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Michele 3. Ravello series

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Genres: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Drama, Coming of Age

A short story in four chapters set on the mountainous Italian coast. Michele’s life spirals after a misplaced kiss from his best friend.

This story is the counterpart to my other short story ‘Toto’, and takes place during the same four days. It would work best to read ‘Toto’ first.

Copyright © 2021 James Carnarvon; All Rights Reserved.

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  • Action Packed 7
  • Addictive/Pacing 8
  • Characters 9
  • Chills 6
  • Cliffhanger 7
  • Compelling 5
  • Feel-Good 4
  • Humor 2
  • Smoldering 2
  • Tearjerker 6
  • Unique 5
  • World Building 6

  • Like 3
  • Love 10
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Table of Contents
  • 1. Chapter 1
    • 2,845 Words
  • 2. Chapter 2
    • 2,988 Words
  • 3. Chapter 3
    • 2,429 Words
  • 4. Chapter 4
    • 3,894 Words
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James K

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

In this second novella, Michele - book three in the series, narrates what happened to Michele after the kiss from his best friend Toto. It nicely expands on the previous story and shows us the difference between real friends and those others whom you can't ever count on.

There is a pervading sense of despondonce on the part of Michele due to the loss of his best friend.  We used to talk about how it would feel if we could fly. We would spread our wings and soar right down to the sea, Michele reflects in a way which sums up his gloomy mood.

Led into bad company the story could be tragic. It leaves us with the same questions the previous book posed. The series continues and so perhaps we shall discover some answers, because you cannot help but be drawn into the lives of these teenagers so eloquently described by the author.

  • Love 3
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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Wow, such a heartfelt story of an uncertain teen, he loses his friend and goes through his own few days of teenage hell laced with guilt. He finds and regains his friend, hopefully they will continue to be friends. But you need to read to discover what happens on his journey of those few short days. This is a companion story to 'Toto' so you need to read it to fully understand the events of those days, trust me you won't regret it. I heartily recommend all of the stories in the 'Ravello Series', they are stories of teenage angst which is easy to understand but must be read to be appreciated.

  • Love 2
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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Michele is a young, shy and reticent teen who has grown up with his best friend, Toto. Together they explore and play in the beautiful hill side villages overlooking the Amalfi coast.  Michele's life is idyllic until it is shattered by a kiss, and he begins a dangerous journey to protect his friend.

James Carnarvon creates a beautiful picture of the setting with his skilful use of words.  His characters are engaging and will capture your heart.  This compelling story is unique in that it is only one half of the same story from Michele's point of view.  The other half of the story is found in the short story,Toto, told from Toto's point of view.  Michele is the second short story and I heartily recommend reading it. To truly appreciate this story of friendship fully, I highly recommend reading read Toto first.  However, for the best experience I would start with the first novel, The Summer of the Firefly.  I am sure you will enjoy and love them all.

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