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The hardest chapter



Well, I just posted chapter 35, and I want to say sorry in advance to anyone who reads and notices a bunch of spelling errors......it was a hard chapter to write. I actually started crying at the end when I was remembering everything that happened that day...in a lot of ways, it was harder for me to write this chapter than it was to write chapter 4, which was also a crying chapter for me...anyway, I had so many tears and my mind was so clouded that I forgot to edit it for spelling and puncuation, so I have go back over it.....promise I will...anyway, it's posted.

Besides that, Im just getting ready to start my week. I have everything ready and in my backpack, so when I get done getting dressed, I can just grab it and go...lol. I hope you all had good weekends and that you all have good weeks


:hug: Nick

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That was a very touching chapter Nick! I know it must have been extremely difficult to write while you were reliving it, but it was definitely one of the best, and very well written. I must say I felt very sorry for James myself as I was reading the chapter. You know you've done a good job if people can identify with the characters. I sure hope everything ended happily for James, and I agree with your last paragraph, you guys are very lucky to have each other and such a great family. Have an excellent week and take care.



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