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Keeping Up



Just figured I was a bit behind in my blog. Welcome to the first of June. The weather has been beautiful today.


I managed to fill in a hole in the yard, and get it seeded. Supposed to rain for the next couple of days so hoping the seeds take and the lawn comes in instead of the soil just getting washed away.


I also completed the beta work I had. I hate to fall behind but this week was crazy with the hours I was working. I also got back the latest chapter on Jonas. Lets just say I had some major revision work to do and got it back to my beta yesterday. Hopefully he will get to look it over and then I can send it off to my editor.


In the meantime I have worked hard on completing my story for the Anthology. Choices was an interesting topic and I hope that my take on it finds a few readers. Only, while I'm not quiet done yet, I have hit ten pages and well hoping it fits. :lol:


Also finally had a chance to pick up and work on the piece I have been writing for the Secrets Kill Anthology. I am saying a little prayer that my ass manages to finish that one in time. If not, well, my readers will get a new story.


For those interested in what I do here at GA, keep your eyes open. News may be in the wind.

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Wayne, you make me tire just reading all that you're doing. Do try to do so much that you don't get anything done :)


What News? Aaarrgghh...leave us hanging much? :P Well I hope it's good news!

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I agree with KC... you do so much stuff, you must be getting 30 hour-days at least.


Looking forward to the news :P

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You always amaze me how much you do :) I sent my newest story to KC, cos I thought you had enough on. I hope thats ok? Try and slow down just a bit, and have some "me" time. :hug:

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I'm not around much this year because I can't make it (health is a devil ;) ) but I'd have to agree with the guys replying to this post so far. Your blog is one of the things I manage and want to keep track of here and every time I look I wonder if days over there are longer than here ;) I'm in awe of how much you seem to get done.

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