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  1. diggerboi

    Chapter 26

    Wow, major cliffhanger!
  2. diggerboi

    Chapter 1

    When I saw Andrew Todd was the author, I said to myself before I started, "I'll bet horses are involved in this story, one way or the other." I was right, and can't wait for the next chapter... thank you!
  3. diggerboi

    Chapter 3

    While I obviously never knew them, I think they enjoyed America. To this day, there is a store in either Angels Camp or one of the nearby community with my family name as the name of the store. They had kids, my grandparents, and were a successful part of their small community, I know that. I don't believe either of my great grandparents spoke English when they arrived, but I know they did learn quickly, and I feel that's part of their success & happiness in the new world.
  4. diggerboi

    Chapter 3

    As an American with Italian heritage, and someone who has been to Italy4 or 5 times (but sadly, not to the Amalfi coast area), I love this story so far. Your describing of the surroundings is both very descriptive and accurate, making me wish I were once again in Italy. My ancestors came to America, to Angels Camp in California during the Gold Rush of 1849: from Genoa. I'm very much looking forward to more chapters, and thank you!
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