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The Barnstable Chronicles - Book 6: The Barnstable Cowboy - 7. Finally!

Finally! This story is going to be merging even more with Vic's story. We're going to learn more about Jonathan, the boy who fell in love with Hunter. Even better, it felt so good to type three letters--V, I, and C!





CHAPTER 7 – Finally!


Finally! The plane—my plane—has finally landed in Austin! Finally! I’m where I belong! The airport is crazy busy, too. It looks like half the world wants to be in Austin. Makes sense to me!

I finally make it to the escalator that goes down to the baggage claim. I see Jerry smiling and waving. All I can do is return a smile and a wave. When I walk up to him, Jerry wraps me in his arms.

“Welcome to Austin, cowboy. We’re sure glad you’re finally here!”

“Dude, you have no idea how good it is to finally be here! I can’t believe this is home now!”

“Let’s get your bags and head back to campus, k?”

“Sounds good, Jerry. And thanks for picking me up. I could have taken an Uber or something.”

“That costs way too much, dude. Besides, I don’t mind meeting my favorite Freshman swimming sensation!”

“You’re insane. Here we are—carousel 2.”

After about ten minutes, we finally got my bags and were headed out to the short-term parking garage. Thirty minutes after that, we were loading my shit into our room. I was glad to be rooming with Jerry again, but he told me it was just for the week. Next week I’ll be rooming with the person I’ll be mentoring. God, I hope he’s not an ass like that dude from Oklahoma I had to deal with the last time I was here.

“Don’t unpack everything. It’ll make it a lot easier to move into another room next week. Oh—this is for you. I went ahead and got your shit for the camp.”

“Oh, cool!” Jerry handed me a bag with my packet, a couple of burnt orange Speedos, and a team sweatsuit. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my goofy face.

“Excited, huh?”

“You have no idea! I’ve been dreaming about this for at least three years—probably longer!”

“Well, I can tell you the coaches are totally psyched to have you—especially after we all saw how you killed it at state.”

“Yeah, I guess I had a pretty good run. I was so pumped that day.”

“Yeah—I’d say it was a good run, Mr. state-high-school-record-holder!”

He hugged me again. Damn, for a straight boy, Jerry sure is huggy!

“You hungry?”


We went downstairs to the cafeteria and got in line.

“Good! We made it before the football boys. They wipe the place out!” Jerry laughed when I smiled at the mention of the football boys. “Sorry, cowboy—your favorite football boys have graduated and left the Forty Acres. However—there’s a rumor that a certain quarterback is coming back in two weeks for a high school football camp.”

“Hehe—sounds like it could be fun!”

We got our food and sat down to eat. I still can’t believe that there’s a school cafeteria with food that’s actually good. I think I smiled through the entire meal.

“So, how’s your mom doing? Is she recovering okay?”

“Yeah, she’s back to her old self again. One of the reasons I’m so damned glad to be away from that Hell.”

“I still can’t believe how you turned out so great with parents like that.”

“Yeah? I guess I learned how not to live life from them. Ever since I was a little kid, I think I tried my best to be the opposite of them—probably explains why they don’t like me very much. New subject, please?”

“Okay—how’s that hottie boyfriend of yours?”

“He’s great—now. He had lunch with me at the ranch. I kinda told everyone that Jaime was my boyfriend. It wasn’t pretty. Mom threw him out of the house before dessert.”

“Oh, man! I’m sorry, Hunter. That really sucks.”

“It’s all good now. Jaime and I talked it through when I was waiting for my flight. We’re gonna talk later tonight. Hey—you still with the girl you were with when I was here last time?”

“Jen? No—that ended when school started back up. But you’ll never guess who I started to date after Jen.”

“You’re right. I don’t know anyone here.”

“Brittany—the nurse’s daughter—on the volleyball team.”

“Whoa! You’re dating the volleyball star!”

“Not anymore. She dumped me last week.”

“No! What happened?”

“She said she was bored—which means she was starting to see another dude.”

“Ya think?”

“I know. Greg King is one of my workout buds—or was.”

“Oh, man. That sucks. But you seem to be doin’ okay, right?”

“I am now. My favorite cowboy is back.”

“Awwww. You’re insane!”

“Nope. Life just gets better when you’re in it—so I’m a helluva lot happier now.”

If Jerry Smith weren’t straight, I’d start to wonder. We went back up to the room after dinner. I was in the living room, going through the packet and signing the forms. Jerry came out of his room and went to the fridge.

“You want a beer, cowboy?”

“Still don’t drink, Jer. Got some water?”

“Sure thing!” Jerry sat next to me and handed me the water. “Movie?”

“Sure. What ya got?”

“Well, I don’t have any gay porn. You probably wouldn’t like my straight porn. So—I thought we should try this.”

Jerry clicked the remote, and there it was—Bi the Way. This is just too—God, I don’t know!

Jerry had finished his third beer by the time we were halfway through the movie. At least there was only one girl involved in each scene—which meant enough boy on boy action to keep my interest.

“Jesus! Look at that dude blowing his friend! Looks like it’s a lot better than what that girl tried to do.”

I kept watching the movie and said, “Yep. It’s true. It takes a dude with a dick to know what makes a dick feel good, ya know.”

“Oh, fuck! He’s swallowing! I’ve never had a girl swallow my nut. Must be hot as fuck.”

“It is. Nothing’s better than Jaime blowing his nut down my throat.”

“Nice—especially for Jaime.”

“Yeah.” I miss Jaime now. Thanks, Jer.

We watched a couple more scenes, then it got good! The boys ditched the chick!



“Is it me, or do the guys seem to be a lot more into each other now that the chick’s gone?”

“You’re right. Only a dude can know exactly what makes a dude feel good. Girls have to try and figure that shit out for themselves. Now be quiet—I’m trying to watch the movie!”

Jerry chuckled, and we continued watching the film. A couple minutes after the brown-haired dude started fucking the hot-as-fuck blond dude, Jerry started to move around. When he started to moan, I had to look over.

Holy shit! Jerry Smith—straight Jerry Smith—was stroking his dick—rather nice dick, by the way—to a couple of hot dudes fucking!


“What? I’m horny. You’ve seen my dick before—hell, you’ve seen it hard.”

“Yeah. I guess.”

“Aren’t you horned up?”


“So—go ahead and pull that cowboy dick out and give it what it wants.”


Shit. I’m eighteen. I’m horny. I’m gonna do it. So I pull out my cock and start stroking. Only thing, instead of watching the movie—I end up watching Jerry watching the movie—and stroking.

I swear Jerry opened his legs so I could get a better view. It didn’t take long for me to realize that’s exactly what he was doing.

“You wanna?”


“Yeah—you wanna show me how much better a dude is at giving a blowjob?”

You wanna?”

“Yeah—but I can’t do it back. I’m still straight.”

“Whatever, Jerry. I’m gonna blow your—your fucking mind.”

“Ooooohhh, fuuuuuuuck!”

I’m pretty sure Jerry Smith has never had his cock swallowed down someone’s throat—in one motion. I’m also pretty sure I’ve never heard a so-called straight boy yell ‘ooooohhh, Fuuuuuuuck!’ so many times in five minutes.

Yeah—it only took Jerry five minutes for his balls to draw up so he could fire his nut.

“I’m gonna—oh, fuck—gonna nut!”

Jerry put his hand on my head like he was trying to keep me there. Ha! Like he had to do that! I swallowed every drop of his nut while Jerry moaned his way through his powerful nut.

“Holy shit, cowboy! That was the best—that was—fucking off the charts, man!”

I pulled my mouth off of Jerry’s cock and smiled. “See? Nobody can take care of a cock like another dude.”

“I wish I could return the favor—but the thought of—well, you know.”

“No worries, Jer. You don’t have to do any kind of payback thing.”

I leaned back on the sofa and started stroking myself. I could feel Jerry watching me.

“I guess I could touch it.”


Jerry reached over and pushed my hand away. I guess I was surprised when Jerry wrapped his hand around my cock—even more surprised when he started to stroke me.

“It feels so different—touching another guy’s dick. It’s okay, though. Yeah—it’s okay.”

I spread my legs, and Jerry took his other hand and started to play with my balls—exactly the same way I played with his earlier.

“Oooooh, fuuuuuuuuck!” It was my turn now. Jerry didn’t know that when my balls get played with, the whole thing sends me over the edge. I blew my nut all over the place. The first shot went into my hair and face. The others covered my chest and Jerry’s arm. I have to say I was impressed that it didn’t gross him out!

“Wow, Jer. That was—that was cool.”

“Yeah. Surprised me, too. Don’t worry—I’m still straight. I promise during the whole time I had your dick in my hand, I had zero desire to put it in my mouth—or my ass.”

“Damn! I was hoping you caught my gay.”


“I’m joking, Jerry.”


“Hey—you okay?”

“Yeah—yeah, I’m cool.”



‘Well, you’re my best friend here in Austin. I just don’t want things to get weird, k?”

“Weird? I’m your best friend?”

“Well, yeah.”

“I’m your only friend.”

“Hence—my best. Besides—the only other person I know around here is Wesley Owen. That fucker doesn’t get to be anywhere near my circle of friends.”

“How can one friend make a circle?”

“I don’t know—you wanna try? That could be fun.”

“Yeah. Could be. You know you’re a crazy-as-shit fucker.”

“Yep—not the first time I’ve heard that.”

“And you know our dicks are still hanging out, and we’re covered with jizz—your jizz.”

“That’s because I swallow.”

“Yeah—you swallowed my load. Wow.”

“And we’re okay? Nothing weird?”


“You’re not gonna keep askin’ me to blow ya?”


“It was that horrible?”


“Are we gonna let my nut dry up here?”


We both started to laugh. Jerry got up and grabbed some paper towels. After he wiped his arm, he cleaned me up. Well, I guess I’m gonna have to shower to get it out of my hair.

“I don’t think I can get it outta your hair, cowboy. Hehe—I remember when I used to shoot like that.”

“You still shoot like that. Trust me—I think the back of my throat has bruises!”

“I think that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, cowboy. You definitely know your way around a cock!”

“So I hear. I need to shower before this shit dries in my hair. Gonna hit the sack, too. It’s been a loooooong day, Jer.”

“Sure thing. Sleep well, cowboy—and welcome home!”

“Home—yeah, I guess. Austin is my home now.”

Camp started early in the morning, and Jerry was great. True to his word, nothing was weird. He was a fantastic mentor—and I learned so much from him and the coaches.

At the end of camp, I moved my shit to the new room up on the third floor. Damn, I gonna have to get my ass to a grocery store so I can get my kitchen stocked up. I don’t have shit!



HUNTLANDTX: u gonna hit grocery store anytime soon?

SWIMJERSWIM: thinkin bout going in about an hour

HUNTLANDTX: want some company?

SWIMJERSWIM: sure ill txt you



I had just finished putting my shit away when I got a call from the ladies downstairs. My camper had just arrived. What the fuck? It’s Saturday. We don’t start until Monday. Oh, wait. I got here on Saturday my first year of camp. Guess he’s pretty cool after all.

I headed downstairs and was introduced to Jonathan Harper. I had to smile—he looked terrified! I grabbed one of his bags and told him to follow me upstairs.

This boy is shy! He stared at the floor in the elevator and nearly ran into me when I stopped at the door. “Whoa! Jonathan. Relax, bud. I know this can be a little intimidating. Heh—I probably know better than most.”


“It’s cool. Let’s get you moved in, k?”


We got into the room, and I showed Jonathan where his room was. I offered to help him unpack, but he didn’t want that.

“So—I’m gonna be headin’ to the grocery store to get some supplies in about an hour—well, forty-five minutes now. You wanna come with and pick up anything you might need for the week?”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“When we get back, I’ll give you a quick tour of the place and take you down to meet the coaches—oh shit. I need to do that before we do anything else. Coaches will be leaving in an hour or so. I’ll get it straightened out while you unpack, k?”




HUNTLANDTX: my guy showed up today. wanna take him to swim center to meet coach

SWIMJERSWIM: k. we can go shopping ltr. is he cute?

HUNTLANDTX: dunno. hardly seen his face. keeps looking down. shy as fuck

SWIMJERSWIM: i can come with. maybe 2 of us can help him loosen up

HUNTLANDTX: sounds like a plan. on my way down.

SWIMJERSWIM: cool. ltr.

I went back to Jonathan’s room—I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but damn!

“Mom—I understand why y’all have to go. But it has to be this week? It has to be when I’m at swim camp?

“Oh. Really? There was an opening? But I’m gonna need to get some more stuff—and I’m gonna need some more cash.

“Mkay. I’ll figure something out.

“Yeah. I have my key.


“Hey, Jonathan—everything okay?”

“Yeah. Sorry I’ve been acting so weird. On the way here, my mother told me she and Dad were going to London tomorrow. Dad got transferred over there, and they have to find a place to live—while I get left behind here.”

“Oh man, that sucks a big one.”


There was a knock on the door. Jerry was here.

“That’s Jerry. He was my mentor when I did the camp. Now he’s my best friend. He said he wanted to go with us to the swim center. Since this is the first time I’ve mentored, I guess he wants to make sure I don’t fuck things up—oh—sorry about the language.”

“It’s cool. Shouldn’t you answer the door?”

Finally! Jonathan Harper smiled! I went to the door and let Jer in. “Hey, Jer. Um—this is Jonathan Harper.”

“Hi there, Jonathan. This guy treating you okay?”

“Yeah, he’s pretty cool. Talks like a sailor—we’re gonna get along fine.”

“Jonathan, this is Jerry Smith. He’s a junior. Swims the 400 Medley with me.”


“So—we’re gonna head down to the swim center, show you around a bit, and introduce you to your coach. What’s your specialty?”

“I do the 400 Medley as well.”

“Sounds like a trip to Coach Ellis. Ready?”

Jerry was great at getting Jonathan to tell us about himself. Turns out he lives just north of Austin in Pflugerville. His high school has a small swim team, and he got a scholarship to Southwestern University in Georgetown—a smaller city about 45 minutes north of here.

Jonathan’s mother was a dentist, and his father worked for Samsung in research and development. His dad was moving to a new position in their London headquarters, and his mother was going to have to do whatever it was she needed to do to get licensed in England.

Jonathan convinced his parents to let him stay back and go through with his plans for college—plus there was another reason he didn’t want to go overseas to—

That’s when we got to the swim center. We went back to Coach Ellis’ office and got everything Jonathan needed to start on Monday. That’s when I found out that Jonathan was going to be with us for two weeks. That made me happy that I only had to deal with one mentee! And I have to say—it turns out Jonathan Harpers is a cute-as-fuck mentee now that he’s been talking and smiling.

Jonathan got his bag of camp shit, and we went out to tour the facilities. After showing Jonathan the locker rooms, the conference rooms, and the gym, Jerry said to follow him.

He took us down some stairs into a room I’d never seen before. There was one wall made of glass and showed the entire length of the pool.

“This is where the coaches watch and film us. There are also some cameras hooked up to a computer that analyzes form and position. They just got that system installed last year.”

“I did the camp last week, Jonathan. The second morning, Coach Ellis took us to a conference room where we watched videos of ourselves. The computer thing was amazing. It pointed out the same stuff the coach told us but had all these lines and graphics that showed what we needed to do to improve our times. Two days later, I was swimming the Medley two-and-a-half seconds faster.”

“This is fucking sick!”

“Yeah, the school invests in their athletics—especially since we make a shitload of green for them.”

“Southwestern is just a Division III school. We don’t have anything near this.”

“So—why don’t we head back, drop Jonathan’s stuff off in the room, then hit the grocery store?”

“Sounds like a plan—you ready, roomie?”


“Hey cowboy—when you guys are in the room, grab some cloth bags. You can use the ones you got your camp shit in. The store doesn’t use bags—unless you wanna pay for ‘em.”

“What the fuck?”

“Austin has a plastic bag ban—part of this city’s obsession with being green.”

“Oh—okay then.”

The grocery store was only a mile or so from campus. Jonathan suggested that he and I share a cart and split the cost. That worked for me. Jerry went his own way, and we decided whoever finished first would wait on the bench out front for the other.

Jonathan and I picked up eggs, coffee, bread, milk, creamer—that kind of shit. Since our meals were covered in the cafeteria, we only needed some light breakfast stuff (just in case) and something for late-night snacks.

We finished pretty fast and waited for Jerry in front of the store. Didn’t have to have to wait long—he walked out in around five minutes.

When we unpacked our groceries, I took Jonathan on a tour of the dorm. He was pretty blown away by everything the school had to offer, and we finished the cafeteria part of the tour just as they opened the line.

“We should eat now. One thing you’ll learn is that we have an hour—hour-and-a-half—before the football team gets here. There will be nothing left when they do their damage.”

“Sure. That’s a good thing.”

We both grabbed stuffed pork chops for dinner. Again—Jonathan was blown away.

“Shit! This place is going to spoil the fuck out of me—Southwest doesn’t have anything that even comes close to all this!”

“Yeah, we’re pretty lucky here. I’m sure they’re gonna treat you just fine up there, though. After all, you help pay the bills!”

Jonathan did pretty well during the first week of camp. His form was good, but his speed and power needed a lot of work. Jonathan is long and lean, but his chest and shoulders needed to be built up.

The coaches had me spend a lot of time in the gym with Jonathan. We would spend an hour first thing in the morning and finish with another hour at the end of each day.

Wednesday, we headed back to the room after dinner, and the poor boy could hardly move. Hell—he could barely open the door!

“J.—you okay?”

“You guys killed me today—I’ll be fine after I take another long, hot shower.”

“Okay. I won’t start the movie until you’re done.”

I powered up my laptop while sitting on the sofa. There was an email from my grandmother. Honestly—it kinda shocked the Hell outta me.

Dear Hunter:

I was hoping to see you before you left for Austin. There were a couple of things I wanted to talk with you about. Unfortunately, I understand things got a little uncomfortable with your mother and father before you left.

So here’s the deal. Your grandfather and I felt that we couldn’t count on either of your parents to put anything away for your college education. I won’t get into our reasons for that—but I'm fairly certain you probably know why we felt that way.

Your grandfather and I set up one of those college savings plans when you were just a little boy and have been able to save enough money for you to go to any school in the state. Now that you’ve gone and earned yourself a full scholarship with your swimming, we both feel that we can use that fund to help you with your expenses.

We’re going to set you up with a debit card that will be loaded with $250.00 every week. We feel that it will help you with some of your expenses without going too crazy.

I need your mailing address so I can send you some paperwork and the card.

Grampa and I are so proud of you, Hunter! We love you more than you will ever know. You’re a good boy, and I don’t want the way your parents treat you to make you think poorly of yourself.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch when you can!



Wow! That’s not what I was expecting to hear! It’s nice to know that some of my relatives like me! I answered Gran’s email and gave her my campus P.O. Box—after I thanked her about two hundred different ways for taking care of me!

As soon as I hit “send,” Jonathan, wrapped in a towel around his slender waist, came out to the living room. “Hey, I have some Tiger Balm. Would you mind rubbing some of this into my sore muscles?”

“No prob. Let’s get some towels down on your bed for you to lay on—you don’t want that shit getting into your sheets.”

“Good idea.”

After getting his bed ready, Jonathan eased down onto his bed, face-down. He was still wearing his towel, though.

“Why don’t you do something about that towel? If you’re modest, we can use it to cover your ass, but that knot in the front is gonna be a little annoying when you start to relax.”

“I’m a swimmer. I’m anything but modest—I wear a skimpy Speedo in front of a hundred or so people every time I compete.”

Jonathan lifted his hips off the bed and undid the towel. Oh, fuuuuuuck. I mean, I’ve seen Jonathan’s body in the shower and all, but this is my first close-up view. So. Fucking. Nice!

My ogling of Jonathan’s cute ass was interrupted when he raised his hand to give me the Tiger Balm.

“Just set that off to the side. I should probably try to loosen you up a bit first. You have any baby oil?”

“Yeah—in the nightstand.”

I chuckled. “That’s convenient.”

“Convenient—oh, fuck—shut up!”

You shut up. Now relax.”

I coated Jonathan’s back with baby oil and started to rub it in. Every time I hit a tensed-up muscle, Jonathan moaned. Dammit. Hearing the cute boy underneath me moan was kinda hot.

Jonathan calmed down a bit after ten minutes or so of the massage. I was straddling his cute ass, and my cock was hard as fuck. I was ready to apply the balm to Jonathan’s shoulders—the only problem was I had to lean forward to get the small jar.

Even though I was wearing running shorts, Jonathan couldn’t help but feel my hard cock nestle into his ass crack when I reached for the balm. I’ll be damned if he didn’t let out his biggest moan yet. Hell, I could swear he even pushed his ass against my cock!

Once I got the balm worked into Jonathan’s shoulders, I heard him mumble, “Feels so good—sooo goooood.”

“Cool—okay J., time to flip over. Time to work your pecs.”


“You want me to flip you over?”

“No. Can’t flip.”

He was starting to tense up again. “What’s wrong, bud? Why can’t you flip? Something wrong?”



“Can’t say?”

“Dude—I’ve seen you in the shower. It’s not like I’m gonna see something I’ve never seen before.”

“You will, though.”

“What? You can tell me.” I knew what was going on. I just wanted to see if he would tell me—let alone show me.”

“It’s hard.”

“What’s hard?”

“Dammit! My cock is hard, okay?”

“Yeah? Well—so is mine.” I leaned forward to whisper in his ear—and to let him feel my hard cock.”

“What? You’re hard, too?”

I whispered into Jonathan’s ear, “Hell yeah. I have this cute-as-fuck boy underneath me. My hands are all over him. How can I not be hard?” I pressed my cock into his ass—which got me another sexy moan. “Roll over, Jonathan—please?”

I lifted my hips, and Jonathan flipped over. My head was still down by his. I looked down at him and whispered, “You okay?”

Jonathan looked into my eyes and sighed. “Can you—will you—kiss me?”

Who was I to deny this cute boy? I slowly moved toward him and lightly touched my lips to his. That lasted about two seconds. Jonathan grabbed the back of my head, pushed me into his face, and plunged his tongue into my mouth. It was my turn to moan.

After a minute or so of kissing, Jonathan pulled away and said, “You have way too many clothes on.”

“Yeah? You want me naked, too?”

“All the time, Hunter. I hate seeing you in clothes.”

i smiled and stood on the bed. I peeled off my tank top, followed by my running shorts—leaving my jockstrap. The head of my cock was sticking out over the waistband.

“Fuck, hunter. Take that thing off and fuck me. Please—I need you to fuck me!”

“Yeah?” I peeled my jockstrap down over my hips. “You want this, J.? You want this big cowboy cock?”

“Yes! God, yes!”

I went back down to kiss Jonathan, hovering my body over his. He wrapped his arms around me and pushed his lean body into mine. When he made it back to the bed, I began kissing him—down his neck to his nipple. He loved that.

After driving him a little crazy with the nipple play, I made my way down to his cock, which was swimming in a puddle of precum. Well, I had to lick up that puddle—and mess around with his cockhead—and he started to beg for my cock at the top of his lungs. This is one horny boy!

I let Jonathan’s cock fall out of my mouth. “Grab your legs, horny boy—I need to get you ready.”

“Yes! Finally! I’ve wanted this for three days!”

“Oh yeah? This what you want?”

I dove my head into Jonathan’s smooth ass, plunging my tongue into his quivering hole.

“Yesss! Fuck! Yesssssss!”

Jonathan’s hole drove me crazy! It was smoother than I could ever have dreamed. There wasn’t a hair—not even a wrinkle around the rosebud opening. The thing I liked the best was the way he worked his hole around me as I tongue-fucked him.

I pulled my head up and looked at Jonathan. “Wow, you are one fuckin’ hot boy, ya know.”

Jonathan kept panting and grabbed the bottle of baby oil. “Now—fuck me now, Hunter. Now!”

I slathered some of the slick oil onto my cock, placing the head at Jonathan’s ready hole.

“Go slow, Hunter. I’ve never done this before.”


“Don’t worry—this is what I want. I’m ready for it—for you.”

I was incredibly gentle with Jonathan as I slowly eased my cock into his tight, virgin ass. He would moan out a “yes!” every time I pushed in a little deeper. When I started to press my cock against his magic spot, he instantly began to blow his nut between us.

“Don’t stop,” Jonathan panted. “Keep fucking me—don’t stop!”

I didn’t stop. In fact, over the next week-and-a-half, I learned that Jonathan would blow his nut two or three times when I was fucking him—staying hard the entire time.

He even fucked me a few times—and he would nut inside me at least two times—never losing his mojo. This boy had a neverending hard-on—and was a constant nut-machine!

At the end of the second week, it was sad to say goodbye to Jonathan. We decided to stay in touch and try to get together whenever we could—hopefully over a few weekends—definitely over breaks.

I had a free week before school was going to start. Jerry and I had practice every morning. There were four of us specializing in the 400 Medley. Unfortunately, the team could only have three active swimmers. We were all pretty even—even that fucking Wesley Owen—so I have to be honest to say I wasn’t shocked when I was redshirted for my Freshman year. Redshirting means that I’m part of the team, I do all the practices, but I’m not allowed to compete.

Being redshirted gave me a chance to add a couple of classes to my schedule and, at the same time, work my ass off on my form and times. Every now and then, I’d get a call from Jonathan. We’d get a room at a local hotel for Friday and Saturday night and fuck each other—practically non-stop!

For Thanksgiving break, we spent our time down at Galveston beach. It was a great vacation, although we didn’t get to see much of the beach while we were there!

I got to see Jonathan swim a couple of times. It surprised the fuck out of him to see me sitting in the stands the first time! He surprised me afterward—telling his roommate to keep himself busy for a few hours—and we went to his dorm room and played!

The next summer, we decided to get an apartment, along with another friend of his, Daniel Rhodes. All three of us got jobs waiting tables at the W Hotel downtown. It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be—especially the tips—especially the tips for room service!

There was one night when I was asked to take a rather large order up to one of the suites. When I went in, I was surprised to see the guy I had just seen playing Pippen at the Rosemont Theatre.

Turns out all four of them worked at the Rosemont. There was this guy Jason, who was the Artistic Director. His boyfriend, Johnny, was hot as fuck. The blond dude was JJ and his boyfriend, also an actor, was pretty hot. All four of them were in their W bathrobes, and all I could do was think about the four of them naked—and in bed together. I’ll be able to jack off to that image for about a month!

When I told Jonathan about the four guys, he got real weird—like he was jealous or something. We had to talk.

After about a half-hour or so later, I learned that Jonathan had fallen in love with me. I felt like shit, but I had to tell him about Jaime—and our arrangement. There were a few tears—from both of us, actually.

In the end, we were okay—thanks to Daniel’s convincing both of us that the most important thing was our friendship. We ended the last weeks of summer working on our friendship and cutting way back on the sex.

It was finally time to get my ass back to the dorm. Finally! I was actually going to swim this year! I was getting a new roommate, too.

Apparently, Coach Reese had traveled to Boston to check out some dude who was setting national records in the 400 Medley. God—I just hope he’s not an asshat. All I know is that he’s gay—and the coaches decided to put him with me.

We pulled into the parking lot. Jonathan, Daniel, and I all grabbed a box, and we made our way up to the room. I opened the door and noticed that the roommate had already moved in.

I looked into the room to the left and saw one of the most beautiful boys I’ve ever seen in my life lying on the bed. He was kinda-sorta napping, but the noise from the three of us woke him up.

The boy smiled. I smiled back and held out my hand.

“Hi, I’m Vic.”

“Hey Vic, I’m Hunter.”

Fuck me. I have a hot-as-fuck roomie. Damn, I hope this is gonna work out.

I can't tell you how good it feels to bring Vic into Hunter's story, even though the first part is only a couple of months long. I'm going to warn you ahead of time--the next chapter is the one I'm not looking forward to writing. You'll definitely want to get your tissue stocked up!

Here's hoping everyone in the US had a good Thanksgiving--whatever it may have looked like. PLEASE stay safe, keep your distance, wear your mask, and keep reading!

Love you ALL!


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I've got to say I really Love the Barnstable Books and this one is right up there especially with this chapter.

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Hunter's grandparent are first rate.There's a saying in the entertainment industry  that talent skips a generation so in Hunter's family being a decent person skips a generation.Great to see Vic

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And now we have Vic!!  Great chapter Geoff.  Thank you so very much for the entertainment during these trying times.  Love your stories, David

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It’s always a treat to see updates to this story, and this chapter is no exception.

So there actually ARE decent people in Hunter’s family!  To the extent that character has a genetic component, that helps explain Hunter - that, and his conscious choice to be the opposite of his thoroughly rotten parents. I’m glad you added that explanation.  

Poor Jonathan. I feel badly for him; I hope he finds someone. (I recall him being single in the last story.)  The cameo appearance was an unexpected pleasure!  Vic’s appearance feels like being reunited with an old friend.

Just checked my tissue supply before the next chapter drops. 


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40 minutes ago, tesao said:

Just checked my tissue supply before the next chapter drops.

Well, I lied. By the time I got through Vic's first couple of days with Hunter, it was time to end the chapter. Sometime this organic way of writing stories and keeping them accurate along with the other books, things don't always work out the way I plan. Ugh.

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