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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Shane - 21. Chapter 21

Chapter 21

On Friday afternoon after practice Kenny with a bag full of clothes walked with Shane to Tad’s shop.  “You sure they don’t mind me hanging around.”

“Sure I’m sure Kenny.  They are both really great.  You are really gonna like them.”

“I don’t know,” Kenny said wearily.  “I don’t like adults too much.”

“Well I didn’t like anyone too much up until like six months ago.  All you have to do is meet a few nice ones.  And believe me Tad and Don are both real nice.”

Kenny kicked at rock sending it sailing down the sidewalk.  “Well they must be to not care that I’m gonna stay there a week.  So I’ll try not to hide in your room the whole time.”

Shane put his arm over Kenny’s shoulders.  “Well I sure would like it if you didn’t hide in my room the whole time.  We live right on the ocean.  You and I can go play on the beach with my dog.  We can help Tad cook, we can rake leaves and jump in them.”

Kenny turned and looked at him oddly.  “Aren’t we a little old for that?”

“Way I figure it Kenny is that we didn’t get to do those things when we were young so we gotta do it now.  Just as long as we maintain some level of maturity in public.”

Kenny grinned and leaned into Shane.  “Okay, I think that sounds like a great plan.”

Tad was polishing an antique brass lamp when they walked into the store.  He wiped his hands on a rag and walked over to them.  Shane introduced them and Tad shook his hand.  “It’s nice to meet you Kenny.  You sure your up for a week in our crazy house?”

Kenny grinned.  “I hope so.”

Tad squeezed his shoulder totally seeing why Shane thought he was so cute.  He was as small as a minute with big bright green eyes and curly blonde hair.  “We’ll have a good time.  I need more assistant chef’s to help me cook.  You know how to cook Kenny?”

“Little bit.”

“Oh great.  So I can hire you on?”

Kenny grinned again.  “I’d like that.”

“Why don’t you two go back in my office and get your homework done.  That way you don’t have to worry about it all week.”

Shane nodded and led Kenny to the back office.  They went through the motions of doing their homework for the next hour but mostly sat around and talked.  Tad gathered them up at 5:30 and they drove home.

As they pulled into the driveway Shep charged up to the car.  “Oh Shane.” Kenny said dreamily from the backseat.  “That’s one gorgeous dog.”

Shane beamed from ear to ear glad someone else thought he was gorgeous too.

“What’s his name.”

“Shep.” Shane said with a laugh.  “I’m not too creative.”

“Hey.” Kenny said pointing out a finger.  “So that must be why your email address is Sshep.”

“Sure is.  I wasn’t too creative there either.”

“Oh please.” Tad shook his head and chuckled.  He looked back at Kenny as he parked the car.  “Took him two hours to come up with it.  Like he was making some life altering decision.”

Shane laughed and shoved Tad at the shoulder.  “You better not embarrass me all week.”

They got out of the car and Shep did his usual greeting to Shane then sniffed Kenny from head to toe while Kenny patted his head.  “He sure is nice.”

“He’s very nice.” Shane led Kenny to the house.  “I’ll tell you just how nice later on.”  He hadn’t really told anyone that he probably wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Shep but he’d told Kenny a lot of things he hadn’t told anyone else.  The same as Kenny had told Shane a lot of things he’d told no one else.

“Don’s not home yet?” He asked as they walked into the house.

“No there’s parent teacher meetings over at the school.”

“Poor guy,” Shane shivered.  “We’re gonna go up and get Kenny settled in my room okay?”

“Sure I’ll start dinner.  You like spaghetti Kenny?”

Kenny rubbed his stomach and nodded eagerly then followed Shane up the stairs.  Inside his room Kenny looked around his room with a gaping mouth.  “Wow Shane this is real nice.” he walked over to the computer and ran his hand along the CPU then wandered over to the wall and checked out the pictures.  “Sam’s even cuter then I remembered.”

“Sam’s hot.” Shane said dreamily as he dropped down on the bed.

Kenny walked over to the other bed that had been set up just for Kenny’s stay and set his bag down.

“I cleaned out the top two dresser drawers so you can put your clothes there.” Shane pointed over to the dresser and sat up.

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“Well I did.” He chuckled and Kenny smiled warmly at him then got up and unpacked his clothes.  When he was done he took a flying leap onto Shane’s bed.  He pulled Shane back down and hugged him tightly.  “I’m so happy Shane.  I’m so glad you wanted me to come stay with you this week.”

Shane hugged him back.  “I’m glad you wanted to come.  You and I can be brothers this week.  I’ve always wanted a brother.”

Kenny chuckled in his arms.  “You mean a nice brother.”

“Yeah,” Shane chuckled too having forgot for the moment that he did have a real brother.

Kenny kicked off his shoes and rolled over onto his back on the bed.  He stared up at the ceiling a big smile on his face.  “I always wanted a brother too.  I know it’s corny but couldn’t we pretend even after this week that we are brothers.  Just between us you know?” He asked looked over at Shane a little nervously.

Smiling widely Shane nodded.  “Well sure, I think that’s a great idea.”

“After all.” Kenny smiled too.   “We pretty much had the same dad.”

Shane laughed and rolled onto his back too he held Kenny’s hand and they both laid in silence staring at the ceiling both feeling very content just to stay in each other’s company.

Tad walked in five minutes later and handed Kenny the phone.   Kenny took it and thanked him then put it to his ear grinning happily as he knew it could only be one person.  “Hello?”

“Hey babe.  I just wanted to check up on you make sure you were where you were supposed to be.”  It was Jimmy of course.

Kenny laughed softly.  “I’m being good.”

“So you think you’ll be okay there this week?”

“Oh sure Jimmy, I’m already having a real good time.  Shane and me where gonna be brothers.” He clapped his hand over his mouth and looked over at Shane who was grinning now still looking up at the ceiling.  He moved his hand off his mouth a little.  “Don’t trust me with any secrets Shane.” He said laughing while Shane laughed right along with him.

Jimmy laughed on the other end of the phone.  “He’ll be a great brother Kenny I’m very happy.”

Kenny rubbed his hand a long the arm that was holding the phone and looked like he was pretending to be hugged or something.  “You guys out there already?”

“Yeah been here a couple hours.   Hetero boy in action here.”

Kenny laughed and shook his head.  “Well don’t knock up any girls.  We don’t need you paying child support.”  Jimmy laughed right back.  “Boy you are having a good time aren’t you?”  It was not a very common thing for Kenny to crack jokes at all.

“Yes, Jimmy.  I guess you found me a good place this time.” He clapped his hand over his mouth again. There was silence on the other end and Shane was looking at him peculiarly.  Kenny looked over at Shane.  “Well I guess I can’t keep any secrets tonight.”

“Did Shane tell you?” Jimmy asked sounding very surprised.

“No, in fact he did a real good acting job.  I just know you Jimmy.”  He squeezed Shane’s hand tighter.  “I just went along with it cause I really wanted to stay with him.”

Jimmy laughed into the phone while Shane grinned wider.  “You’re a runt Kenny.”  Jimmy said.

“I know but you love me.”

“I sure do, more then life itself.”

“And I love you.”

“Oh Thank God.”

Kenny chuckled gripping the phone tighter.  “Thanks Jimmy.”

“No thank you Kenny, now I don’t have to worry about you freezing to death all week.”

Kenny grinned over at Shane who was staring back at the ceiling.  “I’ll stay right here where it’s warm and there’s a big ole dog to protect us.”

“I’ll call you every night okay?”

“Sounds great.”

“Okay, I better go now, don’t want the relatives to get suspicious.”  Kenny chuckled again.  “I love you.”

“I love you too Jimmy.”   As soon as he hung up Shane was on top of him straddling him and pinning him in with his knees while he tickled his chest and stomach.  Kenny laughed and kicked and squirmed but he was no match for Shane.

“You trying to make a fool of me boy?” Shane laughed out as he continued to tickle Kenny whose face was bright red he was laughing so hard.  “I put on my best performance of my life and you don’t fall for it for one minute?”

Kenny though he didn’t think it was possible laughed even harder as he fought against Shane’s tickling hands and writhed around on the bed like a snake caught in a trap.  When his face turned even redder and a vein stuck out on his head Shane got off him thinking he might explode or something.  It took a few minutes for Kenny’s laughing to die down.  When it did he rolled onto his side and wiped at his laughing tears his face returning to it’s pale white color.

“It wasn’t your performance it’s just Jimmy.  As if he’d go off and leave me without having a place for me to stay.  This year he didn’t say much about finding me a place so I knew something was up.  Then you come along with all this first thanks giving crap and I put two and two together.”

Shane’s mouth fell open and he pretended to look hurt.  “First thanks giving crap.”

Kenny let out a laugh.  “Well not that it’s really crap.” he shook his head and buried his face in the comforter.  “I didn’t mean that.”

Shane cupped the back of his neck.  “I know Kenny, I was just kidding.”

About halfway through dinner Don showed up.  Shane introduced him to Kenny who looked even more like a little boy with his napkin hanging out of his shirt collar so he wouldn’t get spaghetti on his shirt.

Don shook his hand talked to him for a minute or so then threw off his jacket and sat down at the head of the table with Shane on one side and Tad on the other.  The way they always sat at the table.

Kenny didn’t talk the whole meal unless he was asked a direct question.  After dinner he and Shane did the dishes. “Don’t forget Shane you gotta show me that year book so I can see you used to look like me.”

“The way you are telling secrets tonight?”

Kenny laughed his hands full of suds.  “I’ll be good.  I’m dying to see it.”

They cleaned up the kitchen then went into Don’s office where he was sitting behind his computer.  “Don can I look at last year’s yearbook?”

“You are gonna show someone your old year book?” He asked in total shock.

“Yes,” Shane rolled his eyes and grinned.  Don reached behind him and pulled the year book off the shelf.  “You are very honored Kenny.” he grinned over at Kenny.  “No one has had the honor of viewing this.”

Shane snatched the book out of his hand and told him to shut up while he laughed then took off up the stairs with Kenny.  “It’s so thin.” Kenny said as they sat down on the bed and he looked it over.

“There was only a hundred kids there.  Not many pages to fill.”

“Holy crap a hundred kids?  That’s real small.”

“Very small.”  Shane flipped it open and went to the pictures of the under class men.  He found the page he was on then held it up to his chest.  “Now you have to take an oath.” He held up his right hand and though it got Kenny laughing he held up his right hand too.

“Repeat after me.”

Kenny nodded and took a deep breath to try and stop laughing.

“I Kenneth...what’s your middle name?”

“I don’t know.” he said shaking his head.

“Okay well I Kenneth Salisbury.....”  He stopped while Kenny repeated it.  “Do solemnly swear...”

“Do solemnly swear.......”

“That the contents I am about to view.....”

“That the contents I’m about to view......”  Shane waited for his laughing to die down again.

“Is of utmost confidentiality.....”

“Is of utmost confidentiality....”

“And I will never reveal to anyone the atrocities I shall view....”

Kenny laughed his ass off and it was a good minute before he was able to repeat it.  When he did Shane handed him over the book and pointed out the picture and Kenny laughed his ass off again.

Shane cuffed him in the head and Kenny contained himself.  “My God Shane you weren’t lying.  You look like hell.”

“Of course I weren’t lying.  You think I’d make up being a wretch.”

Kenny shook his head and looked closer at the picture.  “This is so sad.”

“Well why in hell are you laughing so much.”

Kenny grinned.  “I just can’t believe it’s you.” he looked up from the book and over at Shane.  “You look nothing like this now.  Wow.” he looked back at the book and shook his head.  He looked through the other pages spending some time looking at the group shot of the basketball team.

The phone rang and Shane snatched it up thinking it was the time Sam usually called.  “Hello?”

“Hey love muffin.”

Shane smiled instantly warming up at the sound of Sam’s voice and cradled the phone between his head and shoulder.  “How are you?”

“Lonely.  But hey I’ll be there in like a month to spend a whole week.  I’ll be raw again so you’ll have to take care of that.”

“No problem at all.   You still haven’t found any gay guys there?”

“None I’m gonna stick my wanger in.” Sam chuckled.

“Yeah Sam we don’t need it falling off.” Kenny looked up from the yearbook and smiled then stuck his fingers in his ears which Shane again pulled back out.  “would you stop that.” He snickered.

“That Kenny?” Sam asked.


“Let me talk to him.”

Shane shrugged and handed the phone over to Kenny.  Kenny looked confused and mouthed ‘what.’  “He wants to talk to you I don’t know why.”

“Ahh hello?” Kenny said nervously into the phone.

“Kenny how are you?”

He smiled.  “I’m good.  How are you?”

“Lonely.  And a little jealous you get to spend the week with my boyfriend.”

Kenny chuckled.  “I’d be jealous too if I were in your shoes.  You like Maine?”

“Oh it’s alright.  I miss Shane though so it’s hard to enjoy my surroundings.  How you and Jimmy getting a long?”


“Good, you two make a good couple.”

Kenny laughed. 

“What’s so funny.”

“We are the weirdest looking couple in the world.”

Sam laughed too.  “Looks don’t mean nothing Kenny it’s how great you too get along.”

“Well okay then.  I can believe that we are a good couple then.”

Sam and Shane talked for a few more minutes then Shane hung up the phone.  He and Kenny played computer games the rest of the night and went to bed around eleven.

Kenny crawled into his own bed after going to the bathroom and getting his pajamas on.  Shane shut out the lights and crawled into his bed.  They lay there in silence no more then five minutes before Kenny spoke up.



“You think maybe I could sleep over there with you and Shep?”

“Sure Kenny if you want.”

There was a rustling of blankets then Kenny crawled in beside him in bed.  “I ain’t gonna try and make a move on you Shane.  I just don’t like sleeping alone.”


“I guess I got spoiled sleeping with Jimmy all the time.”

Shane smiled into the darkness and rubbed Kenny’s chest.  “Well my bed is plenty big enough for the three of us.”

The next morning Shane woke up to a face of blonde curls.  Kenny’s head was on his chest and his arm was wrapped tightly around him.  Shane grinned over at Shep who was still sound asleep as well with his head up beside Shane’s on the pillow his tongue hanging out of his mouth and drooling all over the pillow like usual.  Shane reached up his hand and pulled at Shep’s tongue which was how he usually got him awake.

Shep drew his tongue back in and his eyes flickered open.  The tongue shot back out and started licking Shane’s face.  “It’s cold in here Shep.” He shivered seeing goose bumps on his arms.  Kenny stirred and stretched out then lifted his head off Shane’s chest.  He looked around for a minute forgetting where he was then rolled onto his back.

“Sorry,” He said chuckling with embarrassment.  “I like to snuggle too.”

“Well you are a good snuggler.” Shane chortled.  Shep got up and stood over Shane then started licking Kenny’s face which got him laughing and wriggling on the bed.

“Your dog is quite forward.”

Shane pulled Shep away.  “He gets excited.”

“Tell me what you were saying yesterday about how good a dog he was?”  Kenny pulled the blankets up around his shoulders and propped his head up on the pillow.

“He saved my life really.” Shane said scratching the underside of Shep’s chin.  “When I was real little he protected me from bullies and when I got kicked out of my house on freezing cold nights he shared his house with me.  The cop that found me in his house that morning said he’d put food in front of my face.  I was all unconscious so I didn’t know it.  But Shep had taken some food out of his bowl outside and put it in front of my mouth.”

Kenny rolled onto his side and propped his head up on an elbow.  He reached over and scratched the side of Sheps neck.  “So you had him a long time?”

“No, not really.  He was a neighbor’s dog.  I lived in a trailer park Shep lived at the first trailer when you first come in.  I stopped and played with him every day.  When I came to live here I was real depressed at first.  Tad and Don wanted to cheer me up so they went and bought Shep from his owners.  And it did cheer me up.”  Shane lifted his head and kissed Shep on the nose.  “He was always my best friend.   I’d hate it if he weren’t here with me now.”  He looked over at Kenny and laughed.  “You cry a lot.”

Kenny grinned and wiped at his tears.  “It’s just so nice.  A boy and his dog.” He turned his nose towards the air and whiffed.  “I smell bacon.”

“We have a big breakfast on Saturdays and Sunday.  Tad loves to cook.  I call him a good mom.  It bugs him but he thinks it’s funny.”

Kenny grinned, “They both seem real nice.”

“They are both very nice.  I lucked out getting to live with them.  They are the best parents anyone could ask for.”

“Sometimes I like to pretend Jimmy’s my dad.  He knows it and though it creeps him out he plays along.  Not when we are having sex of course.” Kenny chuckled and turned a little red.  “Like when I go home before him he’ll walk in and say.  “Son I’m home.”  I come running out and jump in his arms.  And he says something like ‘how’s my boy?’”

Shane grinned feeling a little like crying himself at how sweet Jimmy was with Kenny.

“It’s kinda sick isn’t it?”

“No it’s not.” Shane gripped Kenny’s forearm.  “I think it’s real sweet.  It’s hard to believe Jimmy can be so sweet him being such a jock.”

Kenny laughed and nodded. “I know, I had always hated Jocks back in Utah.  But here they all seem pretty nice.  I turned Jimmy down like ten times before we actually went out.  I thought sure he was just messing with me.  I’m sure glad I came to my senses.”

“You know what he did last Christmas?”

Shane propped his head up on an elbow and smiled over at him.  “What?”

“He played Santa.  Not really cause I was sleeping but he filled my stocking and signed all the presents from Santa.” Kenny grinned dreamily.  “So when I got up the next morning it looked like Santa had really come.  He even made me make cookies for him and set them out on a plate.” he covered his mouth with his hand and laughed a bit.  “He ate them and drank the milk.  Even left a note thanking me for the cookies.”  Kenny put his hand on Shane’s.  “don’t ever tell him I told you all this, he’d be embarrassed as hell.”

Shane grinned and shook his head.  “I won’t tell.  Isn’t his father ever home?”

“No, he lives with his girlfriend mostly.  He just shows up now and then and makes a fatherly appearance.  Jimmy and I both like it that way though.  It makes it like we have our own place.  Like an old married couple or....” he shrugged.  “Like father and son sometimes.”                     

“He always makes a real big deal out of my birthday too.  Last year we had our own little party wore party hats blew those streamer things and ate a huge cake between us both.  Then he had another party that night and invited all the guys.   I hope we can adopt a kid someday cause he’d just be the best dad.”

Tad hollered up the stairs that breakfast was ready.  Kenny and Shane got up and went down where the table was filled with bacon, sausage, waffles, syrup, butter and juice.

“You gotta hurry, eat and get ready Shane you need to be at Max’s in an hour and a half.”

“Ahh come on I thought since I had company I wouldn’t have to go.”

“Good try.  But you have to go.  Kenny and I can go to the grocery store while you are there.”

Kenny looked over at Shane.  “whose Max?”

“My shrink.” Shane grumbled.  He liked Max but still didn’t like having to see a shrink.

After they ate Kenny and Shane both took showers, got dressed and walked outside with Tad.   Shep went out with them.  “I think he wants to go with us today.”

“Well we’ll only be in the store like half an hour, he can come if he wants.”

Shane nodded and looked down at Shep.  “Go Pee.”

Shep barked then tore off into the woods.  Tad seeing Kenny’s look of shock patted him on the shoulder.  “One smart dog huh?”

Kenny nodded wide eyed.  “I haven’t seen a dog that knows English before.”

“He’s a genius dog.” Shane said looking at him.  “Just like his owner.”  He laughed heartily at his own joke.  Though his grades had improved a lot since having glasses he had yet to achieve and A.  But instead of getting all 70's he was mostly up the high eighties now giving him an average of 87 which was a B.  Something Don insisted was something to be proud of.

Shep bounded back out of the woods and Shane opened the back door for him.  “Kenny you can sit up front.  Otherwise he’ll walk all over and lick you.”

“I don’t mind.”  Before he could argue more Shane got in the back seat.  Kenny looked at Tad who smiled and shrugged then he walked around the car and got in the front passenger seat.

The next day Kenny and Shane got up early they had breakfast then headed outside with rakes and Shep.  The sky was dark, the day looking like it was gonna rain any minute.  The wind was cold and they were bundled up in jackets with borrowed scarfs from Tad and Don.

The trees were bare but the lawn was covered with their leaves.  They worked side by side raking them all up.  “This sure is a lot of work for a few minutes of jumping.” Kenny said grinning who had worked up a sweat despite the cold day.

“Well you want to bulk up don’t you?”

Kenny nodded.  “This will help?”       

“Well sure, your arms are burning aren’t they?”

He nodded.  “Yeah and my stomach.”

“Well as far as I can tell when it’s burning it’s cause your are working the muscles, the more you work them the bigger they get.”

“Is this really how you got all your muscles?”

“Well not this exactly.  I mowed the lawn cut down brush.  Cut firewood.  Made a garden.  A flower one and a vegetable one.  The vegetable one had to be tilled everyday that took muscle.”

“Okay then,” Kenny said nodding as he continued to rake his little heart out.  “I’ll follow your lead.”

They spent two hours getting nearly every leaf into their pile.  “It’s higher then my head.” Kenny said looking up at it and tossing his rake off to his side.  Shane tossed his over by Kenny’s.  “Okay you gotta go back aways then run straight for it and jump in.”

Kenny put his hand on his chest.  “Me first?”

“Well yeah,”

He shook his head and grinned.  “No way you go first.”

Shrugging Shane said. “Okay,” then ran off down the lawn Shep bounding off beside him.  “Okay count to three.” He hollered over to Kenny.

Kenny counted to three then yelled go.  Shane took off across the lawn just before reaching the pile he jumped and put his arms out straight just like he was diving.

Kenny watched in open mouthed amazement as Shane and shep completely disappeared in the leaves.  If had not been for Shane’s laughing he’d have thought he’d jumped into another dimension or something.  Half a minute later Shane crawled out of the pile with leaves sticking out all over his hair.

Kenny pulled them out.  “Well was it fun?”

“Oh yeah Kenny you gotta try it.” he walked over grabbed a rake and refreshed the pile.  “Okay go ahead.”

Kenny still looked weary but walked across the field and turned around.  Shane counted to three and shouted go.  Kenny took off at a run though not a very fast and somewhat nervous looking one.  He dove into the leaves and a second later loud very joyful laughing rang out through them.

He crawled out his face brighter then Shane had ever seen it.  “I gotta do it again.”

“Well of course.”

“You go first.” He motioned Shane across the field.  Each time Kenny went he went a little faster til finally he was not scared at all and ran with all his might flying high up into the air before he jumped into the pile.

Shane was walking across the lawn when Seth’s car pulled up into the driveway with both Seth and Matt inside. Kenny looked at the car wearily and turned to Shane where he’d stopped halfway across the lawn.  “looks like we are caught.”

“I know,” Shane said a little wearily himself not really having wanted anyone to see them in their time of extreme immaturity.   It didn’t last long though cause as soon as Matt got out of the car he bolted across the lawn and dove into the leaves himself.

Shane looked over at Kenny and it was obvious he was feeling as relieved as Shane was that Matt was obviously as immature as they were.  Seth walked over grinning from ear to ear.   “Jesus guys. That’s like the hugest leaf pile I have ever seen.  The champion of all piles.  Can I go next?”

Shane nodded happily.  “Sure thing.”

They all took turns for another hour until Tad came out and told them all to go in for lunch.  He looked at Seth and Matt in particular when he said therefore inviting them too.

They all sat around the table to plates of grilled cheese sandwiches and Cream of broccoli soup.  Matt and Seth sat on one side of the table while Shane and Kenny sat on the other.  Tad and Don sat at both ends.

“You looked like you boys were having a blast out there.” Don said after swallowing a spoonful of soup.

“Tons of fun Mr. Mason.” Matt said excitedly looking very much like a happy little boy who’d just mastered bike riding.

“You don’t gotta call me Mr. Mason here Matt.  We are not at school.”

Matt blushed slightly.  “Sorry habit.”  Don smiled he felt very sorry for Matt that year he had very few friends, no friends that were guys as the whole school new of his sexual orientation and were just as hateful about it as they had been the year before.  Matt had been to his office a dozen times already for fighting.  Matt was not the type to sit back and take any insult and had beat up half the school already.  Some fights he won, some fights he didn’t.  Even today he had a bruise on his face from his most recent fight.

He’d called Matt’s mother about maybe letting him transfer to Cliff Side.  Seth had even offered to pick him up every day.  But his mother had refused saying she wasn’t gonna pay any tuition for another school when he could go to Prescott for free.  She seemed to be under the impression that Matt brought it all on himself just by ‘choosing’ to be gay.

He didn’t push it.  Matt had less then a year left and was one tough kid.  He’d not taken it too badly when his mother refused the request and still kept his spirits up especially today since he was not in school.

Seth looked over at Shane.  “I brought those tapes my dad did of the swim meets.  Want to watch them after we eat?”

“Sure,” Shane looked at Kenny.  “That okay?”

“Yeah of course.”

They all sat on the couch in the livingroom.  Seth manned the remote control and snuggled into Matt.  “Try not to get too excited here Matt.” He said rubbing his hands down along Matt’s chest.

Matt pulled his hand away and chuckled.  “Well don’t touch me like that Seth.”

Kenny leaned past Shane and grinned over at Seth and Matt.  The two had always been his favorite couple though he didn’t see them together much.  They’d been together forever and got along so well all the time.  He figured they knew each other inside and out from how well they communicated with each other.

Seth narrated about half of the first tape before he and Matt started making out ferociously on the couch.  “Do you guys need to go upstairs?” Shane asked after a half hour of it.

“Well okay.” Seth chuckled stood up from the couch grabbed Matt’s hand and they both ran off up stairs.

“Aren’t Tad and Don gonna be mad?” Kenny asked in amazement.

“Nah they don’t care.”  Shane waved his hand like ‘no big deal.’ Truth was he wished he were up there with them.  But didn’t feel quite right about that with Tad and Don there besides he was not gonna leave Kenny all alone.

Matt and Seth returned about half an hour later with big smiles on their faces.  “Have a good time?” Shane asked grinning at them.

“Great.” Seth said slapping his hand down on Shane’s thigh. 

“Did you get my bed all gross?”

Seth covered his mouth with and hand and snickered.  “Little bit.  But we sponged it off.”

Kenny made a face.  “Gross.”

Laughing Seth reached over Shane’s shoulders and mussed up Kenny’s hair.  “God Kenny you’ve got awesome hair.  I’d kill to have it.  It’s so soft.”

“Well don’t kill me please Seth.”

Seth nudged Matt.  “You gotta feel it man.  It’s just like velvet or something.”  Matt reached over Seth and Shane and ran his hands through it.  “You know what it feels like?”


“That silky stuff that’s in those green pod things?”

Kenny started chuckling.  “Silk weeds?”

Matt pointed over at him. “Yeah that’s it.  Next time you cut your hair can you give it to me I want to make a blanket out of it.”

Rolling his eyes Kenny grinned.  “Oh okay Matt.” He said sarcastically.

“I’m serious man.”

Seth held up the remote control and paused the tape.  “This is that guy Shane.  The one whose class B diving champ now.  He’s your biggest competition.  Only competition as far as I can tell.” 

He resumed the tape and Shane leaned forward and watched him closely.  The guy was damn good.  Shane could see little difference in his dives then in the dives he’d seen on the Olympics.  He sat back after watching three of his dives and shook his head.  “Damn that guys is awesome.”

“You look just as good Shane.  I’m sure you’ll give him a huge run for his money.”

Shane shook his head.  “I don’t think so Seth.”     

“Does Tad and Don have a video camera?”

“Yeah why?” Shane asked looking at him sideways.

“Cause you gotta see for yourself.  Not only to prove you are just as good so you can just see how you look.  So you know what the judges see.  We can take the camera go down to the school and I’ll tape some of your dives.”

“Today?  It’s Sunday?”

“Well if you’d rather I could tape you in front of all the guys on the team.”

“Come on Shane.  I think it’d be fun.” Kenny spoke up.  “I haven’t got the chance to see you dive yet.”

“Me either.” Matt spoke up.  Suddenly the three of them were clasping their hands in front of their chests in begging positions.  Shane shook his head and grinned.  “Fine. I’ll go.”

They were at the school half an hour later.  Shane changed into his Speedo then joined the others in the pool room.  Kenny and Matt both started whistling and clapping so he did some poses for them in his suit.

“Okay,” Seth said picking the camera up off the bench and standing up.  “Get up there and strut your stuff.  First do that fancy cartwheel thingy.”     

Kenny craned his neck and looked up at the incredibly high diving board.  “You are gonna do a cart wheel way the hell up there.” He pointed a shaking finger up at it.

“It’s alright Kenny I haven’t fallen once.”

“Well I figured that. You’d be dead if you fell.”

Matt put his arms over Kenny’s shoulders.  “He’ll be fine Kenny.  Seth said he’s as sure footed as someone with glue on their feet up there.”

Kenny took a shaky breath. “Okay but if I have to see you die then I’m taking over your shrink visits.”

Shane, Seth and Matt all laughed and Shane headed over to the ladder and made his climb up.  At the top he got his usual feeling of euphoria and power he walked to the end of the board and let it build while he bounced up and down then walked back to the middle. 

“All ready down here.” Seth yelled with the camera positioned on his shoulder.

Shane nodded put his arms in the air walked forward a few steps did his cart wheel landing hard he bounced on the board vaulting into the air and tucked into a somersault position.  He rolled twice changed to a pike position then rolled once more.  Straightening out about 10 feet from the water he slid through the surface with hardly any splash at all.

Matt stood up his mouth gaping open. “Holy fuck.”

Seth smacked his arm.  “I’m taping here.”

“But he’s incredible.”  He looked back at Kenny whose mouth was gaping open. “Ain’t he incredible?”

Kenny only nodded feeling totally speechless.  Shane got out of the pool and Matt hugged him tightly caring very little that it got him totally soaked.  “My God Shane.  That was amazing.  You are awesome.” He pulled back and looked Shane over.  “And totally hot in those Speedo things.”

Kenny still speechless nodded emphatically in agreeance.  Shane did three more dives all of which Seth got on tape.  They went home and Seth played it. Shane himself was shocked at how good he looked.  That he himself looked as good as those people he’d seen on TV.  If he didn’t know better he’d have thought Seth was playing a trick on him.  Like taping someone else in a red Speedo and red swimming cap who was real good and making him think it was him just to give him some confidence.

He knew Seth wouldn’t trick him like that though.  He knew this was him on the TV.  He wondered if his father would be at all proud if he saw it then buried the thought telling himself he didn’t give two shits if his father was impressed or not.

On Tuesday Kenny and Shane got up early again.  They ate breakfast then bundled up in jackets and scarves.  Shane went through the kitchen, he handed one bucket to Kenny and kept one for himself.  He then filled the buckets with all sizes of cups and bowls.

“What in hell are you doing?” Tad asked having watched them as they gathered their things.

“We are gonna make a sand castle today.” Shane said forth rightly.  “The best damn sand Castle these parts have ever seen.”

Tad grinned shaking his head as he stirred the pudding for the chocolate cream pie.  “You gonna let us see this masterpiece when you are done?”

“Well I guess.  If it’s good anyways.”

“You guys want a picnic lunch?”

Shane’s face lit up. “That’d be great.  This could take all day you know.”

Tad nodded and quickly threw them together some ham sandwiches.  He packed them some cheese and crackers, cookies and soda in a cooler and sent them on their way.

Shep followed them down to the beach his ball in his mouth as he had this uncanny way of knowing when his ball would come in handy.  They walked a little ways down the beach to the best looking packing sand and set their supplies down. 

“You ever made one of these before?”

“Never.  But I seen it done on TV.  I think we’ll figure it out.”  Shane looked up at the sky which still looked like it would rain any minute but it had looked like that for four days and they still had yet to see a drop.  It was even colder on the beach then it had been in front of the house two days earlier but they were both well dressed for the weather.  And were both used to being in cold conditions from their many homeless nights.

“Okay,” Shane put his hands on his hips and surveyed the situation.  He looked over at Kenny who was dancing in one spot to keep warm.  He started grinning and shook his head.

“What?” Kenny asked humorously.  “You are the one dragging me out here in the freezing cold just to relive some childhood.”

“Not relive it dumb butt.  Relive it  would mean redo.”

Kenny rolled his eyes and chuckled.  “You been seeing that shrink too long.”

Shane laughed.  “Well you are the smart one.  What do we gotta do first?”

“Well if we are gonna build it tall we should dig out a hole to at least cover the first quarter of the first layer.” he made a rolling motion with his hands.  “You know for extra support.”

Shane nodded and handed him over one of the shovels they had grabbed out of the shed.  They set to work making about a six inch deep hole that was about five feet in diameter.  “That should do it.” Kenny said tossing his shovel aside about 20 minutes later.  “Now we should take the big buckets and fill the first layer with them.”

Shane nodded while Kenny picked his shovel back up and they spent another hour filling the buckets then setting them down carefully in the pile and banging the bottoms so the sand came out and held the shape of the bucket.  They packed the mounds in tight.

“I think we should fill the gaps in the middle with sand.  We’ll still have the turret shape on the outside no one will see the inside anyways.”

Shane nodded again glad Kenny was so smart.  He imagined if he’d made one on his own which he’d been planning to do it would not come out half as nice as he expected this one to.

They talked and laughed for hours while they worked on their castle talking about everything from swimming to cooking.  Shane told him more about living with Tad and Don and Kenny told Shane more about living with Jimmy.  They both decided they were incredibly happy with their new lives.

They were working in the intricate details such as carving out windows with sticks when Kenny looked down the beach and saw someone walking towards them.  He looked over at Shane who was on his knees with his head low to the ground working on a lower window.  “Someone’s coming Shane.”

Shane’s head shot up and around the castle.  His mouth formed a huge smile and he jumped up.  He ran down the beach right into Aaron’s arms.  “I didn’t think you were gonna be here til tonight?” he asked excitedly while Aaron squeezed him tightly.

“Well it’s nearly night now.” he held Shane out at arm’s length and looked him over.  “My God Shane you look wonderful.  What a stud.”     

Shane grinned feeling himself blushing.  “I’ve been making muscle.”

Aaron squeezed his biceps.  “And doing a great job.  God you look so different.” he hugged him back and kissed his temple.

After they separated Shane took his hand and led him over to Kenny and the castle.  Kenny stood up slowly, wiping his butt off.

“Kenny this is my friend Aaron.”

“Oh from New York?” Kenny asked smiling having heard an awful lot about Aaron.

Aaron nodded and shook his hand.  “It’s nice to meet you.”

“You too, Shane talks about you a lot.”

Aaron smiled.  “Well I talk about him a lot too.” he looked down at the castle.  “Wow guys this is awesome.”

“We been working on it for like five hours.  Kenny really knows his architectural business.”    

Kenny smiled bashfully and ran his mittened hand over his hair.

“You know not many people have to wear winter jackets and scarves when they make a sand castle.”

“Not many people are as cool as us.” Shane said grinning.  “And I don’t mean literally.” He held up a finger which really couldn’t be seen through his own mittens.

Aaron looked around.  “Where’s your constant companion.”

“Peeing.  He took off for the woods like two minutes ago so he may actually be pooping.”

Kenny laughed from the other side of the castle.

“Where’s Jason?”

“Up at the house.  With Justin.”

“Justin?   That the boy you were bringing with you?”

“No it’s an alien we picked up along the way.” Kenny laughed again though he appeared to be deep into his work.

“How old is he?”

“Your age.  He’s straight so don’t get any ideas.”

Shane shook his head.  “Well unless it’s Sam you don’t gotta worry about that.  He don’t mind spending his holiday with a bunch of queers?”

“He stays with me and Jason every weekend.  He’s used to queers.  His Thanksgivings before were as enjoyable as yours so he’s not too picky.  You’ll like him I’m sure, he’s real nice.”

“I think if you like him I’ll like him.” He said with a warm smile.

Aaron grinned, “well then you should be all set.”  Shep came bounding back out of the woods and greeted Aaron with a big ole kiss on the cheek.  Aaron helped them put the finishing touches on the castle then they gathered up their stuff and all walked back up to the house.

Jason who was standing in the doorway to the livingroom walked over and gave Shane a big hug.  “Wow Shane, you look wonderful.”

“I’ve heard that.” Shane said turning red all over again.  He introduced him to Kenny and they shook hands.

Don walked out of the livingroom.  “Shane is it alright if Justin stays in your room?  Since Kenny’s not using that extra bed.”

“Sure,” Shane looked into the livingroom expecting to see whoever this Justin was but there was no one else in there.  Jason smiled at him.  “He’s in the kitchen with Tad.”

Shane nodded then turned into the diningroom and walked into the kitchen.  The kid who had to be Justin was sitting at the island eating a piece of pie.  He had dark blonde hair and a nice body.  His face was soft and flawless with dark blue eyes and full kissable lips.  The boy was cute.  He was no Sam but he was still very cute.  Shane walked up to him and extended his hand.  “I’m Shane you must be Justin.”

Justin nodded and shook Shane’s hand.  “That’s me.  So you are the wonderful Shane.” He said shaking his hands on either side of his face as he grinned.  “I must say I’m a little jealous of you.”

Shane looked at him curiously.  “Why?”

“Cause I think Aaron likes you more then he likes me.”

Shane looked even more curious and Justin started laughing.  He clapped Shane on the shoulder and shook his head.  “I’m just fooling with you man.  I think he does but I’m not really jealous.”

“Well if it makes you feel any better he talks about you all the time too.”

Justin grinned.  “So then it’s like we already know each other.”

Shane nodded and smiled already liking Justin.  Just before dinner they all walked back down to the beach and checked out Kenny and Shane’s castle.  Tad took like five pictures, one of just the castle and four of Kenny and Shane standing around it.

In bed that evening the boys talked.  Kenny and Shane in Shane’s bed and Justin in the other one.

“You got a girlfriend Justin?”

Justin let out a somewhat bitter laugh.  “I go to a boy’s school there’s no girls there.  I keep waiting for one to just appear but it’s not happening.  You got a boyfriend Kenny?” he knew Shane had one but had no idea about Kenny.

“Yes, he’s visiting relatives in Delaware.”

“So I don’t gotta worry about hearing any moaning over there?”

Shane and Kenny both laughed.  “Well maybe if we have a nightmare or something.”  Shane was staring up at the ceiling the room was too dark to see Justin on the other side.  Kenny was snuggled in beside him with his head on Shane’s bicep and his arms curled up in between them.  He was gonna miss Kenny not sleeping with him when the week was over he was like a moldable teddy bear and Shane loved feeling his warm body snuggled into his all night long.

“So what do you live in a dorm out there at that school?”

“No big houses.  There are ten kids in each house with a house mother and a house father.  It’s set up just like a big, well, huge family.  I really like it, cept the fact there’s no girls.”

The next day the three boys spent the whole day in the kitchen with Tad preparing food for the festivities the following day.  They were all so excited at all the food they were gonna get to eat they hardly slept at all that night.         

At two o’clock on Thanksgiving day they all sat down around the table and gorged themselves on Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato pees green beans, rolls, breads, boiled onions and more.

Aaron kept whispering something to Justin which got Justin blushing every time.  After a few times Shane was dying to find out what was going on and asked.  Justin blushed even more.  “He’s picking on me cause at my first thanksgiving I ate so much I threw up.”

Shane grinned then chuckled.

“but I got to eat two thanks giving dinners out of it.” Justin added happily.

After they ate they all helped clear the table and do up the dishes.  After wards they all sat around the dining room table again and played monopoly.  Even though it was obvious either Kenny or Aaron would win less then halfway through Shane enjoyed every minute of the game and every one in his company.

He felt happy in every fiber of his being and did not think of his father or brother the entire day.  After playing two games of Monopoly they had pie choosing from Chocolate Cream, Banana Cream, Pecan, Pumpkin, Strawberry Rhubarb and Apple.

“Geez Tad you out did yourself again.” Don said as he cut himself a piece of Apple pie.

Shane wiped his hand across his forehead.  “Phew Tad, I guess we’ll be okay.”     

Don grinned.  “What?”

“He said that if he messed up the dinner or missed anything it would send you into a rage that would last til Christmas.”

Don laughed and punched Tad playfully on the arm.

“He’s lying.” Tad grinned.

Shane sat back in his chair with his piece of Pecan Pie and shook his head.  “Am not.”

“Well did I tell you that Shane thought we should get a three and a half pound turkey.”

Shane turned bright red while everyone laughed.  “You are not very nice.” he said shaking his head though it was obvious he was not really mad.

“Too bad Shane.  Keep calling me mom and I’ll bring up a whole bunch of stuff that will embarrass you.”

Shane laughed along with everyone else this time. “Well you are a good mom.”

Tad grinned and shook his head.  Kenny who as usual had his napkin hanging out of his shirt laughed the hardest.  Shane wished he wasn’t so damn cute cause all he wanted to do half the time was just squeeze him tightly.

That night in bed he asked him why he always wore his napkin as a bib.

“Cause I don’t want to mess up my clothes.” He answered sounding a little embarrassed.  “Does it bother you?”

“No I just think it’s real cute.” Shane ran his hands through Kenny’s hair, hair that he still could not get over the softness of.

Kenny rolled onto his side and snuggled into Shane’s side putting his arm up over his chest.  “Jimmy got me my clothes.  I don’t want to mess them up you know?”        

“Sure, I understand. I wasn’t picking on you really Kenny I was just curious.”

“I know,” he laid his head down on Shane’s chest and was snoring softly with in a couple minutes while Shane continued to lace his fingers through Kenny’s hair thinking about how wonderful his life was now.

He wasn’t sure exactly when he’d stopped hating himself he just knew he no longer did.  He didn’t love himself quite yet but was feeling pretty good.  He knew it had a lot to do with many things.  First off the love he felt from Tad and Don a love so palpable he felt it every single day.  He also was very proud of the fact he was on the swim team and doing well or as the coach said God Damn wonderful.  He had lots of friends and the best boyfriend in the world.  He really couldn’t picture life being any better. 

Copyright © 2011 vlista20; All Rights Reserved.
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