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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

A way of life - 8. Dads

This is chapter 8 of 'A way of life' and i hope you'll enjoy reading it. ;)


Getting started for the day, Nolan and I went to the bathroom to take a shower. Just as the day before we washed each other but this time we didn’t start anything sexual. I don’t know why but even with each other touching we didn’t get hard like the day before. We both just knew this would be another stressful day with a lot of emotions and problems to solve.

“I’m starving honey. Lets eat something.” Nolan said to me while we dried our bodies.

“I love the way you think. Aaaaaand I love you babe. Can I kiss you?” I said to him.

“I love you too but why do you ask me if you can kiss me? You don’t need to ask. Just do it though.” He said to me with a confused look in his eyes.

“I don’t know why. I just felt like asking. Maybe it was because of the nightmare or because what will happen today.” I looked into his eyes and put on a little smile.

“Don’t you ever ask me again if you can kiss me. Just do it, ok?” I nodded, stepped closer and kissed him with all love I could give him. The kiss lasted at least 20 minutes. Ok, it was just 5 minutes but it felt like a long, long time.

We finished dressing and went to the kitchen where my father already waited for us to start breakfast. This is still unusual for him to get up that early AND fixing breakfast. But we sat down and started eating. After finishing he excused himself like the day before and left the house. We cleaned the kitchen and went back to my room to talk about what could happen later that day. But we didn’t get there because Nolan noticed a Mail on his phone and after checking what it was he froze in shock.

“Dad.” Was the only word he could get out of his mouth.

He sat down on the bed and started reading what his dad wrote him. He then started to cry and I went to him to embrace him in a hug to calm him down and asked “Was it your dad? What did he tell you?”

“Here, read for yourself.” He gave me his phone but he didn’t look sad or upset. He looked quite happy.

I stared at the screen and started reading:

Dear Nolan,

I’m really sorry I reacted the way I did. I don’t really know what came over me with this but I do know now it was just my head fucking up with me. I didn’t really thought in the slightest way my only son whom I dreamed of with a nice woman and a lot of children in his life, could be gay. I’m sorry to just walk out without saying a word. I can’t give you enough apologies that you could forgive me. What I did was wrong in every way. I was a little disappointed coming back to the house to find it abandoned with a little note but I know why you left. It’s all my fault and I want to do all I can to be the father you deserve. I know a mail is nothing like a letter but I needed to let you know how I feel and that I’m sorry about what happened. I already called your mother and we want to meet today. I’m ready to sell the house and move to Oakland to be near you and your mom. I love you with all my heart and nothing will ever change that. I was just too stupid and stubborn to accept it at first. I really hope you can forgive your old man for the big mistake he made. I’m glad to hear you have a boyfriend and I really want to meet the boy who stole the heart of my son. Maybe we can meet today as well because I really miss you but your mom told me about an intervention planned today and I don’t want to disturb that.

I love you Nolan,


Damn. Now I know why he cries because I started crying after the first few words. I’m happy about what he wrote and that Nolan can now be happy. One dad is now from the list, another one to go then. I knew this day will be emotional but I never imagined something like this would happen on the same day.

“Are you ok babe? I first thought you are sad but after reading this I know you’re happy. What do you want to do now?” I asked him.

“Yes hon, I’m more than ok right now. He never wanted to disown me, he was just confused about it and scared to even talk about it and even a little disappointed. But he still loves me. I can forgive him in an instant because if he never did what he did I wouldn’t have the chance to meet you. Now I have both of you and that makes me more than happy.” He happily cried in my arms.

“I love you and I never want to lose you.” I said before I kissed him until we needed to head to his mom.

At his house he stormed in and ran to his mom and starting to cry again flew into her arms. She knew what happened and hugged him tight. To see this just melt my heart and I know I should just go and sit down on the couch to let them have their private moment.

“Where are you going Mike? Come here, you’re part of this family now.” His mom called after me. I turned and joined them in a three-way-hug. “This is really not what I expected from him after what he did but we can make the best out of it, don’t you think?” she added.

“Yes mom, I want him back so bad right now. He wrote he’ll come to visit us today? But we have the big discussion today with Dan and his dad.” Nolan asked a little confused about what he want to do.

“Sure, we’ll go to that discussion but your dad will be here in about an hour so we have enough time to talk with him and got to Dan’s after that.” She told him and Nolan froze for a moment not knowing what to feel right now.

“WHAT? Why didn’t you call me? We just have an hour ‘till he gets here? I need to change clothes. We need to change clothes. Damn it. What can I wear?” Nolan went insane about the arrival of his dad. I just laughed and tried to calm him down. It was cute to see him go crazy like that.

“Nolan babe, calm down please. It’s just your dad. I know this is special but he is still your dad. Don’t go crazy like that.” I kissed him so he can’t talk anymore and I think it worked a bit. We went to his room and he searched for clothes until he found something to wear and asked me to change as well but I denied. I already have my good clothes on. He was just anxious about what could happen.

The doorbell rang and he ran like a flash to the door to open it. Without even greeting he embraced his dad in a tight hug that could’ve killed a bear. He cried the third time today but like the previous times they were happy tears and noticing what’s happening I started to cry as well, so was his mom and dad.

After a few minutes hugging he led his dad inside and tried to introduce him to me but failed because of the crying. His dad laughed a little about the try and reached out his hand which I took but instead of shaking he pulled me to him and hugged me. It was really a special moment to get a hug from the father of my boyfriend who left him without a word, now knowing he was wrong and coming back to apologize. He then got to his wife and embraced her in a hug and kissed her on the cheek. I think he didn’t know if he can kiss her on the mouth or not and what happens with their relationship. Nolan led all of us to the living room and the couch to sit down and talk.

His dad started “Nolan, I’m sorry for what I did to you.” But Nolan stopped him with a sign.

“Stop dad, I already forgave you. Sure, the last to month was hard but if you didn’t do what you did I never had met Mike and now that you’re back everything will work out for us. So please stop to apologize to me. After your mail it isn’t necessary anymore.” He told him and his dad started crying again. Without noticing I grabbed for Nolan’s hand and we were getting closer. It was normal to us but Nolan noticed where he was and with whom and stopped holding my hand.

“Don’t son, don’t hide in front of me because I was an asshole. I can see clearly you two love each other. Don’t hide your feelings.” His dad said and Nolan’s eyes grew wide and looked at me. I smiled at him, moved closer and kissed him. His dad smiled at us and blushed a little. After breaking the kiss we all laughed about the awkward moment. We then talked about what will happen now and what the plans for today are. At 1.30 pm Nolan’s dad invited us for dinner and since his mom has some things to do before heading to Dan’s the three of us left the house looking out for something where we can eat.

At a diner we ordered our meals and we talked a bit about the discussion today and Nolan asked his dad if he want to come along as well. He nodded and said “I really want to but I don’t want to disturb anything. I don’t know anyone of them.”

“I know this is fast but you can tell Dan’s parents what you did when I told you about me. Maybe it can help him understand. Look, I am still the same with the only difference that I like boys instead of girls. Dan likes both but is in love with another boy. It’s not like they can lose their hope for grandchildren on him but he needs to tell them.” Nolan said to his dad and he nodded.

At 2.50 pm we went to the car and drove to Dan’s and met everybody outside on the sidewalk waiting for all to arrive. We introduced Nolan’s dad to them and headed for the door. Dan led us to the living room and we sat down and went to get his parents from the backyard. When they got to the living room they froze and asked about what’s going on and who the people are.

“Mom? Dad? We need to talk. And I have to tell you something.” Their looks on their faces were pure shock but they sat down as well.

“Ok, this is not easy but we need to do it. Dad, I know why I can’t see uncle Tom anymore and I hate what you think about it. You asked me if I’m gay as well and I said no, which is the truth, but just the half of it. I told you I have a gay friend. Actually I have three gay friends and all of them are here.” He said and pointing at us he continued “Nate, Mike and Nolan. I know you don’t like that but I need to tell you this. I am bisexual and I’m madly in love with Nate. I was too scared to even tell you this but since I now know about Mike and Nolan and what is going on with Tom I needed to do it. Nate and I are a couple for about 2 years now and Mike just met Nolan. I invited them today to speak with you. Everybody has gone through the same feelings you might have but it had to be done. I don’t want to hide anymore”

His parents sat there in pure shock, not knowing what to say. His mom started to cry but instead of running out she ran to Dan and hugged him. His dad on the other hand didn’t move for 10 minutes. He then stood up and said “Son, don’t get me wrong. As you said I don’t really like the thought about you with another boy but that won’t change my love for you. Sure, it is a really big shock for me right now and I really need to think things through but that won’t change anything. I just need to calm down right now ‘cause that is not what I planned for your life.”

“I know, but I have to plan my own life, dad. There’s nothing you could do to change my feelings for Nate or the plans I have in my life. I know that parents feel that they have to plan their children lifes but to be honest, everybody has his own dreams and desires. That’s another reason why everybody is here. I want Tom back in my life and I need you to accept that. He is your brother for gods sake. You always knew about him being gay and instead of supporting him you abandoned him and made a choice for the whole family without asking what we want.” Dan said to his father.

His dad started to cry “I know but I couldn’t live on with knowing he married a man and won’t have a family like normal families would have.”

Tom said “If you would’ve come to the wedding you would know we actually have our little family right now. A few years ago we adopted a beautiful little boy who just lost his parents on a horrible accident. I know it is not the same as having a child born with my blood but we managed to give a little boy a second chance in life with parents who love him.”

WOW. Everybody now looked at him in shock now. “Why didn’t you tell me that? Why do something like this has to happen to tell me that?” Dan’s dad asked.

“It was a surprise for everyone at the wedding but you never joined it and after telling me to fuck off and never call or visit again there was no chance to tell you that. Think about it, you are an uncle of a beautiful boy. He turned nine last month and now visits Dough’s parents so we could come here.” Tom said to his brother. He took a picture out of his pocket and gave it to him. He started to cry again.

“Ok guys, this is really a lot right now and I really need to think about things now but to let you all know. Nothing will change except one thing, I want my brother back in my life right now.” Dan’s dad said stood up and went Dan to hug him like his wife already has done. After telling his son that he can love who he wants he went to his brother to hug him as well. Dan was happier then I have ever seen him and he ran to Nate to show him that. In front of everyone the kissed for the very first time. Even for me it was new to see my best friend kissing my second best friend. It really was an emotional day.

Dan told his parents about his feelings for Nate, Nolan got his dad back after 2 months and Dan’s dad got his brother back in his life. Dan’s dad called out a party for the next weekend and a little celebration for today. He invited everybody for a barbecue. It was a nice day and a better evening. Dan and I talked a little bit about Nate’s and his relationship and why they never told me while knowing about my secret. At 7 pm Nolan’s dad has to go back to San Francisco but will visit as soon as possible with plans for the future. We said goodbye to him and went back to the backyard.

My dad came to me and said “I talked with Nolan’s mom and we agreed you two need to calm down a little and the best way to do that is another sleepover. Since today is still Monday and both of you have to go to school we pulled up a few rules for tonight and nights that will come. Sharp 10 is light out and both of you have to be ready like you would every day. If you both get late for school you won’t have the opportunity for another sleepover for a few weeks. I have to work tomorrow and so does Nolan’s mom. Let us go home now, pack your bag and calm down about what happened this weekend.”

Wow. I never thought about sleeping over with Nolan today but now that he mentioned I really need to be close to him right now. I ran to him, told him what my dad said and kissed him passionately. This was also the first time kissing in front of Dan’s parents but they didn’t mind it at all. We said our goodbye’s and got to the cars to go home. At home I packed a bag and took my backpack for school. I kissed my dad on the cheek and went to Nolan.

As exhausting as the day was we still sat down on the couch to watch some TV. The next morning I noticed we never made it to bed. We just slept on the couch, arm in arm and cuddling. Realizing what day we have I got a little anxious about school today but after waking Nolan and kissing him I lost my concerns. Now I look forward to a new day with my sweet and cute boyfriend. One thing still flies to my mind. What are Dan and Nate going to do? Are they now open about them or do they still want to hide their feelings in school. This could be another exciting day.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what i can do to improve my writing. Have a nice day. ;)

Copyright © 2019 TimmY92; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Great. Just couldn't help my eyes from welling up about the outcome of the intervention.

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Just now, Tonyr said:

Great. Just couldn't help my eyes from welling up about the outcone of the intervention.

Thank you for your nice words. I really like the outcome about what happened as well. 

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