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Of Pride and Power 1. Of Pride and Power Universe

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An Intersex teen reincarnates into the body of an Omega during one of the most turbulent eras in history. From the main character, Eli Tudor's perspective, the story will chronicle this remarkable person's life, conflicts, loves, and journey to create a new legacy in this alternate world that is similar to our own.

The past is not set in stone and the future is what you make it.

I wanted to offer my own take on Omegaverse and Isekai Genre. I was inspired by modern Manga like That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom. British readers will also find it fun that I am exploring an era of history with a different perspective, while this period has been done before, I think I've added a few twists that should make it harder to guess what will happen next.

Stay tuned Every Friday Morning for an update here and on my blog

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I wanted to give everyone an appetizer with 2 chapters and prologue for this new story. I've created the baseline for the story with intrigue, plots, massive world implications, and a few characters.

I'll try to structure it as a weekly serial, 1 to 2 chapters per week. This is a fun story to write.

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Don't forget there are tie-in short stories to this series:


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