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TJ's Journey to Recovery - 7. Chapter 7

“Are you sure I should be the one to help?” I asked

“Yes, I’ve already got Bob and CC waiting. It’s going to be a hell of a fight but you are needed to get JC out.” Nicky said

“Ok, let’s go” I said and Nicky grasped my hand and we were gone

“Where are we?” I asked

“Shhhh. We are in the basement of holding house; JC is over here.” Nicky says walking quietly towards a room.

I followed him and was being super cautiously and we could hear voices and footsteps above us.

“Now, I need to see if you can get in without me.” Nicky said

“How do I do that?” I asked

“Just think about being on the other side” Nicky said

I stood there thinking about rescuing JC and all of a sudden I was in a room and saw a figure in the cornor.

“Jackson?” I said quietly

“TJ?” I heard him reply

“I need to make sure it’s you; who are you named after.” I asked

“My dad Jack and my grandfather Paul” he replied

“It is you.” I said a bit too loudly and I heard someone coming down the steps

“Now you did it” Nicky said

“I know, I am sorry” I replied

“Quick get JC” Nicky said as the door flew open

“Well look what we have here.” The big goon said

“Touch them and you’re dead” Nicky replied and the goon laughed

“Who’s going to stop me? You?” the goon continued to laugh and we could hear more people coming

“Now TJ!” Nicky shouted and grasped JC’s hands and thought about the mansion and poof we were back in my room.

“I need to help Nicky” I said to JC

“Go help him” JC replied

I went back to the house and there was a full fledge fight going on. I saw Bob, CC, Nicky, Tristan, Damian and folks I’ve never seen before fighting.

“Well lookie what we have hear.” I heard someone say

“Are you Biff from Back to the Future?” I asked and the guy laughed and that’s when I sucker punched him

“You little fucker” the guy roared

The guy charged at me and I didn’t know what to do but all of a sudden I vanished and reappeared behind the guy as he plowed into the wall.

“Oh so the little fucker’s got power.” The guy said and pulled out a gun.

“Can’t beat this” He said and fired the gun. Time stood still and I saw the bullet coming and all of a sudden the bullet did and about face and time resumed and the guy was hit by his own bullet and he fell to the ground bleeding.

“Good job TJ” I heard Bob say

“Thanks Bob” I replied

“TJ look out” I heard Nicky shout and saw a huge sword coming for my head. Again time stopped and the sword turned bright red and melted.

“What just happened” I said as I felt someone grab me by the neck and squeeze. I heard cracking and thought it was my neck and this was it but I heard someone yelp.

“He broke my fucking hand” Some guy said and ran away.

“Let’s blow this joint” Tristan said with a smirk

As we all disappeared I heard an explosion. When I got back to the mansion JC wasn’t in my room. I went looking for him and finally ran into Kaiden

“Kaiden have you seen JC?” I asked

“Yes, he’s with his dad’s being interrogated to make sure it’s really him” Kaiden replied

“Oh I should have thought of that” I said dejected

“Hey, it’s ok; it’s something we normally wouldn’t have to worry about. I am sorry if I come off as too strong.” Kaiden said

“It’s ok, I am just not used to all this openness and people switching partners and hooking up.” I replied

“Understood, I am actually here to protect you and JC.” Kaiden said

“Oh, I didn’t know that.” I replied

“S’okay; we will need to sit down and talk at some point.” Kaiden said with a smile

“TJ, there you are.” Tracy said coming down the hall

“How’s JC?” I asked worried

“He went through a hell of a lot but it definitely is him. We have Nicky and Jake healing him but he’s going to need some serious rest.” Tracy said

“Jake?” I replied

“Yes, Kevin’s son.” Tracy replied

“This is just too weird” I said

“All will be explained” Bob said joining us

“It is JC” Tracy said to Bob

“That is good. Tristan’s gotten better with his explosions so he demolished the house they had used to keep JC captive.” Bob said

“Do we know who it was?” I asked

“Unfortunately it was Jackie and Alex.” Bob said grimly

“Liz’s wife?” Tracy said shocked

“Yes, well there is more to the whole deal but yeah.” Bob said

“Wait, my fake dad had said mom’s dealer was named Jack or something.” I said

“That is only one connection TJ” Bob said

“You mean there’s more?” I asked

“Yes, a whole lot we need to explain to everyone.” Bob said

“This is just one crazy life I’ve got.” I replied which was met with some chuckles

“TJ, JC is asking for you.” Jack said coming out of a room. I nodded and went into the room Jack exited. Laying there on the bed was JC and he looked terrible. Nicky and Jake were standing over him.

“Hey Guys” I said

“Hey brudder” Jake said

“Hey TJ” Nicky said

“Is he ok?” I asked

“Well he will be after he gets some much needed rest.” Nicky said and I slid into the chair next to him and grasped JC’s hand. I felt this energy flow out of me and I saw JC react to it. Nicky and Jake were standing there mouths hanging open.

“Brudder is a healer too?” Jake said

“He must be” Nicky said

“What?” I asked

“You are healing him, look” Nicky said and I could see color returning to JC

“Maybe this is how Jackson gets his powers.” Nicky said

“Maybe.” Jake replied

“TJ, he’s almost healed” Nicky said as Bob walked in and froze

“Holy shit!” Bob exclaimed

“Yeah Bob, we shocked too” Jake said

“TJ, when did you find out you were a healer” Bob asked

“Ummm. Just now.” I replied

“That is very strange” Bob said

“Why is it strange?” I asked

“TJ, based on what we know you shouldn’t have that ability and this could be why they are trying to stop you.” Bob said

“Nicky, go get CC. If she’s busy tell her it’s urgent.” Bob said

I watched JC’s eyes flutter open.

“Babe, is it really you?” He croaked

“Yes, I’m here.” I said and leaned in for a kiss and I think I felt sparks fly

“I’ve missed you so much” JC cooed

“Not as much as I missed you” I said smiling

“Boys, remember there are others in this room” CC said appearing and I started to laugh

“Care to share what is funny?” CC said sternly

“Oh nothing; just happy my boy is back.” I replied

“Robert, what was so important and urgent that I had to leave my massage.” CC said

“Well Caroline, TJ’s a healer.” Bob said gruffly

“He’s a healer too? No way.” CC said

“I walked in and he was healing JC.” Bob said

“You don’t think….” CC said trailing off

“It’s a possibility.” Bob said

“He also broke that guys hand without lifting a finger.” CC said

“We are going to have to be very careful and make sure he’s protected until we know what’s going on.” Bob said

“Nicky, get Kaiden please.” CC said and Nicky left

“I’m calling BHO and getting our security here beefed up.” Bob said

“Don’t do it. We still don’t know the extent of the traders” CC said

Kaiden entered the room and he obviously been working out or having a sweaty sex session as he was glistening with sweat and all eyes were on him.

“Kaiden, thanks for coming here on short notice.” CC said

“Yes, thanks for coming” Bob said with a grin

“No problem, what can I do for you?” Kaiden said

“We need round the clock security on TJ” CC said

“We got incoming” Tristan said as he appeared

“I got this” I said

“TJ. What are you doing?” Bob yelled as the house shook

“I think we’re going underground” CC said

“No that can’t be.” Bob said

“Wait here.” I said and disappeared and stood on the steps outside.

Standing at the bottom was Alex, Ethan, Jackie and Liz

“What do you want?” I said sternly

“Oh look he made our job easier.” Ethan said

I just glared at him and his face started to redden and all of a sudden like one of those horror movies his head exploded covering the others.

“What the hell just happened?” Jackie said getting grossed out

“One down three to go.” I said and they looked scared

“He shouldn’t have been able to do that” Jackie said

“Oh, there’s a lot I should be able to do…” I said evilly

“We need to regroup” Alex said and they ran for their car and got in.

“Not so fast” I said and I held all the locks down and I picked up the car in a tornado like fashion and made the car spin in the air. I am pretty sure they all got sick but I wasn’t done with them and they needed to know they messed with the wrong people. I stopped the spinning and pulled the car back like it was in a sling shot and then let it go flying towards the Delaware River; hoping it would either hit the mountain and they all die or land in the river and they’d float away. I went back into the house and everyone was standing there mouths hanging open.

“TJ that was impressive” Nicky said

“He shouldn’t have been able to do that” Bob said

“It was impressive but like Bob said he shouldn’t have been able to.” CC echoed.

“Well, I guess I can. Do we have a cleanup crew? I think Ethan lost his head” I said and laughed

I went back to the room JC was in…

“So I killed Ethan.” I said

“I heard the commotion outside.” JC said

“Oh, so how are you feeling?” I asked

“Honey, we need to talk.” JC said

Copyright © 2020 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Just now, Wesley8890 said:


A one word response.

is it a good damn or a bad damn? 

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Just now, AquariusGuy said:

A one word response.

is it a good damn or a bad damn? 

Its an idk kinda damn. 

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26 minutes ago, AquariusGuy said:

Those are the worst :(

Ok so did the reread, now im wondering, is this all just a giant vr simulation thats been hacked? Like people in pods hooked up to machines???

Edited by Wesley8890
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 I think it's a 'I'm going to wait until more is revealed damn"But it's a 'It has my interest damn'" also. So that's a good damn right?I will say I halfway expected Neo from The Matrix to join the fight.

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WTH? If you keep this up we're going to call you Nurse Ratched for messing with people's minds.

(missing commentary) 

Edited by Anton_Cloche
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Wow I think I need to know more before I can give a good damn to what TJ is now capable of.

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