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Tales of the Underground: Crestfallen - 14. A Kiss That Shook the World

My whole life I’ve been taught to make the smart choice…the diplomatic one. Tonight I left Jayden’s house feeling like a complete failure, and yet I swear I made the right decision. He leaned in! He initiated the moment! He’s the one who needed me to rescue him that day!

As I made my way into our house Brooke clung to my side “Aidan, it’s okay! Just tell me what happened…we’ll figure it out. If you like this boy, then we can come up with another way…a better way.”

“Just shut the hell up already” I lashed out “Not everything needs to be your business. Did you ever think that maybe I just want to be left alone?”

“No, I know you” she began “I know that…” just then we heard the clash of glass against the counter and both froze in fear.

“I’ll handle him” I sighed “Just go to bed okay?” She nodded along with my words, and as soon as we hit the top of the steps made a break for it.

“Kids?” My dad called out

“Just me.” I uttered, trying to portray a sense of confidence

“Oh Aidan!” He yelled “Just the boy I wanted to speak with!”

I took a deep breath and made my way to the kitchen. As soon as I entered into the extravagant room he slammed he glass down and looked me up and down. “Finally you’ve made me proud!” he exclaimed “You confronted me covered in blood …What’s gotten into you?” I shrugged but didn’t say anything “Whatever it is, I’m glad to see you’re finally learning. Yet still you need to be tougher!” He said starting to get carried away

“Dad, I don’t think I really need…” I began

“Nonsense!” He interrupted “You need to build on your momentum; in fact I signed you up for another fight Friday night! You’re finally starting to get noticed.”

“Father…” I let out trying to mind my manners “I have wrestling and practice…”

“No!” he interrupted “Fuck wrestling! You’re an MMA fighter!” As he got closer I started to realize just how much he had to drink

“Wrestling gives me more for my resume, you know?” I argued “It’ll show I’m well rounded.”

He reached out and tussled my hair “That’s my boy! Always thinking about how he can sell his future!” As I heard those words I couldn’t help but start to feel pride…even if he was drunk. He called me his boy! He said he was proud! “You can go to wrestling practice if you can still put on a show Friday.”

“I can put on a show” I responded, starting to get wrapped up in the attention “Friday will be a night no one will forget if it needs to be!”

“It needs to be!” My dad said starting to catch the same energy “Yet still…you’re too soft!”

“Too soft?” I repeated

“Yes, we need to make you tougher… but how?” I could tell he was starting to take our conversation too serious

“Oh dad I don’t know if that’s…”

“Are you saying I’m wrong?” He demanded, starting to grow angry

“No! Not at all!” I defended

“Good then you agree?”

“Yes” I faintly let out

He took another step forward, getting too close for comfort “So I was thinking we could…”

“No!” I interrupted worried about what he was going to say “I’ll handle it, I mean you’re so well-known and so…noticeable. I can do things you can’t…I can put myself into situations that…”

“Excellent Aidan!” he exclaimed before I could finish my sentence “Where has this attitude been hidden all these years? Finally you see things the right way…you see things my way!”

His words began to penetrate my wall, and I began to feel the instinctual bond to my father “I’ll make you proud”

“Good! If you don’t…then we’ll do things my way” He said with a mischievous grin

My heart fell into my stomach, as I remembered just what that would mean. Suddenly I recalled who the man in front of me actually was “Yes sir” I nodded, realizing what I had gotten myself into

“I’m trusting you with an investment here, you understand that right?” he demanded

Suddenly our father son moment came crashing down…Investment? That’s what he thinks of me? “Yes sir” I answered “I’ll get tougher…I’ll be what you need me to.”

“I always knew this day would come, you finally see the light Aidan! You’re finally becoming a Taylor!” He picked his drink back up and headed towards the living room “Now go get some sleep”

I played the part, and kept the fake smile smeared across my face as I made my way up the stairs. I quickly took a quick shower before collapsing right into my bed. The next morning I woke up determined, forget everything that happened last night, I fought…I conquered. If Jayden wants to be alone then so be it…I’ve got bigger fish to fry today. As I climbed into the car Perry made sure to hand me a gym bag full of new wrestling gear.

“You’ve already missed the first 2 days of practice, better show up prepared sir” he lectured. I nodded to show appreciation but didn’t say anything…on days like today there was nothing for me to say.

As I sorted out my locker for the rest of the week I felt a familiar sinister presence “Don’t forget we gotta work on our mentor papers tonight” Eli growled, once more I nodded my head without saying anything “What is it, your time of the month?” I looked over, and we locked eyes “Never mind I don’t care, just be at my house at 7” he finished, walking back to his side of the hallway.

For the rest of the day I did my best to avoid everybody I could, I even snuck away and ate lunch outside on one of the picnic tables. I just really needed time to myself…time to plot my next move. When it finally came time for the last class of the day I had to force myself into the room, and into my normal seat. I kept my head pushed down as Jayden entered the room, and mopingly made his way to his seat next to me.

“There’s my 2 favorite students” Mr. Jones joked as he entered the room. I didn’t bother to look up, and I got the vibe that neither did Jayden. “Alrighty then.” he dismissed setting up his lecture for the day.

As soon as the class ended Jayden gathered his stuff and bolted for the door. I rolled my eyes and started to get my own things together. “Everything okay between you two?” Mr. Jones offered.

“I guess.” I sighed.

“You can always talk to me about it if you need.” He gentle pushed, with a friendly grin.

I looked at him, and gave him a good look at my contemplative mood “He’s the one you would need to talk to, I’m fine.”

“Jayden isn’t exactly the type of kid who shares his feelings with teachers” he sighed “I’ve known the Sanders for a little while now. I had Matty in my class last year; he was one of the more unique students…yet also one of the personable ones. He would often tell me about his little brother and how he got bullied at the private school he went to.” Mr. Jones confessed “I worked with their parents on transferring Jayden here for this year on the condition that I would look out for him, if you could let me know anything what’s going on…it could go a long way.”

I shrugged my shoulders “I have no idea” I lied “Jayden went to my fight last night, and I guess he didn’t appreciate my style…it’s not exactly for the faint of heart” I pushed out, recalling Mrs. Sanders’ words.

Mr. Jones sighed, and nodded his head “Alright, just…look out for him okay? His whole life Jayden’s had people like you lead him on only to turn him into the butt of their jokes. Now I have a good feeling that you’re not that type of person, but Jayden…I doubt he knows that.”

I rolled my eyes “At this point he should’ve figured that out, we’ve spent enough time together.”

“The worst mistake you can make is assuming that people think the same way you do” Mr. Jones lectured “Jayden has had a hard time with life, if you really want to be his friend you’ll have to give him time, and be there for him…even when he doesn’t want you to be.”

“I’m not that type of person” I mumbled, making my way towards the door.

“You are, even if you don’t see it.” Mr. Jones called out “I’ve seen it in the way you talk to Elijah Warren.”

“You know Eli too?” I spit turning back around.

“Not too well, I taught his late boyfriend last year.” he replied, sorrow beginning to grow in his voice.

“So between Jamie, and ugh….ughh… Matty?” Mr. Jones nodded to indicate I had the right name “You found yourself in the middle of that mess?”

“Yup” he nodded “We lost 2 amazing young bright minds last year. I refuse to let it happen again this year. You’re capable of a lot more then you know, and Jayden whether he admits it or not needs you. Don’t forget that.” he dismissed, starting to pack up his own belongings.

“I’ll try not to.” I sighed finally leaving the room.

As I walked towards the hallway that my locker was in I saw Ivy patrolling outside of it. I shook my head, and walked to the gym instead…I can get my books after wrestling.

“Look who finally decided to come join us!” Jack teased at the sight of me.

I took in a breath and realized the hazing I would most likely endure “Sorry, I had MMA…I have another fight Friday, but knew I couldn’t miss any more wrestling practices this week.”

“I respect the dedication.” Jack nodded “Now go get changed, we start in a few minutes.”

I did as instructed and put on similar gear to what I wear at the gym. Wrestling practice was like nothing I had never experienced before. It was demanding, brutal and unforgiving. Every time I messed up I was thrown hard to the matt, and believe me I messed up A LOT. Yet the challenge was something that fueled me, for once I didn’t just walk in and dominate. In fact, for once I was the worst at something. Every now and again, I could find a winning combination and take down the other wrestler, but for the most part I was getting dominated. As practice wound down I started to grow more disappointed. I was hungry for more…I needed more.

As I started to get all my stuff together I felt Jack give me a good shove “Man you really suck at this! You sure you’re not just getting lucky in that cage of yours?” he teased, he laughed as he saw that I was taking it personal “Relax, I’m just kidding. You did good for a newbie. Keep showing up and we’ll have you getting better in no time.”

“Good” I grunted “I need more practice…I need to get better”

“Yes, you do.” he agreed “You’ll get there.” he dismissed, with one last good shove.

I slung my bag over my shoulder, gave some of the other guys I had meet goodbyes, and went to my locker. Mr. Jones’ words echoed in my head as I started to get my things together and I couldn’t help but keep glancing at the picture Jayden had drew me. For a second I reached up to rip it down, but quickly fought the urge. I need to be patient with him; I thought to myself…I need to be patient. I made my way to Perry who was patiently waiting outside.

“Sir, we’re running late” he lectured, tossing me a protein shake “Dinners waiting for you at home, then you have to go work on that project with your friend.”

“Yeah yeah.” I muttered, beginning to drink the sludge. I pushed myself through the rest of the shake, and dinner.

Before I knew it I found myself knocking on Eli’s front door, ready to push through more of the mentor bull crap. There was some rustling before Eli finally appeared in the door, dawned in a white undershirt and gym shorts “Well don’t you look like hell.” he muttered letting me in.

“You’re one to speak.” I spit giving the attitude right back at him.

“I’ve got some midol in the bathroom if you want it.” he teased.

“Lets just get this over with.” I muttered following him down into the basement. I didn’t think it was possible, but the basement only seemed to get worse since the last time we had met. Even more liquor bottles littered the floor, and a few stray syringes laid across the room.

“Sorry this isn’t the ritz.” Eli poked with some venom in his voice.

“Yeah whatever.” I growled back.

Eli backed off a little and pulled the long blond hair out of his eyes so he could get a good look at me. “What crawled up your ass and died?”

“Nothing, it’s just been a long day.” I sighed.

“Well cut it out” he said reaching out and jabbing me on the shoulder “I’m the only one around here who gets to be a grouch, you got that?” he teased, trying to lighten my mood. Noticing that his attempt didn’t work, he reached for his phone and put on some music to quiet the awkward silences. I rolled my eyes at his choice of music and pulled out our papers “What was that?” he poked “My music isn’t good enough for you? Sorry, I’m not into some classical bullshit like you.”

“A Day to Remember is generic as hell!” I spit finally speaking

“Don’t be fuckin rude!” he yelled, grabbing his paper from my hands

“What’s up with you?” I quietly poked

“What do you mean?” he asked, shaking his head, to return his hair to usual.

“You’re trying to cheer me up…why?”

He shrugged and though it over “Because it’s weird seeing you all pouty. You’re annoying as hell, but I’d much rather you be you.”

“You barely even know me.” I sighed

“Yeah well I know you more than I care to, and it looks like that’s the way things will be for the next few months” I could tell he was doing his best to be friendly “We might as well make the most of it” he quickly muttered

“Does this have to do with what that girl told me?” I said starting to grow skeptical

“No, not at all” he spit, shutting it down “She probably told you her slanted version of the story anyway”

“Then when do I get to hear your version?” I asked starting to perk up

“Never” he sighed “First question, how was your first week of wrestling?”

“I only started today, so I guess it was tough. I struggled, and got my ass handed to me, but I’m determined to get better. It was a good experience, and I’m excited for tomorrow” I answered trying to retain eye contact the whole time “How was hockey?” I asked as he started to write it down

“We didn’t start yet.” he muttered trying to catch up “Write out of season.”

I did as instructed and moved onto the next question “Do you feel like your captain is a good leader?”

“I’m the captain” he sighed “These questions are fuckin stupid, write that I think the Alternate Captains need a good kick in the ass, and to wake up or we’re not winning anything.” I did my best to censor his response without making it seem fake “What about you? How’s that douchebag Jack treating you?”

“He’s not a douche” I defended “He’s really nice actually. He made sure I was okay at practice today, and that everything was cool. He’s a really good captain; he just comes off a little rough at times”

“There’s the naïve Aidan I know” Eli laughed “God you’re such a cupcake”

“Shut up queer” I shot back

“You’re 10x more gay then I am” he exhaled

“No, I’m not!” I said finally starting to forget about my troubles “Your voice just emulates gay”

“Hey!” he shouted back “Look in the mirror sometime, you’re such a flamer I think we need to get you a fire extinguisher!”

“Look at the way you’re sitting!” I uttered starting to laugh

He pulled out his legs from under each other and let out a short laugh “Okay that’s a low blow”

“Yeah well be straighter” I teased with a smile

Eli crawled over and smacked me upside the head “Now you’re just being offensive.” For once I saw a genuine smile cross his face; the smile shook me to my core as my heart began to race. I leaned away and started to wipe my hands against my pants “Oh yeah?” Eli pushed, noticing the obvious tension I was emitting “Do something about it you pussy.” He pushed, still joking.

Before I knew it I leaned in and met his lips with my own.

Time slowed down, except this time I tasted evil, not innocence. What in the world did I just do?

Hey guys so unfortunately I'm going to have to leave you guys with a bit of a cliffhanger for the next 2 weeks! With the semester coming to a close I've been buried alive with papers and exams! The good news is that once the semester ends I'll have a good month to write whenever the hell I want! Anyway catch you all again the week of December 12th. Be good until then!

2016 Ace
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Wow!!! Wtf? Just happened... Aiden is not suppose to kiss Eli... ugh! No, he likes Jayden. I just finished reading the last few chapters. I have to say I love this story but what the hell is wrong with Aidens parent's? Pushing their kids to be something they're not. Especially Aiden. Why make him hurt people? Why make him be brutal when he doesn't have to be... I guess I'll have to read on and see if that changes. One day I hope Aiden kicks his father's ass for being an asshole towards him... that's my wish...

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Oops..I mean good on him for finally kissing Jayden, but Eli. This don't look good and I gotta read on. Btw hope your exams go well, so glad I was late following this story so no waiting for me hehe

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