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Light Dancing in the Dark - Stories

  1. Light Dancing in the Dark

    This is a serious that follows 20 year old Kalian Alauis through coming into his power, his Magik. He starts as an insecure, neglected young man. Pushed aside by his family when he show no signs of Magik, a gift he's expected to have nutured from a young age thanks to his lineage. There is more to him than meets the eye however. In a short amount of time he's pulled from his family's shadow into a royal court that's teetering on the edge of anarchy and chaos. These are the stories that follow him as he finds himself, bands together an unlikely group of allies, saves a country, and falls in love.

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  1. Awaken 1. Light Dancing in the Dark

    By Demiurge, in Fiction. 12/16/2020 (Updated: 05/28/2021)

    Kalian Alauis lives in a world very different from ours. He lives in the country of Dimian, where people are gifted with Magik. People that is, except for Kalian. Without the manifestation of his power he lives a life separate from those closest to him. When he wanders too far from home one day something happens that opens an entire new world for him. The only problem is, this new world is full of danger and violence.

  2. Trouvaille 2. Light Dancing in the Dark

    By Demiurge, in Fiction. 06/12/2021 (Updated: 06/11/2021)

    A short blurb about two of my supporting characters that occupied too much space in my head to be just background.

    There will only be one chapter.

    Wren and Eon stumble around each other until they finally fall together.

  3. Stoke 3. Light Dancing in the Dark

    By Demiurge, in Fiction. 05/28/2021 (Updated: 06/11/2021)

    Second part to my Magik series.

    One obstacle has been overcome, but in it's place, many more arise.

    Can Kalian navigate a completely foreign battlefield with the help of his rag tag band?

    Battles, politics, deep-rooted commitment issues, and the first real look at what Kalian Alauis is really capable of.

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