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  1. M1984

    End of the Road

    I'm still hoping Luke and Ryan become the couple. How can he already have more feelings for Elliott who he doesn't know well, and known he was gay for a couple of days, than Ryan, who's so perfect for him, and has been pining for, for so long? Really hope they hit it off.
  2. M1984


    Same here but I have a bad feeling it's going to be Elliot.
  3. M1984


    "Sane here but I have a bad feeling it's going to be Elliot.
  4. M1984

    Chez Carter

    It was great catching up with Ryan again although under unfortunate circumstances. I missed him.
  5. It's kind of like The Tale of Two Circumcisions in a way. One who wanted it. One who didn't. And the different types of surgery and maybe even styles, but we don't know about that yet. I'm super eager to catch up with my personal fave, Ry. 😁
  6. M1984

    Going Nowhere

    A little worried that Luke & Elliot might hook up. Ryan's my guy. My favourite by far. I want him to get his boy, hopefully Luke.
  7. M1984

    Laid Bare

    I'm I the only only who's a little suspicious of Damien? Maybe he's not a gay teen, but someone with dark intentions? Probably me being paranoid but as soon as he started asking about Georgia, red flags were up. We'll see. 🙂
  8. M1984

    Chapter 55

    Another super fun chapter, and I am so happy to be back at the Lot, with the 'family'. Seeing them all again, reminds me why I love them all so much. I can't wait to read further into the dream with Zero. Hopefully Justin will finally get some answers he desperately needs, cause I don't think The Jeweler's been much help so far. I'm going to read the whole series again soon. I can't wait. Thanks Com :) Mike
  9. M1984

    Shared Blankets

    That was really sweet. I enjoyed that. I had more than one experience like that, growing up. Fun times. I think it must be common for boys, (and girls?) growing up. Gay, straight and everything in between. Young people are curious creatures. Thanks Com. Mike.
  10. A classic and a favourite which never fails to put me in a good mood. Especially the uncut version with the instrumental piece at the end. Hope you had a lovely birthday, Com
  11. Hope you and your loved ones are faring well with the bush fires. 

    Happy new year, and thanks again for the great stories, you've posted, that I have had the chance to re-read and enjoy this past week.

    1. Graeme


      Thank you! The fires are near us, but so far we haven't needed to evacuate. We're keeping an eye on them, though.

  12. Hope this isn't considered bumping the thread? I've just seen this post. My first Doctor was Peter Davidson. But I was too young to remember his episodes. My parents are Whovians. I was raised watching the show, just as they were when they were children. My mother saw the very first episode on television as a little girl. Least favourite Doctor? I've enjoyed them all at least a little. But I suppose I enjoyed fewer of Colin Baker's stories than any others. Favourite Doctor? That has changed recently, from Tenant to Smith. The more I re-watch old episodes, the more I find myself enjoying Eleven's run more than any other. But Ten's and Twelve's runs were both excellent too. I want to enjoy Jodie's run, but I just haven't bought into her yet. Still, it's early days. Hopefully her second season will be the one to win me over. I didn't enjoy Twelve's first season either. But his last two, I did. Coincidentally, season 12 starts tomorrow.
  13. M1984

    Chapter 19

    Phew! That was a relatively peaceful, and tidy ending. Drew took the news as well as could be hoped. He had even guessed the truth before Rick told him. Hopefully a few people learned something from this, including Rick's mother. I've noticed a lot of straight people act like sexuality is not important to them, until it's a friend, family member of their child, then it can sometimes bring out the secret homophobe in them. I honestly don't know why people have an issue with it, besides bogus theology, which should have nothing to do with anyone else, and perhaps fear that they'll suffer abuse at the hands of others. But you can't be someone you're not, which Rick and Brandon proved to us during this story. Thanks again. Another great story
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