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As I go to sleep today

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My mother called yesterday to relay some comments my aunts had to say about me. I was well-mannered, so helpful, they said. They told my mom that she raised me right. As I have been at times compared to a permanently boiling over teakettle, I find these comments both amusing and a bit worrying. As blunt and basically arrogant as I am, the only kind of person that would think I had good manners must have an interesting view of the world. But, that's my family. I tell people I'm the nice, mellow, good child. And I'm not even lying.


No nightmares to report, though something odd did occur the other day. One skill that I do have is being able to wake from dreams. ot exactly a rare gift, I know, but I am told that not everyone is able to do this, or do it without penalty as I am able to. In fact, there are specific therapies designed to give people who suffer from chronic nightmares and PSTD that ability. I sometimes make the choice to not wake up from a dream, but usually if I realize I'm dreaming, I wake myself right up. Except for exactly twice in my life, one of which was the other day. I woke up, but in the dream, as if I was drowing in it, and could not quite push far enough out of it. I even realized withint the context of the dream that I was dreaming, that the abusrb reality presenting itself to me could not be. That didn't wake me up though, which it has almost every other time before.


Naturally, after "waking," I laid back down and went to sleep, waking for real a bit later. That was disconcerting, to say the least.


Well, now that I am well below the cut, I am going to brainstorm ideas for a novella. If there are any judges for that watching.


Evil healing god

-God of Escaped Consequences, directly opposed to God of Redemption and Goddess of Purity. How his cult gains a foothold in one city. Actions have consequences is the theme. Possibly a bit highbrow for my own tastes.


-dunno, but I'm sure I'll think of something along this line. I think of them often enough. Maybe I'll jsut read older entries on this blog.

Werewolf story, possibly riff on "Magical Negro"

-A man with no past coming through, saving a young White guy four times. The fifth time, he kills him? Someone close to him? His powerbase? POssibly along the lines of the fisherman, but I'd like for there to be some kind of payment there.

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"I even realized withint the context of the dream that I was dreaming, that the abusrb reality presenting itself to me could not be."


These are called lucid dreams. I've occasionally have them myself. It's like a half-way house between consciousness and sleep. I've dreamed about really complicated stuff so I know it's real - you may be able to control what's happening or just "observe". If it's an idea or something you want to note down, though, you have to bring yourself into consciousness and immediately write it down, otherwise it fades away very quickly. Well that's how it is for me. Weird.

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I know what lucid dreaming is. However, using the correct psychological term isn't particularly descriptive, so I described it.

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