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About Carl

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A man comes out in middle age after dealing with guilt from a decades-long relationship with his married best friend.

Copyright © 2016 Diogenes; All Rights Reserved.

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Not a lighthearted romp in the park. This tale involves the darker aspects of emotional entanglements. These are complex characters dealing with obstacles that conflict with their dreams and desires. How they individually deal with those obstacles, makes for a compelling tale and a great read.


I have intentionally not read "non fiction" on Gay Authors, until this story. I tend to go for happily ever after. I have had enough reality in my life. This story wound up reading like a well crafted gay romance of which any author would be proud. Having said that, I don't intend to seek out any other "non fiction". I think I just got lucky with this one.


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Timothy M.


You won’t find lots of dramatic events or wild outbursts of emotions in this story, which begins on a lonely drive home where a song playing on the radio takes Mark back in time and into profound sadness. To the time when he was young and met Carl and fell in love. But Carl is not only in the closet, he’s also in denial, yet the attraction between the two men leads to the inevitable moment of passion.
That’s when Mark’s life becomes all about Carl and starts going downhill. Due to the lack of acceptance from society and the expectations of family and friends, indeed of Carl himself, their love is doomed. The story takes us on the journey toward the present, and we suffer and cry along with Mark. :,(


Diogenes’ well-written story clearly shows the hurt caused by the lack of acceptance from our surroundings, which keeps gay men in the closet and destroys the happiness of so many young people. About Carl should be mandatory reading for those heartless idiots who discriminate LGBT people and refuse to accept same-sex marriage.


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