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TJ's Journey to Recovery - 10. Chapter 10

“Come in” I said

“Could we all talk?” Beau said coming in with Grayson, Lucas and Trace

“Sure” JC said

“What’s on your mind?” I asked

“Baby names” Grayson said

“We’ve been talking and we figured we should talk with you to avoid any confusion.” Beau said

“So we wanted to let you know we would like to honor our grandpa’s since you have the ability to honor dad.” Grayson said

“Well we talked about doing that.” I said

“Listen TJ, I don’t think it would be fair for you to get a monopoly on the names.” Grayson said

“Well I am the oldest.” I retorted

“Doesn’t make it right” Beau said

“Listen guys, I know we are all going to want to use names of people we love and admire. I know Trace and I will have the same issue. I was thinking of using some as middle names that way it avoids confusion. Do we really need another Jack, Tristan or TJ?” JC said

“I agree with my brother we need to come to some kind of quorum on names.” Trace said

“We also don’t have to use the same name for example someone could have a Tony and another could have an Anthony.” Lucas said

“Are you using your dad’s name?” I asked

“Maybe as a middle name; he was my dad and all.” Lucas replied

“What last name is everyone using?” I asked

“Michaels for us.” Beau said

“Well we still haven’t decided.” Grayson said

“You’ve got some time to decide.” I said

“What about you?” Trace asked

“Well, we’ve been talking about using Michaels since I am a junior and wanted to have a son with a third after his name. We would mix and match.” I said chuckling

“You could always hyphenate and the kids could be the Craft-Woolery-Michaels.” Lucas said

“Man that sounds like a law firm” JC said

“We could do Craft-Michaels or Michaels-Woolery?” I said

“Funny how we got married and kept our own last names” JC said

“It happens but what name do we use for kids?” Trace said

“Well Trace you never really hyphenated your name and maybe you guys do the hyphenating and TJ and I will stick with Michaels.” JC said

“Gosh this is so complicated.” Grayson said

“Hey Lucas why didn’t you hyphenate your last name?” I asked

“I thought about it and Beau and I discussed it; I am not attached to the name and frankly not sure Mom will keep it either. She is looking into changing back to her maiden name since she’s a widow.” Lucas said

“Wow, I didn’t know she wanted to.” I said

“Oh by the way, Mom is going to be a named partner at the firm. Jack said she agreed to be managing partner as the other partners wanted someone with more experience under their belt.” Lucas said

“Speaking of who is this Cam Worthington?” I asked

“We went to NYU with him” Trace said

“He’s a really good lawyer but had a falling out with his dad when dad caught him experimenting with guys.” Grayson said

“That’s tough.” I said

“His mom stood by him and tossed his dad out. “ Trace said

“Ok, can’t wait to meet him.” I said

“You’ll like him; he’s easy on the eyes and wicked smart.” Grayson said

“We need to get to dinner.” Trace said checking his phone

“Oh Cam should be here soon too.” Trace said

We went downstairs to the dining room. Jack, Tracy, Kat, CC, Randy and Bob were milling around talking and stopped when we came in.

“Boys dinner will be ready soon.” CC said and smiled

“Are Jordan and Kellan coming for dinner?” Lucas asked

“Yes dear, they are on their way.” Kat said

“So why do you guys look so tense?” Bob asked

“We were discussing baby names and who can use what.” I said

“Well I hope you guys worked it out.” Bob said

“Somewhat, then we got stuck on last names.” I said

“Listen, if you guys want to use our last names that’s fine and if you don’t that’s fine.” Jack said

“You don’t mind pop?” JC asked

“No, a name is name and you do whatever makes sense.” Jack said

“I concur with what Jack said. Our last names mean a bit more to us than they would to you guys. We came to an understanding a while ago that it was a possibility that Trace and Jackson would change their last names.” Tracy said

“Dad but I wasn’t even gay before.” Trace said

“Son I don’t think you are gay or bisexual. I think you are pansexual and attracted to the person and not the gender.” Jack said

“That makes a bit more sense.” Trace said

“What about me pop?” JC said

“You are about as gay as a $3 bill.” Jack said

“JC, you showed no interest in women and always had your sights on boys. When you and TJ met the sparks flew and you were enamored.” Tracy said

“Grandma Helen threw a fit when she saw you together and was sure it was a phase when you were little. When you came out to her as a teen I am surprised she didn’t have a coronary right then.” Jack said

At that moment the doorbell rang and Kaiden appeared out of nowhere and answered the door. He brought in this beautiful man who wore skin tight clothes and reminded me of when I first met Kevin. I sometimes wish he still worse clothes like that as he’s got a hot dad bod.

“TJ, this is Cam Worthington. Cam, this is TJ my older brother.” Grayson said introducing us.

“Nice to meet you Cam” I said

“Same but I think I’ve met you before as you look very familiar.” Cam said

“Where would we have met?” I asked

“I don’t want to offend you but it was at a place in San Francisco called Buff Boys. You were known as Jack and hung with that hottie Brock.” Cam said

“Yeah that would have been me. What were you doing in San Fran?” I asked

“I was accompanying one of the judges I clerked for and we were there on business but he made a personal side trip.” Cam said

“A federal judge?” I asked

“Yeah, can’t say who but we went to a lot of Gay bars and clubs. I didn’t mind as he always paid for my stuff.” Cam said

“Well nice to meet you again.” I said chuckling

“See TJ I wasn’t the only one visiting you.” Bob said

“Hey mom” Kellan and Jordan said walking in

“Hello boys” Kat said greeting her eldest children

“Ok everyone, let’s eat.” Bob said

“Our meal tonight was prepared by Kaiden. Thank you for your efforts.” CC said smiling at him

“You are most welcome.” Kaiden said

“So Cam, tell us about yourself.” Jack said

“Well I am the youngest of 6 children and my dad and I had a falling out when he caught me fooling around with a friend.” Cam said

“That is terrible” Jack said

“Yeah, my friend was gay and really wanted to experiment and I volunteered. Dad was supposed to work late but he decided to come home over lunch and caught us by the pool.” Cam said and blushed

“Well Jack and I sympathize with you.” Tracy said causing Jack to choke.

“I sense a story.” Cam said

“Well we were in high school and in my bedroom and both naked when our mom’s walked in.” Trace said

“Mine didn’t take it well at first but seemed fine for a while. When our son came out my mom hit the fan and she divorced my dad because he choose to support him.” Jack said

“Cam why does your last name seem so familiar,” Tracy said

“My dad is Patrick C. Worthington the fifth.” Cam said

“Oh dear god” CC said

“What’s wrong?” Jack said

“I had no idea you were Pat’s son.” CC replied looking at Cam

“Do I know you?” Cam questioned

“No but I know you are Patrick Cameron Worthington the sixth.” CC said

“How do you know my dad.” Cam said

“I was a plastic surgeon and I was in medical school with your father.” CC said

“Are you Caroline Carmine?” Cam said

“Yes I am.” CC replied and Cam chuckled

“Top of the class and beat my father pissing him off” Cam started laughing

“Oh so you’ve heard the story?” CC said

“Dad tells the story a lot and he still can’t believe some woman from Ohio beat him out as the top of the class.” Cam said

“Your dad sounds like a real asshat.” I replied

“TJ that is an accurate description of him. I take it things also didn’t go well when you chose law over medicine?” CC said

“That is an understatement; he had me black listed for all New York firms.” Cam said

“How’s your mother?” CC asked

“Oh mom? She’s doing well; she filed for divorce but dad is stalling since he’d loose a shit ton of money.” Cam said

“Well, if her lawyers aren’t doing their jobs we have a few that could help” CC said

“I am hoping I can get this job and be closer to home. I want to be near my mom and my nieces and nephews.” Cam said

“Do you have any attachments in D.C.?” Jack asked

“No, I currently single and don’t have a pet” Cam said and gave Kaiden a side eye

“Well, after dinner we can discuss some of your cases. I’ve already spoken with Judge Colfax about you and he had a lot of positive things to say” Jack said smiling

“I didn’t know he called you.” Cam said

“He actually called an old friend of his Bob and he put me in touch” Jack said

“Harold and I go way back” Bob said

“Harold is he the kinky one?” Randy asked

“Yes” Bob replied

“Kinky? Sounds like a story.” I said

“Nope not dinner conversation or any conversation” Bob said

“So you are Bobby?” Cam asked

“Yes or as Harold called me for a while BB” Bob said

“Wait… was he the one who came with you to San Francisco the one year?” I asked

“Yes he was the one with trying to grab everyone” Bob said rolling his eyes

“Judge is a really nice person.” Cam said

“You don’t have to sing his praises; if you hated the man just say so” Bob said and laughed

“No honestly, he was a great mentor to me.” Cam said

“Yeah he can a good guy when he needs to be.” Bob said

“Will you be able to find housing?” Jack asked

“I am going to live with my mother. She has a place and could use someone to be there for her.” Cam replied

“Nice of you to take care of your mother” CC said

Dinner conversation kind of died down as everyone ate what Kaiden had made. I’ve got to say he is a really great cook.

“By the way, we have hired a cook as we cannot rely on Kaiden to make big meals. We also need someone who will be able to handle the influx of mouths when the babies arrive.” Bob said

“Babies?” Cam asked

“I’ll explain later” Trace said

“Ok guys, Bob, Kat and I are going to have a conversation with Cam about working at the firm.” Jack said

“Why are you laughing TJ?” Bob said

“Sorry Bob Kat” I said and everyone laughed

JC and I went for a stroll and stopped on the back terrace.

“Funny how much our lives have changed” I said

“I agree we’ve been through so much.” JC said

“Are you nervous?” I asked

“Honestly, yes. After everything that’s happened I’m afraid for our kids and being a parent.” JC said

“If you weren’t scared I’d be worried.” I said and we sat on a bench

“This is all new to me and I can’t help but feel it will be ok going forward.” JC said

“We will be fine until we have toddlers.” I said

“Oh thinking that far ahead?” JC asked

“No, I’ve seen others go through it.” I replied

“Do you wish your parents could be here?” JC asked

“Sometimes I do and sometimes not. I miss my dad more than anything and I know how much he loved me.” I replied

“Well you have your grandfathers’ who are awesome.” JC said

“Yeah and they are about to become great-grandfathers.” I replied

“You seem worried” JC said

“I am all of us having babies at once and being guys; how’s it going to work?” I said

“Have a little faith babe; the folks from the clinic seem prepared and so do Bob, CC and Randy.” JC said

“Well I guess I need to be more trusting.” I said

All of a sudden JC doubled over in pain I grasped his hand and knew immediately something was wrong. I started to panic and shouted for help.

Copyright © 2020 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Easy solution to the names, first one to give birth gets first pick at names.

  • Haha 3

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2 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Easy solution to the names, first one to give birth gets first pick at names.

But what if it happens at the same time or one has twins, triplets, quintuplets, quadruplets... etc

  • Wow 2

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Just now, AquariusGuy said:

But what if it happens at the same time or one has twins, triplets, quintuplets, quadruplets... etc

.............. Hell if i know

  • Haha 3

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Just now, Wesley8890 said:

.............. Hell if i know

Someone (bodies) will be having more than 1. 

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I get the feeling Patrick C.Worthington is going to be trouble in future chapters.I guess Cam's close ties to the Judge might come in handy.Before you name any of the babies one suggestion.Make sure at least one  of them has Grandpa Ron's name otherwise a certain somebody  might get ticked off lol.A chapter without the word brudder?AW!!!

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1 minute ago, weinerdog said:

I get the feeling Patrick C.Worthington is going to be trouble in future chapters.I guess Cam's close ties to the Judge might come in handy.Before you name any of the babies one suggestion.Make sure at least one  of them has Grandpa Ron's name otherwise a certain somebody  might get ticked off lol.A chapter without the word brudder?AW!!!

Yes on of said children will be named after Ron.

PCWV may play a part but that is undecided. PCWIV aka Cam will be around and a potential love interest for our roaming friend. I have an idea how I'll make that happen. 

Yeah no Brudder from any of Kevin's kids. It just didn't feel right to have them in this chapter. 

Just know once all the babies are born we will see more Tristan, Jake and Josh

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I can see Cam's father being trouble in the future. Look forward to the multitude of babies from our boys.

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12 hours ago, AquariusGuy said:

But what if it happens at the same time or one has twins, triplets, quintuplets, quadruplets... etc






  • Haha 3

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3 hours ago, Philippe said:






The George Foreman approach :rofl:

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