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The Married Rat - 16. Chapter 16


From Alan: I have that football game I told you about, so I may not get online till 11:30. Write you when I’m free.

From Ruiz: All very well! I’ll be in the hotel.

From Alan: Sorry. Later than I expected. Just after twelve. There’s a chance you’re already asleep – or acting out your fantasy. I’ll stay online for a while. Otherwise, I’ll check in tomorrow before I leave.

From Ruiz: 6 am. Sorry I missed you. I was deep in fantasy then fell asleep.

On track for 7 am.

From Alan: Yes.

From Ruiz: Room 642. Door doesn’t stay unlocked so text me when you’re here.

Showered or no.

Deodorant or no.

Also know that I’ve agreed to everything you do but from the perspective that it’s all against my will. I’d rather that any of this - having to take off my clothes or let someone else take them off - not happen to me. But I know I have to let it and do what I’m told so I can get free.

This is a huge first for me.

Everything I agreed to was the maximum but I’m really hoping that it doesn’t go that far. Maybe I’ll be able to talk you out of certain things.

Maybe I’ll be able to get you to just take some of my clothes.

I’m already nervous.

From Alan: 6:15. Getting ready to leave.

Don’t be nervous. Take a shower. No deodorant. Talk as you need to dissuade me. I’ll only talk if absolutely necessary.

Steady, kid. We’ll be fine.

From Ruiz: You’d be surprised at the very high percentage of what I’ve told you is fact not fantasy.

From Alan: You are nervous. You’ve told me that before, and I remember. And I appreciate your ability to be so honest.

From Ruiz: I’m having an irrational fear of harm coming to me in this room. How can we allay this concern.

From Alan: You just have to trust me as much as I trust you. Nothing bad is going to happen. I couldn’t do that. I mainly want to show you that there’s pleasure underlying your fantasies.

From Ruiz: I’ve left a trail of sorts in my residence, just in case. Know that if you hurt me, you’ll be caught.

From Alan: Relax, kid. I’ll text you when I’m there. You’ll be smiling before you know it.



From Alan: I’m here.

From Ruiz: This is all surreal.

From Alan: Why?

From Ruiz: Just is. All firsts. If it goes to shit and my gears lock up let’s say we go to breakfast.

From Alan: Fine.

From Ruiz: You seem hostile.

From Alan: On the word, “Fine?” Absolutely not. I look forward to meeting you, over breakfast or otherwise. Now what do we do about the locked door?

From Ruiz: Where are you.

From Alan: In the parking lot, sitting in my car. I’d rather not sit here long.

From Ruiz: I don’t like propping open the door. Anyone could walk in. Even the maids. Shit. What to do.

From Alan: Just answer the door when I knock.

From Ruiz: No. I want to be on the bed against my will.

From Alan: Then slip the key card under the door. Leave enough of it protruding so I can see it. So I can pick it up.

From Ruiz: Anyone could pick it up.

From Alan: No one else is going to be looking.

No one wants to hurt you.

From Ruiz: There are perverts everywhere.

From Alan: Thanks for the reminder.

From Ruiz: This isn’t funny.

From Alan: OK. Then come down to the front desk, put the card in an envelope, leave it with the clerk, and I’ll pick it up. I’d rather not do that, but it might be the only way.

From Ruiz: I don’t want you seeing me. Stay out of the lobby.

From Alan: I’ll stay in my car till you text me.

From Ruiz: I don’t want you risking anything at the desk.

From Alan: That’s great. But, meanwhile, I’m sitting in the parking lot.

From Ruiz: What to do. What to do.

From Alan: Look, if I’m remembering correctly, when you get out of the elevator on any floor, there’s a mirror with a side table under it. And there should be flower arrangement – artificial flowers – they’ve probably been the same for years. Put the key card under the flower arrangement, and I’ll pick it up.

From Ruiz: Let me check near the elevator. Wait there.

From Alan: Don’t lock yourself out of your room.

From Ruiz: I’ll take both keys. Let me get dressed.

From Alan: I’ll be here.

From Ruiz: Ok, you’re right - there is a table and a flower arrangement. I’ll put the key card under it.

From Alan: I’ll be right up.

From Ruiz: No.

Come to the 5th floor then text me from there.

Then I’ll leave the card and run back to my room.

Then I’ll text you to come up.

Just get there fast before someone takes the card.

From Alan: I’m on the 5th floor. In the stairwell. Surrounded by concrete. I hope this gets through.

From Ruiz: It did.

I’ll leave the card and text you back.

Get it quickly.

From Alan: OK.

From Ruiz: It’s there.

I’m in the room.

There’s an armchair near the bed.

There’s a desk chair you can move.

The curtains are closed. It’s dark

You should be able to open the door.

I could do with some amount of silence at the beginning.

Room 642.

From Alan: I know. I’ve got that memorized. I’ll need to use the bathroom first.

From Ruiz: To the right as you enter.

Light switch outside the door - also on right.

We can keep texting as long as you like.

From Alan: Thanks. I’m coming in. I’ll text you from the john.

From Ruiz: Whispers only.

From Alan: You can whisper if you want. I’ll try to remain silent.

From Ruiz: When the heater kicks off, it’s silent in here. You’re only going to communicate via gesture.

From Alan: I’ll turn off the bathroom light and let my eyes adjust.

From Ruiz: Alright. If you decide you want more light, there’s a fairly cold light in the entryway.

Switch on the wall.

It’s aggressive.

From Alan: Thanks for the warning.

From Ruiz: I thought the light from around the drapes might be enough.

There’s a minibar and the key’s in the door if you’re thirsty or hungry.

It’s below the tv.

From Alan: I’ll wait and see.

By the way, good going – allowing me this far.

From Ruiz: How are you feeling.

From Alan: I’m fine. I like playing spy games.

From Ruiz: Ha. I like the quiet.

From Alan: Again, I’m going to sit on the bed behind you and let you try to relax against my chest.

From Ruiz: Can we sit opposite first.

Can you use one of the chairs.

For only a bit.

From Alan: Sure thing. Coming in.

copyright by Richard Eisbrouch 2018
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