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TJ's Journey to Recovery - 3. Chapter 3

“Hey Kellan and Jordan” I said to the twins as they walked in.

“How are you feeling bro?” Jordan said

“Well like nothing makes sense to me.” I said and kept quiet about the other two with them

“You gave everyone a scare and I’ve never seen mom act the way she did. She lit into us asking us what we knew; she was out for blood.” Kellan said

“Gotta love Aunt Kat; so who are they” I said gesturing to the others

“You don’t remember our boyfriends; you must have really bumped your head” Jordan said

“I’ve met them before?” I asked

“Yeah you did, we’ve even hung out with you and Lucas several times.” Kellan said

“Brooks is Kellan’s boyfriend and Miles is mine” Jordan said

“Oh well hello guys, nice to meet you again” I said

“It’s nice to meet you again too” Brooks said

“I was at your accident scene helping them extract you, I am a volunteer firefighter.” Jordan said

“I’m sorry I don’t remember it. Brooks what do you do?” I asked

“I’m a medical 3rd year medical student up at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.” He replied

“Oh, what are you studying?” I asked

“I want to be a Psychiatrist. I’ve been working part-time at Children’s National Medical Center in their Pediatric Psych ward. It’s been really interesting.” He said

“Sounds fun; so what brings you guys here tonight? I’m not exactly mister exciting.” I sarcastically said

“Well brother from another mother, Lucas told us you were feeling down so we figured your big bros would come visit and see if we could turn that frown upside down.” Kellan said

“I appreciate the visit it’s just I don’t feel like I was in a coma for a year and I am trying to adjust to what happened in the coma verses what’s going on here.” I said

“Well mom also wanted us to check on you since Lucas had told you about what happened. She was the lawyer who represented you and pushed the State’s Attorney for a fast and swift response. Mom’s always had a soft spot for her Teej.” Jordan said

“Yeah Aunt Kat does love me.” I said

“When are they going to spring you from this place?” Kellan asked

“No clue; I wish it was sooner than later but they want to watch me and evaluate me.” I said

“Who’s doing your evaluation?” Brooks asked

“Dr. Kevin Campbell.” I replied

“Oh Dr. Kev, he’s awesome. He did some work at Children’s and also is heavily involved in the LGBTQIA Center in DC” Brooks said

“That’s nice of him. I hate to be a party pooper but I’m tired” I said faking a yawn

“Liar; you’re just kicking us to the curb” Jordan said

“Well we will take the hint and hit the road. Just do well on your mental exam so I can beat you in Mario Kart.” Kellan said

“Oh you wish butt head” I said and everyone laughed

Everyone left and I was surprised to find out most of the people I knew in my coma life were someway involved in my post coma life. I need to ask dad about supposed family he had but how do I do it. I sat there contemplating a lot of things and couldn’t sleep. I tried to get up but my legs were shaky and I was afraid of falling. I just laid there wishing I could figure out what was going on and I want to fall asleep. I finally dozed off and when I woke up I found Tristan cuddled up to me. I looked around and didn’t see Kevin or Jeff and I hoped he didn’t escape.

“Morning Brudder” Tristan said as his eyes fluttered open

“Good morning to you” I replied

“Daddy dropped me off here” He said

“I was wondering about that.” I replied

“He knows I would have come anyway” he said and giggled

“Yeah you are probably right.” I said

“Brudder, I don’t want you to go home. I won’t see you anymore.” Tristan said

“I am sure we can work something out.” I replied and Jeff and Kevin came in

“All right Tristan, it is time to go to day care so daddy can talk to TJ.” Jeff said

“I wanna stay” Tristan pouted

“Little man, go with your daddy and I am sure I will see you at lunch.” I said with a smile

“You better brudder or I be mad” Tristan said

“Go with your daddy son and I’ll come get you at lunch. Deal?” Kevin said

“Deal daddy. Bye brudder.” Tristan said and gave me a hug before Jeff picked him up.

Once they left Kevin gave me a serious look.

“TJ, I was very hesitant to talk with you but seeing how attached my son is to you I don’t think I have a choice.” Kevin said

“I understand. I don’t get his attachment either but it feels just right.” I replied

“So Jeff told me about your talk and I am trying to figure how I can help you.” Kevin said

“I hope you can because everything seemed so real; between the love, the fights, the deaths and everything.” I said

“Look we will work on getting you better but things might be as they were in you coma state.” Kevin said

“I understand; I just want to make sure I don’t do something stupid.” I replied

“So let’s get started shall we?” Kevin said

“Okay.” I replied

“So tell me about life as you know it.” Kevin said

I told him about my dad dying, moving to Ohio and being angry about it, the rape, meeting JC at my audition, beating up my brother and every mundane thing that happened. I also told him about people using drugs to try to control me and how Tristan had the ability to read minds and he could kill people.

“Wow TJ, it seems like you went through a lot. How do you feel knowing none of it happened?”

“I don’t know really; I guess I am both relieved and scared at the same time. I am relieved because some of the stuff was violent and scared that I have such an active imagination.” I replied

“Well we need to figure out why you had this dream and what we can do to overcome it.” Kevin said

“I really hope you can help me.” I said

“Me too TJ, you seem like a really good kid that had a bead deck of cards dealt to him.” Kevin said

“Do you know when I can go home?” I asked

“Well I was told that you would go home after lunch and it is now lunch time.” Kevin said

“You mean we’ve been talking for three hours?” I asked

“Yes, TJ we have been. I didn’t want to interrupt because you had a lot to say and I took notes. I hope in our other sessions we can deep dive into some of these.” Kevin said and the door flew open

“Brudder!” Tristan shouted running in

“Hey little man” I said to him

“Daddy lift me pwease” Tristan said

“So, I’m chopped liver?” he asked

“Chopped wiver lift me pwease” Tristan said with a puppy dog face

“Ok, Tristan you win.” Kevin said as he lifted him onto the bed

“Did daddy help you?” Tristan asked

“We just started bud, so it is going to take some time before he makes a difference but he is a good listener.” I said

“Daddy, frwank yous for helpin T2.” Tristan said

“Well, it has been an interesting day. They should be bringing your lunch soon TJ and I will go get Tristan’s lunch so he can eat with you.” Kevin said and got up and left

“Is daddy gone?” Tristan asked

“Yeah little man he is.” I replied

“Good, not sure how much time I has but T2, I sent you to this other form of reality.” Tristan said

“You what?” I said my voice getting louder

“Shhhh. Wisten, Dame and I decided we had to protect you. You not going to make it out of hospital. We altered your time line and took you back in time and we changed somethings. Dame is pretty good at altering things.” Tristan said

“So it was all real.” I said

“Yes but we needed to protect you; we not sure if bad people have same capabilities but we had too.” I said

“Tristan this is too much.” I said and Damian appeared

“Twistan I told you not to lay it on at once.” Damian said and his eyes glowed and I felt like things did a rewind and I watched Kevin leave and this time he took Tristan. I looked around and felt weird.

“What is going on” I said out loud

“Hey bro” Grayson said running in and hopping into my bed

“G-man, you are here.” I said pulling him closer.

“Had to be here when we sprung ya.” He replied as dad walked in

“Grayson, it would have been polite if you had waited for me.” Dad said with a mock pout

“I told you I was gonna bolt once we got here.” He said giggling

“Alright, feel free to eat that slop or you can wait and I’m going to BBQ when we get home.” Dad said

“I think I’ll wait; I think we had this yesterday.” I said feeling queasy looking at it

“Just so you know it’s just us; dad and mom had a huge fight and he made her stay home.” Grayson said

“Son, don’t go driving his blood pressure up; TJ it was nothing to worry about.” Dad said and grinned

The doctor came and went over all the do’s and don’ts for me when I get home. He also told dad if I start acting weird I need to be brought in immediately. Grayson handed me a bag and I went to shower and get dressed but since I was still shaky on my legs Grayson sat on the toilet while I showered; it felt great to wear my own clothes again. We were given a schedule for me to come back for physical therapy and for my sessions with Dr. Campbell. They took me down in a wheelchair and I was given crutches to help me get around. Dad still had his big Ford truck and he had to lift me in because I couldn’t get myself up no matter how hard I tried. Dad seemed to be taking the long way home or he was just avoiding where I had my accident. We pulled into the driveway and he parked in the garage. He and Grayson came over to help me get out and we headed inside. The house was quiet but that wasn’t unusual given it was just Beau and Mom. Dad told me to come outside while he started the grill and we could talk. He held the door and I went through and heard the shouts of “Welcome Home”. I looked and saw Mom, Beau, Lucas, Aunt Kat, Uncle Brayden, Kellan, Brooks, Jordan, Miles and a slew of other folks,

“Welcome home son” Mom said and gave me a kiss on the forehead

“Welcome home TJ” Aunt Kat said as she came over and did the same

I saw my Frazier grandparents had come in from Ohio and were sitting with my grandpas’ in the shade of the big oak tree.

“Hello TJ.” I looked up to see JC standing there

“JC, I am so glad to see you” I said and went to kiss him and he stopped me

“TJ, what are you doing?” He asked

“I was going to kiss you.” I said

“Dude I haven’t seen you in years and you want to kiss me?” He asked

“Sorry.” I said looking down

“Well, let me introduce you to my boyfriend Seymour; I met him at college. His sister Audrey is dating Trace.” He said

“So twins dating twins.” I said

“Precisely” He said

“That’s cool.” I said feeling like my heart was going to break

“Hey TJ, welcome home.” Jack said hugging me

“Hello Jack and thank you.” I said

“I am glad you are ok; your mother was so worried about you.” He said

“Yeah well, I guess she got a scare.” I said and hobbled away

“TJ, could you wait a second.” Tracy said

“Yeah, I guess.” I said and stopped

“I’m glad you’re ok; I wanted to let you know I can help you work on dancing again once you get some physical therapy under your belt.” Tracy said with a smile

“That would be great; I miss dancing and helped me take my mind off of things.” I said and felt a tear escape.

“Hey, I know it’s going to be rough but you’ll get through this.” Tracy said

I hobbled away and found a place to sit; a lot of people came by and welcomed me home.

I watched JC and Seymour feed each other and I was grossed out at the love between them and it really bothered me.

“TJ, I’d like you to meet my Uncle Bob Barton.” Dad said

“Hello Mr. Barton” I said shaking his hand

“Please call me Uncle Bob or Bob.” He said and smiled

“Well I am going to let you both talk.” Dad said and walked away

“So, Bob what do you do?” I asked

“Cut the crap TJ, I know you know who I am.” Bob said

So let's see... TJ is in an alternate universe. Will things correct on their own or will he have to let things play out.

Copyright © 2020 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Recommended Comments

Chapter Comments

Well now i dont think that was very nice to send him to another dimension where jc is dating someone! That kinda broke my heart a bit too. Kind of a dick move for jc to bring his bf anyway. 

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3 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Well now i dont think that was very nice to send him to another dimension where jc is dating someone! That kinda broke my heart a bit too. Kind of a dick move for jc to bring his bf anyway. 

Well remember it was Tristan and Damian so they aren't that smart. Things will get corrected.... 

Seymour was there because JC brought his boyfriend.... maybe keeping them apart saves him? 

Will Bob help correct things? 


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3 minutes ago, AquariusGuy said:

Well remember it was Tristan and Damian so they aren't that smart. Things will get corrected.... 

Seymour was there because JC brought his boyfriend.... maybe keeping them apart saves him? 

Will Bob help correct things? 


I hope bob helps.

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I'm going to get a sore neck trying to see which way this story is faced.  Now we've got 2 realities in one?

Great work on this.

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Didn’t I say in the last chapter that this seemed like the same storyline with changes!?  I AM VINDICATED!  HA! 🤩

 I am looking forward to seeing where you go from here.  I’m glad you post quickly!😉

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Great chapter, I have to admit that I slightly confused with all the things happening, but I am sure all will be resolved little Tristan  is cute and very likable

  • Love 3

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1 minute ago, mikedup said:

Great chapter, I have to admit that I slightly confused with all the things happening, but I am sure all will be resolved little Tristan  is cute and very likable

TJ is in alternate reality and things will get interesting.

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2 hours ago, chris191070 said:

Wow now we have two realities in one. Can Bob help TJ.

we learn about Bob in the next chapter. 

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Let's see, how can I best say what I think about this chapter? Oh yes, ARRRRGGHHH!  


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I somehow suspected Tristan had something to do with the reality switch. All I can say is let's go back to the first reality. I don't like this one.

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6 hours ago, weinerdog said:

I remember though Tristan is a little kid he remembers how T.J and J.C. loved each other I'm going with Tristan and Damian has a reason for doing it this way . I'm going to get as confusing as you now.I guess everybody thinks T.J. is 18 or 19 at this time but since he lived the other existence is he still really 23 or 24. Is Tristan 5 years old in this universe?It also sound like Bob is aware of both universes.I'm going to guess BHO exists under a different name.Now for the most crucial question can Tristan and Damian go back to the 2016 election and.....I'll stop there.

When TJ woke up he was 19 again and yes Tristan is only 5 in this universe.

Bob will be discussed in the very next chapter. We learn a few interesting things in the chapter. 

As for the 2016 election... they said that the winner was neither Hillary of Donald but Abraham Lincoln; crap they went back too far.

Did you know that Lincoln was from Pennsylvania? Just ask any historian and they will tell you all about his Gettysburg Address. :rofl:

  • Haha 2

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