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Poem Collection - MythOfHappiness - 21. Through Glass

Through my window

And into yours

I watched you dancing

You spun and swayed

to music I couldn't hear


In your eyes I saw the lyrics

In your movements I felt the beat

Of blood made form, given shape

I drank you in and whispered quiet

Apologies and praises and curses in your name


If we spoke you'd take me to the river

If we touched you'd push me under

If we kissed you'd give me breath again

But for now you dance through panes of glass

And pains of love and drowning settle in my lungs


Hold me to the floor

Take my breath and my skin and my form

Shred me like wet paper

Let me bleed for you and drink me in

Sweet and bitter on your tongue, unworthy


A drop of sweat slides down your brow

And your movements are faster now, frantic

You spin and spin and spin

And you swing your arms so violently

And your mouth is screaming


And I am screaming with you

A rough, guttural roar

Of anger at all the fuckers and the pain and the ones that want nothing more than to stop us from dancing

Our eyes meet and we feel that anger together

So loud the glass shakes and the air trembles


And once our voices are horse and harsh we collapse against the glass

And we feel drained and far away and so, so close

Closer than touch, closer than skin

And I stand and now I dance for you

A reminder that after all this is still ours

Copyright © 2018 MythOfHappiness; All Rights Reserved.

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Wow. So brilliant. This poem is a whole story and journey in and of itself. Your work always floors me, leave me wanting to know more but afraid you'll tell me. 

Just brilliant 

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