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  1. My Chaotic Life

    By Jason Rimbaud, in Poetry. 03/18/2011 (Updated: 10/28/2018)

    A Collection of Poems written between 95' and 05' chronicling my loves, my addictions, and my discovery.

  2. Story Prompts, Articles, and Ramblings

    By Jason Rimbaud, in Fiction. 09/26/2018 (Updated: 10/06/2018)

    A place for story prompts, true to life tales, articles, and pointless ramblings.

  3. So Called Chaos

    By Jason Rimbaud, in Fiction. 09/22/2018 (Updated: 09/25/2018)

    Though dating for over a year, Steven and Aaron are still in the closet and find it more and more difficult to find time to be alone. Over the course of a single day, stranded friends, love-sick cheerleaders and mothers returning home early all conspire to keep them from being alone. But before the sun rises, friendships will be cemented, secrets revealed, and love is tested...

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    By Jason Rimbaud, in Fiction. 04/22/2011 (Updated: 04/22/2011)

    To deal with the death of his cousin, Justin began shooting heroin. Pushing away everyone that mattered, he drifted through life believing love was a lie. But when he awoke in a nameless void, a place where his demons have become reality, he'll have to find a way to believe again.

  5. Moment of Clarity

    By Jason Rimbaud, in Fiction. 02/11/2011 (Updated: 02/11/2011)

    Tobias was having nightmares, his boyfriend thought he was using drugs, and someone would not stop pounding on the door. In a world where everything blurred together, all he could hope for was a moment of clarity.

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