him at the house by the sea. House? What house? Asher was immediately confused. They didn’t have houses in his small island town. Well, not like the ones where Hendricks was from, anyway. Oh, but of course Hendricks could have only meant that one house on top of the rocky hill. It had only very recently been built as a vacation rental, the first and only of its kind in town. Most of the locals, including Asher himself, thought it was a bit on the excessive side. The town was mostly composed of dusty yellow and rustic red villas l
  6. A long-distance affair between a small town local and his overseas lover quickly turns passionate upon their reunion. As soon as questions and concerns arise over their unconventional relationship, however, they are quickly smothered and silenced. Just how long can the fever dream last when the less than stellar truth finally comes to light?
  7. When it comes to fantasy, I have become such a picky consumer. I don't know when or why it started, as I used to be an extremely avid reader and watcher of fantasy with little to no standards, but nowadays I find myself shuffling through the slush pile more than actually consuming. I think my tastes have become way too narrow for my own good. Most favorite tropes: Characters that are broken and imperfect but are still trying to be the best they can be. Not necessarily always the underdog. Just humble characters who are often humbled. Of course, I also love me a well written tragic anti-he
  8. Serelec

    Chapter 3

    Sweet and innocent. Protect these boys at all costs
  9. I went ahead and edited the post. Just went into more detail on exercises 4-7
  10. It's a marathon of balance 😂 Part of the fun with being a pantser is that your characters tend to surprise you in so many different ways. It's just like real life heh
  11. I'm a huge pantser myself. However, I have found that when I reach a roadblock while in the middle of writing, it was helpful to go back and explore some of these questions. It usually helps me to understand why I've hit a bump in the road. But overall, the most important takeaway for me was to create the one sentence premise line
  12. Good idea, honestly for my sake too cause that was a lot of summarizing haha
  13. Serelec

    Week One

    These were powerful and in a way made me feel a little less lonely as I read them. Thank you 🙂
  14. As the original poster, I'll go first. Here's my premise for a story that I recently completed: When a hard-boiled secret agent turned bodyguard falls for his principle, he is forced to confront his own lack of humanity in order to pursue his love interest and win his affection.
  15. Here it is everyone! Part 1 is up in the forums: THE PREMISE GO HAM
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