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A way of life - 12. An old friend becomes a new one

Hey guys, I'm really sorry for the long wait for the next chapter but i had a lot of things to do. My grandmother died a month ago and i had to do a lot since then and had a lot on my mind. At the moment I am writing a short story as a memory of her for me and maybe others who lost someone who they really loved and lost. I hope you'll like this chapter and i also hope you'll like the story I'm writing for her.

An old friend becomes a new one


Nolan and I woke up just in time to get ready for school. We showered together and went down to the kitchen to at least get a little bit to eat before we have to leave. We slept in a little and were a little late so we had to hurry to get to school in time. We ran to our corner to meet up with Dan and Nate but they already left.

At school we got to our homeroom to wait for the teacher to arrive. We just made in time because the teacher came in a few seconds after us. In the next period we had math and had to work on some sheets and after the bell rang we got out for the first break.

“Yo Mike, long time no see.” Someone called out after me. I remembered that voice and I span around excitedly.

“Paul? What the hell are you doing here? I thought you moved away and will never come back?” I asked the boy Nolan surely didn’t know. He ran to me and hugged me.

“We came back a week or so. Why did you never call or anything? I thought we were friends!?” He said to me. I was getting a little nervous. I never mentioned Paul to Nolan because he would’ve never met him because he moved away. Paul once was one of my best friends besides Dan and Nate until he moved away 2 years ago.

“You never gave me your new address or phone number, dude. How the hell could I call or write to you then? Dude, I missed you a hell of a lot. How have you been?” I told him with excitement. We chatted a little until I introduced Nolan to him “Oh, by the way, this is Nolan, my boyfriend.”

“What the hell do you mean with boyfriend? You turned into a fag or something?” He asked getting angry.

“I didn’t turn into a ‘fag’. I was always gay. I just never told anyone. So, yes, Nolan is my boyfriend. You have a problem with that?” I asked getting a little nervous about my old friend who seem to not like the fact that I’m gay.

“Of course I have a problem with that, it’s a fucking sin. I never thought you would choose to be some of those faggots. I really thought we were friends but now I don’t want to be a friend with someone like you.” With that he just walked away.

I turned around to look after him and screamed at him “Then don’t think about speaking with Dan and Nate, dude. You would save yourself a broken nose.”

Nolan looked at me with a little scared and disgusted face and I knew how he felt about that. I then told him about Paul and how we were friends back in the past. Sure, Paul was always a little religious but I never thought he would be this close minded about me. Nolan and I talked about it until the bell for the next period rang and I took his hand in mine and we walked to the class together.

At lunch we met with Dan and Nate and they already spoke with Paul “This idiot is unbelievable. I really thought we were friends back then but now I don’t really want to be friends with him. I nearly punched him for his hateful words.” Dan said.

“I know, but I told him he shouldn’t talk to you guys. I can’t believe we were friends once.” I said.

“Maybe it was just a shock for him. Maybe he will come around. I mean, we didn’t see him in 2 years and when he came back his 3 best friends are gay and have boyfriends. Maybe it was a little bit too much for him all at once.” Nate said. We just sat there and talked about what to do about Paul but we never came to a solution. Nolan leaned into my side and cuddled a little until Paul approached our table.

“Really? You have to show that faggot shit out in the open? Can’t you at least hide that shit? Nobody wants to see it.” He nearly screamed at us but before someone could respond anything a teacher approached as well and took hold of his shoulder.

“Mr. McBride, Principal office. Now. On your first day on this school after 2 years you decided to insult your old friends? That is nothing I want to hear again, do I make myself clear?” The teacher said.

“You really defend those fags? What the fuck happened here while I was gone? Everybody got fucked by some guys or what? You should throw all those fags out of school and not defend them.”

“Enough Mr. McBride. We are going to the Principal office now and I will suggest for you to stay quiet on the way there.” The teacher said angrily to Paul.

When they left we discussed what just happened. I never thought Paul would react like this. He grew up in the same neighborhood as Dan, Nate and I and I knew him almost my whole life. He always seemed to be open minded. But after this day I don’t think I really knew him good enough. On the last sleepover before he moved away the four of us ended up in the same bad cuddled up in a pile of boys. What happened in the two years he wasn’t with us? Did he changed that much?

We never saw him again that day and we walked home together. At home Nolan and I told my dad what happened with Paul and that he moved back. “Boys, don’t let those thoughts destroy what you have, some people in this world don’t like the fact that gays exist. You just have to live with it and move on. Sure, he was your friend, but if he can’t accept you, you can’t let this bother you.” He said to us.

“I know dad, but still, it bothers me. What happened to him that he changed like this? I can’t understand it. We used to be good friends. I would never have told him when I thought he would react like that. Before I told him that Nolan is my boyfriend we talked like he never left and after that he just screamed at us.” I told him still in disbelieve.

“Maybe I should talk to his dad. He helped us a great deal after your mother died 6 years ago.” He called Paul’s dad and talked with him about 10 minutes until he told me he’ll come over to talk. When he arrived we sat down in the living room.

“It’s good to see you guys again after so long.” He looked to me and added “What happened at school with Paul? He doesn’t want to tell me and your dad didn’t tell me either.”

“Paul called out for me and I couldn’t believe he was there and we talked about the last two years a bit until I told him that Nolan and I are a couple. I couldn’t believe he just started screaming and insulting. He walked away and told me he never wants to be my friend again.” I told him and I took hold of Nolan’s hand.

“I see. You have to know, in these two years away from here something happened to Paul and I think it is the reason he reacted the way he did. At his old school he never really got to be friends with anyone and after a few months at that school they started to bully him. They thought he is gay and they let him feel that he is not welcome there. 2 Months ago he got beaten up pretty bad and had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks. The day of his beating my wife and I decided we’ll move away to get him away from those bullies. We decided the best solution is to move back here were he already got friends and knows the neighborhood. I think it was just too much for him to know that one of his best friends is gay.” He told us.

“Not only me, sir. Dan and Nate are a couple too. I already thought something happened to him that he reacted the way he did. I always knew you guys are religious but I always thought you are open minded until Paul showed us today what he thinks about gays. But after all I don’t really think it has something to do with religion. Thank you for telling us what happened to him.” I said to him.

“Oh dear, that must’ve destroyed him. No wonder he stormed up to his room after school and locked himself up. I should really head back home and talk to him.” Paul’s dad said to us standing up to get home.

“Maybe it’s better if I talk to him. I know he doesn’t want to see me but maybe that’s what he needs right now.” I said.

“Maybe your right. Maybe he can understand it better when you talk to him.” He said.

I talked to Nolan a bit who already had plans to meet up with his dad. I kissed him before I headed out the door with Mr. McBride. At their new home just 2 minutes away with his car we went inside and he showed me around and told me where Paul’s room was. I walked upstairs, knocked on his door and waited for a respond.

I knocked again and said “Come on Paul, open up, it’s me, Mike. Let’s talk a bit.”

“Go away fag, I don’t want to talk to someone like you.” He screamed through the door.

“If you don’t open up I will sit here in front of your door and just talk until you open up and we can talk properly.” No respond from him. I sat down and started talking “You know, your dad told us what happened the last two years and why you really moved back here. I can’t understand how you feel now. I mean you got beaten up for being gay even If you weren’t gay and after you came back here you found out your three best friends are in a relationship with another boy. That had to be too much to handle today and I know now why you reacted the way you did. Please Paul, you have to understand me. I never wanted to hurt you or let you hate me but this is the way I am. I really love Nolan. You can’t just enter my life after two years and believe that you can change the way I am. We used to be really good friends. I never got the slightest doubt I would regret that I told you about Nolan and I but I do.”

I continued talking through the door for about 30 minutes until he finally opens the door. He looked down on me with his tears streaked face. He was crying the whole time. He reached his hand and helped me standing up.

“I could never hate you, Mike. I’m really sorry for how I reacted. It was just too much. I really hoped everything would be like it was before I moved away.” He said while we walked into his room and sat down on his bed and he continued “I thought when I react the way I did the whole gay bash thing for me wouldn’t start again for me. I hated it. I hated me for what I did. I can’t believe how open you are about this.”

“It’s because of Nolan. You know, we met about a week ago and it all happened so fast I couldn’t believe it. The past week was filled with drama someone could write a book about it. He was new to our school and he crashed my world with the very first sight. After school we met to hang out at his house and Dan and Nate were a little late and we kissed and became boyfriends. The very next day after school I outed myself to my dad and the next day at school. I really do love him with all I am and have. It’s like I knew him all my life. One day later Dan and Nate outed themselves to us and a day after that to Dan’s parents. And today you came back to our lives. I felt so happy to have you back and it nearly destroyed me how you reacted when I told you about Nolan.” I told him.

“Oh damn. You should really write that down, dude. I never got a problem with you being gay. The problem was the bullying. You know, they never made up that I could be gay. One day at school someone saw me in the restrooms where I kissed another boy. Those two years after that were hell on earth. I couldn’t let that happen again. I really am sorry, Mike.” He told me.

“Are you serious? That’s not what I expected at all. Damn it. You just told me you’re gay as well after what you did today? Don’t get me wrong. What you did today was shitty but I’m happy this shit is over now.” I said with a big sigh.

“You now, I never would’ve thought it would be like this to admit it. I never told my parents or anyone else but I’m glad I told you. But I’m not like you guys. I can’t just walk out and scream out ‘I’m gay and proud’.” He said to me with a little grin on his face.

“You don’t have to do something like that. Just start to be our friend again. This school isn’t like your old school. Nobody gives a shit about us. Just be yourself. And remember, here you aren’t alone anymore.” I said with a proud face.

We talked a while until his dad came up to us and asked me if I want to stay for dinner. I happily agreed and we walked down together. I greeted Paul’s mom which I last saw two years ago. She came to me and hugged me. We sat down at the table and started a low conversation. Paul leaned to me and whispered to me “I think I tell them, can you help me?” I just nodded and turned to his parents.

“Mr. and Mrs. McBride? Paul wants to tell you something. I think this is very important.” I said.

“Mom? Dad? You always thought the bullies made their excuse up for beating me. But the truth is, someone caught me kissing another boy in the restrooms. I am really gay. It’s not just made up from them. I’m sorry to disappoint you.” Paul said to his parents with a nervous look in his face.

“Hon, you can’t disappoint us. It’s the opposite. We are proud you finally told us. Yes, we knew. The parents of the boy you kissed called us one day and told us what happened and that they don’t want you near him again.” His mother said to him smiling.

“You knew? Why did you never talk to me then? I was scared shitless and just because what Mike told me today I felt safe enough to tell you.” Paul said in total disbelieve.

“That’s not our place to talk about this, son. I mean, don’t get me wrong, after you got beaten up we wanted to talk to you about it but you just never wanted to talk to us back then. So we dropped it and wanted to talk to you at a better time. After I talked to Nolan, Mike and his dad I wanted to talk about it with you but Mike said it would be the best if he’ll talk to you. Now I don’t have to do it anymore. I’m really proud of you.” His dad said to him.

We talked a bit more about this topic until it was time for me to go home. I said to Paul I won’t tell Dan, Nate and Nolan about it if he doesn’t want it. After all it was his call to do it. I have my friend back and I plan to surprise Dan and Nate tomorrow but I will tell Nolan that everything is ok now. After I got home I told my dad what happened and then went to Nolan’s and my room where he already waited for me. I walked over to him, hugged and kissed him. I just were away for a few hours but I already missed him. After I told him what happened with Paul without outing him we got ready for bed.

In bed we started making out and we both got aware of the sexual tension between us and this time we reacted on them. I undressed him and he did the same with me. I kissed him everywhere I could reach with my mouth until I got to his beautiful cock. I started to lick around the head and after some playing I engulfed the whole thing in my mouth. With one hand I started caressing his nipples and chest and with the other I started massaging his scrotum. He moaned with every stroke I made. He moaned for the pleasure he is feeling in his whole body until he reached the point where he couldn’t hold it anymore and exploded inside my mouth. His orgasm was so strong it was difficult for me to swallow all of the love seed he is giving me. After the orgasmic feelings calmed down I left his shrinking cock and pulled myself back to his side and started kissing him again where I shared his cream with him.

“I love you so much, Mike. That was so awesome. I don’t know how to describe it. It just felt so great. I want you to feel the same now.” Nolan said to me in a passionate, low voice.

With that he started his way down and repeated what I did earlier to him. He was right. It felt really awesome. He caressed my nipples and chest with one hand and with the other my balls like I did to him. But after a few minutes doing that he brought on of his fingers to his mouth and poured saliva over it and darted with that finger right to my hole. I couldn’t even describe the tense feeling he was giving me as he touched the ring of my hole. There was a shot of electricity that went through my whole body and then he entered the hole. It felt awesome. I couldn’t hold it that long anymore and after 20 seconds I lost it and had the most intense orgasm I ever had. He waited a little until I regained my breath and slid on my side again and did the same I did and kissed me with my cum still in his mouth.

“Wow, I know what you meant with the loss of words. It was more than awesome. I love you Nolan, now and forever.” I said to him and we made out a little bit before we cuddled up again and finally falling asleep. This time I couldn’t even try to rethink what happened during the day. I just felt at peace and just wanted to sleep. And boy, did I sleep. I slept like a rock.

The next morning I woke up at first and just wandered over the body of my sweet boyfriend with my eyes. He was so beautiful when he sleeps. So innocent, even when I thought about what we did the night before. For me Nolan was the ‘meaning of life’ presented in flesh and blood. How in god’s name could I be so lucky to get him? Right now my life is just perfect. I have the best friends I can wish for. I have this beautiful boyfriend who is actually living with me and we both have just the perfect parents who accept us just as we are. And yesterday I got one of my best friends back.

Nolan begun to open his eyes slowly and before he opened them enough I leaned over and kissed him. He opened his eyes and after a few moments he joined into the kiss. “Good morning babe. I hope you slept well.” He nodded and we got up to get ready for school. We started our now normal morning routine and after finally getting dressed we walked down and greeted my dad and began to eat. Before we walked out of the house I called Paul fast and asked him if he can come to our corner to meet up. I gave him the location and Nolan and I left the House after saying our goodbye to my dad.

As we got to our corner Dan and Nate were already there holding hands while leaning into each other. “Hey guys, let’s get moving. I don’t want to be late again.” Dan said.

“Let’s wait a few minutes please, I’m waiting for something.” I said and got questioning looks from Dan and Nate.

Dan began “What do we have to wai----“ But Paul screamed after us “Hey guys, wait for me please.” He was still 100 meters away.

“What is he doing here? I thought he hates us ‘fags’!” Nate stated.

“Calm down guys, just wait what he hast to tell you.” Nolan shot back before Nate could say something more.

Paul finally came to us and said “Hey guys, thanks for waiting. I really need to apologize for the way I acted yesterday. I don’t really know what I can say other than that I am really sorry. After school the other day Mike came to me and we talked. He straightened me out. Ok, he not exactly straightened me out if you know what I mean but he read me the riot act.”

Dan, Nate and Nolan stood there not really knowing what this means. “Paul, maybe just tell them directly and don’t bang around the bush.” I said to him. And he did exact what I said. He told them what happened at his old school and how the bullies treated him. He also told them about the boy he kissed and that they got caught, that he is gay like us and that he just came out to his parents yesterday with my help. He apologized about 10 times in his little story.

The accepted what was said and we started to walk to school. We were a little late but came there just in time. I don’t know how Paul will react around school. Is he coming out at all or is he trying to push us away to not get the attention that he might be gay as well as we are after his little outburst the day before. When we entered the school I knew he really doesn’t care after our chat what other kids would think about him. It seemed like he was glued to our hips now. He got a few looks of confusion from others but he didn’t care about that.

The day went by like normal. Ok, like normal for us. Nobody was bothering us and we enjoyed ourselves today. Maybe this could be how everything will go in the future. I sure hope so because I am happy like that. The clique is back together with my boyfriend in addition. But will this really go on like this? I mean, 10 years ago things like this wouldn’t be accepted at all. Boys couldn’t just kiss their boyfriends in the hallway like we do. I was actually really happy to do exact that. I can kiss my beautiful, cute and sweet boyfriend in the hallway like every straight couple could without getting beaten up for it.

As the school day went by we lost track of Paul but every now and then we saw him in the hallway getting to his next class. After school we waited a bit for him but he never came out of the school so we thought he would have gone home without us so we walked home as well.

On the way off the school ground 2 guys came from the opposite direction. We noticed them but pretty much ignored them but before we knew what happened 4 other guys grabbed us from behind and the 2 guys coming towards us began to beat us. After some fighting back with all I could something hit me in the face and everything went black. The pain and everything else just went away and I knew I would die here.

Please tell me want you think about this story. Leave a comment or a like/dislike or write a message to me. Have a nice day. ;) 

Copyright © 2019 TimmY92; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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