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Shane - 10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

In mid April he walked home thinking it was time to shed his jacket.  The days were up around seventy and he was hotter then hell only making the smell of his clothes worse with all his sweating. 

He stopped and played with Shep as he always did not noticing a car in the driveway of his trailer until he was in the driveway himself.  He wondered if his father had finally killed the old rust bucket and bought a new car.  Well certainly not new it’s green paint was faded and full of rust.  He looked it more closely and realized it was familiar he’d seen it several times actually.  This car was the woman’s who was a direct result of him sleeping in the dog house every night.

He was tempted to just leave knowing he would be kicked back out anyways but his curiosity got the better of him wanting to know why she was there when his father was not.  He walked up the steps and into the house where the crazy red haired lady was standing in the kitchen past the counter humming a tune while she mixed something with a wooden spoon.

She looked over at him and her eyes narrowed.  “You must be his son.”

Shane nodded feeling a little speechless at her making herself so to home in his place.  Though whatever she was making smelled damn good.

“Are you staying tonight?” he asked wanting to know right off if he’d be allowed to stay himself.

She nodded.  “I’m living here now.”

Shane blanched wondering what in hell was gonna happen to him.

“My son would appreciate it if you’d get your crap contained to one corner of his room.”

Shane held his mouth closed though it wanted like hell to drop open.  He wondered if this was all some elaborate set up to mess with his head.  He feared he was going to lose his home all together even if he did get to stay he would no longer have the place to himself three or four days a week.  No matter what happened he knew this was really going to suck.

He jumped to attention when she yelled for him to clean up his shit.  He hurried through the kitchen and opened his bedroom door.  There was a bed in it now but it was already occupied by someone who looked to be about his age.  The kid jumped when he walked in and looked at Shane who was frozen to his spot his hand still gripping the door knob.

Shane checked him out from head to toe. He had reddish blonde hair and blue eyes.  He was a little shorter then Shane as far as he could tell from his reclined position but a little meatier as most kids were.  He wasn’t a knockout hot guy but he certainly would be able to turn a few heads.

“Don’t you think you ought to knock first?”

He pushed down his sudden and profound anger.  “I was told to come clean up my clothes.”

“Oh yeah.” The kid pointed off into a corner.  “I already tossed ‘em over there for you.”  His voice was much kinder now.  Shane closed the door and knelt down in his old corner that apparently was gonna be his current corner again.

“How come you don’t got a bed anyways?”

“Just can’t afford it.” Shane started folding up his clothes having no intention of telling this kid who had suddenly come in and taken over his room anything.

“Mom was a little pissed you left it such a mess in here.  Said you could have at least cleaned up since we were moving in.”

“Well I guess I’m just rude.” he was so mad he didn’t dare say much more then that.

“You know I ain’t too happy about being here either.  Least we could do is make the best of it.”  Shane looked up at the boy who looked basically kind.  He already had a nick name picked out but wondered if he may not need it.

“What’s your name?” He asked figuring if he didn’t choose a bad one he should at least use the real one.


“What grade you in?”

“9th. How bout you?”

“10th.  So you gonna go to school in town here?”

“Yeah, gotta I guess.  Mom won’t drive me back and forth to my old school. so’s your dad is gonna give me a ride to this one.  Guess we’ll be riding together.”

Shane nodded knowing that would never happen and feeling a sharp stab of hurt that his father would so willingly do something for someone’s else kid.  He’d been walking to school since he was five not once being offered a ride.  “Have you met my dad?” he wondered if maybe this was a promise given by Brian’s mother that his father had no idea of yet.

“Yeah, he seems real nice.”

Shane almost choked on his spit as he continued to fold his clothes.  He looked to the door as Mr. Real nice poked his head in.  He looked over to Brian on the bed and Shane saw the first smile he’d ever seen on his father’s face.  “Time for dinner son.”  His smiled vanished as he turned his head down to Shane.  “Not you.” he added in a cold sneer.

Shane lowered his eyes though he knew Brian was looking at him he couldn’t muster the courage to look back.  He stayed in his room sitting knees up to his chest in the corner and listened while this new family talked and laughed around the kitchen table.  He set his chin down on his knees and ran his finger along the carpet.  Being ignored and hated by his father was something he’d come to live with but he wasn’t so sure he could take seeing his father being so nice to some other kid he hardly knew.

If he’d had any place to go he’d have left right then at least for the night but still being scared to go out on the road and knowing it was too early to go to Shep’s house he stayed where he was.  Long after dinner Brian walked back into the room.  Shane who’d already laid down pretended to be asleep.

The next morning on his walk to school the old rust bucket roared past and Shane’s eyes narrowed seeing Brian sitting on the passenger side.  He didn’t dislike Brian but his feelings of jealousy were so strong he couldn’t help but feel bad feelings towards the kid.

He walked into Sam’s driveway and Sam bounded out of the house in his usual exuberance.  “Guess what?”


“We can stay at Matt’s tonight.  His mother is going out of town for the night and he’s having his boyfriend over.  We thought we could all shack up together.”

“You mean all have sex together?” Shane asked holding his books a little more tightly to his chest.

Sam looked at him and shrugged.  “Well it may happen.  Only if you want though.  If not we can still have a grand old time.” He grinned widely and squeezed his hand around Shane’s bicep leaning into him as they started walking.  “Your dad won’t mind will he?”

“No,” even if there were some hope in hell his father would care he was to pissed to give a crap that morning.  They got to school and he was even more annoyed that he had to wait outside the office while his father registered his new ‘son’ at the school.

He sat down heavily in one of the chairs in the outer sanctum feeling about as low as anyone could get.  He held his books loosely balancing them on his thigh and sank down further into the chair as the minutes ticked past.  His English book was in the cabinet and there was no use going to class without it.  His father walked out about five minutes after the first bell rang.  He did not look at Shane at all but Shane knew he saw him as he made sure to step heavily on his foot as he walked through.

Shane winced but did not give his father the satisfaction of calling out or even bending over to rub his now throbbing foot.  His jealousy and anger hit the roof when Don walked out of the office with his hand on Brian’s shoulder.

“Shane.  Sorry that took so long.” He said as though just noticing him there.  “Can you hang out for a minute I want to talk to you.”

Shane shot up from his chair and gave him a fiery look.  “Fuck you.” was all he said before he threw his books onto the floor and left the office and the school swearing to never set foot in it again.

He took off at a run the moment he walked out of the doors tears streaming harder then ever from his eyes.  He ran down main street and took a right at the wharf he didn’t stop running til he reached the barren rocky beach where he sat down on a large boulder just at the water’s edge.

He buried his face in his hands and cried so hard that stomach hurt after only a couple minutes.  As soon as his crying stopped a while later his guilt began.  He never should have said what he said to Don and was mad at himself for doing it wondering if he was just trying to make people hate him in his strive to forever feel sorry for himself.  He wished he were stronger.  So that his father and his new family would not bother him so.

He wiped his drying tears with the back of his arm and crossed his hands in his lap.  He put his feet up on a smaller boulder in front of him and looked out at the ocean.  Wondering if it were possible to just float out across it with only a life vest and end up someplace real nice.

The ocean he had to admit from when he was real little was a very beautiful thing.  Not only was it immense and appearing endless it was always cooler right there on the beach.  No matter how hot and sticky a day was you could always come here and feel a cool breeze on your face.   He had not been to this spot in months but spent a lot of time here once the months got warmer.

When he was younger after watching some movie on TV he’d collected every bottle he could find for months and sent them stuffed with a letter out onto the water.  He’d never expected to hear anything back as he’d never signed any of them but still felt a warm feeling thinking someone out there had read his words which were usually just useless banter but they were his and the fact they could be out there in the world somewhere maybe tacked to someone’s wall made him feel just a bit important if only for a little while.

He thought of sending one again only this time he’d sign it even put his damn address on it.  He’d write that he wanted a family, a family that would take care of him and love him and promise he’d love them back.  He wouldn’t be picky he’d figured things couldn’t get much worse then they now were and was up for any change.

That thought passed and he thought of tying a rock to his leg and walking out til it was over his head and just let the rock hold him down til he was dead.  He shivered at the thought not wanting to have sunk that low.  He’d never thought of killing himself before and didn’t like the fact it had just entered his mind so naturally.

He stayed on the beach on that rock all day when the sun started to sink past the ocean’s edge and the sky turned a bright pink he got up.  He rubbed his aching ass that was suddenly announcing it’s unhappiness at sitting on the hard rock all day then smiled thinking he’d get a good massage from Sam.  He walked back up onto main street and then left onto Marlin lane.  Another stupid part of town he thought bitterly as he glanced at the street sign. He thought it incredibly corny that a fishing town would name every street but one after one fish or another.

They had everything from Striper ave to Salmon st.  Shortly after turning onto Marlin lane he turned into Matt’s driveway he’d been to Matt’s house only a couple times and other then Don’s it was the nicest house he’d ever been in which left it probably the nicest house in Prescott cove.  He had no idea what Matt’s dad did for work but figured it was sales or something since the man was never home.

He walked up the stairs to the porch and rang the door bell which in itself was a rarity for Prescott Cove most houses weren’t big enough to require one.  Sam opened the door and a look of worry was quickly replaced with a look of relief.  “Jesus Christ Shane you scared the hell out of me.” He pushed the door open further and wrapped his arms tightly around Shane. “Where in hell were you?”

“I went to the beach.” Shane said his mood still to foul to explain much.

Sam pulled back leaving his hands up on Shane’s shoulders his look of worry back a little bit.  He stepped back into the house pulling Shane along with him then closed the door behind them. “What’s wrong?” he cocked his head to one side and ran his hand up and down Shane’s arm.

Shane looked into the livingroom where Matt and his boyfriend whom Shane had yet to meet were half naked on the couch making out with a ferocious force.  Sam moved his hand down to Shane’s hand and squeezed it seeing Shane may just talk but not with the others right there. 

He’d spent a lot of time in the month he’d known Shane trying to get him to talk to him about anything pertaining to himself or his life. He knew Shane was a very unhappy person and had a feeling it had more to do then just his hellish life at school and being dirt poor.

“Guys,” He called out turning to Matt and Seth in the livingroom who managed to separate.  “Shane and I are gonna go upstairs for a little while.  We’ll be back down in a bit.”

Matt nodded and Seth spoke up.  “Aren’t you gonna introduce us first Sam?”  He was looking at Shane with want in his eyes.

Sam introduced them and Seth who Shane was more then a little aroused by himself got up and shook his hand.  “Nice to finally meet you.”

Shane nodded and smiled back.  “You too.”

He and Sam took off up the stairs while Seth told Matt that Shane was one hot number which Shane overheard but figured he must have heard wrong.  They walked into a room down a short hall to the left of the stairs.  Sam opened the door and stepped aside letting Shane in first which Shane had come to discover was something he always did.

Sam led him over to the bed which was as huge as the one he’d slept in at the hotel in Providence on so many weekends.  He kicked off his shoes and Shane followed suit then they both laid back on the bed side by side.  “You gonna tell me or do I have to torture it out of you?”

Shane had never told anyone just how sucky his life was.  He’d been thinking over the past month though that if he were ever going to tell anyone Sam would be that person.   Sam always treated him with incredible kindness and patience he figured if anyone could help him sort through his misery it was Sam.

He rolled onto his side and curled his knees up then put his clasped together hands under his cheek and looked over at Sam who was adjusting himself into the same position only propping his head up on a pillow and putting his hands out to Shane’s stomach instead of under his face.

“My father got a new girlfriend.  I guess he got her a while ago but yesterday she and her son moved in.”

“You didn’t even know her?”

“No, I’d seen her drive in a few times but never talked to her and she never talked to me.  I had no idea she had a kid and no idea her and my father were so serious.”

“Don’t you and your father talk at all?”  Sam had suspected they didn’t really communicate on many occasions.

“No, my father has never really talked to me.  My father hates me.”

“That’s kind of a harsh thing to say.  It can’t really be that bad.”

Shane sighed and moved his cheek up and down his hands to get in a more comfortable position. “My story is long are you sure you want to hear it?”

“Sure I’m sure Shane.  I’ve been trying to get you to really talk to me for a month.”

He certainly seemed sure so Shane took a long breath forcing himself to go on so that maybe he could get some guidance from someone he felt was incredibly smart.

“My mom died right after I was born, when I came out I guess I ripped something up inside her.  My father says I killed her.  Which I did though I didn’t mean to do it.  I’m sure that’s why he started out hating me.  He actually didn’t even take me home with him.  My gram, my mother’s mother took me home.  She raised me til I was five then she died.  I had no other place to go and my father took me in.”  He rolled his eyes reached up and grabbed a pillow then propped his head up onto it so his face was even with Sam’s who was still listening intently with a shock sort of look on his face.

“Him taking me in is something I’m frequently reminded that I should be grateful about.  Why I shouldn’t complain when I don’t get food and why I have no right to talk to him.”

Sam’s hand moved up onto Shane’s side and slowly moved back and forth as his look of shock mixed with sadness.

“He’s never said anything nice to me.  When he does talk it’s usually to kick me out of the house or tease me about being queer.”

“Does he hit you Shane?” Sam sounded as though he didn’t dare ask the question and looked like he was bracing himself for the answer.

Shane nodded his head and averted his eyes from Sam’s not having intended to say that but since he was asked and things seemed to be going so well he figured it best to get it right out in the open.  “He does a lot of slapping.  He’s taken his belt to me at least twice a week for most of my life with the exception of this last month.  He loves to drive me out of town beat the hell out of me then make me find my own way back.”  He stopped talking as tears started out of Sam’s eyes.  He reached over and wiped at them with his thumb.  “I’m sorry, I won’t say anymore.”

Sam sniffled and shook his head.  “No Shane, you have to tell me.  I mean I get the feeling you have never told anyone this before.”      

Shane shook his head wondering again how Sam could read him so damn well.  He wondered if it was something he was able to do with everyone or it was just something special they had together.  He hoped it was the latter.

“Well there’s not much more to tell that’s basically my life.  Except now what’s got me so upset is this new women in the house and even more so her son.  He’s taken over my bedroom, my father treats him like he’s god’s gift to fathers and still I’ve got nothing.”  His voice was definitely angry but tears were again starting out of his eyes.  “They all sat out at the table last night I heard them from my room talking and laughing like this great happy family.” Shane turned his face into the pillow his shoulders trembling from his crying.  He felt Sam’s hand gently rubbing his back and it only increased his tears. 

Sam moved closer and wrapped his arm up over Shane’s shoulder rubbing his hand along his shoulder blades while his other hand latched onto Shane’s squeezing it tightly.  He’d had no idea Shane’s life was so miserable he’d had hunches things weren’t good but never imagined it could be as bad as what he was hearing.  He believed it all though without any doubt.  Shane was not the type to lie about something so big that he was sure of.

A couple minutes later Shane pulled his head out of the pillow and moved his free hand up to wipe his eyes.  “I was used to life before.  I was even almost okay with it.  But seeing my dad be so nice to some other kid while he can’t even look at me...” he paused and swallowed hard.  “Well it just really hurts.”

Sam put his hand on Shane’s cheek brushing his thumb over his tears.  “I’m so sorry Shane.  No one should have to live like that.  Isn’t there anyplace else you can go?”  

Shane quickly shook his head.  “I have no other relatives, well I have a brother but he hates me as much as my dad does and I hate him too.  I would never willingly live with him even if he wanted me.”

Just over the border of Prescott Cove Don and Tad were just sitting down to dinner.  “What’s wrong with you tonight Don?  You’ve been moping around since you got home.”

“I’ve been moping around long before that.” He said miserably as he ran his fork over his mashed potatoes not feeling hungry enough to eat even one bite.

“So,” Tad said holding his hands out flat.  “You gonna tell me what it is or do we have to play twenty questions.”

Don dropped his fork onto his plate and put his hands up over his mouth dragging them down over til they were under his chin.  “It’s Shane.  He got real upset this morning and I have a real good idea why.”

“Why?”  Tad asked hating it when he had to drag information out of Don like he was pulling teeth or something.

“His father apparently has had his girlfriend move in with him.  A girlfriend who has a kid that’s a year younger then Shane.  His father brought the kid to school this morning and got him all registered.  Treated the kid like he was his long lost beloved son doted all over him.  I’ve called that man to come in and talk to me at least five times since Shane started highschool.  The only time he has come was when I suspended Shane.  I have a strong feeling as you know Shane’s father gives him very little attention.”

Don sighed and sat back in his chair dropping his hands down onto his lap.  “Now this other kid has come along and the father is treating him way better then he ever treated Shane.  I cannot even fathom how hurtful that must be to him.  To see someone who has never loved him so suddenly seem like he loves this complete stranger.”

“Just to be a nosy ass I gave him some free lunch papers for Brian,” he looked up at Tad.  “That’s the other kid.”

Tad nodded having figured that.

“Well he snatched them right up and signed them no problems at all.  Shane told me that his father would not sign his papers cause it was like begging.”

“And your sure it’s his father’s opinion and not Shane’s?”

Don shook his head in confusion.  “What do you mean?”

“I mean maybe Shane is the one who had a problem with the free lunch, maybe he never showed the papers to his dad.”

“No, cause I signed the papers for him and Shane was real pleased I had.  He thanked me like a dozen times. And has gotten his free lunch every day.”

Tad pushed his plate away and put his elbow up on the table.  He set his chin down on his hand and surveyed the table top while his mind went into deep thought.  “We can’t just bring him here Don, what if you are wrong and his father does want him.  It could cause us as well as Shane a whole lot of problems.”

Don’s eyes darted up to him wondering how in hell Tad always knew just what he was thinking.  “If it did come about that we were sure I was right would you do it?  Would you be willing to take him in?”

Dropping his hand down from his chin he ran his finger down the cold steel of his butter knife.  He really liked Shane he knew that for sure.  He also knew the kid was severely depressed not once in the times he’d seen him had he seen Shane smile.  He always had his head down like he was ashamed of himself and when complimented on anything he got mad instead of just accepting the compliment which Tad had suspected from the beginning was because Shane did not agree with these compliments and thought he was being played before actually believing someone could be saying something nice about him.  “If it’s true.” He said looking back up at Don. “And we have undeniable proof then yes, I would like to have him live here with us.”

A rush of relief ran through Don as he did not read Tad as well as Tad read him and had, had absolutely no idea of what his reaction to this would be.  He now had an option, he now could get Shane away he only needed to get proof.

Sam and Shane put their clothes back on then lingered in each other’s arms for a few minutes before heading back down stairs.  They sat around and talked with Matt and Seth for about half an hour before they started removing each other’s clothes and exploring each other’s bodies.  Seth had the hugest dink he’d ever seen and eyed it longingly while Seth made it jump up and down grinning at him playfully.  “You want this Shane?”

Shane turned red there in his own nakedness his hand moved reflexively behind him and rubbed a tingling ass cheek.  Thinking something that big would surely hurt at first but in the end would give him one hell of an orgasm leaving his ass burning with an erotic tingle perhaps the whole night.

Matt tossed Seth the tube of lube right over Shane’s head.  “Do it man he’s great. Nice and tight course that’s to be expected with Sam’s little prick.”

Sam’s mouth dropped open and he smacked the back of Matt’s head while his other hand covered his crotch like he was suddenly ashamed they were out there in public view.

Shane grinned seeing it and moved his hand under Sam’s.  “I think it’s just the right size.” which he certainly did and Sam sure knew how to use it.  His gaze returned to Seth’s hands glistening with lube that were moving rhythmically up and down his condom packed cock.

Matt bent Sam over the couch and buried his face in his ass making Shane rock hard just by seeing Sam wriggle from it’s effects.  Seth took hold of Shane’s shoulders and turned him to face the couch.  He pushed down gently til Shane was on his knees then pressed his hand into his back leaning him over the couch side by side to Sam.  Sam moaning and giggling like a school girl put his arm up over Shane’s back and started kissing his neck not wanting to be kissing his mouth or have his tongue in his mouth when Seth entered him as he knew from experience the first reaction was pain though hot and erotic it was still pain.

Shane gritted his teeth making his cry not so loud when that huge rock hard rod penetrated what now felt like his very tiny ass hole.  He moved his hand up onto Sam’s head spreading his fingers through his hair in a gnarled embrace as the pain soared down through his hips and onto his thighs.  A pain that burned and seared as expected but sent pleasures tingling hotly through all other parts of his body.

Seth moved his hands in around Shane’s thighs pulling his legs further apart and his knees up off the ground.  He moved one leg over Sam’s back leaving Shane’s dick filled ass in a cockeyed position.  He squeezed his fingers into the not so meaty thighs then slowly moved back and forth as Shane’s moans eased from pain into pleasure he sped up his pace.  He moved his hand from Shane’s inner thigh and grabbed onto his balls as Sam’s hand already occupied his dick.

Matt pulled his spit covered face out of Sam’s rear donned a condom and smeared it with lube.  He spread Sam’s cheeks with his thumbs while his other fingers pressed into the soft flesh on the outside.  He positioned his cock just outside Sam’s hole then thrust forward making Sam cry out even louder then Shane had a couple minutes earlier the cry decreased to long moans and between the four of them the room was filled with continuous moaning.  Sam and Shane shot their loads at the same time making two equal size white piles on the carpet between their knees.  Matt and Seth went shortly after then gave each other big high fives before collapsing down onto the backs of Sam and Shane where they all panted heavily for a good five minutes while rubbing their hands over each others sweaty bodies.

As expected and wanted Shane’s hole burned even after he and Sam crawled into bed.  Sam caressed it with his tongue for a good hour while Shane soaked a large spot on the bed below him shooting two more loads.

They passed out from exhaustion shortly after sunlight started filtering into the room and did not wake up until after noon time.  They spent the afternoon at Matt’s house talking and laughing.  Shane had such a good time his bad thoughts about home dissipated and by the time he walked home all his anger was nearly gone.  He still felt bad his father was the way he was but there was no changing that and now at last Shane had good friends that he knew could cheer him up.

He walked into the trailer at around 4:30.  The red haired woman who’s real name he had no idea of had not yet come up with a mean enough nick name for was sitting on the couch watching TV.  She had a ratty old bathrobe on and her hair was wilder then usual standing up in stringy disarray.  Her eyes were bloodshot and the mascara she’d had on so thick the morning before was now streaked around her eyes.  This woman, Shane thought, now looked much more his father’s speed.  He smiled to himself and started towards his room but her raspy voice stopped him.

“You wait right there you god damn son of a bitch.”

Shane stopped abreast of the counter he turned back to her placing his hand flatly on the counter hoping the cool surface would cool his firing up temper.  She stood from the couch in one sleek movement and walked up to him leaving only about a foot of space between them.

He was immediately uncomfortable by her closeness but stood his ground not wanting to have to cower back from her all the time too.  She puffed a long drag off her cigarette then blew the smoke into his face.  He narrowed his eyes and blew out his nose at the smell of stale cigarette and beer was nearly as strong as the smoke itself.

She put her hand up on his cheek and stroked it up and down.  “You are a very handsome young man.” Her voice was lusty and Shane took a step back.  She dropped her hand from his face and sunk it down inside the waist band of Shane’s pants pulling him roughly back to her.

She pressed her lips to his for only half a second before Shane jerked his head back and quickly wiped his hand across his mouth.  Her eyes immediately burned with anger and she slapped him sharply across the face.  His face now facing the window from the slap he jerked his hand up off the counter feeling a searing burn.  He looked back and down at the counter where her cigarette lay crushed and still smouldering he looked down at his hand and realized she’d used his hand in an attempt to put it out.   His hand was blackened around one small circle the inside of which was a mushy deep red.

“What the hell is your problem?” He asked to alarmed by her behavior to think of what he was saying.

“You think you can just come and go out of here without telling anyone where you’ll be?  Well I’ll tell you something you god damn fuck.” Her finger was an inch from his face that was getting rained on by her spit.  “You wait til your father gets home.  You’ll learn my rules real god damn fast.”

Shane looked to the door seeing no reason why he shouldn’t just leave again and was slapped twice in quick succession.  “Don’t you even think about leaving.  If he has to go out and hunt you down your punishment will only be twice as bad.”

Though Shane didn’t really believe his father would ever be bothered in hunting him down he didn’t really know what his father would do at all anymore.  He was completely different with this lady around and had a feeling he may do whatever she asked.

He walked into his bedroom and sat in the corner.  Brian was on his bed reading another magazine.  “Where were you last night?” he asked his voice chipper.

“None of your damn business.”

Brian’s eyes widened a bit but he nodded.  “Well I was just wondering I wasn’t gonna give you a hard time.  I wouldn’t recommend going off like that again though mom doesn’t like it.”

“She’s not my damn mother.” Shane could not believe how vocal he was being he figured it was a mix of this woman showing up ruining his solitude a few days a week, or the fact she’d just molested him then hit him out in the kitchen, or the dread in his future hiding he was sure to receive once his father got home.

“She’s not a bad mother Shane.  You just gotta follow the rules.”

Rules were not something Shane had ever had to follow and he was not about to start following some bitches rules that had no right to give him any in the first place no matter how many damn hiding’s he got.

The rust bucket roared in a little later and it took the old bear less then two minutes to come into the room and haul Shane up by the arm.  He dragged him down the hall to his bedroom and ordered him to strip while he pulled the straps up onto the bed.  Shane was thrown down onto it and the bitch even showed up to help tie him down.  Cursing about how if his son continued to be so insolent she did not know if the relationship would work out.

Shane didn’t know what insolent meant but figured he’d look it up at school then remembered he was no longer going to school so figured he’d just check it out at the library.  The belt started in and he no longer thought of such trivial things.  He buried his face in the pillow pulling it out only long enough to take some deep breaths.  He looked at her one of these times smiling a viscous smile seemingly enjoying this whole event.

He started to turn his face back into the pillow when he noticed movement in her crotch.  He looked at both her arms and followed one down with his eyes seeing her hand disappeared into her robe at about her stomach.  He buried his face again having no doubt she was fucking masturbating while watching him get beat.  He knew from that moment on he would receive a lot of beatings in the future.

When his whole back side was one fiery molten surface including the entire backs of his legs and arms and even the back of his head and neck his father threw the belt across the room.  “You get ready to go out hon.” he heard his father say.  “We’ll hit the bars to night and leave this fuck here to think about what he’s done.”

Twenty minutes later Shane still in agony on the bed heard the rust bucket roar to life and barrel out of the driveway and out of the park.  The pain all over his back was announcing itself very loudly but even louder was the small round burn on his hand which he found quite unbelievable since it was such a small spot.

He was half dozing in his spread eagle position still tied to the bed when he felt the mattress sag down on his right.  He jerked his head out of the pillow and looked back seeing Brian sitting there humiliation blared through him.  “You come to take pictures or something.”

Brian shook his head.  “No I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Shane dropped his cheek onto the pillow wondering why he continued to be so rude to this kid who was trying to be nice to him even despite his rudeness.

“Looks like your dad is pretty experienced with a belt.” Brian’s eyes moved up and down over Shane’s body.

“Would you not look at me please.”

“Sure,” He stammered.  “Sorry,” he looked down at the floor and sighed.  “You know, my mom always gets what she wants.  Your dad is not the first guy she’s had wrapped around her little finger.  Take my advice and just do what she says.  Otherwise she’ll make your life a living hell.”

“My life already was a living hell.  Your mother can kiss my ass.”

Brian let out a sarcastic chuckle and Shane looked back at him.   Brian looked up from the floor and into his eyes.  “That’s just what she wants to do Shane.  She only dates guys with teenage sons.  It’s the sons she wants to get into bed not the fathers.”

Shane’s heart beat quickened and he could feel it bouncing back at him through the mattress.  “Does she do it to you?” He asked quietly almost like he didn’t even want Brian to hear it.

Brian slowly nodded. “Guess I ain’t good enough for her though since she’s always trying to find someone else.”

He sounded real hurt by this and if Shane’s hand hadn’t been tied he would have taken Brian’s hand in some sort of consoling gesture.  “You sound almost like you want it to just be you and her.”

Brian shrugged and looked back at the wall.  “It’s not so bad. What she does.  It tells me that she loves me.  It just makes me feel bad that I’m not enough for her.  That she needs to go elsewhere to get her love fulfilled.”

Shane was suddenly thinking he didn’t want a mother if that’s what mothers did.  “Well Brian don’t worry. You don’t gotta worry about me screwing your mother.  I don’t care how many times I’m strapped to the bed I absolutely will not do it.” he suddenly could no longer hate this kid as he was now feeling to sorry for him.

“Is it true what they were saying about you yesterday at school?”

“I wasn’t at school yesterday I don’t know what they were saying.” He had a damn good idea but wanted to see what Brian would see and how he would say it.

“That you are gay?”

Shane was impressed by this.  Brian he was sure had not heard the word gay at school surely he had heard fag, queer or homo, shit packer or dick sucker the list went on and on but not once had he ever heard himself called the non offensive word gay which meant Brian had come up with that word on his own.  Perhaps in an effort to soften the blow incase he thought Shane was not used to those other words.  It also indicated by the way he said it that Brian would not have a problem with it.

“They ain’t teasing you for it are they?  I mean for living with a queer?”

“No not really.  It bothered me though that they picked on you so much.”

“Well you don’t gotta worry about me.  I’m not gonna go there anymore anyways.”

“Mom’s not gonna like that.”

“Then I suspect you and I are going to spend a lot of evenings in here.  That is of course if you continue to visit me in all my glory here.” 

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