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Time Will Tell - 5. Chapter 5



Chapter 5



The following weeks, after Trent pretty much seduced me in the classroom. Have been, how to put this into words that people would understand. I don’t think there are any honestly.

Trent and I have become closer since then, while at home, things haven’t changed. My father doesn’t beat me as severe anymore. I think he has a girlfriend, I think. That’s the only possibly conclusion that I have. Maybe that’s why he has started to clean up his act. Taking showers every day, combing his hair back, and splashing cologne on his neck. Old spice I think. But, in my mind there is nothing that he can do to make the pain of what he did to me any better.


One afternoon though, he came home in a huff. I don’t know what set him off, but he threw a really nice glass lamp at the wall. Without saying anything, I started to take off my shirt and unbuckle my pants. I knew he would take his anger out on me. I’m his outlet for anger.


And I would be right, he came at me, with everything. Without flinching, he punched me in the stomach. With a humph, all the air came rushing out of my lungs. It hurt, like really hurt. Almost bringing tears to my eyes, but I won’t give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I held onto him as my body bent over. He pushed me back into the wall, and socked me in the jaw. I felt dizzy. I didn’t know that I fell to the floor, until I felt his steel toe boot kick me in the side. My rib, cracked at that point. I cried out in pain, god it hurt. My body wanted to curl up into a ball. It wanted to make to the pain go away.


“Those fucking minrods think that they can take away,” he kicked me again, “my promotion… They passed me up,” He kicked me again, “I can’t believe after all these years of working for them,” every time he would pause he’d kick me again, “all those fucking years of working for them and they can’t even give me what I ask for,” he kicked me so hard, that my body smacked into the wall with a thud. I lay there, hoping that this would end soon or that I would black out.


He kicked me in the head, making my neck crack. Like whiplash, but worse. After that final kick, I blacked out. Thankful that I didn’t have to feel the pain anymore. Thankful that I didn’t have to endure it any longer. He could do whatever he wanted to me now, and I wouldn’t care. I could go now, and I would be just fine with it. I didn’t deserve this kind of life. I finally have someone, and life throws another curb ball at me. Reminding me that I’m nothing, I’m worthless, that I’m trash!


When I came to, the house is dark, it’s quiet. The last thing that I remember was my father kicking me, and then I blacked out. I wonder where he is now. I wonder why he just left me here on the floor. I can’t hear anything, not my father’s snoring, not even the TV going, nothing. All is a little too quiet. Like something is coming, like in a video game where it’s quiet until you get to a part where there are enemies. Just like that.


Reaching over to my pants, I felt for my cell phone. I have been keeping it on me just in case. This is one of those times, where I need my best friend to come help me. I just need her. When I raised my head, everything became blurry; it hurt to move my head even just a little bit. He must have done a number on me because I can barely move without a shooting pain going off at different parts of my body. I hate that man with every fiber of my being.


Finally I felt the outline of my cell phone, digging into my pocket. I take out the phone and hit speed dial. She better answer. The phone kept ringing and ringing. Finally as I was about to hang up, the other line picks up…


“Hello?” Her voice sounds heavy with sleep.


“Tam… Tammy!” My voice cracks


“Devon?! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” She goes off


“Tammy…” I cough into the phone


“Devon, you’re scaring me… What’s wrong?” She starts to panic. I hear shuffling going on, on her end of the line


“I need…” I cough again, “I need help.” I start to sniffle, as my nose starts to burn and my throat clenches tighter. Making it very hard not to cry out


“I’m on my way… Stay where you are. I’ll be there in two minutes.” She hangs up the phone. With that I place my arm on the floor, with the phone still clutched in my hand. My side burns with pain, taking my fingers I lightly trace around my collarbone. Even the slightest touch sent a shock of pain coursing through my body. Making me tense my body, I groaned out. I didn’t feel like I could take anymore. The pain seemed to be too much.


I passed out again. Only waking when I felt my body being pushed. “Stt… stop!” I stammered out. Taking the wrist of whoever is pushing me. “Please…” pleaded with the person.


“Devon, it’s me…” IT sounded like Tammy. Like she has been crying as well.


“Tammy? What’s wrong? You okay?” I ask, clearly not thinking correctly


“Devon, I’m okay. It’s you… You’re body looks mangled. Like someone literally had no heart, they wanted to inflict as much pain as possible.” Her voice sounded shaky


“How bad is it, Tammy?” I ask, even though I knew.


“Babe, your father beat you pretty badly.” She touched my face, I hissed out


“Devon?” Came another voice. Please don’t tell me.


“Tr…Trent?” I spoke out


“Tammy, you didn’t..” With that, I started coughing like crazy. Eventually I felt something in my throat, like phlegm…


“Turn on the light Trent. We need to see better.” She said, when the lights flicked on, my eyes clenched tightly closed. I couldn’t stop coughing, though. My lungs burned with fire.


“Babe, we need to get you to the hospital now… You’re coughing up blood.” If I could have spoken I would have told her no, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want the police involved; because that would be mean I would be taken away from these wonderful people. Especially Trent, my beautiful hunk of a boyfriend?


My body wouldn’t move, I tried and tried. But it didn’t respond to me. “Trent, can you carry him?” She asks


Without saying anything, he starts to lift me up. I scream out in pain with every movement, I couldn’t take it; my body couldn’t handle that much. I passed out again.


Part J


The noise of the phone ringing in the kitchen woke me up at first. My brain felt groggy still. But I eventually get up and go out the kitchen where the phone is still ringing. It’s really irritating that people have to call this early in the morning. Like damn, doesn’t anyone sleep anymore. Reaching out for the phone, I pick it up and place my hand on the wall to steady myself. ‘Answering a phone half asleep is just wonderful’ I thought.


“Hello?” I ask


“Hello, I’m looking for Ms. Crawford. This is about her son Devon Cooper.”


“Is he alright?” I ask


“Who am I speaking with?” The person asks


“This is his Brother Jeff Crawford.” I say into the phone, while running back to my room and grabbing my cell phone. My nerves are spiked, and my adrenaline seemed to be rushing.


“Well I’m sorry Sir, but I need to speak with your mother regarding Mr. Cooper.” The person spoke calmly.


“Yea, sure hold on.” With that I go into my mother’s room. I start to shake her vigorously, “Mom, get up… Mom!” I yell at her


“What, Jeff!” She groans out


“It’s an emergency.” I spoke with a shaky voice, on the verge of crying


“Son, what is it?” She sat up in bed immediately and turned on her bed side lamp


“What?!” She asks while rubbing her eyes


“It’s about Devon.” You’d think that I was imagining this, but when I said his name, her eyes pop open and she looks at me with concerned eyes.


“Phone.” She said in a shaky but calm voice. I give her the phone and sit at the end of the bed. “Hello?” She spoke. She took the phone away from her ear and presses the speaker button.


“Ms. Crawford is there any way that you can make it to the hospital here Colorado Springs?”


“Why what’s going on?” My mother asks


“It looks like your son have been beaten pretty badly. I can’t give you all the details over the phone. That’s why I asked if you could come to Colorado.” The woman says


“Yes, me and my son will be out on the flight. Thank you. Also could you give the address? And the name of the hospital. I need to call some people.” My mother says in rapid fire.


“Jeff. Call you Josh. And then look on the net for the next flight out and book it. I don’t care the cost...”


“Ms. Crawford, you ready for the address?” The woman spoke


“Yes, go ahead.”


“The address is…” I tuned out the rest of the conversation. I had things to do. First call Josh.


“Hey babe?” I spoke into the phone while leaving my moms room.


“Hey, handsome. What’s up?” He sounded chirper


“We have an emergency.” I said


“What do you mean by emergency?”


“Well it’s Devon. He’s in the hospital. We have to go there.” I told Josh


“Do you want me to come?” He asks hesitantly


“Of course.” I said


“I’ll start packing. I love you Jeff!” That made my heart soar.


“I love you too, babe.”


My hands were shaking as I packed my things. I didn’t know how long we would be in Colorado Springs, but I wanted to be prepared, you know.


“Jeff did you book the flight for Colorado Springs?” My mother asks as she comes into my room.


“Yes, our flight is in one hour. It’s a one way, because I didn’t know how long we would be there for. And it’s straight there.”


“But how?” She asks


“When you know people like I do mom, they will do anything for you. Also it helps that your fiancé has a dad that owns a private plane.” I smiled


“Fancy.” She licks her finger and touches me, “tsss… hot!” She laughs as she walks out the room. God I love that woman.


“Mom, you know I love you right?” I say to her


“Of course I know that. We will get past this, your brother is going to come home with us. Where he belongs. He should have been here from the start…” She starts to cry. I hate when she cries. This is the only person in my life that I hate seeing cry.


“Mom it will be alright.” I hug her


“Thank you sweetie. Alright enough of the water works. We need to go. Is your boyfriend coming with us?” She asks, knowingly


“Duh!” I laugh


“Alright, who’s driving?” She asks


“I think it’s best if I drive.” I grab my keys from the hook by the door. Look at her with a sad smile


“Alright, when is Josh going to…” She pauses as Josh comes strolling into the room


“Speak of the devil.” We both laugh, even though we both wanted to cry


“Ready?” He asks, worry etched on his face. Looking a little lost.


“Yes… We are taking my car.” I tell him. Without anymore words being spoke. I walk past him and go into the garage. My car is a 2013 mustang. My mother bought it for me last year for my sixteenth birthday. She also had the car painted in my favorite color, royal purple. I cried when we walked out into the driveway that night, and when she slipped the cover off it, I stood there with my mouth open, crying. This is my baby.


When the car purred to life, I smiled. I always smile when he purrs. Yes, he. I’m gay after all it’s only appropriate that the car be a he as well. As I back out of the garage, I hit the fob for the door. “Ready?” I ask my mom


“Yes, sweetie. Lets go.” She said in a sad voice


I don’t know if I told you yet but my mother is a lawyer. Specializing in child case’s, so it’s always a touchy subject when she has a case regarding a child being abused. I think that’s why I don’t give her too much stress. Because I know what it does to her. And I also don’t give her too much grief about the guys she sleeps with.


“Are you going to be Devon’s lawyer?” Josh asks from the back seat


“I don’t know dear. I will find out more when I get there. I have some friends still in Colorado that may have to take the case.” She says as I speed forward. Not really paying attention to the speed

limit that much. I wanted to get there sooner rather than later. “Jeff, slow down. It won’t do us any good if we get into an accident. Or we get pulled over.”


“Yes, mom!” I roll eyes


“Listen to her, Jeff.” Josh demanded


“Fine!” I said slightly annoyed, they don’t know the rush of speeding


“You know where the private airport is, right Jeff?” Josh asks


“Yea, I think so. You take Connlee Dr. to Ports Mouth, and turn left. You take that for about five miles and then you turn right onto Paris Ln. The airport should be on the left.” I say to him


“Good, I’ll text my dad telling him how far out we are.” Josh says


I grab my mother’s hand and give it a squeeze. She squeezed it back. “It will be alright, Mom. We will have our boy soon.” I smile at her


“I hope so. I need to call some friends in Springs.” She says, she takes out her phone and starts dialing numbers. I go back to paying attention to driving, we are almost here anyway.

As we arrive the security stops the car and asks, “Excuse me Sir, but this is a private airport. You cannot get through…”


“Excuse me, what is your name?” Asks Josh from the backseat


“Sam Collins. And who might you be?”


“My name is Josh Winchester. My dad has a private jet here. He is waiting for us.”


“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Winchester, you are free to enter.” With that he hits a button and the gates open.


“Thank you.” And off we went.


Pulling up to the plane, “Oh my god, it’s fucking huge.” I exclaimed. And it really is, black in color.


“I told you it was.” Josh said


“Let’s the bags.” My mom spoke


“Actually the attendants get them. All we have to do, is tell them where we want the car to be parked and what we need for on the plane. Other than that we just go on up.” Josh said matter of factly


“Well, that certainly is convent.” My mom said as she exited for the car.


“Are you really okay, Jeff?”


“No, but I have to be strong for my mother…” I say as I turn off the key and exit the vechile.


He comes around the car and hugs me, “Thank you.” I smile into his neck


“You’re welcome.”


**This is the end of this chapter. Sorry for the long wait. I’ll be posting more when I’m able. Please comment, like, email gayjay0507@gmail.com


Copyrighted ® (This story contains violence, sexual encounters and drugs… Under no circumstances do I condone violence or drugs. Any publically recognizable names, places, or surrounding, belongs to the author and owner of this story. This is story is not for sale or profitable. It’s purely for entertainment purposes.<br />If you feel that this story is not for you, or that it is too violent let me know. I am happy to neither accept nor reject any critics, criticism, advice, and or problems. Thank you, Remijay author and owner. Copyrighted ®
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Chapter Comments

It looks like you switched Jeff and Josh this chapter. In previous chapters Josh and Devon are siblings and Jeff is the boyfriend. 

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did you swap the name by accident? i thought josh an devon were brothers and trent and jeff were the boyfriends. other wise good story

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4 hours ago, DarkChanteuse said:

It looks like you switched Jeff and Josh this chapter. In previous chapters Josh and Devon are siblings and Jeff is the boyfriend. 

Did I really? Oh my! That's not good lol

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4 hours ago, mogwhy said:

did you swap the name by accident? i thought josh an devon were brothers and trent and jeff were the boyfriends. other wise good story

By accident yes. But I do believe Devon and Trent are boyfriend's. While Josh and Jeff are boyfriend's. 

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21 hours ago, DarkChanteuse said:

It looks like you switched Jeff and Josh this chapter. In previous chapters Josh and Devon are siblings and Jeff is the boyfriend. 

You're most likely right. I didnt even see that as i was writing this chapter. Thank you

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9 hours ago, Remijay said:

You're most likely right. I didnt even see that as i was writing this chapter. Thank you

:) happy to help. I was a little confused until I figured out that you had inadvertently switched the name. I'm interested to see where this story goes. 

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A little too late to comment, but I just now found this story. I want to point out one small time issue in this chapter. You gave Josh 2013 Mustang, which he supposedly got for his 16th birthday. However, in the first chapter, you are writing that the day Josh and Cindy left was in 2005 and the boys were 10 that day. That would place Josh's 16th birthday to 2011. How could he get 2013 car unless his mom is time-traveller and bought it in future? I know, it's a small detail, but I am detailist and like to pick these things in stories 😉 

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