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Middle of the week - it's all downhill from here. To celebrate, we take a look at two great stories of GayAuthors.org. The first is Just Love Him by Promising Author Dion. This short story gem gives you a good introduction to Dion's writings. We also have a review by podiumdavis of Author GREEN's A Hero in the Hallways. I hope you enjoy these reviews and they lead you to checking out one or both of these authors.





Status: Complete
Word Count: 2954


Dion is one of those authors that not only writes well with interesting characters, his dialogue is so realistic and keeps you reading. His short story Just Love Him is no different. We start with a fight between Cory and his mother Patricia. Not the typical opening for a story and I found myself immediately drawn in to the scene.


After the fight, with both of them saying things they'll regret, Patricia has a visitor who tries to get her to view things in a different way.


While a short story gives less room for character development, Dion does an admirable job in showing us Patricia and her visitor. Cory is more of a very minor character, but that didn't detract from the story for me. I very much enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more of Dion's works - such as his Mind Over Matter story (next on my reading list). I hope you check out Dion's writings and enjoy them as much as I have!







Review by podiumdavis
Status: Complete
Word Count: 35,477


In the blink of an eye, your life could come to a stuttering halt. The mind is something that is so fragile, that with just one small bump to the head, every memory you’ve ever had could be gone, just like that.


Which brings us to a story called “A Hero in the Hallways” written by GREEN. The story is about an author by the name of Jonathan Williams, who, in high school was a part of the popular crowd. As an already well-established author, being a New York Times best seller, offers start flooding in for the rights to his works, with promises of money, creative control, among others.


However, there’s only one slight problem. He can’t remember what they’re so interested in; his own story. One that he spent the better years writing to be a voice of a darker time in his life. As he can’t recall anything that’s written in his book, he goes on a journey to discover his past through his own words from his bestselling book.


What will he discovered? Will he finally decide to whom he sell the rights? Ultimately, this is for you to discover.


Also, as a side note, after reading the story, I went to see if GREEN had written anything else, but I soon discovered that GREEN passed away in 2006. So please, let this be a living testament to his work, may his life be celebrated.


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Both of these are excellent! I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a great story.

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I haven't read the first one (I plan to), but A Hero in the Hallways was wonderful. I loved it!

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