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11:50 From Seattle

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‘But, Ronan . . .’


‘You’re gay.’ Andi hears the quaver of his own voice and clears his throat again.

‘Yeah,’ Ronan says slowly. ‘And you’re a guy.’


Ronan has been there for Andi since he began his transition. Now he wants to come visit and Andi is overjoyed, but he can't quite bring himself to believe that Ronan is truly interested in him, when his body isn't exactly what most gay men would want.

This is a story I've been wanting to write for a while. Some gay men are attracted to trans men while others are not. I've been thinking of how this can relate to body dysmorphia in a person who experiences gender dysphoria, and how it may affect a person's feelings about whether they're actually a 'real man' or not. I'll admit I've been asking a lot of my gay friends lately, 'Do you think you could ever be with a pre-op/non-op trans dude?' With varying responses. So this is the story that resulted from my thoughts on this matter. Hope you enjoy it!

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