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The Barnstable Chronicles - Book 6: The Barnstable Cowboy - 2. Discovery and Revelation




CHAPTER 2 – Discovery and Revelation




For the next few weeks, I kept having all these weird feelings bout Jaime. Hell, there was no way I would say anything—to him or anyone. What would I say? “Hey bud, did you know I think about your naked body every time I slap out a nut!” Yeah, Right.

Despite the way I was thinking about him, Jaime and I were getting closer and closer. It’s weird. We’re from totally different kinds of families. We have completely opposite backgrounds. But at the same time, we find ourselves laughing at the same shit. It’s looking more and more like we have the same belief systems.

I admire that Jaime’s so confident in himself. Maybe it’s because he’s a year older—I don’t know. But he’s so fucking confident that he’ll throw his arm across my shoulder (which looks funny since I’m a lot taller) and not think twice about it.

God help me. I really hope I’m not gay. That would make life and even bigger Hell than it already is in this God-forsaken place.

Oh! Jaime and I both made the swim team. I’m surprised I did because when they asked me to do the different strokes, I pretty much made a complete and total ass of myself!

They were cool, though. The coaches said they would teach me everything I needed to know. They said they were impressed with my upper body strength and thought I would be a great addition if I could learn the medley events.

Yeah, I was a total dufus and said, “What’s a medley event?” The coaches kinda laughed and said that I would learn soon enough.

I knew one of the strokes was the butterfly since that was Jaime’s specialty. He offered to teach me how to do it, and we would spend time at the Abilene YMCA. He also helped me a lot with the breaststroke. His weakness was the backstroke, but that was one of the coach’s specialties. I got a lot of help from him.

I was a nervous wreck when the first meet came around. I didn’t place. In fact, I didn’t even make it into the finals. I was so freakin’ nervous. I didn’t even come close to my regular times.

I had a sit-down with the coach the day after the first meet, and he helped get the b.s. outta my head. The next meet, I made it to the finals and placed third. Even though the coach was happy with my performance, I wasn’t.

We had two weeks before our next meet, and I busted my ass. I even went to the river at the back of the ranch and practiced swimming upstream. That was hard as fuck! Not so much because I was swimming against the river’s current, but mainly because the water was cold as shit!

The next meet was at Wichita Falls. It was awesome! I won the event four seconds ahead of the dude that came in second place. When the coach asked me what I did different, I told him about the river on the family ranch, and that I spent every minute I could in the cold water swimming upstream and against the current.

“Ah—the ankle weights theory.”

“The what?”

“Next time you see the track team practicing, check out their feet. A lot of the guys have weights on their feet. It’s all about practicing with added resistance, so when they are actually competing in their event, they run free as the birds.”

“Yeah. Makes perfect sense to me.”

“Well, keep up the good work, son. You keep improving like that, and you’ll earn your ticket to any college in the country.”

Yes! I decided right then and there that I was gonna swim my ass straight outta West Texas.

The swim team had us on a pretty strict diet during the season. It was a low-fat, low-carb, high protein, high fiber list of “allowed” foods. The only exception was the night before a meet. I loved those nights!

Throughout the whole season, we would have a Spaghetti Feast the night before a meet. Every week a group of parents would make enough spaghetti to feed a freakin’ army! It was a great way for the team to bond together—and for the grownups to meet the kids their kids were hanging with. Of course, my parents wanted nothing to do with it—or me.

I would complain to Jaime about how my parents—especially my dad—just didn’t give a shit about me. He didn’t see it, though—especially on the bus trip to San Angelo for their Invitational.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen your dad, but your mom is always so nice. She always has awesome cookies, she sits and talks with us—I just don’t see it.”

“Mom puts on a good show. But when I go back inside after you drive away, the snacks are gone, the dishes are put away, and she disappears unless she needs to check something with dinner. I hardly ever even hear my mom’s voice anymore—at least when I’m home alone.”

“What’s with that? Dude—it can’t be you. You’re like the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life—and I include my brothers on that list.”

“Well, a big part of it is that they hate their lives—especially Mom.”

“That sucks.”

“You see—Mom and Dad were dating their Junior and Senior years of high school. Mom was stunning back then—like model beautiful. She had planned to move to Houston and break into the modeling scene there. From Houston, she was going to move to New York.”

“She’s still kinda pretty—I mean, like for an older ranch lady.”

“Whatever. Well, Mom’s plans got screwed when she got pregnant two months before graduation. Her parents made her keep the kid and marry Dad. No other options were there for her. So—Mom’s dreams were never even given a chance.

“Dad was pissed because he had planned to get serious with the other girl he had been dating once Mom moved to Houston. So Dad resents the fuck outta Mom and me since he didn’t get to end up with the girl he wanted. Mom resents me because I’m the constant reminder of what could have been with her life.”

“Wow. I can’t even imagine what that’s like, Hunter. My family’s the exact opposite. There are times I would give my left nut just to be left alone.”

“I guess it takes all kinds, huh?”

Jaime put his hand on my leg and squeezed it. Now, I know it was just a little thing to show his support. Jaime cares about me. But hey—I’m fifteen years old, and the boy I fantasize over has his hand dangerously close to my dick—and it starts to chub up. Glad I have my Speedo on!

I won the medley again. Yay! In fact, I won the medley in every meet for the rest of the season.

We went to the state championships in Austin, and I got third place. I wasn’t happy about that, but the coaches were thrilled. I decided two things that afternoon. The first was that I was going to win the state gold for the next three years.

The second thing I decided was that I wanted to go to college in Austin. Holy crap! The facilities were like a wet dream! They have everything you could ever dream of—and then a ton of shit you never thought of!

About three weeks before the end of our Freshman year, Jaime and I had to do a group presentation thing for our English class. It was for the unit on Greek Mythology. Our topic was about the Ancient Greek Temples and the Stories Behind Them.

We were putting together an impressive Powerpoint presentation. The night before, we needed to practice and make some final touches. Mrs. Vega had called Mom and convinced her that I should stay the night so Jaime wouldn’t have to drive me home late into the night.

It was hard to concentrate on the project since I was so nervous/excited about sleeping in Jaime’s room tonight! Every time I would have a thought of what I wished would happen, I would have to remind myself that Jaime wasn’t into me like I was into him.

We finally finished working at 11:30—a little on the late side for both of us. We went to the far end of the house to Jaime’s bedroom. Let me tell you—Jaime’s bedroom is a maybe-I’m-a-gay-boy’s paradise! The walls are covered with all these Olympic swimmers in Speedos. Fuuuuuuuck! I’m gonna be boned up before I even take my jeans off! Just look down at the floor—just look down at the floor!

We went into the bathroom and brushed our teeth and took a piss. When we finished with that, we went out into the bedroom. We stripped down to our boxer briefs, and I asked Jaime where he wanted me to sleep.

“You’re sleeping in here with me, dufus!”


At least it’s a big bed so I won’t be too tempted! Right?

Jaime was on the right side of the bed, lying on his side and smiling. I crawled in under the sheet and laid on my side with my arm holding up my head.

“So, Hello You—this is my first-ever sleepover. Is this the part where we stay up too late and talk—you know, make each other giggle and shit?”

“Well, Smart Ass—I’m not so sure about the giggling part, but I do want to do some talking. And—uhm—I hope we’re at least still friend when I tell you I need to say.”

“Dude—there’s not a thing you could tell me that would make me feel any different about you. Well—maybe if you told me you were a serial ax-murderer. Then I might have to rethink things. But then—I’m pretty sure we’d still be good.”

“Even if I told you I’m pretty sure I’m gay?”

Whoa! That was pretty much the last thing I was expecting to hear! I didn’t know what to say. I mean, I wanted to blurt out that I probably was gay, too. But then I didn’t want him to think I was just saying that to make him feel better.

Fuck, I’m so into my head I haven’t said anything. I could see worry and panic in his eyes.

“Jaime—that wouldn’t change a thing about how I feel about you. Trust me.”

Jaime sighed in relief. “You don’t hate me?”

“Hell no. I could never hate you. You’re my bestie—my bud.”

“Even if I told you that I love you?”

“I love you, too—always will.”

“No. That’s not what I mean, Hunter. I mean—uhm—I’m like—I’m in love with you. I want to be with you every way I can.”

I didn’t know what to say—especially when silent tears started to fall down Jaime’s face. I reached over and wiped a tear away with my thumb.

“Please don’t cry, Jaime. There’s nothing to be sad about because—well—I’ve been trying for the last few weeks how to tell you I wanted the same thing.”

“What?? What are you saying?”

I held out my arms and pulled Jaime closer to me.

“This.” I closed the space between us and touched my lips to Jaime’s—beautiful, adorable Jaime. “I think I started to fall in love with you the first time you smiled at me that first day in homeroom.”

“Do you know why I smiled at you like that?”


“Because I had just seen the most beautiful and handsome boy I’ve ever seen in my life. I smiled because, at that moment, you knocked my heart on its ass.”

I leaned in and kissed Jaime again. When I felt his tongue move across my lips, I didn’t even think about it when I opened my mouth. Our tongues began to move around each other’s, causing us to moan into each other’s mouths.

I was breathing as if I had just finished swimming several laps. When we broke the kiss, Jaime looked into my eyes and smiled. Wow! It felt like he was looking inside my heart—into my soul. This probably sounds stupid, but it was like—at that very moment—we became one. We became one being that had equal parts of each other.

“You okay, Hunter?”

“Yeah. You’ve just made me the happiest boy in all of West Texas.”


Jaime moved his hand off my face and the next thing I knew, felt it over my very hard cock.

“Whoa—it’s big—real big!”

I moved my hand down and did the same to Jaime. It felt like he was about the same size as I was, but not quite as thick.

“Nice. You’re so wet down there. Did you nut?”

“No. I’ve been making pre ever since you crawled into bed with me. “May I?”

“Whatever you want, Jaime. Whatever—anything.”

He reached down and slid my boxer briefs down, freeing my hard (and leaking) cock. I did the same to him—I mean, I didn’t want him to feel like he was overdressed or anything.

We each had our hands on each other’s cocks. It was weird in a way. In my whole life, I’ve never touched another cock. How can it feel so different? I mean—a cock is a cock—right?

Jamie kicked the sheet down, so we were totally exposed on the bed. He shifted, so he was on his back, and I did the same.

We began to stroke each other slowly, and Jaime said we should keep things slow so we could last as long as possible. Cute and smart!

I turned my head and found Jaime looking at me. The look in his eyes was full of passion and want. All I knew was I wanted to kiss him while we were stroking each other.

We shifted slightly and began kissing. Well, that pretty much did it for me. I started to gasp into Jaime’s mouth and was soon covering both of our bodies with hot spunk. Jaime didn’t take any time at all to follow up with his own nut shower.

We shifted our bodies, so we were pressed together and sharing a deep kiss.

“You okay, bud?”

“Hunter, I’ve never been more okay in my entire life. I love you, dude.”

“Yeah, I’m right there with you.”

Jaime pulled himself out of bed and went into the bathroom. I heard him running the water a bit, and he was soon wiping me clean with a warm washcloth. He crawled back into bed and pulled the sheet up.



“Would you hold me tonight?”

“Yeah. I’d like that.”

I wrapped my body around Jaime, holding on to his chest. He held my hands and breathed deeply.

“Thank you, Hunter. I’ve never been so happy.”

“I love you, Jaime. Don’t ever forget that.”

I don’t remember ever having slept as well as I did that first night with Jaime. We shifted sometime during the night, and I was sleeping on my back with Jaime using my chest as his pillow.

I remember holding Jaime in my arms when I dozed off again. The next thing I knew, I had the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt! I knew I must be dreaming! At first, I didn’t open my eyes—well, I didn’t open them until I figured out that feeling was coming from my dick!

What I saw when I did open my eyes was Jaime’s mouth wrapped around my dick. His head was bobbing up and down while he kept his eyes looking at me. He was stroking his own cock while he was sucking me into his hot-as-fuck mouth!

Shit! I was so close to blowing my nut into Jaime’s mouth. I warned him that I was close and tried to pull his head away. Jaime wasn’t going to have anything to do with that, and slapped my hand away.

I could tell by the way Jaime was breathing hard that he was about to nut, too. I could feel the tightness in my balls and knew I was about to explode. That’s when I felt Jaime’s hot nut spray across my thighs and balls. That’s also all it took for me to fill Jaime with my nut—I’m pretty sure that was the biggest nut of my entire life, too!

I asked Jaime who was first in the shower. He smiled and said his Mom and Dad were already on their way to work, and his brother would sleep for a few more hours—dead to the world.

“Okay—so who’s first?”

“Let’s shower together.”

“Wha—oh!! Okay!”

We went into the bathroom. My thighs and balls were still wet and sticky from Jaime’s nut. He set the water temperature to a pretty warm level, and he led me into the tub.

It was a little crowded, but that didn’t matter since we were hugging and kissing for a while. Jaime poured some liquid soap onto this thing that looked like a big ball of netting—and he started to clean my body from head to toe.

Once I rinsed off, I returned the favor. I thought I had died and gone to heaven as I got to explore every inch of Jamie’s body that morning. We didn’t bother washing our hair since we do that after swim practice.

Later that day, we gave our presentation and aced it. Everybody paid attention—even applauding when we finished. I grinned my face off—and Jaime blushed at the acknowledgment.

After practice, Jaime held my hand as he drove me home. He came into the house, and my mom was wonderful. When Jaime thanked her for letting me stay over—because we aced our presentation, of course—she smiled at him and said she was happy that everything worked out so well. Ha! If she only knew.

She dished up some leftover apple cobbler, topped it with ice cream, and had us sit at the kitchen table to enjoy an afternoon snack. When we finished, Jaime thanked Mom again and said he needed to head back.

I walked him out to his truck and thanked him again for the best night of my life.

“I can’t wait until we can have another sleepover. There’s so much I want to try with you.”

“It’ll happen, Hunter—just not soon enough. I love you.”

“I wish I could kiss you, but Mom might see.”

“It’s all good. Just know that right now, I’m kissing the fuck out of you in my mind!”

Jaime smiled and started the truck. I stood and watched him disappear down the long driveway back to the highway. I smiled, sighed, and walked back to the house. Life was pretty damned good—if you ask me!

I walked back into the house and went back to the kitchen to tell Mom I was going upstairs to get started on my homework. She was wiping down the counter when the real Mom appeared.

“You spend too much time with that boy. It’s not right.”

“What? Jaime is my friend—Hell, he’s my only friend.”

“It’s not right. You need to make more friends, then.”

“Sorry, Mom. Just ‘cause you sit in this damned house being miserable—unless an outsider shows up—doesn’t mean I have to be miserable, too. I’m finally happy. I’m doing good in school, I’m kicking ass on the swim team, and I have a friend who cares more about me than anyone else around here!”

“Clean up your language, boy—you’re not too old for that bar of lye soap.”

“Whatever. I’m going upstairs.”

I grabbed my shit and went up to my room. I slammed the door behind me. I was so pissed! That woman drives me up the fucking wall the way she puts on her show whenever someone visits. Hell, at least my old man treats me like shit no matter who’s in the room.

I looked over to the bed and found my laundry clean, folded, and in neat piles. Well—almost all of my laundry. On the other side of the t-shirts stack, Mom laid out eight tube socks. These were the socks I nut in when I jerk off. There was a note too. “I’m not touching these. Disgusting.”

I don’t think I said two words during dinner. Every now and then, I would look up to see Mom just looking at me. Dad—like always—just grunted as he stuffed his face with meatloaf. What a family, huh?

Later that night, I called Jaime. He noticed I was down, and he finally got me to open up to him. I explained how pathetic my family was when no one else was around. He still found it hard to believe that Mom was such a cold, miserable bitch.

He asked if he could come over on Saturday. He wanted me to show him the river where I would practice swimming. I told him that even though it was warming up, the water was still too cold to go swimming. He didn’t seem to mind. We agreed that he would come over at ten in the morning—that’s when Mom goes to the grocery store.

And that became our routine. I would spend one night a week at Jaime’s house. As he convincingly explained to my mother, we had five classes together. We needed to help each other out, so our grades stayed good.

Saturday mornings, we were out at the river. Jaime would drive his truck out to the back of the ranch, and we would lay out a quilt and end up have loud and dirty sex for a couple of hours.

While we both had a blast out by the river, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love spending time with Jaime’s family. His mom and dad treated me like one of their kids. We would say more to each other at one dinner than all of the conversations I’d had with my asshole parents in the past three years.

You know how most kids look forward to their sixteenth birthday? Not me. That was one of the most miserable days of my life. Mom and Dad didn’t even acknowledge that it was even my birthday! No “happy birthday, son,” no card, no cake, nothing!

The Vegas had me over for dinner and made up for it. I was so embarrassed when I got tears in my eyes. Mrs. Vega carried a big-ass red velvet birthday cake out of the kitchen. It was loaded with candles, and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me!

As we were finishing up the cake—which was awesome, by the way—Jaime asked me if I was excited to learn how to drive. Well, that just blew all the air out of my sails. All I could do was look down at the table and shake my head.

“They won’t teach me. Neither of ‘em has time. I have to wait until I turn eighteen and then sign myself up for one of those private schools. It’s okay. It’s not like I would ever have anything to drive, anyway.”

I looked up so I could apologize for ruining such a nice dinner. I saw Mrs. Vega look at her husband. She nodded and smiled.

“Hunter. Alex and I have been talking, and the first thing I want to say is that you have been such a wonderful friend to Jaime. He’s not been this happy since his brother died overseas. You’ve given him—and us—a wonderful gift. Our boy is alive again—and it’s all because of you.”

“You don’t have to thank me for that. Jaime makes me happier than I’ve ever been in—well, forever.”

Mr. Vega spoke next. “Maria and I would like you to have Carlos’ truck. It’s just sitting in the driveway, not being used by anyone.”

“What? I can’t take Carlo’s truck—not even as a gift!” Dammit! I couldn’t say anything else with that damned lump in my throat. I took a drink of iced tea and managed to speak again. “Besides, my parents would never let me have it.”

Mrs. Vega put her hand on top of mine. “Why don’t you let me talk to your mother about that. I’ll go with you in the morning when Jaime takes you home.”

“Mom goes to the grocery at ten.”

“Then we’ll leave here at 8:00. Don’t you worry about a thing. Your mother will see things our way when I speak with her.”

That night, Jaime gave me the best birthday present ever! We kissed and got off in a quick sixty-nine. That’s when he asked me to fuck him.

“Are you sure? Are you—are we ready for that?”

“I’ve never been so ready in my life!”

For those of you who have read Vic Greenley Comes Home, you now have a better understanding of the two family dynamics--well, at least i HOPE you do!

In the next chapter, we get to see just how strong a woman Maria Vega is. Trust me, this woman doesn't put up with any kind of bullshit (and quite easily calls others out on theirs).

We're only a couple of chapters from the point where Hunter's story merges with Vic's story. It's always fun retelling events from another character's POV!

Thanks for your comments and support! They truly motivate--some quite literally moved me to tears!

Love you ALL!


Copyright © 2020 FlyOnTheWall; All Rights Reserved.
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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Chapter Comments

The stuff Jaime's parents said about Jaime being happy since he met Hunter tells me they know about Jaime and are supportive of him.Traditionally it's tough growing up gay in a hispanic family but that doesn't seem to be the case here.As far Hunter parents are concerned in addition to being bad parents they're morons.The Dad was the one who couldn't keep it in his pants and she was right there with him.If there is more too it like he forced himself on her then it's still isn't Hunter's fault the whole thing is f F--ked up.Why didn't the grandparent let them put Hunter up for adoption?OK I'll stop here I'm getting ticked

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4 minutes ago, James B. said:

(I even went to the river at the back of and practiced swimming upstream.)

Back of what?

sooo embarrassing! fixed though! Thanks!

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27 minutes ago, FlyOnTheWall said:

sooo embarrassing! fixed though! Thanks!

No problem I thought maybe farm or ranch.

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Such a great chapter!  The lead-up to Hunter and Jaime declaring and physically expressing their feelings was both touching and very hot.  Sweet innocence.

Sadly, their families are a study in contrasts; Jaime’s family is as loving as Hunter’s is hateful.  Pity that it never occurred to those selfish, narcissistic merde containers that their own poor choices created the life they hate. Blaming Hunter is a despicable example of transference.

PS I loved re-reading Book 3.  I cried as much this time as I did the first.  Hayden was a powerfully endearing character.

Edited by tesao
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1 minute ago, tesao said:

I loved re-reading Book 3.  I cried as much this time as I did the first.  Hayden was a powerfully endearing character.

Hayden will make a brief appearance in this book, too. Have to do it because I just love that little nerdboy!

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6 minutes ago, FlyOnTheWall said:

Hayden will make a brief appearance in this book, too. Have to do it because I just love that little nerdboy!

So do I.  Of all the characters, I would have wanted to date Hayden ... and maybe Andy. Oh...and the spunky pool boy next door!

Edited by tesao
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Wow this chapter was hot in places. But if Hunter’s parents are so unhappy with their lives, why do they continue to make each other miserable, just separate and get a divorce. 

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Outstanding chapter! What a dichotomy of parenting you have created for your characters to deal with. One uncaring, hateful and angry; while the other is loving,caring and supportive. Hunter’s mother and father are narcissistic and should have divorced after he was born and placed for adoption. To blame your child for mistakes you’ve made is truly unforgivable. Jaime’s parents have picked up that Hunter’s family life is horrible and Mrs. Vega is going to tear his mother a new one. I love how quickly and deeply Hunter and Jaime have fallen in love. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️

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Dichotomy is right flesco!! (I love that word!) It is the perfect description of these two very different families!  I'll bet Hunter's mom is going to be mincemeat for Mrs. Vega!  Never underestimate the fury of a determined Hispanic momma where her cub is mistreated!!  Another great story Geoff!  Thank you; thank you; thank you!!

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