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I was our Gypsy Leader 1 - My reincarnated Soul Mate 2. Gypsy Chronicles

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As a retired Dutch psychotherapist, I take a badly burnt Gypsy boy into my house who turns out to be an upcoming Shaman, my own 'trapper son' from a past life, my 'Eternal Soulmate', plus the two years ago unexpectedly disappeared Gypsy Crown Prince; while I seem to have been our Beloved 'Gypsy Monarch Harold the Great'. Reincarnation, does it really exist? And did you like my story? If so, please, pretty please, click on five stars...

Although my stories contain at least some intergenerational LOVE between males, they do NOT involve any sex! I wrote my 'Gypsy-Chronicles' stories for all my Friends on Planet Earth with Real Love in their hearts who raise children, deal with young children on a regular basis, or simply love kids. "Reincarnation, does it really exist?" You may also visit my site http://gypsychronicles.com . Thank you very much in advance! And please, pretty please, RATE my chapters, by liking them one by one...

Copyright © 2015 GypsyChronicles; All Rights Reserved.

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