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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

A way of life - 6. First times

This is the 6th chapter of 'A way of life' and i hope you'll like it. Have a nice day. ;)

First times

Nolan was a little late and my nervousness hit the max level. When he finally arrived I calmed down a little. I thought he couldn’t come anymore but now I can hold him. Now I can kiss him. And the best part of him being here is that I can do all that until tomorrow afternoon. I couldn’t be any happier.

We took his backpack to my room and changed in more comfortable clothes and got back just in time for the Friday night movie on the TV. My dad already sat on the couch and waited for us. Still with a little awkward feeling to show affection in front of my dad we cuddled up while watching. The awkward feeling put on to hold and this just feels right. I can cuddle with my boyfriend in front of my dad and don’t have to hide my secret anymore.

While the movie goes on Nolan and I made out a little until we both fell asleep around 9.30 pm. When the movie ends my dad woke us and told us to go to bed if we can’t stay awake. “Lets go to bed, Mike. I’m not really tired anymore but I want you all for myself.” Nolan whispered in my ear. We got up, said goodnight to my dad who hugged both of us and went to my room.

Nolan sat down on my bed and said “I really think it’s too early to actually do it but we really have to talk about this. What do you think about sex?”

I’m stunned for what he asks me “Ehm. I don’t know. I didn’t really think about this. Sure I think about sex, actually a lot but why are you asking something like that?”

He looked me in the eyes “’cause I really want to do it with you. I want to try everything with you but I also think we should wait with that. We’ve known each other for just a few days and I don’t want to destroy this because I really love you, even when this is new to both of us.”

“In the last few days I really thought a lot about sex with you but this is not what I want from this. I want you and if we’re both ready we can have sex. I just want to hold and kiss you. Right now it is all I really want.” I told him and it was true. At least most of it. Sure I want sex with him, even right now but I’m also scared about that. I never tried anything like that.

“I’m glad you think like me, Mike. I want this to last. I want to learn everything about you and I want to tell you everything about me.” I sat down on the bed on his side, hugged and kissed him deeply.

I then said “Lets get ready for bed and start to get to know each other. How does that sound?” He just nodded and we got to the bathroom to brush our teeth and take a leak before going back to my room.

We got down to our boxers and got into my bed and snuggled up. Then we began to talk about us and about our lifes. I told him everything about me I could think of. I told him about my family and about my mom and while talking about her I shed some tears which he gently wiped away. Then he told me about his life in San Francisco, his friends back there, about his father and the rest of his family. He told me how much he missed his dad but he didn’t really lost him like I lost my mom. His dad is still alive but in a way he died when he left his son and his wife. With tears in his eyes he told me about the letter he wrote to his dad and what he hoped would happen.

“Let us stop talking about sad stuff, please. I’m here with you and want this night to be a happy night. In a way sharing this with each other it makes me happy but sad at the same time.” He said to me in his hypnotizing low voice and we then talked about school, my old friends Dan and Nate who also getting Nolan’s new friends.

“Dan never told me about his uncles and I really don’t know why. Maybe we could ask him sometime why he never told me about them. I thought I know his entire family. I even know the uncle who he talked about but it never occurred me that he is a married gay man.” I told Nolan.

We stopped talking and started the fun. Kissing him while holding his almost naked body sent shivers through my body. I got hard in an instant when we first started. I didn’t want him to know I’m that aroused so I lightly drifted away from him but he already noticed.

“Don’t sweat it, hon. I’m hard as well. I really wanna do stuff with you but we really should wait.” He said to me and even while it’s dark in my room I knew he smiled at me. I then cuddled up with him again and he really was hard. I could feel it. We made out for another half an hour when we finally stopped and drifted off to sleep. Cuddled up with the boy you love is the best feeling in the world. This is the first time I cuddled with another boy in my bed drifting off to sleep.

Sure, Dan and Nate slept over around a hundred times but we never cuddled. We briefly even touch. On occasion we woke up with an arm draped on the body of the other but never cuddling. With Nolan in my arms and hearing him breathe very low as he drifted away felt just right. I don’t really want to stop this. I really want to hold him until I die someday.

Eventually I fell asleep as well and as I woke up the next day he was still in my arms. I watched him sleep for about another half an hour. He looked so peaceful and sweet. I noticed he slowly woke up and I got the urge to kiss him and as I did he opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Good morning sweety. This feels nice. Nobody woke me up like this. I want this every morning now, you know that?” He said and I started kissing him again. Another 10 minutes we just caressed each other and kissed until our stomachs grumbled and the urge to empty the bladder could not be stopped anymore. So we got up and went to my bathroom. I never really saw him completely naked but now as we both approached the toilet he just dropped his boxers and tried to pee with his wild morning wood. Actually staring I tried to get conscious again and did the same after a few seconds.

“You are so beautiful.” I said to him standing beside him and looking in his eyes. He really is beautiful. I want to see him naked all the time now.

“Don’t you think I’m a little small? Look at you. You are way bigger than me.” Sure, I’m a little bigger then him but that doesn’t matter but was he really concerned about his penis size?

“You are not small. A few months ago I was the same. We are both still growing. And I really think you are beautiful. Don’t ever question that again, please.” I said to him in my lowest and most loving voice I could manage.

He smiled at me “Thank you. You are too. And I try but all I ever heard in school is that I’m small and skinny.” I got closer to him and simply kissed him. That should tell him how I feel about that.

“I love you, Nolan. Size doesn’t matter. Not for me. I love you and not the size of your penis.” I said to him and leaned against his chest to hear his heartbeat. I was curious to know what he feels about what I said to him without using words. His heart was racing and as I got up and hugged him close I could feel it steel beating. After a few minutes it calmed down and we went to the kitchen to get something to eat. As we approached the hallway I could smell bacon. Was my dad already awake and was making breakfast? He never did that before. Never. Normally I got up before him and fix it for us while he slept in late.

“Good morning boys, I hope you slept well?” He looked up and smiled at us. We were still only in our boxers but he never complained about that. Just men who sit down at the table very comfy.

“Mornin’ dad, yes, we slept really well.” I said to him while looking at Nolan who nodded and I added “Why are you already awake? It’s 8 am and you never stay up ‘till 10.”

He smiled at me and said “You’re right but I have something to do this morning so I’m leaving after breakfast. You boys got the house for yourselves for at least 3 hours.” Now I knew what he was up to. He wanted to give Nolan and me some space. We sat down and eat our breakfast. My dad made a really good omelet and bacon. After clearing our plates he stood up and excused himself and walked out of the house. Now we got the house for us and could do whatever we wanted to do.

At first we cleaned the little mess we produced while eating and after that Nolan suggested we could get a shower. I was getting nervous. Sure, I saw his penis and he saw mine, hard as well and that’s why I don’t know why I was getting nervous. He sensed my feelings and got close to me and hugged me. He took my hand and guided me to the bathroom.

I went to get some towels while he started the water in the shower. Now my own heart was pounding like hell. What am I fearing? We’re not going to do anything. It’s just a shower with the boy I adore so much. With the boy who melted my heart every time he looked into my eyes and smiled with those crystal white teeth.

As I got back to the bathroom I could hear the shower already splashing water and as I got inside I could see that Nolan was already inside the tub. Smiling at me when he saw me he motioned to me to come over. I quickly pulled my boxer down and climbed into the stream of hot water to the side of my really hot boyfriend. This is the first time I saw him completely naked. While peeing this morning I just saw his throbbing morning wood but now I could see him in all his glory.

“You’re just staring at me or do you want to help me?” He teased me and I took the hint and started to work my hands around his body. After he shampooed his hair and rinsing of I did the same with my hair. Before I finished with my eyes still closed I could feel him leathering my body. He said I have to let my eyes shut. I nodded as he cleaned every spot of my body. I got hard in an instant and even while we said we don’t want to do stuff with each other he even cleaned my throbbing dick. An electric shiver went through my body when he first touched my steel erection. Nobody ever touched my dick before. Not like this. I was getting close and I told him to stop before I start to make a mess in the tub. He giggled, stopped cleaning my dick but started with my butt. Damn it. That felt so good and even as he stopped ‘cleaning’ my dick and was just caressing my butt I was getting even closer to cum.

When he hit my tight little hole I screamed “Aaaaahhh, Nolan, fuck.” I then came. I came so hard that I could barely stand on my feet anymore and Nolan had to hold me.

He rinsed of the remaining lather and said “I’m so sorry Mike. I didn’t meant to do that. Please don’t hate me.” I got back to the world when I noticed he looked scared into my eyes.

“Everything is fine babe. I just never saw that coming. I still love you, you just surprised me a little.” I said to him looking into his eyes. It was true. I was shocked what he just did but I couldn’t be mad at him for something felling as good as this.

“I really don’t know why I did that, Mike. Please forgive me.” He said to me looking away from me trying to get out of the shower but I didn’t let him. I stopped him and started to gently caress his body while lathering him up. Now he looked as surprised as I had to be looking while he did the same to me. I started with his upper body and slowly went further down until I reached his rock hard erection.

I started to masturbate him with my right hand and used my other hand to massage his balls. He begged me to stop or he would cum. I didn’t listen and just went on. I could feel his orgasm approaching and as he moaned louder and started to scream a little bit he shot his cum in my direction. The cum was washed away before I could really see it on my body because of the water but I absolutely loved the feeling that his sperm hit me after I got him to cum.

“I love you Nolan and now you see that there is nothing to forgive.” I said to him while holding him in my arms.

After a few seconds of recovery he looked at me and shyly smiled at me “You didn’t have to do that just because I did it to you.”

“I know but I really wanted to do that for you. I could see that you needed it as well as I needed it. To hell with waiting. We both know that we want each other. We couldn’t even hold our promise for 24 hours.” I said starting to laugh. He then began to laugh as well and finished rinsing off. We then stepped out of the tub and dried our bodies.

Without putting on new underwear we went to my room and got into bed. We cuddled up against each other and started kissing. The whole time we never really lost our erections so we just started the next session. This time though we masturbated each other at the same time.

We both reached the point of no return at the same time and he shot his load out just a second after me. We both knew we wanted more. Not right now but we wanted each other as often as possible because this feels too good to wait until we could do that again.

“Damn Mike, I couldn’t believe we just did it again. I never felt like this in before while jacking off. I love you so much.” He said to me and kissed me deeply. We never got to French kisses before but as he opened his mouth a little I slipped in my tongue and as he noticed what I was up to his tongue glided against mine. He tasted so good and I didn’t want to stop but after just 30 seconds we needed to breathe.

“I Love you too Nolan. I never want to get out of bed again with you. Those hours with you were the best in my life and I can’t wait to get more of time with you.” I said to him and after we both got our Breathe back we started kissing again.

This sleepover was the best thing I have ever done. So much ‘first times’ that I can’t wait to explore more of that with Nolan. I just hope we’ll get more time with each other. But I also worried a lot about Dan and Nate. Am I going to lose them because I won’t spent much time with them anymore? Are they going to be upset about the time I want to spend alone with Nolan? I really need to talk with them. As a matter of fact, we already agreed to hang out later at Dan’s. I also need to ask him about his uncles.

Right now I just want to enjoy the time Nolan and I got left alone. I didn’t notice falling asleep again but a light knock on my door got my conscious back. Not giving an answer the door opened and my dad stepped in. He looked at us with a little smile on his face when I realized we were still naked and not covered. I managed to get the covers up what wakes up Nolan and he looked at me with a questioning look. He then saw my dad and froze.

“Sorry to wake you boys up but Nolan’s mom already called. Dress up and come down please.” He said to us and left the room.

“Your dad just saw us naked Mike. Shit. That shouldn’t have happened.” Noland said with a scared sound in his voice.

“Calm down babe. If he really is upset about this he would’ve said something when he saw us. Just calm down and stop worrying.” I tried to calm him down but he stood up and hectically began to start to dress. I followed suit and after we finished dressing we went down but he didn’t stop walking.

“I’m sorry Mr. Thompson. Goodbye.” He walked to the door but my dad just said “Nolan, please wait.” And with that he stopped but didn’t look back at him and my dad started to speak again “You didn’t do anything wrong Nolan so don’t act like you just killed someone. As a matter of fact is was a young boy too a few years ago. Sit down with us and let us talk about this. You mom will pick you up in 30 minutes. She wants to go to the mall with you.”

Nolan didn’t move so I went to him and led him to the kitchen table. Still holding his hand we were sitting at this table and my father told about his time when he was about our age and what he did. We both felt embarrassed but listened to what he had to say.

“You don’t have to worry about that Nolan. It’s perfectly normal for boys your age to do stuff like that. I see that you two love each other and I never got that experience with another boy but I’m sure you didn’t do anything wrong ‘cause you both sit here still holding hands. I don’t know what gay sex is all about so I can’t answer most questions about that but if you have a question you can always come to me, both of you.” My dad said when the doorbell rang. He stood up walked around the table and kissed both of us on the forehead and went to the front door.

Nolan’s mom came in and talked a little with my dad and asked what happened after she saw the looks in our faces. “Nothing happened. We just needed a little chat about some confusing stuff.” My dad told her and she just nodded. Nolan stood up and wanted to walk over to her to go but I stopped him, embraced him in a hug and kissed him goodbye. He smiled a little at me and walked out of the house following his mom. I can’t wait to see him again. I already miss him and he just left a few seconds ago.

Feel free to leave a comment. If you see anything that can improve my writing skills please let me know. ;)

Copyright © 2019 TimmY92; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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