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I know he didn't just........



It's funny what a few days can do......my last entry was about hoping we would get snow, this one's about swimming in the ocean today....really.

Here's what happened.........

Yesterday when I got home from school my stepmom checked the messages and my cousin James had called and wanted to know if me and Taylor wanted to go camping with him and his new bf....well, it was way too cold last night, so we asked my dad if he would just take us this morning to where James and his bf were camping at.

So we drag my dad out of bed this morning at like 6 and make him drive us to First Landing park, which is where James is...the frst thing we notice is that the park is closed.....great. So we call James on his cell and ask him where they are, and he says they just opened the gate and drove in...lol...ok

So my dads going off by now as we open the gate and go in, and when we pull up to James' new car that my dad just bought him, my dad almost has a heart attack.....James and his bf are laying across the hood looking out into the ocean, and my dads screaming at James because he thinks they're denting the hood or something..lol....so anyway...

Dad finally calms down and gives James a thermos with hot chocolate in it and inspects the car for damage, then he leaves (thank god) and me and Taylor get in James' car and start it up and turn the heater on....of course, now we're looking for something to listen to on the radio because James has the worst taste in music and all of his CD's are wack.....he has a bunch of Emo junk and HCX or whatever...lol...so we find 103 Jamz and turn the heater all the way up until we start to get too hot, then Taylor decides to act out......James dares him to go swimming, and no one thinks he will because it's like 29 degrees outside, so he rips his clothes all the way off and runs into the water, then, as fast as he ran in, he ran back out.......if I didn't know any better myself, I would say that he might have ran on top of the water, but that's not possible....I do know this though....I have never seen my boyfreind run so fast and have such a wild look on his face as he was running like I saw him run and look this morning. So now we're all laughing at Taylor, who gets his wet and cold butt back into James' Murano and stays there with the heater for like an hour....Hopefully he's learned his lesson :)

So after that, we spent the day just hanging out there and then we went to the ghent section of Norfolk and hung out at a coffee shop...um, I don't get it......what's the appeal?? Oh well.... :lol:

So now were home and looking for a party to go to tonight...wish us luck




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Hey Nick!

Wow poor Taylor, I'm glad he's okay. Hope you guys had some extra blankets or something too. Anyway apart from the hypothermia risk it sounds like a really fun trip. I've hung out in coffee houses myself on occasion. Personally I think it's everyone's secret desire to mimic their favorite Friends character B) which drives them to it. LOL on the other hand I had a pretty good time in the past when I did it. It all really depends on who you're with, and what interesting people you run into. Of course now that I don't drink caffiene I'm a little more out of place at a coffee house. BUT I make an exception with hot chocolate, and they usually have some delightful desert as well 0:) . Anyway glad you guys had fun and are okay. Take care and have an awesome day!



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