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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Shane - 12. Chapter 12

Two days later Sam walked into Mr. Mason’s office not caring about any promises he’d made the truth was going to come out and it was gonna come out now.

“Sam.” Don said not having much of a smile for anyone these day. “What can I do for you?”

“I’m here about Shane.”

Don motioned him into a seat having been out searching for him himself as he’d not seen him anywhere in three weeks. “Do you know where he is?”

Sam immediately started to cry while he shook his head. Don’s heart skipped few beats as he got up from his chair. He walked over sat down by Sam and put his hand on his knee. “What is it Sam?” he was panicked praying Sam would not tell him Shane was dead.

Sam quickly composed himself enough to talk. “He’s been out at the rest area past his place for a few weeks. I’ve gone out there every time I could get my mother’s car but he wouldn’t let me help him. He wouldn’t even talk to me. Now I don’t know where he is.” Sam gripped the arms of the chair tightly and lowered his head. “He got kicked out of his house. He’d been staying there. He looked so bad.” he looked up at Mr. Mason his eyes fearful and full of desperation. “It’s like he’s just waiting to die.”

Don swallowed hard his Adam’s apple moving painfully up and down. He took Sam’s hand and pulled him up from the chair. “We are just going to go and find him.”

On the way out to the trailer park Sam filled Don in on what else he knew about Shane’s relationship with his father. He told him about the frequent beatings and the fact his father out and out told him he hated him all the time. He told him his father blamed him for his mother’s death and in turn Shane blamed himself.

Don could not believe his ears he knew things were bad but had never fathomed things could have been that bad. His fear only grew worse as Sam’s story continued on that Shane would not be alive when and if they ever found him.

He pulled into the fourth trailers driveway in the park told Sam to stay where he was then walked up the rotted steps and pounded on the door.

“WHAT?” a woman with fiery red hair yelled out at him the second she opened the door.

“Where is Shane?” Don asked not even trying to sound polite.

“Don’t know where the god damn queer is. He don’t live here no more.” she started to close the door. Don put his and foot out to stop her which only made her face much more pissed.

“When was the last time you saw him?”

“What are you a cop?”

“No I’m his principal.”

She laughed in his face nearly losing the cigarette that was dangling from her mouth. “Then I’d say you should be the one who knows where he is. I mean it is a school day.” she gave the door one hard shove nearly catching Don’s hand in the door before he pulled it away at the last second as the door slammed.

Don turned back to the car. Her saying cop giving him his next idea. He drove back to town and pulled into the police station which was one of the smallest buildings in town even though it shared it with the post office. Sam joined him into the building where one of Prescott’s coves three law men was reclining back in his chair with his feet up on a desk that didn’t even contain a computer. It looked as outdated as one you would see in an old west movie.

The place was run down despite the fresh coat of paint that was applied to the wall every year the old stains always popped right back through.

The officer jumped a little seeing them then sat up in his chair in a feeble attempt to look important. “Can I help you?”

“I am here about a missing person.”

The officers eyes lit up in hopes of some action and he motioned them into the two chairs in front of his desk. He pulled out an official police form and readied his hand holding a pen over it. “When was the subject last seen?”

Don looked over at Sam knowing he would be laughing real hard at this Barney Fyfe acting officer if he weren’t so worried about Shane.

“I saw him three days ago.”


“At the rest area just outside of town. Route 15 the one Main street runs into.”

The officer nodded and jotted that down. “Age?”

“15.” Don answered.


“Caucasian.” He noted a small look of disappointed on ‘Barney’s’ face.


“Probably five feet seven or so.” The look only deepened.

“Weight?” The disappointment was now coming out in his voice and Don wondered what in hell it was all about.

“Well skinny.” Don was no good at guessing weights and didn’t even try.

The officer shook his head and sort of slammed his pen down on the form. “Answers...” he stopped and shrugged. “Well sort of answers to the name of Shane?”

Don and Sam’s eyes both lit up. “You know where he is?”

The officer nodded. “He’s here. We picked up two days ago. Was sleeping in some dog house. Owners of the dog and the house radioed it in.” He stopped talking and looked at them both skeptically. “Are you relations?”

They both shook their heads.

“Well then that’s all the information I can give you.”

Don spent five minutes telling the officer of his intentions to take Shane in and basically begging him to let him.

It didn’t take long for the officer to hold up his hand and relent. “Okay, Okay, boy needs a place to go so I’ll bend the rules this once. He was actually gonna be shipped off to child services tomorrow. Boy doesn’t deserve to be in jail but no one wanted him so we had no other choice.

Don put his hand on Sam’s knee as Sam started to cry Don wanting to cry right along with him. “Don’t his parents know he’s here?”

“Oh they know,” the man dropped his hand onto the desk and shook his head looking frustrated. “They were there when we hauled him out of the dog house completely unconscious insisted we bring him here. Said they’d tried to straighten the boy out but he was too far gone. Was beyond any reasonable hands discipline. I’d say from the looks of him he got way more then a reasonable hand of discipline.” He pulled a tissue from the box on his desk and handed it over to Sam. “Said he’s queer you the boyfriend?”

Sam looked at him in a mix of awe and disbelief at him just coming out and asking that and using that word. He’d said it kindly enough and Sam just figured it must be ignorance on the officers part.

Not waiting for an answer the officer spoke again. “He ain’t talkin’ much. He was well on his way to starving to death when he got here. If the dog’s owner hadn’t called it in he’d surely have died by nightfall. We got some food down him though and he seems a bit perkier now. Still suggest you get him to a doctor real soon though. Mind you I don’t mean perky as in happy or chatty just not so much on death’s door.”

Another officer the one Shane referred to as Dudley walked into the building. ‘Barney’ nodded to him then motioned over to Don and Sam. “These two are here about the Campbell kid.”

The other officer’s eyes lit up from their dark foreboding look they’d just been. He walked over and held his hand out to Don. “Frank Jefferson.”

Don introduced himself then Sam and Frank shook his hand as well. ‘Barney’ explained to Frank Don’s intentions. Frank looked even more relieved and sat down on the corner of the desk. “That’s such great news. Been wishing I could do something more for the boy myself. I hate to see a kid go into state custody. Nothing more then prison for kids.”

Don could not imagine if they had waited another day before finding him figuring it would be damn near impossible to get Shane out of State’s custody once he was in. “Sam was telling me earlier that Shane’s father has been physically and mentally abusing him for years. Are any charges going to be brought up against him.”

Frank ran his finger along his lips sighed and then nodded. “I’ve been questioning neighbors and friends. There’s no doubt the abuse Shane suffered was repeated and horrific. I’ve been told so many horror stories these last few days I’ve barely been able to sleep. Seems he was kicked out of the house most nights. A neighbor said she’d seen him dozens of times crawling out of that dog’s house first thing in the morning. The last few months since the woman’s moved into the house he’s not been allowed in the house until after everyone else goes to bed.”

“A few of the neighbors said he was dragged in a few evenings a week then thrown back out half an hour or so later totally naked. They said they’d seen bruises and welts all over him before Shane got his clothes back on.”

Sam cried harder and Don rubbed his back making a connection in his head that this woman’s arrival coincided with Shane’s departure from school. He wondered why he’d been so stupid not to make such a connection before but all he’d heard that day about Shane and his life was making him feel damn stupid all over for not seeing any of it and not getting Shane the f**k out of there sooner.

“His father’s boss said Shane was often dragged down to work on the boat not so much recently but over the years. Said his father always smacked him around and never let him have any breaks or eat lunch in the eight or ten hours he worked in a day. We are trying to talk to the woman’s son who has been living in the same house with Shane for three months now but she won’t let us anywhere near him and him being a minor there’s nothing we can do.”

“His father is out fishing right now, left the morning we found Shane in the dog house. When he comes back we’ll haul him down here and press charges. Don’t think he’ll be in jail long but we’ll hold him as long as we can.”

“That dog..” Frank laughed disbelievingly and shook his head. “I think that damn dog was trying to feed Shane. The dog’s food dish was outside but when I crawled in there with my flashlight there were pieces of his food right in front of Shane’s mouth. Like the dog had carried his food in there for Shane to eat.” He shook his head again and looked at Don. “I know that sounds crazy but dammit I see no other way to explain it. A few of the neighbors said Shane played with the dog all the time. That the dog barked at everyone but never Shane. The dog was barking like crazy the morning we got the call though no one was passing by. That’s why the owners went to see what was going on. Which makes me think the dog was only barking to get Shane help. Sounds to me like this dog and this boy have quite a special relationship.”

Don’s heart quivered feeling some relief that Shane had not been totally alone his whole life but the fact his only friend had been a dog was just real sad. “Is Shane free to go? I mean can I just take him with me now?”

“Sure,” Frank stood up and walked over to a file cabinet he pulled out a thin file and pulled a paper out of that. “I just need you to sign his release. That way we have it on record that he left here safely.”

Don nodded and hurriedly signed the papers just wanting to see Shane for himself and get him home where he was sure from now on his life would be a thousand times better.

“He ain’t spoke a word since he’s been here. I hope you have better luck with him then we have.”

Don nodded and shakily stood up with Sam. They followed Frank through a door behind the desk and into a hallway with four cells two on each side. Frank led them to the last cell on the right where Shane was lying on his side on the bed his arm hanging down off it staring blankly at the wall on the other side of the cell.

His head moved in their direction when the key turned in the lock releasing the caged door that Frank opened. He walked in followed by Don and Sam and they all knelt in front of the bed. Shane looked from one to the other of them with no expression at all on his face.

Don reached out and stroked his hand down over Shane’s hair and the side of his face. “Your gonna come home with me now Shane. For good. No more going home to your dad’s.”

Shane’s eyes fluttered and he put his hand in Don’s. Don helped him up off the bed thanked the officer and the three of them walked back out to Don’s car. Shane was walking just fine on his own but did not seem to want to let go of Don’s hand even when Don tried to sit him in the car. He looked at Sam then pulled his keys from his back pocket. “Why don’t you drive I’ll sit in back with him.”

On the drive out to his house Don studied Shane. He looked like he was deep in trance and not really even aware of what was going on around him. He looked like a starved person in a third world country that you see on those half hour commercials asking you to send donations. His face down to his fingers the only other part of him Don could see that was not clothed were so thin his skin was almost translucent.

It looked as though he’d been given some clothing from maybe Good will as he had on a pair of tan elastic waist pants with a drawstring and a dark green sweatshirt.

As soon as they walked into the door of Don’s house Shane let go of his hand and walked robotically up the stairs to the room he’d stayed in previously. Don watched him go in the room then heard the door close behind him from the bottom of the stairs.

He looked at Sam who was looking back at him worriedly. “What’s wrong with him?”

“I don’t know,” Don shook his head knowing Shane would need a shrink as badly as he needed a doctor. “I think maybe too much has happened to him. I think his mind has temporarily shut down.” he went immediately to the phone and called Shawna who after he explained what was going on said she’d be over in half an hour. He then called Tad who said he’d call his shrink friend and send her over as soon as his friend could.

Don made some coffee then sat down with Sam at the table. “Shouldn’t we be up there with him?”

“If he wanted to talk he’d have talked. I think he needs some time to himself to sort through all that’s happened.”

“How long you been planning on taking Shane in?” Sam asked having heard nothing of the sort before he said in the police station earlier.

“I talked to Tad about it a couple months ago. We both decided we wanted to but didn’t know Shane’s life was so bad. We both suspected of course but needed more proof before we snatched him out of his house.”


Don bristled realizing he’d not yet told Sam he was gay and not at all surprised that Shane had not said anything after all Shane had promised. “Tad’s my partner.”

Sam looked shocked, then amazed, then real happy. A smiled as wide as a clown’s painted on smile enveloped his face. “God Mr. Mason, seems like you should have told me that sooner. All this time I thought I was dealing with a hetero I just may have told you more if I knew you swung my way.”

Don’s face turned red and he chuckled nervously at Sam’s candidness. “You’re kidding I hope about the telling me more part. I’d hate to think you kept this from me just cause of my sexuality.”

Sam shook his head his happiness turning to guilt. “No of course not. I promised Shane. I just kept telling myself every day that he’d snap out of this.” He cast a sidelong glance over to the wall that was blocking the stairs from their view. “But when I couldn’t even find him I knew I had to break my promise.” tears started down his cheeks again and he put his head down on the table and wrapped his arms around it.

“I know it was wrong, I should have said something. I was just scared he was gonna get sent back home.”

Don put his hand on the base of Sam’s head patting it. “It’s not your fault son. You did what you thought was best. You kept checking on him and you offered him all the help you could. Just cause he wouldn’t take it doesn’t make this your fault. Shane is gonna be fine. He just needs some time.”

Sam shook his head between his arms. “It’s not his fault either.” he had thought that was what Don was saying and didn’t think that was at all right.

“I’m not saying that Sam. There are lots of people to blame here but you and Shane are not them. His father, the kids at school, his father’s new girlfriend, Derek, the f**king basket ball team. They all made this happen.”

Sam lifted his head and looked at Don. “What happened between him and Derek? Did it have something to do with the whole team?”

Don nodded real surprised though not sure why that Shane had not said what happened himself. He had guessed since Shane had actually told him about his father’s abuse that he’d told him everything. Though he wasn’t sure he should he told Sam what had happened on that Saturday back in February.

Sam cried all over again and shook his head several times. “But that was only like a week before we met.”

Don nodded. “He recouped here for a week then went back to school, I was shocked he went I wasn’t gonna make him at least not right away. But he showed up on his own. Said it wouldn’t get any easier the longer he waited so that’s why he was there.”

Sam shook his head again and wiped at his eyes while still sniffling. “I don’t understand why he never told me. I asked what happened with him and Derek and he just said Derek up and left town. Geesh I thought when he started talking to me he was telling me everything. Now after today, I’ve learned so much more.”

“Well given what you’ve learned can you really blame him for not telling everything?” Don asked thinking Sam was mad at Shane.

“No of course not, I just wish he’d felt he could have told me. I thought he felt he could trust me.”

“I’m sure he did Sam. He told you more then he’s told anyone else. I had no idea about all that stuff you told me today. He’s a talented little secret keeper he’s been doing it his whole life it’s not easy to suddenly just spill all your guts. I think just the fact he was trying so hard to spill them with you shows he did trust you.”

They talked all afternoon. Shawna showed up and spent an hour upstairs then left saying she’d be back, she came back another hour later with a bag of things from the pharmacy. She sat down with Sam and Don and started pulling them out. “He needs to gain weight. First and foremost that is of the utmost importance. His entire body is weak. Every organ is under strain. Here are some vitamins and a nutritional drink he’ll need twice a day. Just mix it with milk.” she handed a large round canister over to Don. “It will super start his metabolism back up and revitalize his energy. Make sure he eats though.” she said forcefully. “This stuff won’t do it on it’s own. You’ll need to take him to a therapist.”

Don nodded. “I already have Tad working on that. Did Shane talk to you at all?”

She shook her head looking very worried. “He was scared of me though. I could tell that. He wasn’t before I don’t know what exactly made that change but he did not want me to touch him.”

When Tad got home Hannah Wheeler the therapist was not too far behind. Don drove Sam home and shortly after he got back Hannah came back down the stairs. “He won’t talk.” She said dropping down into a chair adjacent to where Don and Tad were sitting on the couch. “I can’t give you much of a diagnosis if he won’t talk to me.”

Don spent close to half an hour explaining to her all that had happened and all that he’d heard that day. Hannah nodded occasionally making several notes. She asked several question most of which Don had no idea of the answer he’d told her all he knew but her questions only brought to life the reality of Shane’s situation. In that he’d been a victim of abuse, and neglect his entire life.

“Well I’m not sure what to do. I’ll keep coming and talking to him but if he won’t talk back my rambling’s not gonna do much good. My suggestion for now is just to give him space. If he wants to stay in his room let him do it. That’s only temporary of course but I don’t think drilling this kid and making him do stuff he doesn’t want to do it gonna help him at all right now. He needs to work things out in his own head before he’s gonna start letting other people help him the rest of the way.”

“If he’s still like this in two weeks we’ll come up with a more aggressive plan. I’m going to come by tomorrow and bring some anti depressants. That’s one thing I’m absolutely sure of is that he’s depressed beyond measure. Even if he could pull out of it on his own it would be a hell of a job. This will just make things a little easier on him.”

“Do you think he’s gonna try and kill himself?” Tad asked whose hand was holding onto Don’s tightly.

“No, I think if he were suicidal he’d have had plenty of chances to do it over the years. I doubt very highly he’s gonna try it now though he’s not communicating I have a hunch he knows things are changing.”

Shane did no talking at all in the next three days he ate his meals, seemed to like when either Don, Shane or Sam held his hand but that was basically it. He didn’t even get up to bathe which was something he was adamant about doing the last time he’d stayed there. Hannah said not to worry about and not to push him. She expected him to ease out of it on his own well with a little help from the Paxil. Her days with him which was everyday consisted of her reading to him from a book titled ‘why was I abused.’ to which Shane had not responded to at all.

Nearing the last day of school Don finally saw Brian in the hall and almost literally had to drag him into his office. The kid was real scared and it was written all over his face.

He sat down and visibly trembled in his chair. “Son, I’m not gonna yell at you or anything. You did nothing wrong. Just relax a little okay?”

“I ain’t supposed to talk to you. Ma says I can’t talk to no one.”

Don nodded hoping he could work around what ‘Ma’ said. “Did you and Shane get along?”

Brian nodded. “I think so. I don’t think he liked me much be he never really showed it.”

“Did you like him?”

“Yes, very much. I wish he were still at home.” His eyes were darting around the room so fast Don was thinking he must be getting dizzy.

“So you care about his well being then right?”

Brian gave him a hurt look. “Well yes of course.”

“I’m asking cause Shane is not doing very well. He’s real depressed and not talking to anyone. No one knows what to do to help him cause he won’t say what really happened in his house. I was hoping you may be able to help. So we can get Shane up and functioning again.”

“My ma would kill me.” Brian shook his head his eyes filled with tears. “I want to help, I do.” He grasped the arms of his chair tightly in his hands and looked at Don desperately.

“What you tell me will be our secret Brian. I won’t go to the police and I would never tell your mother or Shane’s father. My only concern right now is Shane I’m very worried about him.”

Tears streaked down Brian’s cheeks and he slowly nodded. “What do you want me to tell you?”

“First tell me how your mom and Shane got along?”

“Shane hated my mom. She kept trying things with him and he wouldn’t do it. So she’d get him in trouble with his father cause she was pissed and his father would strap him to his bed and beat him with his belt.”

“What things was your mother trying?” Don asked fearfully.

“What she does. You know what girls do with boys.” Brian knew the proper word for it but did not feel comfortable saying it right out loud.

Don suddenly bit down biting his tongue in the process filling his mouth with the coppery taste of blood. His mind was going in all directions at once as sexual abuse was now added to the list of what Shane had endured. “Did she get her way with him Brian?”

Brian nodded tears now dripping from his chin while more streamed down his face. “Ma didn’t want Shane beat on the bed anymore. So his father tied the straps to the legs of the furniture.”

“What are you talking about Brian? What straps?”

“To hold Shane down. He tied two to his wrists and his ankles to keep him in place while he beat him.”

Wiping the back of his hand over his sweaty forehead Don swallowed hard and nodded for Brian to continue not able to speak right then.

“Well when Roger was gone Ma tied him down there too, Shane fought her and lots of times he got free but after a while of no food and being beaten all the time he got too weak. She tied him down face up. She took off his pants and just sat down on it. Shane couldn’t do nothin’ about it. Even if he had been strong enough to fight her off he was all tied down.”

Don who had put his hand over his mouth less then half way through his story took deep breaths to settle his repulsed stomach. He couldn’t speak for nearly a minute while Brian looked nervously at him through his tears looking like he wanted to bolt from the room.

“Was it your mom that kicked him out of the house?”

“Well sort of. My mom wouldn’t let him in the house til after everyone got to bed. She told him he had to stay on the porch from when he got home from school til the lights were out in the trailer. He was only allowed in long enough for her to do that to him when his father wasn’t home or when his father was home he was in long enough to get beat. Other then that he had to stay outside.”

“But he wasn’t allowed to leave the porch?”

“Well I guess he could leave the porch but he wasn’t allowed to leave the property. She said he was diseased told him that and that she didn’t want him around me. I wasn’t even allowed to talk to him once she made him start staying outside. If I snuck him food Roger took his belt to me. She burned all his clothes but for some reason she still,” he paused and moved his hand a little. “Well you know.”

“How are things going for you there now Brian?”

Brian shook his head and stared down at the floor.

“If they are hurting you, you need to tell me. You will be put someplace where you are safe.”

“I’m not supposed to talk about it sir. If I do they’ll find out and they’ll get me.”

“Brian the point of telling is so they can no longer get you.” he paused and studied Brian feeling very sure Brian was now getting the treatment that Shane was no longer around to get. “I promise you I’ll see that you are safe. Don’t let things get so bad that you lose your ability to fight it. Don’t make me come down to a police station some day and find you half dead.”

Brian cried harder and buried his face in his hands. He leaned forward and put his head to his knees. Don stood up, walked over to him and put his arms down around him. “Please Brian this needs to stop they can’t hurt kids like they are.”

Brian put his hand up on Don’s Bicep and pressed his cheek into his chest he seemed to be holding on for dear life and Don could no longer keep his tears back. He brushed his hand along Brian’s cheek wiping at his tears with his thumb. He held Brian for a long time before pulling away only to kneel down in front of him. He took both Brian’s hands and looked up into his wet eyes.

“I need to call the police Brian. Do you have any relatives you can go and stay with?”

Brian nodded. “My gram and gramps live in the next town over.”

“So they will take you in?”

He nodded again. “They’re my dads parents. They never wanted me living with her in the first place. But she won’t even let me see them.”

“Do you know they’re number?”

“No, just they’re names.” He watched Don wearily as he stood up his eyes as wide as a deer’s. Don walked around his desk and grabbed a phone book off the shelf. Brian gave him the names and seconds later he was on the phone with Esther Winchester.

“Ma’am my name is Donald Mason, I’m the principal over at Prescott Cove high where your grand son is attending.”

“Brian?” she asked sounding hopeful.

“Yes ma’am. I’m hoping he can come and stay with you. Things are getting pretty rough for him at home and he needs to get away.” he instantly heard the woman start crying softly into the phone.

“Is he okay?” she asked timidly.

“He’s fine he’s right here do you want to talk to him?”

“Yes please. And sir,” she said before Don could pull the phone away from his ear. “I’ll be over there in half an hour.”

Don thanked her again and handed the phone over to Brian who started crying in full force all over again. He didn’t do much talking to her but seemed more relaxed after he’d hung up. Don took the phone back and called the police asking for Frank in particular.

Frank arrived within minutes and Brian told him everything he’d told Don and more of what had been done to him including nightly beating with the belt and not being able to eat. He was also kicked out of the house and not allowed in until the lights were out. He also told Frank his mother and he had been having sex since he started kindergarten.

Frank stood behind him. “I’m gonna lift your shirt okay son?”

Brian hugged his arms around his chest and nodded sending his tears dripping off his chin. Frank gently raised his shirt, Don did not need to see it knowing it was real bad by the look on Frank’s face. Frank had him remove his shirt altogether and took some pictures while Don averted his eyes and looked down at his desk boiling over mad but damn glad something would be done hopefully to Roger and his new woman.

Shortly after Frank left Esther Winchester arrived and Brian ran into her arms. She held him tightly while tears poured down her own face. Brian then hugged Don and thanked him profusely. “You’ll tell Shane I hope he gets better for me?”

“Sure,” Don nodded and patted his shoulder. “And you can come see him any time you want. We actually live in Cliff side.”

Brian’s face lit up and Don gave Esther directions to his house. “We’ll bring him by this weekend if it’s okay.” She said resting her hand gently against Brian’s back.

Don smiled. “That sounds great.” he was very glad Brian had spoke up as this woman seemed very sweet and was sure Brian would be well cared for.

He was about to leave school to go and call Hannah when the gym teacher and coach ran into his office wild eyed. “Sir we have a big problem, I think you’d better come with me.”

Don stood up in no mood for any more big problems and begrudgingly followed Rick Summer down the hall through the gym, boys locker room and into the weight room.

He heard moaning and whimpering before he even walked in he pictured some poor kid beat to shit in the corner but what he saw when he walked in made him bust out laughing. In the room six members of the basketball team including Bart Knowlton and Randy Bardeaux were obviously stuck by some unknown force to each of the weight machines.

Rodney’s arms were fastened high above his head to the metal bar that held the weights on the bench press he was wriggling back and forth but apparently his back was as stuck to the bench as his hands were to the bar.

Bart was on the leg press his thighs lifted up but the skin was pulled out long to where it was adhered to the seat all the way down to his knees where his legs went down into the moveable part of the machine.

Ken was stuck to the arm curl by his elbows and hands, while Barry was flat on his stomach even his cheek stuck to the bench he was on. John Moore was stuck his knees far apart into the thigh machine and on the floor below him were several pool balls.

Don laughed harder and the looks he got increased in dirtiness.

“They say it was those damn queers.” Rick Sumner said also very angered by Don’s laughing. “I want them all expelled.”

“Well,” Don said starting a circle around the room where the boys were all crying softly. “That will depend on if the boys want to press charges so to say.” He clasped his hands behind his back and looked into each of their eyes as he made his revolution.

“Of course they do.” Rick sneered.

Don held up his hand to him. “Course they would have to realize before they made this decision that they’re lives would be held up under a microscope should this go to court. Maybe some past bad deeds or bad decisions would come back to haunt them.” Don crossed his arms across his chest wanting to make sure and drive his point home. “You say it was the queers? Shane Campbell....” he stressed the name with all his being. “.....has not even been in school.” He circled the room again and saw great fear in all the team members eyes. He was certain he’d gotten his point across and was dancing a jig of joy in his head.

“So boys, you need to think if it’s worth pressing charges for this basically harmless though very funny prank.”

They all muttered. Some shook they’re heads and some outright said no. Rick started mouthing off and Don told him to take it up with the school board if it came to it Don would sacrifice his job. He no longer cared to be at this school at all.

Don walked off down the hall to call for help as the boys begged Rick not to say anything after all it was just a prank Ha, ha, ha. Don took his sweet old time getting help and when it showed up they disassembled the weight machines and the boys were helped out of school with weight machine parts still stuck all over their bodies which was confirmed to be some type of glue or rubber cement to be removed at the hospital.

Don rang the fire alarm thinking it was a good time for a drill so all the kids could see what was going on. Just for fun. He stood in his office door and held in his hearty laughter as kids laughed and pointed at the basket ball team tears still streaming down their faces being helped out of the school with benches, bars and even weights stuck all over their bodies.

Don did leave school then and laughed all the way home he’d hadn’t laughed in weeks and this laugh made up for all those missed ones. He couldn’t wait to see Sam but more important he had to talk to Hannah who he figured may be at the house.

He found her reading to Shane who was lying on his bed facing away from her staring at the wall with the same blank look he’d had for three days. He motioned her out and led her down stairs. He told her all he’d found out that day and she let out a long sigh. “I’m getting nowhere with him. He’s more scared of me then anything. I’m gonna refer him to my colleague. He’s more experienced with victims of child abuse and from what you just told me I think he may respond more with a man.”

Tad and Don talked long into the night about what else they could do to help Shane snap out of his deep depression. The next morning Don called in sick to work again while Tad stayed home with Shane he went to town to hopefully get their plan into action. He stopped at the bank and withdrew five hundred dollars praying he wouldn’t need it all but knowing he would use it if he had to.

He drove out to the trailer park and into the first trailer’s driveway. Don got out and walked over to the dog a large German Shepard who did not bark when his car pulled in, he got out or as he was walked over to him. The dog was lying on the ground and looked at Don through the tops of his eyes. Don bent down and patted the top of his head. “You lonely boy?”

The dog whimpered slightly and lifted his head from the ground he set his chin on Don’s knee then started sniffing him intensely. He got more into it and got more excited as his whimpers sounded more of excitement now then sadness. He got to his feet and ran into his house he came back with a chewed up ball. A ball that looked very much like the ones Shane had carried around for so long.

He dropped the ball below Don’s feet then wagged his tail and looked up at Don.

“My God.” Don said aloud unable to believe the look he was sure he was reading on the dog’s face. He suddenly was very sure that through the dog’s sniffing he’d detected Shane’s scent and was now letting Don know he wanted to see Shane. “You are one God Damn smart dog aren’t you?” he half expected the dog to nod it’s head. “Well let me see what I can do.” he patted the top of the dog’s head then walked up the steps of the trailer.

The door was jerked open and a lady with her hair in curlers and a hair net on yelled out “WHAT?” he wondered if that was the standard greeting around this town.

“Ma’am. I’m here with kind of a strange request.”

“What the f**k is it?” Her lips were painted a slutty red and when she pulled her cigarette out of her mouth it’s filter was covered in the goupy lipstick.

Don took a deep breath. “I’d like to buy your dog.”

Her eyes widened and her face lost some of it’s sneer. She put the cigarette back to her mouth and drew a long drag while eyeing him from head to toe. “What kinda money we talking?” She blew her smoke back in his face as she pulled the cigarette away.

Don stopped himself from fanning it away. “A hundred dollars.”

Her eyes lit up even more. “Two hundred.”

Don hesitated only to sway her from going higher. “Okay I think I can do two hundred.”

She held out her hand palm up and moved her fingers back and forth in a ‘give it to me’ manner. Don pulled two bills from his back pocket and handed them to her. She flexed them in her hands then held them up to the sunlight. He figured she didn’t have a clue what she was looking for but let her do it.

“You got him.” She said and slammed the door in his face.

He heard her hooting and hollering inside saying she was rich then telling her husband to get his walking shoes on cause she wanted a bottle.

Don shook his head and smiled glad he was not her husband and ecstatic he could take the dog home with him. He unhooked his chain and opened the back door. The dog bounded up inside then started sniffing the back seat frantically focusing his attention to the spot Shane had sat in four days earlier.

He pulled onto Marlin lane a couple minutes later and screeched the car to a stop seeing Matt Whitney walking down the road. Matt jumped and turned to the car then bent down as Don rolled down his window. “Ahh come on sir, it’s the last day of school and I only left a little early. Well okay I didn’t go at all but we don’t do nothing but sit around and pick our noses all day on the last day anyways.”

“I’m not here for that Matt. Can you get in a minute?”

Matt looked a little weary but nodded and got in. “You gonna tell my mom or something?”

“I told you, you are not in trouble.”

Matt chuckled and moved his shoulder to his ear as the dog started sniffing him. “I like your dog sir.” He said stroking his neck.

“It’s not my dog it’s Shane’s dog.”

“I didn’t know Shane had a dog?” Matt’s face lit up at just the mention of Shane’s name. “how’s he doing? Sam’s real worried. Well for that matter I am too.”

“He’s not doing to well but he’ll be okay I imagine.”

“Really sucks you know, I couldn’t believe it when Sam told me all that happened. I mean I always thought Shane was weird but that was only before I got to know him. He’s a real nice kid. It’s too bad everyone’s got to be such assholes.” He closed his mouth then put his hand over it. “Sorry didn’t mean to swear.”

Don shook his head and patted Matt’s knee. “I just wanted to talk to you to commend you on a job well done yesterday in the weight room.”

Matt’s eyes widened and his hand dropped from his mouth. “You mean we ain’t in trouble for it?”

“No way.” Don started chuckling again just thinking back on it. “It’s a real good thing what you did. I mean you didn’t think the fire alarm just rang by coincidence did you.”

“You pulled it?” Matt was laughing now and he put his head back against the head rest the dog still sniffing obscuring Don’s view from him. Matt made a spitting noise and pulled his head back up. “Dog’s trying to french kiss me. Must be Shane’s dog.” he laughed again and Don laughed right along with him really liking this kid and wishing he’d gotten to know him sooner then this. “So can I come out and see Shane sometime? Is it alright?”

“sure I think that’s a good idea.”

Matt nodded and reached for the door handle. “I wish I could today but my boyfriend is picking me up in like three minutes. We are playing hooky together. It’s his last day of school too.”

Don nodded commending him again then Matt got out of the car and waved as Don pulled away. When he and the dog walked into the house the dog sniffed at the air then took off up the stairs.

Tad was sitting in a chair in Shane’s room when the dog came bounding in and jumped up on the bed. He straddled Shane who was on his side and licked frantically at his face constant whimpers coming from deep in his throat as he licked.

Tad nearly dropped his book as he heard Shane start to chuckle then watched as Shane’s hand came up and started patting the dog’s head between his ears. Don walked into the room and grabbed the door frame seeing Shane smiling under the dog. Tears streaked down his face and he looked over at Tad whose face was tear covered as well.

Shane rolled onto his back and sat up wrapping his arms around the dog’s neck and burying his face in his fur. They heard his crying but it didn’t last very long. He pulled his face out of Shep’s neck and kissed him on the nose having thought he was never going to see his best friend again. He looked from Don over to Tad wondering how long he’d been at their house.

“What am I doing here?” He asked looking in confusion as Shep settled in across his lap.

Don wiped the back of his arm across his face and sat down beside him. “You are going to live here now Shane. From now on. You are never going to have to go back home again.”

His tears which had barely dried up started in full force again. This news was absolutely wonderful though he was fearful Tad and Don would someday grow tired of him too and kick him out on his ass again. He pushed that thought down for the moment and smiled. “I think I’d like that.”

Don smiled and squeezed his hand. “Well we sure know we’d like that. We’ve wanted to for while but couldn’t cause we had no proof of what was happening with you at your house.”

Shane looked down at Shep who was lying contentedly on him. “You mean...” he paused and sighed then looked over at Tad for a moment who smiled warmly at him. He looked back at Don. “You mean that’s what you were talking about all that time? About me talking to you and maybe you could help.”

Don nodded.

“Oh shit.” Shane felt so stupid as he shook his head he could have taken a belt to himself.

Don squeezed his hand tighter. “Don’t be hard on yourself Shane. There was so much going on. You couldn’t have been expected to know I was on your side.”

“I did know it.” he said adamantly. Then much quieter he added. “I guess I just didn’t know how much.” He looked down at Shep for a long time then back up at Don. “Is he here for good? Like me?”

Don nodded. “Sure is. He’s always been your dog hasn’t he? I think he should continue to be your dog.”

Shane smiled down at Shep as more tears coursed down his cheeks. He and Shep were really gonna be together. Just like his dream, he thought as he scratched Shep behind his ears.

“Do you have a name for him or should we just call him the dog.”

Shane grinned. “I call him Old Shep, like the movie I guess. Or maybe it’s a song I don’t know.” he shrugged. “I don’t know what his real name is.”

Don ran a hand through Shane’s greasy hair. “I’d say his real name is Shep I’ll bet he’s been called that way more then what his real name is.”

“Yeah, his parents didn’t pay much attention to him. I think they just got him to watch their dumpy trailer.”

“Well the woman wasn’t very sociable.”

“I’m surprised she talked to you at all. Usually she’s half comatose from all her drinking.”

“Well it was early.”

Shane grinned again and nodded.

It took three days for Shane to wander out of his room and then it was only to take a shower after a lot of convincing from Don and Tad. After he was done showering he pulled on a clean pair of pajamas and hurried back to his room Shep right on his heels. Shep had stayed right by his side leaving only long enough to go outside to do his business.

Tad even took to feeding him in Shane’s room since the food went untouched down in the kitchen.

Shane crawled back into bed and snuggled in Shep joining him as soon as he was situated. “What do you think Shep?” he asked lifting Shep’s head up with his hand that was under his chin. “You spose we are really gonna get to stay here?” Though he desperately wanted to Shane refused to make himself comfortable in this place his fear of pissing some one off was so great he refused to relax in the fact that things maybe were turning around like Don had said.

He knew he was the same person his father, Medusa and 98 percent of the kids at school hated and felt kinda sorry for Tad and Don for taking him in. He figured if he stayed right here in this bed and in this room and didn’t let anyone really get to know him that he may get to stay.

He was sure he didn’t want to go home. That woman had taken every last ounce of his self respect and he did not want to return to a place that deeply haunted his dreams. He could see her horrid face eyes closed mouth open emitting moans every time he closed his eyes. He could see her bathrobe hanging open and her sagging breasts bouncing up and down every time she bounced up and down on him. He never looked lower then that never wanted to see where part of his body disappeared into hers.

He felt dirty and shameful and feared that would repel people even more then he repelled them before. He figured safest thing to do was not open himself up to anyone and hopefully hide how despicable he really was.

He pulled his head out of Shep’s neck and peeked over his head hearing the door open. He smiled politely to not appear rude as Sam walked in. “You look a hell of a lot better.” Sam said smiling widely. He walked over and put his arms around Shane and Shane pulled away wrapping his arms around his chest.

Sam took a deep breath figuring he shouldn’t have been so forward but having wanted to hug Shane for a very long time. He sat down on the edge of the bed on the other side of Shep. “I’m sorry I haven’t been here. Me and my mom went up North. I didn’t know or else I would have told you. And I didn’t know Don’s number.”

“So you’re moving then?” Shane was very relieved at this. Sam was so pushy always wanting him to talk. And now that he’d vowed not to let anyone find out how he really was he could no longer talk to Sam about any of the stuff Sam wanted to talk about.

Sam nodded sensing Shane was not at all upset about it.

“We leave next week. But I’ll come every day and visit you between now and then. And call you every day after we go.”

“Your mom’s gonna be real pissed when the phone bill comes in.” he saw the hurt look in Sam’s eyes and felt bad about that but he was protecting Sam as much as he was protecting himself. No one should have to suffer being with him and it was just best to get it out in the open.

“Don’t you care I’m leaving Shane? Aren’t you gonna miss me at all?”

Shane couldn’t just leave it at that. “I’ll miss you Sam. I just think it’s best this way. You could be much happier with someone else. Don’t hold yourself back. You are a great person and deserve to be with someone great.”

“You are great Shane.” he put his hand on Shane’s and Shane snatched it away.

“Just go Sam.” he said coldly. “Don’t call and don’t come back over. I just told you it’s best this way. It’s over that’s it.”

Sam shook his head. “I’m not gonna give up Shane you won’t be able to push me away like this.”

Shane’s anger seized through him. “I’ll push away who ever I f**king want to push away. Don’t you threaten me you God Damn shit.” He reached over Shep and pushed Sam roughly knocking him off the bed.

Sam caught himself before he hit the floor and stood up. “Okay Shane if that’s what you want.” he was not gonna give up but didn’t dare press the issue just now as Shane obviously was in no mood to hear it.


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Shane is so down on himself its hard for him to see what others see. Hope Sam and everyone else stays persistent

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