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Standing In Shadows - 18. Chapter 18

SIS 18

I took a quick shower, knowing Dad could hear the water running. After drying off as best I could in the small steam filled bathroom, I unwrapped my arm and threw the plastic in the small garbage can under the sink. I brushed my teeth and smoothed out my hair. It was getting long enough to stick up in some places, but I didn’t really take any time to fuss over it. It was only Jenny and she knew I wasn’t interested like that anymore. I wondered why she was doing this. It was summer and she had Amber and the rest of her friends to hang out with. Cj was gone and the two had started getting closer to dating. I cringed thinking that I could lose her to the likes of him. I didn’t have any claim over her though. She was just a friend and she could date anyone she wanted. I almost wanted to tell her about Clinton, but I also didn’t know what Clinton was to me either and something told me that maybe Jenny was still hopeful for something more from me than friendship.

After dressing and putting on some cologne and deodorant I cracked the bathroom door peeking around what I could see from the small crack in the door for Dad. When a shadow crossed the kitchen I sucked in a breath, but I smiled when I saw Mom enter the kitchen. She saw the cracked bathroom door and rolled her eyes. She pointed towards the couch and cupped her hand imitating how Dad held his evening drink of beer.

I opened the door and tiptoed across the narrow hall to my room. I locked the door behind me, like Mom had instructed and looked at my bed. It was empty of loose clothes that hadn’t been packed away yet. The two boxes of my winter clothes were stacked on top of one another at the foot of my bed already taped. Mom was covering my tracks for me and I was thankful, but felt bad about it as well. She already was doing most of the packing. Dad had always made it clear that the kitchen was her domain and that everything there was hers to care for and keep organized. He would make a joke about it, but over the years he never cleaned a dish or fixed much of anything apart from a cold cut sandwich for himself.

I walked over to the bedroom window. I saw Jenny hovering in the low light. She smiled at me as I awkwardly slid through the window and joined her just outside of my room. She helped me close the window to keep the bugs out of the room and she handed me the flashlight.

“I expect you to protect me from all the scary things,” she said and hooked her arm with mine.

“Deal,” I said, rolling my eyes. Bugs were attacking the beam of the flashlight and every once in a while I would feel Jenny jerk and her hand wave frantically around her face and hair.

“I sprayed half a bottle of Off on me before I came over,” she whispered and I laughed as we crossed the small field and the narrow paved road to the church parking lot. Her car was the only one there, parked under the light pole. I looked back at my house, lit only by the store’s large security light, my side of the house was dark. I looked down at her wondering just how much courage it did take her to step out of her car at the church and make her way in the darkness to my house.

“So where are you taking me?” I asked as I opened her car door and waited for her to slide into the driver’s seat. Stuff like opening doors and sliding out chairs was something Dad had tried to ingrain into me, but it only resurfaced every once in awhile. It seemed to make her smile as she walked past me and slid into her seat.

“Well I don’t know?” She said with a question hanging in the air. “What do you want to do?”

It was then I noticed how hungry I was. I hadn’t eaten much all day and I had missed dinner. I didn’t smell anything in the house either and Mom had packed away part of the kitchen. I wondered if she had cooked anything to eat anyway.

“I’m pretty hungry,” I said and she smiled.

“Do you have a curfew, because we’re definitely not eating in town,” she said and I shook my head.

“Can’t have a curfew if you’re sneaking out,” I countered, “if you can count telling your Mom that you’re sneaking out, I mean.”

“You’re such an angel,” she joked, “and your Mom is cooler than mine.”

“Does she know?” I asked and Jenny waved her hand.

“She doesn’t know, but it’s not like she cares much either,” Jenny answered. “I mean she probably heard me leave, I don’t really have to sneak around, but if I ever were to ask, I think she’d say no, so I never ask.”

“Oh,” I said, not missing the frown that crossed Jenny’s face.

“Well are we leaving or not?” Jenny asked and I blinked. I was still on her side of the car, holding her door open. I smiled quickly and carefully closed her door then jogged around the back of the car and slid into the passenger seat.

Jenny’s car always smelled like her perfume mixed with some fresh scent. The heat of the long day intensified the smell, but I didn’t mind it. It smelled like her and I always liked how she smelled. Jenny started the car and backed out of the church’s parking lot without looking. The small road hardly saw any traffic this time of night anyway. Then we drove by the house. I wanted to duck my head, but was too embarrassed by the thought of it. I did turn my head to see Jenny glancing over at me like she expected me to duck as well. She smiled and turned the radio on, but it was low enough to allow for us to talk as well.

“How’s Trouble?” I asked feeling a bit of forgotten anger boil over when I thought about her.

“I think she already misses you,” she said, “she looked for you before she finally settled down and started playing with the others.”

“Any luck finding homes for them?” I asked, suppressing the lump in my throat. It shocked me how much I already liked the little dog and thinking she missed me hurt as well.

“No, but I’m not really looking,” she said, “I need them as evidence.”

“Evidence?” I asked, trying to hide the amusement in my voice. I knew Jenny took this stuff seriously, but it wasn’t likely she would ever find out who dumped the box of puppies on the side of the road.

“For my investigation,” she said, “the only reason I gave you Trouble is because I knew you would help me.”

“Help you find out who did it?” I asked, “why do you think I’d help?”

“Well aren’t you going to help?” She asked looking over at me.

“When I have time to,” I answered shrugging my shoulders. It would give us something to do and if we were lucky we would be able to find out who did it.

“And anyway, it won’t be as hard as you’re probably thinking,” Jenny rattled looking forward as we started getting into her and Clinton’s neighborhood. The thought of him caused me to look over and study Jenny. I wondered what her reaction would be if I asked her to stop by and pick him up. They had never really been friends - the only real connection between the two of them was Cj and he wasn’t around.

“What do you mean?” I asked as we passed her house. Clinton only lived a few houses down and my palms were starting to sweat. I was running out of time to decide if it was appropriate to ask her to stop for him. She was the one sneaking me out and she was the one driving.

“Well they aren’t that old, the momma dog will still show signs of having taken care of them,” Jenny explained, “and they are mixed, but not a common mix either.”

“Oh,” I said as Clinton’s house came into view. His large black truck was visible in the light from his porch.

“And people talk, I just have to ask the right questions,” she said and I looked over at her about to tell her to stop, but she had slowed down and put on her turn signal.

“Why are we stopping here?” I asked and she hesitated about pulling the car into the driveway.

“Well it was his plan, but if you don’t want to?” She said looking behind her to make sure we were still the only ones on the road. “I mean I thought you two were friends and he knew about how you felt about Trouble and he did bring her to me.”

“Oh, right,” I said, “yeah I want to stop.”

“Ok then,” she said rolling her eyes after giving me a strange look and pulled in behind the truck. The front door opened and closed almost immediately and Clinton had cleaned up from this afternoon and was well dressed as well. When he opened the back seat behind me he let out a sigh.

“I thought something had happened, I was about to call, but remembered you two actually have parents around still,” Clinton said as he shut his door and buckled his seatbelt.

“He didn’t sneak out, he asked his Mom,” Jenny answered, shooting Clinton an amused look.

“The way she looked I’m not surprised,” Clinton said and I turned to look at him. “She going to smooth things out?”

“As best she can,” I answered shrugging. “I should have stood up to him about the bike more.”

“You would have gotten hit,” Clinton said, “I never saw your Dad like that, I about peed myself. I don’t know how you stand it.”

“I’m used to it,” I said, offering him a tight smile.

“You have bigger balls than me,” he said and I heard Jenny giggle.

“Boys let’s not talk about balls,” she said, “let’s talk about where we’re going to eat.”

The expression that crossed Clinton’s face made me bite my lip to keep from laughing. I turned around needing to think about where I was going to eat, because I knew that it was my decision. They would try to treat me for all of this, feeling sorry for me for what happened with Dad. I let out a small sigh trying not to let the thought ruin the way I felt. I just hated knowing they were doing this for other reasons, not only because they were friends.

When we finally got into the one major city within a fifty mile drive from our small town, I started looking around for places to eat. When I came with my Mom and Dad we always ate at a sports bar that served cheap hot wings. I was always able to stomach just two of those hot wings before I moved on to a salad that Mom would always order all of us. Mom and I always would make fun of Dad on the way home when he would have to unbutton his pants because the wings had made him bloat. He never offered to take us anywhere else though, not even on Mom’s birthdays. Eating out had become rare for us too, it should have been a sign that things weren’t going well. I hadn’t started missing the trips into the city yet, but now part of me was wishing Mom was here taking me out to eat or even for ice cream, like she did when I was younger. So much had changed since I started High School and I was just now seeing that I didn’t like a lot of it.

Looking out the window I saw all the fast food places and closed stores that didn’t stay open long after nightfall, come into view. A few more street lights and we would be at the sports bar. It would be open, it stayed open as long as there was a sporting event going on. Probably a baseball game and I glanced back at Clinton. He was also looking out the window as the possibilities of places to eat kept passing by.

“Well?” Jenny asked as she slowed down to stop at a red light. I shrugged my shoulders, my stomach was empty and threatened to growl any second.

“What are you two in the mood for?” I asked looking over at Jenny and then back at Clinton again. He offered me a smile, then turned to look at Jenny. I frowned realizing he wasn’t going to be any help at all or maybe he thought it would be the gentlemanly thing to do and let Jenny decide. She only glanced at me before she turned and waited for the light to change.

“You pick Corey,” Jenny said tapping her nails against the chrome of her steering wheel.

“Do you guys like Italian?” I asked and saw Jenny’s face mold into a brief snarl, but then she smiled at me.

“I mean, I was asking, I don’t really know what you two like,” I said and the light changed. Jenny smoothed into the flow of traffic again. It was light, but it was a weekday and most people still had to work.

“I’m not picky,” Clinton answered leaning forward as far as his seatbelt allowed.

“Just pick Corey. We’re not going to mind,” Jenny said, but I ruled out Italian food as I started looking around. I knew we were getting out of the restaurants and into the business district soon. So I looked and saw my Mom’s favorite restaurant, a place that served a variety, even hot wings, but Dad never budged and took us there. He reserved that for their Anniversary, the only time Dad made the day all about her.

“Let’s eat there,” I said pointing to the left as we approached the turn. The turning lane was red so Jenny eased into the lane and waited.

“Wilde’s is my favorite place to eat,” Jenny said smiling, but then the smile faltered and I knew what she was thinking. This would have been the place she would have wanted to go before our Junior Prom, she probably would have suggested it to me, since all I really knew was Greene’s Wild Wings.

I didn’t say anything and Jenny didn’t look to be about to say anything either. I glanced back at Clinton and he gave me a tight smile. The car jerked slightly when the light turned green and she pulled into the parking lot. It wasn’t completely full, but Jenny had to circle most of the way around the place before she found a parking spot she was comfortable enough to squeeze her shiny car into.

When we were parked I looked down at my outfit and wondered if I am underdressed for a place like this. It had to be one of the better places in the small city. A door greeter opened the tinted glass doors for us. She gave us a welcoming smile as she led us through the doors. I kept walking until Jenny grabbed my elbow and gently pulled me back.

“Wait here for a wait staff,” the greeter said, looking at me. I nodded glancing at Jenny and Clinton, they both shared amused smiles and I felt my face flush. Then I saw Clinton glance down at my elbow. Jenny had slid her arm farther into my body so that our arms were linked. He raised an eyebrow and I wanted to slide my arm free, but knew it wouldn’t be a good idea.

A few moments later a short young girl walked up holding menus and rolled napkins with silverware tucked inside. She gave us a warm smile, she looked to be about our age or slightly older. Probably a college student working a summer job. She greeted us and waved her hand for us to follow her to our booth. I let Jenny slide in and when I turned I saw that Clinton had slid in opposite of Jenny. They both looked up expectantly, if I wasn’t so nervous about the decision I would have found their expressions amusing.

“Is this booth alright sir or would you like another?” The waitress asked and I realized I had hesitated longer than I thought.

“No it’s fine,” I said and slid in the booth beside Jenny. The waitress busied herself with smoothing out the napkins and placing the menus in front of us. I looked across the table and saw Clinton watching me. I could tell he was disappointed when I didn’t sit beside him. I looked at Jenny and I saw her happily texting on her bulky pink phone.

“And what can I get you to drink?” The Waitress asked. I was still looking between Clinton and Jenny debating with myself about whether I should change seats and how it would look to Jenny. I didn’t think Clinton was out to anyone and Jenny was the only person apart from Clinton that knew about me back home. Clinton cleared his throat and I looked up to see the waitress looking at me. I felt my face flush thinking she must think I’m an idiot.

“Water please, no lemon,” I answered, then I looked at the menu while she took Jenny and Clinton’s drink orders as well. When she left Jenny flipped over the menu and Clinton opened his. I looked at the prices and frowned, I barely had enough in my wallet to pay the listed prices. I sighed and closed the menu deciding on the cheapest thing on the menu, the small order of barbecue wings.

“Not see anything you like?” Clinton asked leaning forward. Then Jenny jumped, her knee smacking the bottom of the table.

“Clinton,” she whispered glaring at him.

“Sorry, just stretching,” Clinton said, his face already turning red.

“I suggest the Hawaiian Chicken, it is always delicious,” Jenny offered, sliding her menu over to show me the picture, but I only saw the fourteen dollar price tag.

“I don’t know,” I said grimacing.

“Order anything you like Corey,” Clinton said, “we’re trying to cheer you up for losing your bike and stuff.”

“Yeah,” Jenny said slapping my wrist, “so stop worrying about the prices.”

“It’s so embarrassing,” I whispered as the waitress came back and set our drinks down on the table.

“So what will you all be having this evening?” The waitress asked, looking at me first. I was set on ordering wings, but then Jenny grabbed my hand.

“I want him to try the Hawaiian chicken,” Jenny said, nodding her head towards me. “And I’ll have the barbecue pork ribs, the fifteen rack.”

“Good choices,” she said then turned to Clinton and took his steak order then took the drink tray and walked into the kitchen.

“I figured you for a small salad,” Clinton said looking at Jenny. “My Dad can’t even finish that rack of ribs.”

“I won’t eat them all,” Jenny said then she smiled, “in one sitting.”

“You won’t be able to fit into that green bikini tomorrow,” Clinton joked and Jenny rolled her eyes.

“That’s what gyms are for,” Jenny countered, “and besides the puppies will like to chew on the bones.”

“You’re going to take the bones?” I asked, stifling a laugh.

“They’ll like them and it will keep them from chewing on everything else,” Jenny added then took a sip of her iced tea.

“What do they say when you get a to go box for bones?” Clinton asked and I jumped when I felt his foot slide across mine. I hoped Jenny didn’t notice when I smiled across the table at him, thinking I was forgiven for not sitting next to him.

“They kind of look at me weird until I tell them it is for my dog,” Jenny answered as she grabbed a few napkins and wiped up the condensation ring under her glass.

We fell into a comfortable silence. Clinton rubbing my foot and leg with his foot distracted me until Jenny grabbed my hand and started playing with my fingers. It was something she did when we were dating, she would massage my hand as well. It never bothered me until now when Jenny jumped again and glared at Clinton.

“That hurt Clinton,” she hissed and Clinton looked apologetic again.

“These booths aren’t good for long legs,” he said smiling, but Jenny let my hand drop back to the table. I rolled my eyes while taking a drink of my water.

When our food arrived we all ate in silence. The chicken was great and watching Jenny dive into the rack of ribs, fingers first, was amusing as well. She ate differently when she wasn’t out to impress anyone. I wondered how her Mom would react watching her face become smeared with more sauce with each bite she took. Dad would grumble at me and make me wash my face. The Sports bar is the only place people could eat wings with bare hands and no utensils.

“Jenny, you have some sauce on your nose,” I said and she smiled a barbecue smile and took a napkin and wiped her nose, ignoring her fingers and lips.

“I don’t think she’s going to leave anything for the puppies,” Clinton said and I laughed. Jenny rolled her eyes and finally wiped her face and hands.

“With ribs you might as well finish eating before you get cleaned up or you will be doing more cleaning than eating,” Jenny said as she opened her purse and took out her small mirror and she opened the complimentary wet napkins. She cleaned her fingers again then made me slide out of the booth so she could go to the restroom.

The waitress came by to refill our drinks and noticed that our plates were empty. After pouring tea and water into our glasses she left to put the pitchers away. Jenny was still in the restroom when the waitress came back. Jenny did eat all the ribs in one sitting and I wondered if she did that all the time and just didn’t want to tell Clinton. After she cleaned up Clinton’s and my plate she reached across for Jenny’s plate of bones.

“She’ll need a to go box,” I said and the waitress hesitated.

“It’s for her dogs,” Clinton added and the waitress stood straight and looked at the both of us with a skeptical look on her face.

“Sadly we’re serious,” I added and the waitress laughed and left Jenny’s plate on the table.

“Do you guys want dessert or are you ready for your checks?” She asked and I turned to see Jenny walking back to the table. I looked across the table at Clinton.

“I’m full,” he said as I stood and let Jenny slide back into the booth.

“I couldn’t eat another bite either, but if you want something, go ahead Corey,” Jenny said, but I smiled and shook my head.

“We are ready for the checks, thanks,” I said and sat back down.

“Will you and her be paying together?” The waitress asked, looking at me before she handed the to-go box Jenny wanted to her.

“Separate,” Clinton and Jenny said at the same time. Jenny shot Clinton a look as the waitress laughed a little and left. I saw the recognition on Jenny’s face as she turned on me.

“You and Clinton?” Jenny whispered, waving her finger between the two of us. Then she mouthed the words, ‘oh my god,’ her face flushing. “I’m the third wheel!”

“Jenny hush,” I hissed looking around the restaurant. Clinton sunk farther down in his side of the booth chewing on his bottom lip.

“Sorry,” she said, “if I had known you two were, you know, I wouldn’t have you know...”

“Not really,” I said, trying not to laugh. I knew Clinton wasn’t handling it well being found out by Jenny.

“Like playing with your hand like I used to and stuff,” she said then she grimaced and shot a glare at Clinton. “You kicked me on purpose.”

“I did,” he said looking more at ease with the situation. “So you already know about Corey?”

“Yeah I kind of figured after he chickened out on me before Junior Prom and I kind of knew after he started hanging out with that Greg guy,” she explained and I looked around hoping no one else was listening to our conversation.

The waitress came by and handed us three leather credit card and money holders with our cheques then left to give us time to tip her for her good service without hovering around the table.

“Well since you two are together you can pay for Corey,” Jenny said as she slid a credit card into the holder and wrote out her tip amount on the check.

“I can pay for most of it,” I said looking across the table at Clinton.

“That’s alright, I got you,” he said and handed me enough money to pay for my food. “Just leave a little for the tip if you want.”

“Thanks,” I said and left money at the table for the tip.

After Jenny dumped her rib bones into the box we slid out of the booth. Jenny led us to the cashier at the front of the restaurant and we took turns paying for our meals then left with Jenny picking her teeth with the complimentary toothpick.

“You two can ride in back if you want,” she said as she opened the driver’s side door. “But no funny business.”

“That’s ok,” I said, my face getting hot again. I was actually considering sitting back there with him until then and I noticed Clinton smile and roll his eyes as he opened the back seat and slid inside.

The drive back was quiet apart from the music playing in the car. I kept looking at Clinton in the rearview mirror only to find him smiling back at me. The front seat seemed too far away now. Jenny would glance at me and smile as well and I wondered how she really felt about Clinton and I. I hurt her when I broke up with her and embarrassed her in front of her friends. I also wondered if she was really okay seeing me with Clinton. I didn’t want to ask her, afraid that she would answer too honestly, Jenny was never one to stray too far from being too honest with everything.

When we were back in town and Clinton’s house was coming up I felt awkward. I didn’t think I wanted to kiss him with Jenny waiting for me in the car, but when she pulled completely into his driveway and shut the car off I knew she was giving us time to ourselves.

“Please don’t watch,” I whispered causing her to laugh.

“Yeah right,” she said sticking her tongue out at me as I slid out of the passenger seat. Clinton grabbed my hand after our doors were closed and I glanced back at Jenny, who I knew didn’t listen to what I said.

“This was nice,” Clinton said, “even with Jenny.”

“Yeah,” I offered as we stepped onto his carport. I was looking forward to the darkness, but then a security light came on and I couldn’t stop thinking about a spot light lighting a stage. I looked at Clinton and wondered if he was thinking the same thing.

“Run and tell her goodnight,” Clinton said, nodding his head towards her. I wanted to and had to stop myself from running to her side of the car and tell her to go on home and thank her for cheering me up.

“I can’t,” I said, “I kind of snuck out, remember?”

“Right,” he said smiling, “I guess it wouldn’t be good for your Dad to see you missing.”

“I’d be too scared to come home if he did,” I said laughing.

“Well then I guess your surprise will just have to wait,” Clinton said and he smiled and kissed my cheek. “Goodnight.”

“What surprise?” I asked, ignoring the way my skin prickled when he kissed me.

“Say goodnight,” he said, “and kiss me if you want to.”

“Fine,” I said and didn’t bother glancing over my shoulder. I wanted to feel what I felt a few moments ago all over again so I leaned forward and kissed him. His lips were hard as the kiss surprised him, and I heard his keys drop to the carport as he slid his hand to my face. Then he recovered and his lips parted and softened and he gently pulled me closer to him. I smiled as I broke the kiss and backed away so he could pick up his keys. “Goodnight.”

He smiled and fumbled with his keys, but I didn’t leave the carport until he gave me a small wave and closed the door behind him. I also was killing time for whatever state of shock Jenny was in to subside a little before I returned to her car, but when she started it I knew I was out of time.

When I slid in she looked at me trying not to smile.

“If it was winter my glass would have fogged,” she said, “that was hot.”

“Knock it off,” I said thinking it would be easier on my body if it just gave me a permanent blush.

“Sucks that you couldn’t stay after a kiss like that,” she said and I thought I heard a hint of something behind the humor. A small weakness in her voice.

“Well let’s get me home,” I said, offering her a smile. “Thank you for cheering me up, I really needed it. I’ll stop by and get Trouble tomorrow.”

“Ok,” she said smiling and we drove off towards my side of the county.

Copyright © 2014 Krista; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

Another excellent chapter! I like that Jenny now knows about Corey and Clinton. I feel bad for Corey as well. It is hard enough being a teenager, but having parents struggling with finances makes it even worse.

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B) .....Well, that was shocking, getting another chapter from Krista!!!!! :lol: Things are looking well for Clinton and Riley, and now that Jenny knows, this should be interesting year when school starts back up. CJ is a vindictive little prick isn't he and Riley's Dad? Well he is just a prick by nature. Thanks for another chapter Krista!
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  • Site Administrator

Good chapter Krista ;) Too bad I never saw it before you posted it 0:)

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On 02/01/2013 05:00 PM, wildone said:
Good chapter Krista ;) Too bad I never saw it before you posted it 0:)
Nice try Steven.. but your name is on the Editor list.. :P *Hugs*
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On 02/01/2013 09:19 AM, Benji said:
B) .....Well, that was shocking, getting another chapter from Krista!!!!! :lol: Things are looking well for Clinton and Riley, and now that Jenny knows, this should be interesting year when school starts back up. CJ is a vindictive little prick isn't he and Riley's Dad? Well he is just a prick by nature. Thanks for another chapter Krista!
Thanks Benji! Yes.. another chapter from me.. :P But glad you liked it! It only took me 4 or so months..
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On 02/01/2013 04:57 AM, A.J. said:
Another excellent chapter! I like that Jenny now knows about Corey and Clinton. I feel bad for Corey as well. It is hard enough being a teenager, but having parents struggling with finances makes it even worse.
Thank Aj! Are you sure it's a good thing for Jenny to know? :P;)
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Another great chapter Krista! :)


I was a tad confused though. At the restaurant, I thought that Clinton had told Jenny how he felt about Cory when he dropped Trouble off. I figured that's why he kept kicking her under the table every time she grabbed Corey's hand, or touched him.


So how exactly did she put two and two together when they both shouted "separately" to the waitress about the checks? Maybe I'm just really slow, but how did that clue her in?


I'm looking forward to the next update; hopefully we won't have to wait too long......;)

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On 02/09/2013 05:32 PM, Lisa said:
Another great chapter Krista! :)


I was a tad confused though. At the restaurant, I thought that Clinton had told Jenny how he felt about Cory when he dropped Trouble off. I figured that's why he kept kicking her under the table every time she grabbed Corey's hand, or touched him.


So how exactly did she put two and two together when they both shouted "separately" to the waitress about the checks? Maybe I'm just really slow, but how did that clue her in?


I'm looking forward to the next update; hopefully we won't have to wait too long......;)

No, he didn't tell her. He was kicking her under the table because she 'was' touching Cory.. playfully possessive, you can say.. lol.
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Oh Holy shit. Jenny knows about Clinton. God help him if he doesn't stand up to CJ on Corey's behalf. On the other hand, Clinton and Corey seem to be a good match as long as CJ isn't around.

I can't WAIT for Corey's dad to find out. He'll blow a heart valve. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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