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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hi Mark, I hope you are doing well and feeling better. Mari
  3. Mari

    Chapter 33

    I'm all caught up in CAP world and now so sad that Zac and Will will be another turkey dump (maybe). However, Dally sounds interesting. I wonder if the naked Buzz pics will end up somewhere they shouldn't? My anxiety level is getting high like it did in Millennium. Great work laying out the preface Mark.
  4. The bright spot in any day, new chapter from Mark Arbour! I'm loving that Will is featured so prominently again, I'm loving his charming and devious behavior. The trust JP and Stef have put in him is astounding and very impressive! (I'm guilty of not yet reading this forum so forgive me if I'm going over old news) I am despising Brad more and more every day. I'd be ok if he fell off a cliff or got attacked by a shark. I'm eager to read more, thank you for another fantastic story of CAP!
  5. Mark, I haven't yet finished 911 yet, which I am eager to do before starting flux. (Double cornea transplants, hard to read) however, thank you for another amazing CAP storyline and for you and your teams hard work!
  6. Happy Birthday Mari, may you have an AWESOME day and a FANTASTIC year :)

    1. Mari


      Thank you!

  7. Mari

    Chapter 30

    That's pretty nasty business setting your cousin up like that. Unfortunately , I don't believe that Marie and Will's relationship will ever recover. Thank you for the quick update. It is a welcome addition to the second day of school !
  8. Mari

    Chapter 29

    Thanks for the update! I'm glad Will is taking JP's advice to be cautious . Marie is clearly up to no good. Between her, Ferris and a clueless Noah that could be very very bad. Loved the talk with Stef and Will especially mentioning the paintings I save most of my kids art work, it kills me to toss any of it but I would run out of house if I kept everything. I try to keep the most important and meaningful. The date seemed ok, the last sentence was an unnecessary cliffhanger!!! Bad Mark! Didn't Will have a STD/HIV test with Kai around 2 weeks ago? It would have shown up then I think. I hope h
  9. Happy Anniversary! You clearly put a lot of heart and soul ( along with your team ) in every chapter released. I thank you for the countless hours spent in front of the computer reading and rereading.
  10. Mari

    Chapter 28

    Damn. You packed alot into that chapter! First , thank you for the early posting, it was VERY appreciated! I can't believe how well the dinner party went, just as it should, JP's thoughts on his family are always as amusing to us as it appears to be to him. Will going on a real date with Eric looks to be good (this is his first real actual date I think?) I laughed reading his flashbacks on the night before. All the family interactions were so in depth and well written, you are so talented ( I know you already know that ) The ceremony on 9/11 is masterful! I hope Will doesn't die but.....you ne
  11. Mari

    Chapter 26

    Wow, Stef is going to be devastated when he figures out how much he messed his relationship with Will up. I really enjoyed JP's thoughts. I hope we get to see dinner at Kai's and see through JP's eyes what he thinks about Will's good deed. What Will did was so thoughtful and really expands his character. Maybe he can explain how he's so drawn to Kai's family life to Brad (not that it would make much difference). I loved the door politics! I can just see Stef and Malcom's faces now,lol.
  12. From what I remember they just made out, jj came back in the room and interrupted them before it went past kissing. I have no clue what the bases are. Care to define?
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