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TJ's Journey to Recovery - 5. Chapter 5

The gun went off and time stood still and I could hear people screaming. I saw what looked like a blob jump in front of me and grab the bullet and redirect it. The time then resumed and the bullet hit the light by the back door. Dad and Brayden tackled Seymour and Audrey both:

“We need help there was a shooting” I could hear Mom say

“Beau get me my zip ties” Dad shouted and Beau ran to the garage and he returned and dad and Brayden zip tied them both and we could hear the police sirens. The police came to the back yard and took over and cuffed them both as they found a gun in Audrey’s purse and read them their Miranda rights.

“Thankfully he’s got a bad aim” the cop said

“No I don’t he should be dead” Seymour shouted and nodded towards me

“A reminder, everything you say can and will be used.” The cop said nodding towards his camera

“I don’t have bad aim the bullet deflected somehow.” Seymour said through gritted teeth.

“We are sorry but we do need to get witness statements.” The officer said

“You can take mine first” Trace said and you could tell he was taken by the officer’s beauty

“Uh sure.” The officer said and blushed

“If you guys have any questions my name is Detective Marshall and this is Officer Grady.” The detective said nodding towards the other guy talking to Trace

“So, why was Seymour angry with you?” the detective said to me

“He thought I was fucking his boyfriend” I said

“Were you?” the Detective asked

“Sir, I don’t like your line of questioning” Jack said coming over

“We need to understand the motive.” Detective Marshall said

“Well, I am the family lawyer and I am ending this interview.” Jack said

“That makes this young man look guilty” the Detective said

“It does not. I would like your badge number.” Jack said

The Detective reluctantly gave him the information which Jack gave to Bob.

“TJ, don’t say anything to anyone” Bob said and winked

I looked over and Trace was getting cozy with the officer; the amount of flirt was unbelievable. I doubt this is who Trace referenced earlier. Detective Marshall was standing there when a man in a suit walked into the back yard.

“Detective Marshall, I am Chief Thompson with the Maryland State Police. I am here to relieve you of your investigation. I’ve already spoken with your superiors and we will have a meeting tomorrow.” The Chief said to a slack jaw Marshall

“Sir, this is a county matter.” Detective Marshall said trying to save face

“Well you can discuss it tomorrow at 9 am with your superiors in my office.” He said

I saw the officer slip Trace a slip of paper; my guess was his number. Once they both left the chief turned to Bob

“Bob it’s good to see you again.” Chief Thompson said

“Randy it’s good to see you too and I am glad you could help” Bob said

“I have a team coming to take statements and I also have someone in route to take custody of the two individuals.” Randy said

“Thanks Randy” I said

“Hey Bob, let’s take a walk” Randy said and smiled

Maybe this weird place wasn’t bad; the only person I am worried about it Grayson.

“Hey buddy” I said hobbling over to Grayson

“Hey Teej” Grayson replied sounding down

“What’s on your mind?” I asked

“Julie broke up with me a few months ago and I’m just lonely. I had my eye on someone but they seem to be interested in someone else.” He replied

“Who would that be?” I asked

“Just forget about it.” Grayson said and got up and walked away. Know that he had attempted suicide before I didn’t want to drop it

“Grayson wait” I shouted and he stopped

“Teej just leave me be.” He said when I caught up

“No you are my brother and I love you.” I said

“I know; it’s just I feel like everything is wrong.” Grayson said

“What do you mean?” I asked concerned

“I feel this connection with Trace but apparently I’m not what he wants.” Grayson said

“Well we can find you someone better. Does it need to be a guy or woman?” I asked

“I like both but prefer men.” Grayson said

“Yeah they are better” I said

“Grayson, could I steal your brother for a few?” CC asked

“Um sure.” He replied

“Bro, go hang with Beau and I’ll be back.” I said and got up and hobbled after CC. We went back into the cave and Bob was there.

“So TJ, we may have a problem” Bob said

“Now what?” I asked

“There are too many hiccups in this alternate world Tristan and Damian created.” CC said

“That is correct and why Seymour became so violent; Randy is great friend of mine and trying to smooth things over and not cause trouble.” Bob said

“Admit it Bob, he’s your boyfriend or husband” I said

“Husband; how did you know?” Bob asked

“The look he gave you when he saw you.” I said

“Well he’d love to get to know you too. I actually met him in San Francisco; he was watching over Brooks.” Bob said

“Watching over Brooks?” I asked really concerned

“Brooks is part of your tribe, as we’ve been calling them, and he was in danger and the powers that be sent Randy to watch him.” Bob said

“So CC, what are we going to do?” I asked

“Well we won’t reboot everything but changes are going to happen.” She said

“What about Trace and Grayson?” I asked

“They will happen we needed to get him to talk with Officer Grady.” Bob said

“Why is he important?” I asked

“Yes, we will be bringing him back with us to the other dimension.” Bob said

“Well what about you guys? You’re both dead.” I said

“Our appearance will change when we go back.” CC said

“Wait is everyone here from the real world?” I asked

“Most of them; just don’t worry about it.” Bob said

“TJ, I’m going to level with you; you are here to learn as much as you can about your mom and grandmother. We also need to learn as much as possible about Brayden.” CC said

“So we are on a fact finding mission?” I asked

“Yes we need as much information as possible.” Bob said

“For example, your mother’s ex-boyfriend Nathan Hopkins is alive and didn’t die. Your mother is lying.” CC said

“So she’s still seeing him?” I asked

“That is an understatement.” Bob said

“I also had to laugh at my brother saying he was straight.” CC said giggling

“How are we going to move forward?” I asked

“Bob and I are going to adjust things. For starters Grayson will be ok, don’t be too worried about him” CC said

“Is he going to be in a thruple?” I asked concerned

“Eventually yes, but Grady pursues him.” Bob said

“The last thing before we return outside is we need to figure out how your father really knows Alex and Ethan; we need to stop them from meeting. “ CC said

“Please tell me you guys are going to help with this?” I said

“I guess we can help you kid.” Bob said and laughed

We went out and went back to the backyard and everyone was still sitting around.

“Hey JC, how are feeling?” I asked

“Better now.” He said and smiled

“I might be spending time in New York with your dad to work on my dancing.” I said

“Well maybe we can work on something else.” JC replied

“Well I don’t want to be a rebound or anything.” I said giggling

“I’ll show you a rebound.” JC said tickling me

We watched everyone talking and I was watching Grayson. He looked so lost and it was breaking my heart. I started to feel dizzy and felt a rush of air

“Brudder, we need to talk” Tristan said

“You know Bob and See-see talked to him” Damian said

“I know Dame but we need to level things out.” Tristan said

“Level things out?” I asked

“Yes, bad guys trying to fund you and they almost did.” Damian said

“Did you tell Bob and CC?” I asked panicked

“No, be we gunna.” Tristan said

“Do it now.” I said and Damian snapped his fingers and Bob and CC appeared

“Oh no, what’s the problem.” Bob said

“Bad guys almost found where we hid TJ” Damian said

“Yeah they almost got T2.” Tristan said

“You don’t think…” Bob said looking at CC

“I sure hope not; be right back” CC said and was gone

“What is going on?” I said

“Someone may have infiltrated this place” Bob said as Randy and CC appeared

“Bob, we got trouble; I was right” CC said

“I was just about to tell you before you showed up.” Randy said

“So Seymour and Audrey were plants from the outside?” Bob questioned and I laughed

“What’s so funny?” Bob said

“Audrey – plants” I barely got out in fits of hysterics

“Oh I guess it was a bad choice of words” Bob said and the others laughed

“So were they neutralized?” I asked

“Oh yeah, Bob you will want to come do the interrogation” Randy said

“I need someone to stay to protect TJ and the boys” Bob said

“I’ll do it” CC said but might need some help

“I can help” Nicky said and appeared

“Won’t the other’s recognize you?” I asked

“Nope” Nicky said and his appearance changed

“I wanna protect my brudder too” Tristan said and he spun in a circle and aged and changed his look

“Damian, I need your to keep guard” Bob said

We all were suddenly outside and it seemed no one noticed I was gone.

“They need to work on you blacking out for meetings” JC said

“What do you mean?” I asked

“You go limp and I just propped you up and kept talking” He replied

“Smart man; I knew you had some brains” I said

“I do; who is that staring at us?” JC said pointing

“Ah, that would be a changed Tristan and Nicky.” I said

“A changed version? Holy crap they look ripped” JC said

“Don’t go getting any ideas. They are here because I’m in trouble and need to be protected. Seymour and Audrey were decoy’s” I said

“Holy crap” JC said

“Yeah, Randy neutralized them and Bob went to do an interrogation” I said

I looked over and saw Trace and Grayson kiss and I felt like they would be ok. That is when I felt the whole place rattle and thought this was the end as I gripped on to JC’s arm for dear life.

Copyright © 2020 AquariusGuy; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

2 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Do not adjust you television screens. Im not sure if this story is more outer limits or twilight zone!!

Just wait till the next chapter. :o

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I'll withhold comment until the next chapter one though I do have is what's the difference between this universe and the other universe? everybody lies their ass off in both of them

Edited by weinerdog
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Just now, weinerdog said:

I'll withhold comment until the next chapter once I do have though is what's the difference between this universe and the other universe everybody lies their ass off in both of them

Just the plants :rofl:

  • Haha 3

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I'm not sure which universe is more complicated now. I'm sure it's bound to get even  ore complicated 🙄 in the next chapter.

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13 minutes ago, James B. said:

Ok now I'm totally confused, I'm ready to quit this story.

why are you confused? Please send me a PM

Edited by AquariusGuy
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7 hours ago, AquariusGuy said:

Just wait till the next chapter. :o

Twilight Zone? Outer Limits? Why not X Files? Hopefully somebody's been watching reruns, or they're older they seem. Maybe ask 'Little Man' Tristan and Dame their secrets to turning older or younger at will.

Not a big fan of flashbacks, flash forwards, shifting etc (unless it's built in to a story from the start, or at least alluded to). But I guess I have to hang around to see how you fix / explain all this. :fight:



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On 9/1/2020 at 10:37 PM, Anton_Cloche said:

Twilight Zone? Outer Limits? Why not X Files? Hopefully somebody's been watching reruns, or they're older they seem. Maybe ask 'Little Man' Tristan and Dame their secrets to turning older or younger at will.

Not a big fan of flashbacks, flash forwards, shifting etc (unless it's built in to a story from the start, or at least alluded to). But I guess I have to hang around to see how you fix / explain all this. :fight:



I love watching the reruns. I was born three years before x files. But i love me some fox mulder!! And gillian anderson is a goddess!

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