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TJ's Journey to Recovery - 9. Chapter 9

We say goodbye to a few character's in this chapter.

We also learn the fate of Barton, James, Woolery and Associates

“If gave birth to them how’s he not the father?” I asked

“Well, it’s a bit complicated.” Bob said

“Well uncomplicated it” I replied and CC snickered

“TJ, let me intervene here. Our mother did lots of experiments and wanted to test many things before she died. Your father and I didn’t know much about it until we connected. Now we had connected years before you met Dylan but we never did the whole family thing as your father was angry that our aunt split us all up. Julian knew too he was related but didn’t want to believe any of it. He was happy living in his own bubble which was burst when you showed up in the hospital. Bob and I think Julian was very much like Tristan and was pansexual. We think at some point he had a baby and was freaked out by it hence his vengeance on anyone related to him. He had to stop the freaks.” CC said

“My sister picked up the research that out mother and father were doing. They wanted to change the world and help gay men have babies when society was not as forgiving. Somehow genetics were altered and we were able to give birth.” Bob said

“So I am a petri dish child.” I said

“No, that is what your mother thought when she learned about your father.” Jack said

“It was our fault he got pregnant.” Tracy said

“What? How is your fault Tracy?” I asked

“Well, we had a threesome and let me tell you your father….” Tracy trailed off obviously having a fond memory

“What Tracy means is because we wanted a baby your father landed up being the one we got pregnant.” Jack said

“So then how is JC and Trace not our brothers?” I asked

“You share no DNA; their DNA is ours.” Jack said

“But who supplied the egg” JC asked

“Ahh, so Jillian built on our mother’s project of the male creating an egg but no female DNA. That is why all of the children are male.” Bob said

“Sorry to ruin that for you but your child will be male” CC said

“I think I must still be in my coma, this is some bat shit crazy stuff.” I said and everyone laughed

“TJ, I understand how this seems crazy but it was your grandparents and great-grandparents who set this in motion. JC and Trace have the ability to get pregnant because they came from your father.” Bob said

“Well how does labor work?” JC said looking troubled

“Well, for starters you won’t grow female anatomy; so no big boobs or a vagina. When the time is right your body will adjust and the baby will be born.” Bob said

I started to have this weird feeling and looked at my brothers and their significant others.

“This is weird but Beau, Grayson and Trace are pregnant too.” I said

“Yippie, more babies” Tristan shouted

“What you can tell?” Bob asked

“I notice the glow that was mentioned that JC had; it’s subtle but it’s there.” I said

“Brudder is right; he forgot he is too” Tristan said

“I’m WHAT!” I shrieked

“You has a baby too” Tristan said

“Normally you have to have a reading but you share the baby glow” Bob said

“So we are going to have at minimum 5 babies?” I said

“Minimum, yes” CC said

“This place is going to be packed” I said

“No kidding, we are going to need to summon nurses from the clinic to be here for delivery and helping out the new dad’s” CC said

“Could you call the clinic CC?” Bob said

“Sure, I don’t think they would believe you.” CC said and walked away laughing

“Now boys, you are going to need to take it easy this week. Thankfully it only lasts a week as you would be unbearable to be around.” Bob said

“So what do we do?” Grayson asked

“You just rest and eat what the nurses tell you too.” Bob said

“They should be here within an hour” CC said returning

“Bob did you tell them about all the pain and all?” CC said

“Oh I forgot. The pain will be like something you never experienced.” Bob said

“You are lying” Beau said

“So sure are we?” Bob asked

“Yes, when you lie your aura changes.” Beau said

“My aura?” Bob questioned

“Well that’s what I’m calling it but yes.” Beau said

“How long have you noticed this?” Bob asked

“For a while; just kept it to myself” Beau said

“Well enough baby talk, we need to order supplies.” Bob said

“Oh and boys, we are going to relocate everyone since Liz and Jackie know where we are.” CC said

“I have a better idea.” I said

“What is that?” Bob asked

“Could we talk in private?” I asked

“Sure, let’s go into the study.” Bob said

“Should I come?” CC asked

“Yes” I replied

We walked into the study and closed the doors and Bob turned on the sound proofing. I still don’t know how that works.

“Ok. So you are probably wondering why I brought you here. I think we can hit Liz where it hurts. Don’t get mad but I went to the law office and did some digging. I found where Paul and Liz have been skimming from the firm and padding their pockets. It’s millions of dollars in funds from clients and the firm; like for settlements, if the client was getting a huge windfall the paperwork reflected less money than they were due to get. Many of the clients never noticed because they were assured the numbers were right.” I said and pulled a stack of papers from the desk

“Holy crap TJ, is this the total amount?” Bob said pointing to the number on top

“Yes it is. I figure that if you Jack, Grayson and Trace get together you can force them out. I can be there and wipe memories” I said

“Wait you can do that too?” Bob asked

“Yeah, Kaiden caught me returning and I wiped his memory.” I said

“TJ, that is very dangerous of you to leave.” Bob said

“You could have gotten killed” CC said

“Well that could happen no matter where I was” I replied

“True, but don’t ever go out alone.” Bob said

“Let me get the others.” CC said and left

“TJ, this is huge. Do you think they will comply?” Bob asked

“Oh they definitely will.” I smirked

CC returned with Jack, Grayson and Trace and I told them about what I found.

“They have been stealing from us for years?” Jack said

“That is what this paper trail suggests” Bob said

“TJ, how did you figure this out?” Jack asked

“I had a suspicion something was going on but I wasn’t sure what.” I said

“Well this is all damning evidence but how will it get them to leave us alone?” Jack said

“Leave that to me.” I said

The very next morning a meeting at Barton, James, Woolery and Associates was called of all named partners.

“Good morning Liz and Paul” Jack said

“I am surprised you called us here knowing we could kill you.” Liz said

“Take a seat” Grayson said they both complied

“So where to begin, ah let’s start here. Effective today you have both been terminated from the firm for embezzling money.” Liz and Paul started to object

“Please wait. Records have been uncovered showing that this goes back several decades and is in the high million dollar range.” Jack said

“Like you are going to kick us out of this firm; I am a founding partner.” Paul said

“Were a founding partner” Bob said stepping out of the adjoining room

“Wait you’re dead” Paul said

“Nope alive and kicking” Bob responded

“This can’t be happening.” Liz said

“Oh it is dear Lizzy, we uncovered the multitude of theft and unless you meet our demands we will turn the information over to bar and State’s Attorney” Jack said

“Like you would dare” Paul said

“Oh he would, as it would ruin you for good” I said stepping out of the adjoining room

“Oh I should have known you’d have something to do with it.” Paul said

“You see Paul, you’ve built yourself on a lie and imagine what would happen if the lie was exposed. You see you stole from some of the clients before the money even hit the firm which makes you liable for the money.” I said

“You can’t prove that.” Paul said

“We can, due to a fault of yours; you kept meticulous records of settlements in a journal.” Jack said raising the book

“Where did you get that” Paul asked

“It was here at the firm and is firm property.” Jack said

“So Paul and Liz let me dumb this down for you. Accept your termination, forfeit all the money in your overseas accounts and stop coming after me and my family” I said

“That will never happen” Paul said

“Well enjoy jail because you embezzled and are liable for the money. I’ve spoken to the State’s Attorney and he’s chomping at the bit. One text and he takes this to the grand jury and you are arrested before the day is out.” Jack said

“You wouldn’t” Paul said

“Oh I would; the pain and suffering you put us all through? Now I know how you were able to buy us that apartment on a whim.” Jack said

“So we will start a new firm and wipe you out.” Liz said smirking

“Nope another condition is you forfeit your law license.” Grayson said

“Not happening.” Liz said

“Well the folks at the Bar know and have your suspension paperwork in process” Trace said

“You thought of everything didn’t you?” Liz said

“We did and I helped you out with Jackie” I said smirking

“What?” Liz said

“Well now you really are in a lesbian relationship. Jackie has lost her dick and doesn’t know where to find it.” I said laughing

“TJ, this isn’t time for nursery rhymes.” Bob said

“No seriously, I went to and removed his dick; wasn’t that hard.” I said in fits of laughter

“You better not have touched my man” Liz seethed

“See now you know how it feels.” I replied

Liz went to stand up but couldn’t move.

“What the hell” Liz shouted

“Oh, that’s just me; I paralyzed you from the waist down; just a parting gift.” I said

“You better fix this.” Paul demanded

“Meet our conditions and I will do as I see fit.” I said and Paul and Liz looked at each other

“Fine.” Paul said

“Well Paul, I am sorry.” I said and snapped my fingers and he clutched his chest and fell to the floor

“Poor sucker just had a heart attack.” Bob said

“Someone call an ambulance.” I said in mock panic

“You really are a son of a bitch” Liz said

“Takes one to know one” I said and blew a raspberry

“Now, you are left holding the proverbial bag Liz. All the theft and stealing will fall on your shoulders. It would be such a shame to see you rot in jail.” Jack said

“I will win this war” Liz said

“Not by a long shot.” Jack said

I decided it was time for some real hardball with Liz.

“Sorry Liz, you seemed like such a great person.” I said

“What does that mean?” Liz said

“Well, good luck in hell” I said and began the memory wipe and replaced it with memories of isolation and being a crazy cat lady.

“Ok, time for new business” Jack said

“One second” I said and made Liz disappear

“Where did you send her?” Jack asked

“Some remote cabin where she has over 100 cats” I said

“A true cat lady. What about Jackie and her boys?” Trace said

“Memories cleared and the boys grew up orphans.” I said

“I guess it isn’t as bad as having Liz as a mom.” Trace said

“New order of business; the new firm name is going to be Woolery, Michaels and Associates.” Jack said

“Has a nice ring to it” I said

“I also am going to work part-time and let the boys decide who will be the managing partner.” Jack said

“Maybe we should bring in some new blood?” Grayson said

“A new named partner?” Jack asked

“Yes, I do have an idea.” Grayson said and grinned

“Who would that be?” Jack said

“Someone Trace and I went to law school with.” Grayson said

“Being the man of mystery are we?” Jack asked

“Fine, it’s Cam Worthington.” Grayson said

“Who is Cam Worthington?” Everyone asked

“One of the hottest lawyers in the world” Kaiden said

“You know this Cam?” Jack said

“Yeah I do, we grew up together.” Kaiden said

“Would he even fit our dynamic?” Jack asked

“He would Pop” Trace said

“He’s a very good lawyer and he works at a firm in DC but he would come here in a heartbeat.” Grayson said

“Why is that?” I asked

“He loves New York, we grew up here.” Kaiden said

“He wanted to work here but because New York is a popular place and he did his intern work in DC that is where he landed.” Trace said

“Well set-up and interview and I’ll talk to him.” Jack said

“Will do Pop” Trace said

We left the office and headed back to the house. I finally felt at peace and was hopful that things would move in a positive direction.

“So TJ, have you given any thoughts to names?” JC asked

“Well yeah, but you’re going to laugh.” I said

“Let me guess, Tristan James Michaels III?” JC said

“Yeah.” I said

“I don’t mind but what will we call him? T3?” JC asked and both laughed

“I don’t know; we do have some time.” I replied

“What about you?” I asked

“I was thinking Jack Tracy Michaels” JC said

“In honor of your dads; that’s cute.” I said

“Another TJ and Jack running around” JC said

“We have time to decide; just have to say this food diet sucks.” JC said

“It is so bland” I replied

“Oh, I am getting my middle name changed.” JC said

“To what?” I asked

“I will be Jackson Tracy Michaels in my personal life and professionally I will remain JC Woolery.” JC said

“Well I like how you are honoring your dad’s and that means you could have a junior.” I said

“We will see, I considered using my grandparent’s names too.” JC replied

“That would be cool too; we could have an Anthony Ronald Michaels.” I said

“Or we could do a play on my last name Art Shepard” JC said seriously

“If you name our child Art Shepard I will divorce you.” I said with mock anger

“Oh yeah?” JC said

“Yeah” I said and kissed him and we fell onto the couch laughing

“I can’t wait to be a dad” JC said

“Me either.” I said

We sat there holding hands and staring into each other eyes. We were interrupted by a knock at the door.

Copyright © 2020 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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13 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

the simpsons GIFlive look at liz!

custom tombstone

custom tombstone

Edited by AquariusGuy
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So If Im reading this right will they start calling JC JT? I know lame question.Another  lame question since men having babies is new territory will all these babies be gay?Jack and Tracy had threesomes in DOS some things never change.When TJ mentioned soundproofing the room I thought of "The cone of Silence" from Get Smart. 

Edited by weinerdog
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4 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

So If Im reading this right will they start calling JC JT? I know lame question.Another  lame question since men having babies is new territory will all these babies be gay?Jack and Tracy had threesomes in DOS some things never change.When TJ mentioned soundproofing the room I thought of "The cone of Silence" from Get Smart. 

Not necessarily will they be gay. I mentioned that Tristan Sr was pan

We could see a shift in what JC is called but remember his name was Jackson Paul and the C comes from Jackson Craft-Woolery

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1 minute ago, chris191070 said:

So 5 babies on the way, should be fun for the boys.

5 minimum

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