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A Special Talent - Mike Tompkins

Yettie One


As part of my job I am always on the look out for new, original or different music. Variety is the spice of life I am told, and certainly in terms of music, I find that very often a cover version of a song or a remix can add a whole new dimension to our enjoyment of a tune, or turn a song perhaps we didn't like so much into an epic tune we remember for years.


Anyone that knows me really well will know that Coldplay are one of my all time favourite bands. There are a few, who's work I follow passionately, and who's concerts I attend in some kind of groupie mentality! Erm...... No not the kind of groupie for crying out loud!


Actually I am not even sure if there is more than one kind of groupie! Perhaps what I should have said was that I attend as many concerts as I can, as any loyal fan would! Yes.... That sounds much better! Although I won't deny that the idea of a roll in the hay with a few of them wouldn't go amiss! tongue.png


Alas I digress from my original train of thought.


So yeah, as a massive Coldplay fan, on their release of Paradise, possibly one of my favourite tunes ever, I promptly set out on production of a show that would profile the impact of Coldplay's music on the world, and we undertook a lot of research as a result, interviewing fans, speaking with professionals and industry experts, and looking for unique and interesting covers of Coldplay's work.


Enter Mike Tompkins. In my hunt for something very unique, I came across this guy, and I was instantly amazed by his authentic and completely creative approach to making music. The more I listened to this guys stuff, the more intrigued I became, and the more intrigued I became the more I really liked what I was listening too.


Mike Tompkins is one of those people that takes an art form and pushes the boundaries far beyond the scope of normality and creates something new and beautiful. He's used the concept of beat-boxing and taken it to a whole new level of existence. Some people might suggest that there is nothing fanciful or ingenious about copying another's work, but I'd challenge that. This is not a reproduction with instruments, computers and digital synthesisers. No this is someone recreating something we enjoy with nothing more than his mouth, and doing it really well in my opinion.


Indeed I think the word talented fits well with what Mr Mike Tompkins does. He is providing us with a completely new experience and having a lot of fun along the way. I take my hat off to the guy, and hope that like me, you get as much enjoyment out of taking a listen as I did.





Thought for today - "Aerodynamically the Bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the Bumblebee doesn't know this, so it continues to fly anyway!" - Mary Kay Ash

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this guy doesn't use tons of plugins and processing like our boy Mike, still a good use of his time though,

Bobby McFerrin takes beatboxing to another natural level.

unique you search? this guy has been a solid inspiration in my musical career, Amon Tobin is a sonic genius and nobody in the world comes close. in this tune thats his voice gender modified, all the sounds are not generated by synths, this was a specification for him for this album, its all found sounds. The creaking doors in your hallways, squashing bugs etc, some people could think its pretentious but it takes a percise knowledge of sounds, were they fit, frequencies and probably a dripple of fucking weird.

That track doesn't do him justice though, I'd suggest you listen to the whole album, you seem like an open minded person. I think you'll enjoy it. it goes through all the spectrums, its really surreal. i've seen his live show to this too and its really mind blowin
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I have nothing to add execept that any job that involves being on the lookout for new music must be a dream job.

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Bobby McFerrin takes beatboxing to another natural level.


That track doesn't do him justice though, I'd suggest you listen to the whole album.


If I am honest I've never been a massive fan of beatboxing because of the nasal quality it produces, not fault of the artist, just a result of the process.


I liked Mikes stuff despite that it is layered and produced in a studio as its taking the time to understand sound and use it to his strengths and take the creation of sound through his mouth to new heights.


I had a good listen to Amon Tobin. I totally agree with you, he is completely unique and very eclectic. While I didn't enjoy all of his stuff on the album, I did find some older stuff on YouTube that I really enjoyed especially a track called At The End Of The Day. Not sure if he used the same method to produce this, but it was a good tune.


Thanks for your input, I love this kind of stuff. Keeps me inspired. :)

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