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This is the Emergency Broadcast System





This is the Emergency Broadcast Service. Please stand by for an official statement.


A National Emergency has been declared by the President of the United States.


Moments ago twelve nuclear detonations have been detected in Europe and the United States.


London, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Copenhagen, Vienna, Brussels, Oslo and Warsaw have been confirmed by National Strategic Reconnaissance assets to have been hit by 500 kilo-ton nuclear devices.


In the United States Los Angeles and Houston have been hit by similar devices.


Stay tuned to this channel for instructions specific to your area and how to protect yourself from fallout.


The President has declared martial law in the United States and all of its territories.


All military and National Guard personnel are instructed to join your units immediately.


A national curfew of 8pm EST has been established. Please stay off the streets or you will be arrested.


All telephone and network communications are hereby designated official use only for the duration of the emergency. Only local calls will be permitted and all calls are subject to monitoring.


Do not attempt to approach the Houston or Los Angeles metropolitan areas under any circumstances. It appears that the nuclear weapons deployed there were seeded with cobalt which has created a band of extraordinarily lethal radiation around those cities.


Doctors, nurses and anyone with emergency, military medical or paramedic training are urged to call 888FEMADOC.


Please stay calm.





When I have nightmares, I go all out.


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It came from a nightmare. I was watching a football game and things went blank for a few seconds. Then the Emergency Broadcast System kicked in.


Houston is an obvious target: hit it and you wipe out over a third of the countries refining capacity.


Los Angeles is a cultural target- eg. Hollywood.


The nightmare part is what it does to the rest of the country in very short order. When a state of emergency/martial law is declared, the constitution is pretty much suspended. People don't know this stuff but if something ever does happen, we're all going to find out what a nightmare it is.

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Remind me never to get into your head... you got some scary shit goin on in there....



....I love it :P

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I will be serious for just a few minutes. I lived such "emergency" times during WWII (June 40 in France) and James's description is very "live".

Just a point isnt right, from my own experiences. Such situations (Emergency Broadcast)never come "alone".There were (and certainly will in the future) always preceded by a lot of "smaller" events', often months before, which are like a kind of warning, so in real, the listeners should be better prepared than the readers of your blog.

BTW, the discussions in Israel about the possible reaction if Iran should be able to build a nuclear weapon (I have heard it could be next July) and the support it could be given by the USA are also such a warning.(but this part of my comment should be put in Soabox :great: ).

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