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  1. Three months. Three months and I'm still breathing. Three months and I still remember it...

  2. I feel like Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality.. "And if anyone, anyone - tries to hurt one of my new friends, I would take them out. I would make them suffer so much that they'd wish they were never born. And if they ran, I would hunt them down."

    1. rustle


      Great movie. I love Michael Caine's character.

  3. I wanna give you a PJ

    1. Luc Rosen

      Luc Rosen

      Five dollars

    2. WatchPatRun


      who the fuck is LUC ROSEN!?!??!?!?!?! OH MY GODDDDDDDD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LOL

  4. I guess to some people, friendship is nothing more than a piece of garbage waiting to be put in a trash can.

    1. rustle


      To those people, it's an entitlement. To those who understand, it's a rare gift, to be paid for with attention, caring, and a sense of joy.

  5. if a red head asked another red head out on a date, what does that mean exactly?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DearRadee


      It means they are in a convention.

    3. joann414


      Maybe a red-headed child in the future?

    4. CassieQ


      It means there will be hot hot sex :P

  6. Went for a bike ride yesterday, no longer than an hour and my arms and neck are sunburned. Ugh. Ginger problems, I swear.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. WatchPatRun


      y'all are trippin'!!!! It wasn't even hot outside it was only 65 degrees PLUS I was in the shade almost 90% of the bike ride. Mother nature just hates us beautiful, precious, rare gingers 0-:3

    3. wildone


      I'm not even a red head but i feel your pain. Took 40 minutes to drive home from work tonight and had the sunroof open. I'm red in the scalp and on the forehead :(

    4. WatchPatRun


      omg steve from the sunroof!?!?!??! what is happening in the world!??!

  7. So I am supposed to ''fast'' for 12 hours prior to my doctors appointment tomorrow. I can't even chew gum... Is this real life?

    1. Ashi


      No, it's unreal....

  8. Momma always told me that I should play nice. She didn't know you when she gave me that advice. I'm through with you.

    1. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      uh-oh... we are either randomly quoting or something is bad. *head tilt*?

  9. OMG. Y'all are not living until you've watched Daily Grace.
  10. Whenever things become too overwhelming, I just become a burrito with Fishwings. Burrrritoooooooo

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MikeL


      I just lost my appetite.

    3. WatchPatRun


      Why? Did you catch your reflection again? LOL

    4. Sasha Distan

      Sasha Distan

      I prefer blanket wrapped cocoon.

  11. Came back for your, Vic. I'll never forget you. RIP

    1. joann414


      Naper? OMG. But so glad to see you back Pat! Sad, sad news though.:(

  12. Sorry for the late reply, I was away from GA for a while But thank you everyone for remembering and wishing me a happy birthday. Especially you, Krista K my favorite little butch lady <3
  13. Hi knothead. Hope you have a great birthday. Hugs !

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