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Where do you keep the cigarettes?



Ok, I've been asking the aformentioned question all day today in my oh-so-perfect two-pack-a-day voice. It made my sister laugh so hard she almost peed herself. Just imagine a fourteen-year-old kid with a gay-sounding lisp and somewhat high pitched voice asking that. I sounded like a Russian Prostitute.


So, I finished a story that I've been working on for quite some time earlier today. Head on over to The Domaholics forum and check it out under "Member Poetry and Short Stories". I hope y'all like it. Please post comments or something. Feedback = good.


Hot Cross Country Guy looks really good in his under armor...it's all tight and shows off his perfect bod... Wow. Time to jack off again.


Academic team captian dude continues to piss me off.





-psychic psychopath


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*shakes head* Smoking is bad for you. Then again someone compared my coughing to a cat hacking up a furball... I seem to be getting better, no more doubled over wheezing like yesterday. We'd make quite a pair ;)


I second the Under Armor = A Very Good Thing comment. I feel sad for not knowing it existed until this year. Then again any kind of form fitting clothing on hot guys = awesomeness.


And what's Mr. Captain done now? You can't just say that and let us wonder.



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Yes cigarettes are bad, your story was good though......so maybe that balances out somehow....I dunno though cigarettes are pretty bad! :blink:

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