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A way of life - 5. Why don’t you just leave us alone?

This is the 5th chapter of 'A way of life' and i hope you'll like it. Have a nice day. ;)

Why don’t you just leave us alone?

Finally I could sleep really well and I got up pretty happy to start the day. I hope Nolan is in a better mood today. Yesterday he seemed a bit sad about his dad. He said he wanted to write him a letter. I really hope it works out for him because I don’t like him being sad. I love his white smile in his face. After thinking a little my dad yelled at me to get up ‘cause I’m a little late. I looked at the clock and ran fast to the bathroom, peed, showered and got dressed. Running down into the kitchen I gulped down a bowl of cereals and got out of the house where Dan and Nate already waited for me.

“Mornin’ dude. Pretty late today. But finally you look better. You slept good?” Nate asked.

“Yes, finally I could sleep more than just 4 hours and just got up a little late. But lets get moving. Nolan will already be waiting.” I told them and we began to walk.

Just a few minutes later we were at Nolan’s place and he was really waiting for us. Looking at me he smiled and came closer to us.

“Hey babe, U look good today.” He greeted me and kissed me then he greeted Dan and Nate.

“Thank you honey. You wrote the letter for your dad?” I asked.

He nodded and said “You guys know where a mailbox is? I want to get rid of the letter before school starts.” Nate told him there is one on the way to school and we began to move. At the mailbox he looked at the letter a last time and tossed it inside. He looked at me and I could see the relieved pressure fading away from him. I got closer to him and hugged him. After that we had to move fast because we were already late for school.

It seemed the other students calmed down a bit because nobody really cared that we were walking in holding hands. Some guys still looked at us but nobody said anything. We got to our first period and after counting through the class the teacher talked directly to Nolan and me. “I heard you two confused some students yesterday. Can you tell me what this is about?”

“They found out that Mike and I are a couple and that freaked out some other people.” Nolan told him and I added “We just don’t want to hide. Every other couple can openly show some affection but when some like us is going to do the same everybody is confused or upset ‘cause we show just the same affection for one another in the hallway.”

“You’re right. It shouldn’t be so complicated to just let you live your lifes but even in the modern world we’re living in some people can’t accept such a couple like you.” The teacher told us.

“But what is the problem with that? This is our way of life and not theirs. We love each other and don’t even bother other people. Even god says you should love one another but those people who can’t accept us will always say something instead of leaving us alone.” Nolan said and I nodded approving about what he just said.

“Sure, but those people will always be like that because they can’t understand that two people with the same gender can love each other as well as straight couples, sometimes even stronger. Those people think you should hide and do what you have to do in the private.” He said.

“But why? Why can’t we just show the same affection to each other than ‘normal’ couples? We don’t want to hide and if they got a problem with that they can just leave us alone. We’re just like every other couple. We show the love we feel about one another in the open if we want to. That’s just stupid thinking from those people.” I said and looking across the class I added “If you got a problem with us just leave us alone.”

“If someone got a problem with them you got a problem with me as well.” Dan said.

“Call me in, bro.” Nate than said.

A few others said the same but some guys just grumbled something with an angry voice.

“Ok guys, lets start the lesson for today. I want a sheet of paper full with this topic. Write down what you think about this whole sexuality thing. What bugs you or what you want for the world. You still got 30 minutes.” The teacher said to the class and everybody began to write. I really want to know what others think about this but if I know I would be really mad at some people.

After the bell rang we gave our sheets to the front and left the room. The four of us went to our lockers and changed books for the next period and started walking to the next classroom when two boys came to us and said “Why can’t you faggots just hide like the freaks you are? Nobody wants to see two ugly guys kissing each other in the hallway.”

“Why don’t you idiots just leave us alone? This is our life not yours, so piss off.” Nolan angrily said to them.

“Be careful about what you say, fag. Next time when you’re alone you won’t have such a big mouth.” One of them said walking away but elbowed Nolan in the rips while walking past us when suddenly two big jocks stepped closer.

“You should be careful what you’re saying, dude. If you got near those two again I beat the shit out of you, you got that?” One of those guys said and the two boys who just threatened us backed up.

“You defend those fags? Are you a fag, too? You’re a fucking jock and a fag? Maybe I should tell your coach about that.” One of the boys said.

“No I’m not but that’s none of your business. You should just shut the fuck up. Tell the coach what you want. I don’t care but if you step too close to those two dudes again you’ll regret it. Now get the fuck out of here.” The two boys started walking away mumbling ‘fuck you’s’ at the jocks. Why are these jocks helping us? I always thought they would be the ones who beat us up like the two who hit Nolan 2 days ago.

“Why are you guys helping us?” Nolan asked.

“Because we don’t have a problem with you being gay and we hate bullies. Sure, we’re jocks but not every guy who plays sport is a bully and a homophobe. If someone bothers you again just tell me.” The bigger guy said. They introduced themselves to us. The bigger one is called Tom and the other guy is called Isaac. They walked with us to the next class and told the teacher why we were late.

In class the teacher then started the same questioning like last period and pretty annoyed I said “Why is everybody interested in our fucking love life? Can’t you just leave us alone?”

“Sorry for worrying about my students. But you don’t have to get angry like this.” She said to me.

“You’re not worried. You’re just nosy like everybody else. Every teacher and every student is asking us the same questions since we arrived to school today and it starts to get annoying.” I angrily said to her and everybody else.

“Ok Mr. Thompson. That’s enough. Detention after school for you.” She glared at me with evil eyes.

“I won’t go there because of me telling you the truth and saying to just leave us alone. Call my dad if you want but after school I’ll go home like every day.” I yelled at her.

“You can go to the principal now.” She fired back.

“Lead the way ma’am. I’m pretty sure the principal will understand what I am going to tell him.” I still angrily spoke to her and added looking at Nolan “be right back.” He looked shocked at me and my little disagreement with the teacher but nodded. The teacher led the way and I followed her. Still angry sitting in the room in front of the office waiting for the principal to let us in she still glared at me. The principal called us in and my teacher told him what happened and then I told him what happened.

“I think Mr. Thompson is right. If you just left him and his boyfriend alone this problem here didn’t has to happen. You can go Mr. Thompson. I’ll have a little talk with your teacher and she’ll be back in a few minutes.” I left the office and went back to class were everybody was waiting. Sitting down Nolan asked me what happened and I told him, Dan and Nate about what the principal just said.

10 minutes later the teacher came back and said “I’m sorry for what happened Mr. Thompson. But for your words you still got yourself into detention.”

“I still won’t go so just leave me alone now. You can still call my dad but don’t expect he’ll accept what you have to tell him.” I told her still angry.

“We’ll see what he has to say about that when you don’t show up for detention and get a suspension.” She told me and finally started the period after 20 minutes lost.

After class I went to the principal again but this time Nolan came along with me. We told him about what the teacher said when she got back to the class.

“Don’t get me wrong. What your teacher said was wrong but she has the right to give you detention.” He told me.

“I know but I won’t go to detention for defending myself and if I have to I’ll tell my dad about this. He’s a lawyer and will call the school board if he has to. It’s not right to get detention for defending myself ‘cause she is nosy and want to know about my love life. It’s none of her business. I hope you’ll speak to some other teachers and let them know to just leave us alone. It starts to get really annoying. Nobody cares about other couples.” I said to him getting angry.

“It’s because you two are not like every other couple and that’s new to most of them. That’s why they’ll keep asking. There are no other couples like you. I’ll call your dad today and tell him what happened and the detention is off the table right now.” The principal said to me in a calming tone.

“There are a lot of couples like us, sir, but they hide because of what happened today and what’ll happen in the future. Today we got bugged with questions all over the place, some of them even asked about sex. We were threatened by some guys and then what happened last period and the day isn’t over at all. We just want to be left alone, sir. We deserve the same treatment like every other couple but what we got today no other couple had to deal with. Sure, the teacher didn’t know of any of this and maybe Mike got a bit angry but if she had just left us alone there wouldn’t be a problem we have to talk about right now.” Nolan said and then smiled at me.

“I didn’t know about that as well. But tell me if something like this happens again. You’re right to defend yourselves but just do it politely.” The principal said but before he could’ve said more I said “You would react exact the same when everybody is asking about you, your partner and your love and sex life. This whole problem started ‘cause we didn’t want to hide in the closet, ‘cause we want to show one another our feelings. That’s the whole problem. If something like this happens again I’m pretty sure I’ll react the same way as before.”

“Mr. Thompson, I hope something like this won’t happen again and I’m sorry that others are treating you different but right now you have to deal with it. It’s new to the students but it’ll calm down in a few days.” He told me.

“That’s not fair that we have to deal with their stupidity when ‘normal’ couples don’t get any comment for showing some affection in the hallway. We have to deal with a lot right now even without those people bothering us.” I said standing up. “I can’t promise you to not get angry about this but I’ll try.”

“That’s all I could expect from you. If you got any problems today or in the future just come to me. Have a nice day you two.” The principal said to us.

“Thank you, sir.” We both said to him and left the office.

In the hallway I looked at Nolan and he said to me “Damn. What a fucked up day and we still got most of the day to go. I’m really proud of you for what you said, honey. I really love you. “He smiled at me and kissed me.

“Thank you, babe. And I love you too.” Kissing him is the best to calm down. I could do this for the rest of my life. Just standing here and kiss him, day in, day out. His lips are so soft and he tastes a little like OJ. We then walked to the cafeteria, sat down at our table and told Dan and Nate what happened at the principal’s office.

“This is really fucked up. I hope they’ll leave you alone now. He can at least control the teachers to not bother you anymore.” Nate said and I just nodded. I really don’t want to talk about this anymore. I just want to sit at this table and cuddle a little bit with Nolan.

The rest of the school day went over without much problems. Two little things happened but nothing really bad. First thing was that a guy in PE didn’t want to change with us in the same locker room but the coach just led hit out and gave him some work to do outside on the field. The others just changed like nothing happened. The other thing was that another gay couple came to us at dinner and we talked a little bit. John and Tim introduced themselves to us and we got along pretty good. We traded numbers to hang out sometime soon. On the way home I felt relieved that the school day finally ended. With Nolan holding my hand we headed home. I kissed him goodbye and asked if he want to stay the night today.

“I ask my mom and call you later honey. Love you.” He said

“Love you too babe. See you later.” I told him.

With Dan and Nate still walking with me we talked a little and finally said our ‘goodbye’s’ and I walked in to the house. I tossed the backpack out of the way and walked into the kitchen to prepare dinner for me and dad. At 3 pm my dad got home and told me he need to talk to me when I set the table for dinner. While eating he began to speak “I got 2 calls today. One from a very angry History teacher and one from your principal. Can you tell me what happened?” I nodded and started to tell him what happened today. He listened to every word I was saying.

“Ok son, first things first. I know this is new to you as well but you have to accept that some people have questions. I know it’s annoying but you have to deal with it. What you told your teacher was your right to tell her. If she really got detention for you I would have told her to back off or she would’ve dealt with the school board.”

“No dad, I don’t have to deal with it ‘cause if they have a question or an issue with that that’s not my problem at all. Nolan and I just want to be handed like every other couple. And if they don’t stop with that I’ll ignore them or get angry. Why do we have to deal with this shit when no other couple have to deal with it? Just because it’s new for them and not ‘normal’? We don’t care what they think. We just want to be left alone. That’s all we’re asking for.” I told him getting really annoyed about the whole topic.

“You’re right, Mike but just wait a few days and everything will get back to normal. I’m sure about that. Maybe Monday nobody really cares anymore. Just calm down and enjoy the weekend.” He said to me.

“Can Nolan stay the night dad?” I asked him but it was more like begging.

He smiled at me “If his mother got no complaints and I can call her I don’t see a problem.”

I jumped and before finishing dinner I called him. We talked a little and he told me he can stay the night if his mother can talk with my dad. I just laughed and told him about what my dad just said. We said goodbye and handed the phones to our ‘rents and they talked for about 20 minutes. I wanted to know what they are talking about but I was too happy that Nolan can stay the night. After they hung up my dad told me Nolan would be here in about an hour and I have to clean up the mess I call my room. He giggled about his last comment and after cleaning the table I got to my room, cleaned everything and got a quick shower before head down to wait for my boyfriend to arrive. I can’t wait to just cuddle up with him in my bed and make out a bit. This would be our first night together.

Feel free to leave a comment. ;)

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Why do people have to be so mean?  All these sweet boys want is to be able to love each other, and to be left UN-bothered.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  They have a lot of courage to show their affection for each other in front of a bunch of haters.


I hope that Nolan's Dad re-considers, and grows the balls to be a real Dad!

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5 hours ago, Douglas Spencer said:

Why do people have to be so mean?  All these sweet boys want is to be able to love each other, and to be left UN-bothered.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  They have a lot of courage to show their affection for each other in front of a bunch of haters.


I hope that Nolan's Dad re-considers, and grows the balls to be a real Dad!

People have to be mean because they don't understand. if they could understand the feelings those two or many others are feeling they wouldn't bother them. Haters gonna hate. The problem is when those haters start to get violent. 


As you noticed with a comment in the chapter "The way home" i write those chapters without thinking too much what happens next, so i don't really know what Nolan's dad is going to do. At the moment i deal with the friendship between Dan, Nate and Mike and their families. But that's for tomorrow. Todays chapter is way 'different' from the others. 




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