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Um, well, Happy Anniversary, I wish I was there . . .



Thirty-six years ago today I was living in a small one bedroom furnished apartment in Cabot, Arkansas, with the woman I was going to marry, which I did as tomorrow is our 36th anniversary. Today I am in the Holiday Inn Express in Ontario, California, and the other half is home in Lakewood, Washington. Yes, she is a bit bummed with the whole concept of me being here and her being there. Such is life.


Today I increased my score on a very critical test at my new company. Now I will be able to lease a truck and make many more dollars, which should make the other half a little happier. Plus, by leasing a truck, little Bonita will be able to come with the other half when I take her out with me next summer.


So, I happy and sad at the same time making this a mediocre day. Such is life.


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A day which is good and bad is not a mediocre day. A day which is neither good nor bad is a mediocre day.:wub:



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Mediocre: of moderate or low quality, value, ability, or performance : ORDINARY, SO-SO


A happy day is a high value day.


A sad day is a very low value day.


A day that is happy and sad is mediocre because happiness and sadness cancel out each other making it a so-so day; or, you could say today is a Charlie Brown kind of day.


Mediocre! :boy:

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