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A Contract is a Contract

   (2 reviews)

When humans make deals with demons, it doesn't usually end well for the human.  Unless they've made a side deal with an even more powerful demon.  

This story is a collaboration between Valkyrie and Aditus as a response to the following prompt:

Prompt 847

A month after signing the deal the demon shows up on your doorstep in the middle of the night. "What do you want?" You demand. "Look the deal is null and void," he began. "The hell it is," you scream at him. What deal did you make and why is the demon trying to cancel the deal?

Copyright © 2020 Valkyrie, aditus; All Rights Reserved.

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Peter J. Gee

· Edited by Peter J. Gee


As Marty says, A brilliant wee tale.
I thoroughly enjoyed the banter in the remarks following this tale and it almost became a tale in itself, my first thought was that it would overshadow the chapter, but it strengthened not detracted (2 tales in 1, 3 if you count the demons)

Response from the author:

Thank you so much!  I'm glad you enjoyed the banter. :)

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A brilliant wee tale. One that had me guessing incorrectly all the way to the end. Why not have a read of it, and see if you can do any better than me? ;) 

Response from the author:

Thank you!  Glad we kept you guessing :) 

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