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Blast From The Past

Renee Stevens


For today's Blast from the Past we are bringing you an Anthology entry from 2007 written by Graeme called "When the Cat's Away." Why not take a minute and go check out this Anthology piece as well as many of the many other early Anthologies! If you are interested in reviewing a pre-2009 Anthology story, then please contact Renee or Trebs!




Reviewer: K.C.
Anthology: Fall 2007~ The Rainy Day


In this short story, our previous Anthology Coordinator, Graeme shows us that he can spin a tantalizing anthology tale of his own. His hard work behind the scenes has made the Anthologies a fun read for everyone. I’ve found so many good stories in the older Anthology Categories, but you don’t need a rainy day to enjoy his Fall- 2007 anthology “The Rainy Day.”


When Darren’s parents get invited to a wedding, he thinks it’s his lucky day. The Bride and Groom’s request for no children to attend the wedding gives Darren the whole house to himself for an entire day. What could be better? How about spending all day with his boyfriend, Simon with no parents around?


If Darren supplies the house then Simon will take care of everything else. Eager for an afternoon of fun, just as Simon heads to Darren’s house, a soaking rain starts to pour, but who cares about wet clothes when they weren’t planning on spend the day wearing any.
Things take an unexpected turn when Simon find Darren home, but he’s not alone. Worse yet, Darren’s with a girl! Their plans for a day of passion quickly turn into a babysitting nightmare from hell. The precocious 4 year-old turns their day into an unexpected afternoon twisted with humor.


Can Darren and Simon survive the day as substitute parents and still finding a way to fit some romance into their day or will the old proverb ring true, when it rains, it pours?


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