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    As a retired Dutch psychotherapist, I am also interweaving my lifetime of psychological and therapeutic knowledge into my stories; plus some extras as there are Aura Healing and Reading, contacts with Spirit Guides, the Laws of Karma, and remembering Past Lives. I love writing 'emotional roller coasters' and I will just go on writing them. Thank you for reading my stories; and please spread the word...
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  1. I was our Gypsy Leader 1 - My reincarnated Soul Mate 2. Gypsy Chronicles

    By GypsyChronicles, in Fiction. 11/13/2014 (Updated: 01/26/2015)

    As a retired Dutch psychotherapist, I take a badly burnt Gypsy boy into my house who turns out to be an upcoming Shaman, my own 'trapper son' from a past life, my 'Eternal Soulmate', plus the two years ago unexpectedly disappeared Gypsy Crown Prince; while I seem to have been our Beloved 'Gypsy Monarch Harold the Great'. Reincarnation, does it really exist? And did you like my story? If so, please, pretty please, click on five stars...

  2. I am only a little Gypsy 1 - Reincarnation, does it exist?

    By GypsyChronicles, in Fiction. 11/01/2014 (Updated: 12/15/2014)

    I grow up as our little Gypsy Crown Prince, inwardly knowing who I am and what important tasks I have to fulfill, whilst waiting for my former 'Trapper Dad' who once was our Beloved 'Gypsy Monarch Harold the Great' and who still is my 'Eternal Soul Mate', to adopt me and take me under his wings. Just like I am, he too is a reincarnated Shaman and Cosmic Mage. But, first, I will have to grow up some more... Do you LIKE my stories? If so, please, click on five stars!


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