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Looking up



Things are, that is.


Although, I was looking up last night when I had to pee and stopped on an off-ramp in Arizona. There was a whole lot of dark out there and when I looked up not only could I see the Milky Way, but Snickers, M and M's, and a Pay Day bar, too.


When I was younger I was very afraid of the dark. Still am, a bit. Things hide in the dark, things that go bump in the night, like the stereo in my truck. The base is set at a decent level, but last night as I was driving across a dark part of New Mexico, "Telstar" by The Ventures came up on my Nano and there are a few base notes at the beginning that sound like I running over a pack of coyotes. Thump, thump, thump, etc. When I specifically selected the song, it didn't do it. But a few hours later when I was in Arizona, the song came up again (I changed playlists) and there was that thump, thump, thump. Unnerving to say the least. I half expected to see some creature hanging on the mirror bracket knocking on my door. (Do you remember that Twilight Zone episode where William Shatner sees the gremlins tearing at the wing of the airplane?) I was positive I had gremlins. Normally, they're rather innocuous creatures, but get out in the middle of nowhere and watch out!


I have to do Flagstaff to Kingman tonight (Elk!) and the Mojave.


Tomorrow I'm getting a 2nd seat. That's a new driver who has been out for one month with a trainer and has to ride with an independent contractor (like me) for 2 to 4 weeks, depending on whether they're going to lease a truck or become a company driver. Guess who only has to go 2 weeks.


Third week in a row with none or very little money in the paycheck. I got $15.74 today because they took out the $535 I owed from last week.


Next week I expect money.


The following week should be a lot of money because I make money when the 2nd seat is driving, too. That's the whole point of having a 2nd seat. I get his miles at $0.90 per mile and I only have to pay him $0.11 per mile. I get to practically double my miles and only have to pay out a pittance.


Well, got to go. Have to be in Riverside tomorrow at 0700. (It's only 493 miles, but I drive a big, slow truck that is governed at 62 mph.)

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Busy man! I get you on the fear of the dark, I'm still a wuss about being out at night. Last time I went out to take pics at 1 am in my front yard a coyote came out on the road about 10 yards away though, so maybe I have good reason :P

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