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Shared Blankets - 1. Shared Blankets

"Shared Blankets"



City of Chicago.


Most news outlets referred to it as the 'Snowpocalypse', and I couldn't think of a name more fitting for what was going on outside my apartment window at that moment in time.

One of the worst blizzards to hit Chicago in years...which is saying a LOT for Chicago! I mean, our city prepares for this sort of thing, so being so overwhelmed that we were unable to function was...'odd', to say the least. When I was younger, my cousins in other states used to talk about being out of school for a...what did they call it again...? A snow day? What the fuck is a snow day??? I, honestly didn't know what that was until I was in the 8th grade. The idea that a school would actually shut down due to the weather was simply unfathomable to me. Here? Rain, sleet, snow, or giant flaming meteors slamming into the Earth from the sky...you got your ass up in the morning and you went to school. And you'd BETTER have your homework ready on top of it. No excuses. If it's two degrees below zero outside...put on a hat and a jacket. If it's fifteen degrees below zero??? Put on TWO jackets and a ski mask! Maybe wear an extra pair of socks if you want to be a wimp about it. During your average snow storm in Chicago, you'd be lucky if the teachers let you stay inside the building during recess, much less stay home. Take your dumb ass to school! Hahaha! Chicago doesn't play around with that shit.

Psh....a 'snow day'. Get out of here with that nonsense.

But early 2011 kind of changed the game in that respect. It was an unprecedented blitz of snow and frigid winds that hit the entire city with a vengeance, and it had gotten to be so bad that even the most experienced efforts of the city to clean the roads and keep everybody safe had become an exercise in futility. There was no way that they were going to contain the amount of ice cold flakes falling from the sky, two or three feet per hour. It was insane.

The winds were extremely fast, and extremely cold. And trying to leave your house would have you 'thigh deep' in snow in an instant. That's provided that you had the strength to open the door at all.

Luckily for me, my friend Cedric lived in the same apartment complex that I did. The building was three stories high, but spread out with a decent courtyard in the middle. So, I guess, about 20 units altogether. Cedric moved in just before school started in the Fall of last year, and we were probably the only two kids in the whole complex that were about the same age. There were some younger kids around, but no self respecting fourteen year old was going to be caught hanging out with a pack of elementary school kids. They might as well be toddlers to us at this point. We weren't looking to babysit, we wanted to have some fun. So hanging out was quick and easy for us to do on an almost daily basis after school. But what I didn't expect was the idea that I'd start to...you know...'notice' him the way I do.

It only took the first couple of weeks of us being together before it happened. I had some good friends in school, but they always felt like 'school friends', you know? We didn't really spend any time together outside of the halls of our weekly academic prison. But Cedric was different. He was the coolest guy I had ever met, and he could make me laugh like nobody else could. He was just FUN, you know? And that was all well and fine in the beginning, just having somebody to feel close to. And then...something shifted within me.

It's almost like I could remember the day that it happened. Cedric and I were at his house, and his mom made us these awesome ice cream sundaes, with whipped cream and peanuts and this super chunky strawberry topping! Omigod, it was soooo good! And we were eating it out of these special glass bowls that his mom bought that were, like...specifically made for ice cream sundaes. I don't know a single, highly advertised, business in town that could have made them any better. So I was enjoying the decadent flavor of it all, and I looked across the table at Cedric...

...And something just...'clicked'.

"I can see you smiling, Max. I know you like it." He said, making me giggle as my tongue mashed the gently softened ice cream against the roof of my mouth so I could swallow it down.

"Hehehe, I do." I answered. "Thanks, Mrs. Emerson! It's perfect!" I told his mom, who rewarded me with a warm smile.

"You're welcome, sweetheart." She said.

And I don't know if it was the light above the kitchen table, or just a sudden surge in my hormones that made me a witness to what I was looking at...but I suddenly made eye contact with Cedric from across that table, just as he was sliding that spoonful of ice cream between his full, kissable, lips...a slight smear of strawberry lingering behind for a brief moment before his tongue snaked out to lick it off...and it made me truly appreciate just how incredibly beautiful Cedric was, inside and out. It totally blew my mind.

Cedric had this smooth, flawless, skin...the color of dark coffee...and chocolate brown eyes to die for. Short hair with tight little curls that always looked like he had just prepared it for a family photo just seconds before you were able to see the finished product. Broad shoulders and a flat chest...and abdominal muscles that looked as though he had worked hard on getting them to be so well defined within the frame of his slender hips, but were still oh so soft to the touch. Unless he was laughing. That was the only time that I felt them tighten up. Usually when we were wrestling or something. Whatever, I just...I started to notice him, you know? With every spoonful of ice cream that he put into his mouth, I felt myself getting more turned on, and more nervous that he'd figure out what I was thinking once he saw the darkening blush on my face. I swear to God, I didn't come over to his house, or 'target' him to be my friend, just because I thought he was hot. I mean, I knew he was hot, but I didn't have any ulterior motives when it came to getting to know him better. We really did have fun together. Everything about him was amazing. But, there was this extra 'something' about him that I suddenly found myself highly attracted to in that one moment...and that was over a month and a half ago.

Needless to say, things have gotten much more intense for me since then.

That brings me to tonight. It was about 6 PM, which meant dinner time for me. But my mom worked downtown and she hadn't made it home yet. I guessed that the snow storm had made traffic a living hell for anybody trying to brave their way through it. ESPECIALLY during rush hour. So when Cedric popped up on my cell phone and asked me what I was up to, I told him, "Nothing. I'm kinda hungry, to be honest. But my mom's not home yet. I was thinking about poppin' some Ramen Noodles in a pot or something, maybe finish off some of these Nutter Butter cookies."

Cedric giggled out loud. "Are you serious? Ramen and cookies? Bruh...what are you doing?"

"Hehehe, what? I'm friggin' hungry, dude!"

"I'm not even about to let you wreck your stomach up with garbage like that. Not happening." He said. "Listen, I've got a frozen pizza up in the freezer right now. Pepperoni and sausage. I'll grab some tin foil, pop it in the oven...and by the time you stomp your way through the snow to get over to my side of the complex, it'll be half way finished. We can split it. Deal?"

"Really?" I said. My stomach started rumbling before I was even able to be humble about accepting the offer. "Yes! I'm on my way!"

"Bundle up!" He grinned, and hung up. Saved! Thank God! My hunger was starting to twist me into knots. If I had a pet, I would have been looking at it sideways by the end of the hour.

Shoes, jacket, gloves, skullcap, ear muffs, scarf...ok, I'm ready. I know that Cedric's part of the apartment complex was just across the courtyard...but if you think that I was overdoing it for that short of a trip...then you've obviously never experienced a true Chicago snow storm before.

I know that our landlord was doing his best to keep the sidewalks and stuff as clean as possible, snowblowers and shovels and heavy sprinkles of salt on the concrete...but Mother Nature always wins in the end. He might as well have been trying to run around to catch the snowflakes in a potato sack before they hit the ground. It would have been equally as futile. So I shuffled my way over through snow that came up just over my ankles, the icy winds already cutting through me as they blew the falling snow sideways against my face. God DAMN it's cold out here!!! But a hot pizza and a hot boy to share it with seemed like more than enough reward for the few moments of discomfort I'd have to experience getting there.

I stepped into the foyer and stomped the excess snow off of my boots, brushing off my shoulders and taking off my hat to fix my hair a bit before ringing his doorbell. Cedric buzzed me in, and I walked up to the third floor, where he was already standing in the hallway with his apartment door open. "Hey..." I grinned.

He giggled, "Damn, boy! Your face is pink as hell right now! Is it that cold outside?"

"Dude, it is ARCTIC out there!" I said, making sure to take my boots off on the rug by the door and hanging my coat up before I brought a mess into his house. I called out, "Hi, Mrs. Emerson!"

"Oh, my mom's not around. I think she's probably stuck at work like yours is. Nobody's moving anywhere right now." He said. "Max, come here. Check this out." He brought me into the kitchen, the warmth of the oven already taking the chill out of my bones as the fragrance of warm pizza and melted cheese lingered in the air. He directed my attention to the 'Breaking News' segment on the TV, and it was showing video of the chaos going on in the streets as the snowstorm began to hit its peak. "Are you seeing this?"

"Wow...they're really stuck. Dude! Is that Lake Shore Drive???" I said.

"Shit is crazy, right?" Cedric laughed. "People just got out of their cars and left them sitting on the side of the road, like 'fuck it'! Hahaha! Like...'I'm better off walking!'"

Cedric had a laugh that always made me laugh twice as hard. It was just so infectious. It tickled you from the inside until you were nearly doubled over by the time you were able to recover from it. Plus...you know...he could be so cute. Sigh...so very cute.

"So, what's going on with the pizza? You promised me some nourishment." I grinned.

"Calm down. We've got eight minutes left until it's done. I put some extra cheese on the top, I hope you don't mind."

"You KNOW how much I love extra cheese!" I said.

"Yeah, you're right. I do." He said. Did he have the heat turned up...or was it just me getting a little warmed up here by looking into his eyes the way I was. "Hey, I was playing a racing game in my room if you wanna take over for me. I'll keep an eye on the pizza until it's done."

"Alright. Cool." I said, glad that I'd be able to get enough distance between us to breathe normally again. Our hands connected, and he brought me in to bump shoulders before I backed up to go into his room.

"Don't fuck up my lap time either! I'm trying to win a league trophy." He called out.


I could see the game paused on his TV as I sat down on the floor at the foot of his bed and picked up the controller. I always had this strange urge to, like...go through his stuff whenever I thought he was too busy to catch me doing it. I don't know what it was, but there was just this extra vibe about being in his bedroom that didn't exist anywhere else in his apartment. Something more personal. More intimate. I wanted to look at his computer, and his browser history, and his closet full of outfits...each one clinging to his body in a sexier way than the one before it. I wanted to know what kind of books he read, or what kind of music he had downloaded since the last time I had been over. Not to mention this strange fascination that I had with wanting to peek in his underwear drawer. I don't know, just...the idea of being able to see and touch the thin, soft, fabric that was lucky enough to cradle the most sensually private parts of Cedric's body whenever he slid them up those long legs and over the seductive hump of his finely sculpted ass of his...it gave me a bad case of the shivers every time. Without fail.

I did play for a little bit, and I have to admit to fucking up his lap time, because I wasn't as good at this racing game as he was apparently. I mean, I could hold my own against the game's AI competition, but I was baffled at how fast Cedric must have been cutting corners and racing as fast as he did to get numbers like this. I was getting more and more determined in trying to beat his lap record, or at least match it, when he called out to me from the kitchen. "Pizza's a done deal! Come get your half!" He said.

I dropped the controller and hurried back into the kitchen to grab something to eat. Omigod, it smelled soooo good! Cedric's mom had a whole stockpile of paper plates sitting on top of the microwave, and Cedric brought out some of the Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes that he got from the local pizza shop and kept in a drawer by the sink. I swear, that drawer was like magic. Every time they got take out, the excess went in there for later. So if we ever needed anything, ketchup, mustard, relish, soy sauce, sweet and sour sauce, or...in this case...Parmesan and red pepper flakes...he always had it handy. I even got my mom to make a drawer like that at home. Better than throwing it away, you know?

Cedric cut everything up into six equal sized pieces, and we divided it up to start munching. God, it tasted so good! "Thanks, man!" I said, trying to breathe in enough air between chews to cool off the hot melted cheese.

"Better than Ramen noodles and cookies, isn't it?" He said.

"SO much better! Hehehe!" It didn't take us long to gobble everything down and sit back in our chairs, rubbing our bellies with a smile. "I seriously needed that."

"You and me both." He said.

I sort of took a long look at him, and those dark brown eyes of his met mine for a moment. Almost as if they were able to figure out what I was thinking, and translate it to him in a way that made me a bit shy about continuing our contact for a second longer. I don't kow what it is, but...while he's always easy on the eyes, there are definitive moments when the feeling spikes for me. It just hits this super high peak, and I'm left thinking, 'Jesus...he really is gorgeous!' I guess I just like staring at him sometimes. That's all.

"Penny for our thoughts?" He asked.

"I might need a whole quarter for what I'm thinking right now." I grinned, looking down at the table.

"Oooh, sounds juicy. Give me the scoop, man."

"No thanks."

"Come on, Max. Spill that shit."

"Trust me, you don't wanna know." I said, trying hard not to blush.

He kept his eyes on me for a few seconds more, a sly smirk on his face, and then he stood up from the table and said, "Come here. Check this out."

"What is it?"

"Just come on." He told me, and I walked with him to the living room window of his apartment. "Look at it. I mean, the snow...it's cold and it's wet...it's inconvenient as hell...but there's something kinda cool about it. Right?"

Standing next to him in front of that window, I could definitely take in the beauty of it all. The whole street was covered in white, the wind was creating these really smooth 'snow dunes' in a variety of different shapes...and all of the bare tree branches had been covered in snow on the top, but the dark branches gave them the most awesome contrast, making the neighborhood look more like a heavily admired painting than real life. Cedric was right...there was something pretty cool about it all.

"It's so weird. Look at how high the snow is. How are those cars on the street ever supposed to get out of there?" I said.

"They've got to dig 'em out. That's got to suck, especially early in the morning before work. Then you've gotta scrape ice off the windows too? I don't envy any of that shit, bruh. I'd rather stay home."

Looking at the snow, I said, "You know...chances are this is the worst blizzard that we're liable to see in our lifetime. I mean...that's a LOT of snow! And this storm is probably going to get worse before it gets better." Then I flashed Cedric a mischievous grin.

"Is this one of those 'quarter for your thoughts' moments?" He asked.

"You can have this one for free. Hehehe!"

"I don't know if I like that look on your face. What's happening here?"

I said, "I was just thinking...big snow storm...no parents at home...more snow than we know what to do with...?"

"Don't say it. Don't you dare!"

"What??? I'm just thinking...a once in a lifetime blizzard like the Chicago 'Snowpocalypse'? This is history in the making, dude! You mean to tell me that you wanna miss it?"

Cedric giggled. "I'm nice and warm, Max! We can just play video games or something..."

"Or...we could go out, and play in the snow."

"Hehehe, I'm sure there's something that we can watch on TV. Or we can just cruise around on Youtube for a while..."

"OR...we could go OUT...and play in the friggin' SNOW!!! Hehehe!" I said. "C'mon! We bundle up, nice and tight...and we go out for a little bit, and we make the best out of our snow day. What do you say?"

Cedric was starting to crumble. I could tell. "I don't know, Max. It's really...REALLY...cold outside."

"I'm sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you. Some pathetic little bitch was talking over you. Say that again?" I teased.

"Fuck off..." He snickered with a playful roll of his eyes. He's really cute when he rolls his eyes. "You're serious about this, aren't you?"

I walked back to get my jacket and gloves, ready to put my boots on. "The game plan is already in motion."

With a heavy sigh, Cedric said, "The second I get a sniffle or a scratchy throat, I'm coughing right in your face. Just so you know."

"I'll deal with it. Just get dressed already." I said, and in no time at all, we were both all wrapped up from head to toe. Cedric made sure that he had his keys in his pocket, and zipped it closed to make sure they didn't fall out. And we went downstairs to venture out into the frozen tundra for a little bit of boyish horseplay. How many chances does one really get to do something like this, you know?

Might as well take advantage!

Our apartment was only about two blocks away from Lake Michigan, and there was a huge park over there for us to play in. So we had to shuffle our way through the snow to get there, but once we were close enough, this giddy burst of unadulterated 'fun' just took over and we began to high step our way through the Winter obstacles to get the party started.

Hahaha! The first thing that Cedric did was jump up on one of the park's picnic tables, and jump off with a flip to let him land on his back in a fluffy cushion of snow...sinking all the way down to the ground without getting hurt at all. Everything was, like, covered...four feet deep at least! So I followed his lead and flipped off of the table too...the comfortable landing making me laugh as the frigid snow drifts collapsed in on me.

We rolled around and clumsily tried to wade through the blizzard, a heavy amount of snowfall practically covering in our bodily imprints as fast as we made them. The wind was cold, and our clothes were getting wet...which made everything even colder! Our visible breaths were coming out in big huffs of smoke, and before long...as to be expected...a snowball fight broke out between us. Cedric STARTED it though! I didn't even see him pack the snow in his hands, that sneaky bastard! The next thing I knew, I had a brutal projectile of ice banging me against the back of my head, almost knocking my skullcap off!

This, of course...was a declaration of war!

I reached down to grab for a handful of snow myself, trying to pack it into a ball before Cedric could retaliate with another attack of his own. I just had to loosely form it and toss it in his direction as fast as I could, but he ducked and I missed him. I turned my back just as he threw his second snowball and hit me in the shoulder! "Gahhh! Fuck off!" I laughed, and we began launching more snowballs at each other as fast as we could, laughing our asses off the whole time. I mean, I was literally aching with laughter within the first few minutes! And it only got worse as Cedric started doing these crazy cartwheels and flips in the snow!!! Hahaha! What the fuck?

"What are you doing???" I cackled, getting hit with another snowball, right in the chest.

"Snow assassin, bitch! Catch these skills! Yahhh!!!" He did another cartwheel and actually hit me in the stomach with another snowball! I don't even know how he did that. I'm thinking it was just a lucky shot.

"You got NOTHING on me, punk!!!" I shouted, jumping forward to blaze him with a snowball before falling into a pile of snow myself.

"Oh man, you're dead!" He giggled, and we just kept taking shots at one another for the next twenty minutes or so, all while tossing ourselves around with whatever exaggerated acrobatics that we could come up with, minus the fear of getting hurt because the snow was so thick that falling into a pile of it didn't hurt at all. Honestly, we probably could have jumped off the roof of our apartment building and not have felt a thing. Who knew that a snowstorm of this magnitude could be so much damn FUN???

However...we did eventually burn our energy up. Breathing in the ice cold air began to make us cough a little, and our soaking wet jackets and clothes were beginning to get a little bit uncomfortable. Plus the sun was going down, so the sky was getting dark, and my fingers and toes were starting to get a little numb from the weather. I think Cedric could see me tiring out, and he felt the same way...but we took a minute to walk towards the lake to just...marvel at it for a while.

The waves were covered in these big chunks of ice, and the snow was still falling...we would have thought that the water would have frozen solid on the surface, but it hadn't. It was still moving. The ice floating on the waves. The hypnotic motion of it all was oddly beautiful. Almost surreal.

"It's crazy how awesome some of the little things are when you're paying attention to them." Cedric said, and I turned to look over at him...once again, captivated by how cute he was in that moment.

"Yeah..." I answered breathlessly.

He looked back at me, and there seemed to be this really cool sense of 'understanding' that was shared between us. I didn't know what it was at the time...but I think there was a hidden part inside of us both that was working to figure it out.

"You wanna go back and warm up a little bit?" He asked.

"Yeah, it's cold as shit out here! Hehehe!"

"True. But...this was a good idea." He smiled. "I'm glad we got to enjoy it. You know...together."

Mesmerized by the feelings that were bubbling up inside of me, I mumbled, "Uh huh..." With a nod. I swear...if there was ever a perfect moment for me to just lunge forward and kiss Cedric on the lips...it would be right NOW!!! But a rush of fear and doubt caused me to miss my golden opportunity.

"Let's go. I'm freezing." He said, and we slogged our way back through the high mountains of snow in the park to get back to our complex, where we went back up to Cedric's apartment. The warmth of the place felt sooooo good, but it was hard to shake the fury of chills that I was experiencing at the time. We did what we could to stomp off the snow from our boots and brush it off our jackets before going inside. I had a lot of snow on my hat and ear muffs. My gloves were soaked through too. But we just took everything off and hung it up on the coat hooks by the front door. But after all that rolling around in the snow and us sweating from the strenuous activity, our shirts and pants were pretty soaked too. Not to mention my socks. So we began to basically strip down right there in front of the door. My face was so red from the cold, Cedric had to laugh at me. "Max...you ok, man? Hehehe!"


"Your face looks like a freshly spanked ASS right now!" He said.

"Whatever!" I grinned. "Turn up the heat or something? I'm still cold."

"The heat is up." He said. "Your clothes are soaked, bruh. Let me put them in the dryer for a while. I'm gonna put mine in there too."

I gave him my jacket and gloves, then handed him my hat, and even took off my socks so he could toss those in there for a while too. But I was surprised when I saw Cedric take his shirt off. Oh....oh wow! DAMN, he's hot! Just the narrow waist and tight stomach, covered in that rich coating of almond brown skin...it was hard to not salivate at the very sight of it all hitting me at once. His nipples were hard too. Possibly from the chill of his wet shirt. They were like two chocolate Hershey's Kisses on his chest, and I think he caught me staring at them because he giggled to himself and flexed for me to show off. "Hehehe, what are you doing?" I said.

"Go ahead and look. This body is where you get your future goals from. Bear witness, boy." He said. Hahaha!

"You're not that impressive." I lied.

"Not yet. But one day you're gonna wanna be like me. So take notes." He smiled. "Give me your clothes. I'll put them in the dryer too. It'll only take like thirty minutes, tops."

"My clothes?" I asked, getting a bit nervous. At that moment, I noticed that Cedric was unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans, and I bashfully turned away as he pulled them down to his ankles. "Cedric! What the fuck?"

"What?" He asked, standing there in just a pair of dark blue boxer shorts. "It's no big deal. Gimmee your stuff."

"I'm not...I mean..."

"What's the problem? It's cool. I'll get us a blanket or something. It'll be fine." He said.

"Dude...I'm not trying to get...naked in your house." I replied, trying to laugh it off.

"Really, bruh?" He grinned. "Ain't nobody trying to sneak peeks at your shriveled up little 'beanie weenie'! Just give me your shit and we can get dressed again later."

"Well...let me wear some of your clothes until my clothes are ready, then." I said.

"Dude....you're not wearing my underwear." He said.

"Why not?"

"That shit is nasty, Max. No way."

"Then let me wear some clothes without the underwear on, then."

"That's even nastier." He giggled. "I'm not letting you press your potentially diseased junk against the shit that I wear to school, bruh. You can put that out of your mind right now. Not happening."

"Diseased??? What the fuck are you talking about?" I laughed.

"We're close, Max...but we're not THAT close! Damn that!" He laughed in response.

"Dude...I'm not sure that I just want to sit around in your house naked for the next hour."

"Well, it's either that, or you can slide yourself back into these cold, sticky, wet, clothes, and carry your lily white ass back across that courtyard to go back to your house instead. What's it gonna be?"

I won't lie...the idea of being naked around Cedric did have a certain allure to it. I just didn't want to seem to accepting of his offer, for fear that I'd get rejected right away. "You drive a hard bargain." I said.

"There's nothing hard about it. Hehehe! Ain't nothing but Ramen Noodles and cookies in your crib. You're better off here with me."

"This is true." I snickered. And after a brief hesitation, I took my shirt off and handed it to him. I noticed him looking at me, especially at my stomach, which wasn't as well defined as his, but he seemed to like it just the same. My nipples, the size of a dime, pointed out and erect from the chill in the air. And when I unbuttoned the top of my pants, Cedric was forced to shake himself out of his trance, and he left the room to go get us a blanket.

I had on these bright white boxer briefs on, but they were so wet that they were practically see through at this point. And I was starting to get hard just thinking about Cedric seeing me in them for the first time. There was something exciting about it. Maybe there was a hidden exhibitionist inside of me somewhere, but I kind of wanted him to see me. With nothing on. Maybe even aroused and hard for him. The more I thought about it, the sexier the idea became to me. I wanted him to see me. To touch me. I just think it would be, like...cool. You know?

I was standing there in nothing but my wet, white, undies...and when he came back into the room with the blanket, I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my underwear, and pulled them down right in front of him. I wasn't planning to be as hard as I was, but at my age, I didn't really have much control over these things.

Cedric paused for a moment, his eyes taking everything in as I raised one foot to pull my undies off, and then the other. I couldn't believe that I was standing right there in Cedric's living room, completely naked, my pulsing erection reaching out for him as if it was desperately craving his tender touch. And he said, "Ok...I ummm...yeah. I'll put these in the dryer." He stammered, and he picked up the rest of my clothes fro the floor, and I personally handed him my damp underwear while looking him in the eye. He smiled. I smiled. And then he nodded and took them to put them in the dryer after handing me the blanket to wrap myself in.

As he was gone, I pulled the blanket up over my shoulders and sat on the couch...taking a moment to think about what I was doing. I was fully hard now, and I had to take a hold of myself and give my rigid shaft a couple of strokes just to keep from aching as badly as I was. GOD...was I ever horny!

I heard Cedric starting up the dryer, and then he rushed back into the room...just as naked as I was! And also sporting a proud erection in front of him as he hurried over to the couch to sit next to me! What the...???

"Give me some blanket!" He giggled.

"Get your OWN blanket! What are you doing?" I said as he tugged on it so he could cover up.

"It's big enough for the both of us! Scoot over!" He said, and I did, but this was this first time that I had ever seen Cedric NAKED before! And, to be honest, I was fucking IMPRESSED! I mean, we were probably the same size in the penis department, or he might have had me beat by like a half inch or so. And maybe the same amount of hair. Just enough to see as a patch over our boyhood. But I couldn't take my eyes off of how straight and hard he was. That creamy, chocolate, complexion shining and glimmering with a brilliance that I had never seen before. And a round and plump ass that stuck out behind him in a way that was simply mouthwatering. SO fucking HOT!!! I didn't want him to cover up just yet, but fighting him on the blanket would have given away how horny I was just getting a glimpse of what he had to offer down there. I went WILD trying to absorb it all as fast as I could.

Sadly...Cedrick scooted over close enough to me to take the outer flap of the big blanket to cover himself up. But we were shoulder to shoulder on his couch now, both of us completely naked, still warming up our cold skin from playing out in the snow...our legs touching...body heat mingling...it was enough to make me short of breath.

He turned on the TV so we could have something to watch, but...I couldn't concentrate. Even after we had been sitting together like that for almost a half hour. The very fact that the boy of my dreams was sitting right next to me with no clothes on whatsoever...it was making me crazy. I kept trying to look over at him, as though my eyes would suddenly develop some kind of x-ray vision and peer through the blanket's material to perv all over the sexy privates beneath it. I mean, I was really feeling an uncontrollable 'pull' towards smashing my face down in his lap and just seeing if he'd stop me or not. Hopefully not. But how could I be sure?

I don't even remember what we were watching at the time, but when the commercial break came on, I playfully pretended to yawn, and I used my outstretched arm to flick the blanket off of his lap! Giving me another glimpse of his stiffy before he quickly moved to cover it up again. "Get the fuck outta here! What are you doing?" He laughed.

"Oops! My bad!" I replied, blushing profusely.

"Let's see how YOU like it then!" Cedric said, pulling the blanket off of my hard on as well. Which I thought was pretty hot, but there was always this virginal, knee-jerk, reaction to having your genitals exposed. So I instinctively covered myself with my hand and yanked my side of the blanket back over my lap. Yikes! It was scary, but in this sort of naughty way that made me enjoy it more than I thought it would.

"Quit it!" I said.

"You started it!"

"I thought you weren't trying to see my little 'beanie weenie'! Isn't that what you said?"

"Well, I've seen it now. So...mystery solved." He giggled.

"I've seen yours too. So...like...TWO mysteries solved, I take it." I said.

"Don't hate, just because I'm bigger than you."

"Whatever. We're the same size. Don't flatter yourself." I told him.

Cedric's eyes met mine for a moment, and I nearly melted from the intimate connection. "Let's see it then." He said.

Feeling my heartbeat speed up, I said, "You first. What you got?"

Cedric giggled a little bit, but I saw him reach down for his side of the blanket. He held his hand steady for a moment, and he saw me looking. That's when he said, "Same time. You and me."

I was a little embarrassed, but a little excited too. So I chose to follow the fun, and I reached down to take hold of the blanked covering my lap too. "Alright. Same time. Let's go." I said.

"Ok. Count of three. One...two...three!" He said, and he snatched the blanket off of his hardness, but when he saw me do the same, he quickly covered himself back up and laughed at me. "PSYCHE!!! Sucker!"

"Aww, FUCK you, dude! You're such a chicken!" I laughed, covering myself back up. But after an awkward moment of giggles between us, Cedric kinda gave me a look. Like...this really CUTE look! I had to re-balance myself after seeing him look at me like that. "What?" I asked.

He smiled. "Why'd you cover up?"

"Why did YOU cover up first?" I said.

Then he paused. And said, "Ok...for real this time. No tricks."

"Like I'm going to believe you now." I told him.

"Alright, I'll go first." He said, and now my heart was beating so fast that I could feel it throbbing in my throat!

"Really?" I asked. And then I held my breath as I said, "Ok...go..."

He only hesitated for a quick moment, and then he reached for his end of the blanket and whipped it off. His erection was standing up proudly, moving rhythmically in time with his heartbeat. Expertly cut, and a lighter shade of brown at the tip than the rest of his shaft. His balls were resting peacefully between his smooth thighs, the thick seminal vein beneath his member looking like it was ready to pump a heavy load into whatever orifice he stuck it in to stimulate him to the point of orgasm. Just staring at it made me so hard that I thought I might orgasm myself. I'd dreamed of a moment like this...but never thought it would actually happen in real life. Oh GOD, I'm seriously about to lose my mind.

"Your turn..." He moaned, looking me in the eye.

I know that I was turning beet red in the face, but...a deal is a deal. So...I reached down, knowing that I was hard as a rock...and I pulled the blanket back to reveal my erection, which was now producing a tiny droplet of precum out of the tiny slit at the tip. It was also bouncing around with my exaggerated pulse, and we both took a moment to examine each other, fascinated at seeing what another boy's hardness looked like for the first time. It was just...cool. You know?

"Nice..." Cedric said in a breathy voice.

"Yeah. Yours is too..." I said.

We just kind of let ourselves drink in the sight of it all, but it was actually Cedric that was the first to reach over and take a hold of my boner. I gasped, my ass cheeks clenching up and my hands gripping the couch as I experienced the very first supremely intimate touch of my life! "Oh shit...I'm sorry!" Cedric said. "Did I hurt you?"

"No!" I sighed. "It feels...it feels good. Heh..." Did that sound gay? I hope it didn't sound too gay.

"Cool." Cedric whispered. And then he gripped it a bit tighter, giving it a stroke or two, causing me to leak more of my sticky liquids from the tip. "Damn...you've got a lot of juice up there." He said.

"Heh...sorry. I don't know why. It just happens." I said.

"It's ok. It's sexy." Cedric said. Did he just say that touching my dick was SEXY? I mean...does Cedric notice me too? "Do you, ummm...do you wanna touch mine?"

"Can I?" I asked.

"Uh huh...it's cool." He replied.

Getting the green light from him, I timidly reached my hand out...and I took a hold of him too. His length 'jumped' the moment I wrapped my fingers around it. The circumsised tip swelled to full capacity, and I watched in amazement as it reacted to my tender touch, Cedric releasing a sensual moan as I gave it a slow stroke of my own.

Feeling his hand on me was like heaven. I had never really had anybody touch me this way before, and Cedric was so passionate about it, that I could barely keep still on the couch. The blanket fell away from our shoulders, and we just continued to stroke one another in silence. I think we were afraid to look each other in the eye at first. We just concentrated on looking at our erections and putting all of our focus on feeling good. There was just something so 'forbidden' about what we were doing right now. It was naughty and abnormal and something that we may have to keep a secret for the rest of our lives. But...lost in the moment...I couldn't tell if that made things worse...or better. Because the impermissible nature of our current activities ust seemed to turn me on even more. And when I felt his hardness throbbing in my grip a few more times, I took a chance, and leaned forward to kiss Cedric on the cheek.

I don't know what made me do it. I just...I HAD to kiss him! You know? Have you ever been in a position where nothing else in life means more than kissing the boy you're obsessed with? Well..this was one of those moments.

He stroked me a bit faster, and then he kissed me back. This time on the lips. We were still holding each other, still sliding our constricted grip up and down our engorged shafts...and all while making out like crazy. Feeling my tongue sliding up against his was blowing my mind, and we seemed to get harder from the liplock. I started to whimper as my loins began to tighten up, and I think Cedric was totally into it, moaning every time he heard me make some sort of pleasurable noise in response. I think he got off on it. Which only made me whimper even more. And louder. Because my appreciation made him work even harder to make me feel better than I ever could have imagined.

But...me being a fourteen year old virgin, and I assumed that he was too...we weren't able to last very long. It was like I could feel the blood draining from my brain, and I got extremely lightheaded as my groin area got super tight, and my small balls were drawn up under my shaft as Cedric continued to jack me off. My breath got caught up in the back of my throat, my legs began to get weak, my toes curled up, and my hips began to swivel and twitch on the couch as I felt my asshole clamp down as the moment of truth pushed its way to the surface.

"Oh....oh SHIT...Unghhhh!" I cried out as my hips thrust forward and warm splashes of expelled boy honey splattered across my chest and stomach in a torrent of heated release. And when Cedric leaned in to suck on my neck as I was cumming...it was almost too much for me to handle. Like, seriously...I'm surprised that I was able to stay conscious! I had to physically knock his hand away to keep from losing what was left of my sanity! That was WAY more intense than I ever thought sex with another boy could be! And it was just some kissing and a handjob! Jesus Christ!

Still holding Cedric's hard shaft in my hand, I started to make out with him again. Even deeper than before. I sucked so hard on his tongue. It tasted so good in my mouth. And he wrapped his arms around me in this really passionate way that just...it made me feel loved, you know? I kept stroking him, paying attention to every twitch of his sex body so it would provide me with a map to all of the spots and motions that would make him wiggle in pleasure. And before long, he started breathing harder, his legs straightening out, and he had to stop kissing me to gather enough oxygen to wail out loud as his climax rattled him to his very core. I saw the chocolate brown shaft pump out the clearest, milky white, seed that I had ever seen. It splashed against his tight abs as they heaved with his labored breath...and there was a part of me that really wished that I could have captured that magical spray of boyish seed in my mouth, instead of wasting it on whatever he planned to use to wipe it off with.

Instead, I had to settle for some intense tongue kissing while we both attempted to come down from our first shared orgasm with another person. Like...ever.

And...well, that was my very first time with another boy. Cedric. One of the most beautiful boys that I've ever known. I'll always remember how explosive it was for the both of us. And how, after we both came hard and were exhausted and breathing hard, Cedric giggled and said, "Well...that just happened." Hahaha! Omigod, he was so awesome!

I wish that I could say that Cedric and I both turned out to be gay and that we lived happily ever after...but the truth is, not every memory has that kind of catharsis in real life.

Cedric remained friends, of course. Because nobody can make me laugh like he does. And we had a bond that could never be broken. Not ever. But, despite a dozen or more sexual encounters to make each other feel good, a few where I actually got to put that hot, hard, shaft in my mouth and swallow his offering while he writhed with violent tremors on the bed, hosing my tonsils down with his gooey boy liquids until he was completely spent from the experience...Cedric did eventually find himself a girlfriend. Which really hurt at first, but...I learned to accept it over time. Our little 'bromance' came to an end after about six months, and he moved towards a hetero life that he seemed to be totally happy with. I miss the naughty times that we had together, but I can say that...for six months...I had the hottest boy ever on my arm, and we experimented in ways that nobody else will ever understand. His girlfriend may have a hold of him now...but she'll never be his first! I've got that title! So just remember that. Hehehe!

There are times when Cedric and I will hang out, and he'll give me a look, or a little tilted smirk, that makes me think that he might be up for another few naughty moments in a private setting away from the eyes of others...but it hasn't happened. At least not yet. I won't hold my breath. If it happens, awesome. If not...well, at least I had him all to myself for a little while, right? I'm cool with that.

I might have only been fourteen years old at the time that we first got together...but I've got a story to tell. A story about a historic Chicago snow storm, a snowball fight, a frozen pizza with extra melty cheese, a hot boy at my side, and a shared blanket that led to my very first sexual experience in life. I'm thinking that's something to be proud of.

What do you think?

Copyright © 2020 Comicality; All Rights Reserved.

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Yikes, I haven’t had any time to myself to read anything for so long. I have so much to catch up on 😬 

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Wow great story! I am from Chicago and oh do I remember the snow! Sweet dialogue.

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