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  1. Of course I want you to continue. I would love to see Trans kid or a kid unsure of their gender identity added to the story. And, I know I mentioned it before and you ignored this, but some conflict of faith would be nice to see. Adding a character who is Atheist, Jew, Muslim or some other religion or maybe just another Christian denomination and not so keen to going to the Curries' church every Sunday. Another possibility may be a conflict within the Curries' church. Maybe a new priest that is not so keen on keeping same-sex couples in their congregation and will start to add L
  2. Happy Birthday!

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      Thanks man.

  3. Horn

    The way home

    Actually, UK as it is now, is a mumbled mix of Imperial and metric measures. They did not fully accept metric system and with the upcomming Brexit, I doubt they will anytime soon. Actually, I am little worried that they may do a backstep and increase their use of Imperial measures once again, now that they will not have the pressure from Brussel. But even now, the speed limits and lenghts on roads, for example, are in miles, which causes quite a headache to all continental drivers in UK. Maybe even bigger than the left-hand driving LOL Anyway, I got used to use ConvertPad app on my
  4. Horn

    Chapter 6

    And once again I have to point out a discrepancy, but this time quite big. You wrote in the first chapter that the boys were ten years old when Cindy and Josh left, now you are writing it was ten years since then. That would make the boys 20 years old and that doesn't make sense with the context of the story, where the boys still were in High School. That's a big timeframe change all of a sudden.
  5. Horn

    Chapter 5

    A little too late to comment, but I just now found this story. I want to point out one small time issue in this chapter. You gave Josh 2013 Mustang, which he supposedly got for his 16th birthday. However, in the first chapter, you are writing that the day Josh and Cindy left was in 2005 and the boys were 10 that day. That would place Josh's 16th birthday to 2011. How could he get 2013 car unless his mom is time-traveller and bought it in future? I know, it's a small detail, but I am detailist and like to pick these things in stories 😉
  6. That may be true for police. But I am not so sure about Don. First, he previously shown he is strongly against drugs and second, he also shown he has his own laws, not always corresponding with those written by lawmakers.
  7. Yeah, drug raid is very likely scenario here, one that I actually expected since the very beginning, to be honest. And if that's the case, then Robbie is in even more trouble now than he was as a runaway kid. And it would only strain his relationship with Don the Conservative Asshole Actually, that may be problem, because there may not even be any suitable foster families in Coburg, so he'll be moved away to another town, being forced to change school and losing all his friends in the process. Still, IMO, even that turn of events would be better for Luke, especially now, that ev
  8. I guess it's more emotional when you see the reactions on video than when you see them written
  9. Also found this interesting Elders react to In a Heartbeat video. I must admit some of the reactions made me cry as much as the movie itself.
  10. I must admit I had mixed feelings about the story at first, with those constant skipping from past in London to present Cobourg, which was really annoying and confusing to me. Then came that event with Fran and I really practically stopped reading. I eventually returned to reading and now caught up with what is posted, only to wish I didn't. And that's what concerns me most. Does that mean he was in coma for almost a year? Please, tell me that's not the case and this was another dream and Robbie was in coma only for a few hours and did not lose almost a year of his young
  11. I fail to see how the behaviour of Tax to Regal at the beginning of his POV was an attitude. If a colleague behaved to me like Regal did to Tax, I would've acted similarly, maybe even worse BTW, Regal is starting to be my least favourite POV character in the whole series, beating Jayce from LLL in that position. May even soon be the first POV character I'll start to hate, unless his attitude will change any time soon. Anyway, great chapter. Looking forward to the date.
  12. OK, so, I decided to make my own prompt. Hopefully, someone will find this interesting enough to write a story based on it. Now, the premise: All of a sudden, the High School boys' sport team is forced to be coached by woman. How will the boys, their families, the new coach and the school as a whole react?
  13. Horn

    Chapter 1

    After reading the first chapter, I really hate Cory's father. He sort of remind me my Chemistry teacher and the way she was with her son, my classmate. At least Cory has loving mother, unlike my friend, whose father, while loving, was banned by court to come anywhere near him and she made sure that will be the case. To these days I don't know how she achieved that, probably bribed the judge, otherwise, I can't imagine any judge to give custody to her, instead of her ex-husband. But I would love to see her face when he moved away from her and went to live with his father the day of his 18th bir
  14. Horn

    Chapter 5

    I must admit I never got to reading Trials and Tribulations before, but after starting with this story, I've got to Trials and Tribulations too. But there's something that doesn't fit with the previous reviews. I am not American, but I always thought US high schools usually have football in fall and baseball in spring, so I guess at this time of story timeline, the football season is already over. With that said, I think when Brent mentioned friends from football team, he probably meant people that played football earlier that school term. So, unless JT is asked to be the one to do something
  15. Horn

    Chapter 5

    Oh man, I should have know you'll made it a Second Chances spin-off of sorts OK, so now, the last two of Chosen five are known. But if I remember Second Chances right, the school to which Jesse and Dylan went is in New Hampshire, which is on the other side of USA than LA is. So now, the big question is how will they meet each other? I can hardly wait for next chapter. This is great story with interesting twists. And definitely not as predictable as Riding Lessons series used to be most of the time (at least for me ), which I like either as it keeps me surprised.
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