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Tales of the Underground: Crestfallen - 32. Aidan's Way

I felt myself walking out of Jayden’s house with a new type of confidence. It’s one thing to win a fight…it’s another to sit down with your secret boyfriends family and get them to like you! Personally I think I’d rather be dodging punches!

“Date went well sir?” Perry asked as I hopped into the passenger’s seat.

The smile on my face grew a bit wider “I guess you could say that.”

“See you had nothing to worry about, a chip off the old Taylor block.” He supported, throwing the car into drive.

“Hey Perry?” I softly let out, calming down a bit.

“Yes sir?”

I felt my heart jump to my throat, as the question circled around in my head. “Well…what was Dad like when you first met him?”

I could see on Perry’s face that the question caught him off guard. He went to open his mouth, but rethought what he was going to say “That’s a complicated question sir.” He finally replied.

“There’s gotta be something you can tell me.” I pouted, unhappy with the answer.

A deep sigh came from Perry as he finally started to give “All I will say is that time, money and stress…they change the way a man acts… they change the way a man sees things.”

I shook my head “I don’t buy that.” I looked at over at him through young eyes “If good men are truly good men, they stay good…I’ll always stay good.”

A melancholy shroud covered Perry’s face “Every night I pray that’s true sir.”

“It is.” I confirmed looking out the window. “I won’t ever turn out like him…not now…not ever.” I looked out into the night and thought about the deal I had made with him…the one he had forced me into. Time seemed to go into fast forward, and tonight quickly turned into tomorrow night. I shook with nerves as the minutes ticked by. I have to knock some poor smucks teeth out, and for what? To not have my first love pried from my hands? It’s freaking ridiculous!

I saw the red mustang pull up outside the front gate, and quietly made my way out of the big house. I looked back at my dad’s tesla and nodded, just you wait…I’ll give you teeth. I climbed into Eli’s car and shot him a look.

“Who the fuck pissed in your cheerios?” he joked returning the look.

“Just drive. I’ve got business to take care of tonight.”

Eli scoffed at my demand “If you think you’re digging up information on my past from one of the…”

“I’ve got more important things than that tonight.” I interrupted with intensity “My asshole dad want’s a prize from tonight’s fight.”

“And that prize is?”

“You’ll see.” I angrily sighed.

Eli rolled his eyes and threw the car into gear. Like a mother bird feeding her babies, the angry roar of the engine seemed to feed right into my mood. I could feel the power growing and growling as Eli shifted higher and higher. With every mile that passed I forced myself to leave who I usually was behind. I need to be something else, even if only for tonight…I need to do this for Jayden…for myself. We pulled into the hellish underpass, and into the normal spot. As we walked out I placed my hands on the hood of the car…if there’s any power from this car, well…I need it.

My own escort of bodyguard surrounded us, and marched us towards the makeshift fighting ring. “You fight next, so get ready.” One of the black market guards announced, clearly frustrated by how late we were.

“Go fuck yourself.” Eli responded in a growl “We’ll get here whenever we damn well please, and Static will fight whenever he damn well wants.” I looked next to me, and saw that he had escaped into the dark red persona he had built for himself. Part of me swears he enjoys feeling so in control.

I did my best to ignore any feelings of doubt or nerves I had in me. I’m in the underground fighting illegally…none of these guys would think twice about knocking my teeth out…but I’m not like them, I’m my own damn man…I guess tonight I just can’t afford to be who I want. As I got waved into the massive circle, I made sure to strut in with confidence.

“Now fighting!” A women wearing just enough to cover her nipples and crotch announced “Velocity’s prodigy, and the new young blood of the Underground Static!” I ripped off my shirt, and threw it back to Eli as she called my name “He’ll be going to war against the veteran of the ring, the fierce, immortal Crank.”

I scoffed and leaned back at his nickname. A man much taller than me walked into the circle, I saw a hint of a limp and hatched a game plan as I scanned him up and down. The man was no doubt a throw away fight. Clearly I didn’t impress enough last fight…go ahead underground…disrespect me…give me another reason to go off tonight. I shot the man a vicious look, and he went to return it but I didn’t waver at all. I’ve got my whole world on the line tonight…I’m not letting it crumble because some 40 year old is having a midlife crisis.

The second the bell rang I reached out a hand and gave him the middle finger. The crowd roared but the man stayed back. “Come on motherfucker” I spit “Scared of a 15 year old? That’s just pathetic!” I pushed, finally bating him into a charge. As he grew closer I jumped back, and slammed his weak leg with a devastating kick. It buckled slightly but he didn’t fall like I had planned. He sent a fist my way but I ducked it, and landed a jab to his stomach. He slammed down on the top of my head with a fist, and I matched it with an elbow to his liver. He winced in pain and took a step back. I smiled as he took another step back “That’s what years of drugs and alcohol abuse get ya.” I taunted, to the crowds approval. Apparently I had hit the right buttons, because the man mad the same reckless mistake as before, except this time I capitalized. I slammed into his knee, and as it buckled I stomped down hard on it. The man fell to the ground, and I savagely landed an elbow to the back of his head, guaranteeing that he would be groggy. I quickly flipped him and started pounding on his mouth. I felt my fist begin to ache as it met the strong jaw of my opponent, but I didn’t give up. I slowly lost myself in the adrenaline of it all and kept slamming until more blood came out than teeth. I shook my head, finally fully returning and scooped up as many teeth as I could. I shoved them in my pocket and exhaustedly returned to my feet.

The crowd roared and cheered, as blood dripped from my fists. For the first time in my life I got to play the villain…for the first time in my life I have people I don’t know screaming for me, and yet…it doesn’t feel right…this isn’t how I wanted to do this! This isn’t how I wanted to achieve this moment! This isn’t where I want to be! Fuck my father for forcing me into this! Fuck my father for trying to turn me! I shot Eli a nasty look.

“I won’t change.” I barked walking past him.

Eli looked up and took a step into the circle “Fuck yeah! What did I tell you motherfuckers? I told you Static could bring it? You fuckers sent him trailer trash, and he ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fuck you guys, bring us a real fight next time.” Eli quickly ran to back me, and I shot him a dirty look “Hey rook, I had to back your stock. It’s the only way to get you anywhere down here.”

“What part of this are you not understanding?” I angrily growled “I don’t want to go anywhere down here! I’m sorry I ever asked for it in the first place!”

“I know” he sighed “and for the record, I’m not the one who forced you here, or the one trying to get you to change…but my ass is on the line now too, so we’ll do what we have to.” I nodded, realizing Eli was just as much a victim to circumstance as I was and climbed into the dark red mustang. Eli sped out of the underpass so fast, I swore we we’re going to spin out. “Hey rookie, you did good tonight, you understand that right? Shit talking…cockiness…that’s how you have to play it down here.”

I shook my head once more “Don’t get used to it.” I grunted

A light laugh escaped from Eli as he heard my words “I can’t believe I ever thought you could get tainted, oh boy are you something else.”

“Don’t forget that.” I exhaled, feeling the teeth in my pocket “My dad put Jayden on the line for this.”

Fire filled Eli’s eyes and he quickly looked over at me “What do you mean on the line?”

“He said if I didn’t bring back teeth I could never see him again.” I mumbled, calming down

“He can’t do that.” Eli grumbled, kicking it into a higher gear.

“With the money he has, he can do whatever the hell he wants. He’d transfer me to a new school, and lock me in the house.” I shifted my gaze out the window “I know how he thinks.”

Eli reached over to comfort me, but I shook him off and felt the familiar tension grow in the car. He returned his hand to the wheel and kept his mouth shut for the rest of the ride. “You’ll grow from this.” He offered as I stepped out of the car. I looked back and nodded, but didn’t say anything.

As I made my way into the house, and heard the far too familiar sound of glass against the counter, I felt a whirlwind of anger circle in my heart. I marched up the stairs in blind rage and slammed the bloody teeth on the counter in front of my dad.

“Well well” he smugly laughed “This is much more than 5, I think we’ll have to get you a math tutor.” I shot him a nasty look but didn’t say anything “Now Now Aidan, that’s no way to look at your father. Look at what you accomplished! There’s gotta be at least 12 teeth here, I wonder what I can get you to do next.”

“Nothing” I barked back with fire.

My Dad’s facial expression changed, and I saw anger grow “What did you say to me? he roared “I inspire you, and you disrespect me?”

“You didn’t inspire me! You bullied me!” I growled “You won’t ever hold my boyfriend over me again. I’ll see him whenever the fuck I want, I’m done needing your permission for that or for any of my friends for that matter.”

“You ungrateful fucking brat!” He reached out to grab me, but I dug deep and shoved him away.

“What the fuck are you gonna do dad?” I felt nerves jump my bones and couldn’t stand still “I’ve knocked out one man’s teeth tonight, you really gonna make me take out yours too?” I provoked “I just realized something…I’m a mixed martial artist, I’ve trained my whole life…but you…you’re just a rich man.” My dad took a step forward, and I stomped forward matching it “You’ve pushed me too many times dad. Give me a fucking reason!”

He leaned back and started laughing uncontrollably “Oh Aidan…Oh Aidan.” He let out in between breaths “Can’t you see? By “rebelling” you’re just becoming what I want you to!” he mocked “You’re finally growing a pair.” I turned angrily and started to walk away “Go ahead, run from it, but it’s your destiny!” he yelled “You’re becoming just what I need you to!”

He can mock me all he wants, but deep down I know I scared him…I know he won’t even think of doing anything to Jayden. I ran up the stairs and started to throw clothes into a bag.

“Aidan…what are you doing?” Brooke called out.

“Leaving!” I growled “I can’t live with him anymore!”

Brooke ran over and wrapped herself around me “Please stay…please!” she begged “You have nowhere to go…if you leave now…if you leave now he’ll think he won.” I shook her off and kept packing anyway “You want revenge for whatever you’re fighting about? Then wake up tomorrow with a smile on your face, and have all your friends over. I heard you two…you have him scared…you shook him…don’t leave before you win…you wouldn’t walk out of the ring and disqualify yourself before you won a fight would you?”

“If it meant doing the right thing I would.” I muttered.

“Well this…this isn’t the right thing.” She cried “I need you here with me…I can’t live with them both without you.”

“Oh shit” I groaned finally stopping. I turned and hugged her “I love you Brooke.”

“I love you too” she sniffled, hugging me back.

I sat back onto my bed and look down “We’ll never talk about this ever again.” I sighed

“Never again.” She agreed, walking to the door.

I exhaled and let all the anger pass. I looked into my soul and felt the real me still inside. I live to fight another day…at least for now.

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Wow powerful chapter. I hope for Aidens sake, his dad doesn't do anything malicious towards him...


As for Jayden why didn't he tell anybody about the AP tests results.

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On 01/19/2017 10:11 AM, Remijay said:

Wow powerful chapter. I hope for Aidens sake, his dad doesn't do anything malicious towards him...


As for Jayden why didn't he tell anybody about the AP tests results.

It's just in his nature not to brag I guess. Like his mother said, keeping quiet means he did well! However he won't actually get his scores for a few days.

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Hope Aidan holds his dad to their agreement.  As Shakespeare wrote, "To thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day,  Thou canst not then be false to any man.", that seems to be Aidan's creed.

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Yeah I just suddenly came to the same realization as Aidan. He could kick that mans' ass if he wanted so why even put up with his crap.

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