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Neko Shorts

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These are short little one-shots/ficlets set in the Tears of the Neko Universe.I've been perusing the writing prompts and using them as a way to get me back into the 'neko mindset' to write the sequel. They are set after Tears of the Neko (unless otherwise indicated)--so it would help to have read that story first of course to be familiar with the characters. Most are sort of funny and silly, as I'm playing around with the characters.

These stories are meant to be just fun shorts; they don't have much plot, but are meant as quick little scenes into the lives of the characters between the two Neko stories in normal day-to-day happenings--without an insane brother wrecking havoc in their lives.

Since these shorts are from writing prompts in the forum, I've listed the prompt number and such so you can look back at others' prompts as well.  I'll also try to put a link over in the prompt thread to here.  

Some of these prompts are challenging (especially the list ones) because of 'modern' items in the list, and it's hard to get them to work in the 'Neko Universe'.  

Hope you enjoy them!

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These are glimpses into the upcoming story's, maybe. May they never stop coming. I like the inside information.

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On 02/21/2015 09:26 AM, Lugnutz said:
These are glimpses into the upcoming story's, maybe. May they never stop coming. I like the inside information.
Thank you so very much! I think a few more will definitely be on the way!
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Like in Tears of Neko, I found this story just as moving, and the author does a wonderful job of making the reader is inside the story, with such detail with everything.

Thanks Crafting Mom for another wonderful story. Regards Q

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